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LEED Study Guide

LEED Study Guide

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Published by: Castoroil7 on Jan 03, 2013
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LEED APs help streamline the application and certification process. The rating systems
allow one ID point for having a LEED AP on staff. Having a LEED Green Associate on staff
does NOT earn an ID point, and having a LEED AP on staff is not required for building

LEED Accredited Professionals are experienced building industry practitioners who have
demonstrated their knowledge of integrated design and their capacity to facilitate the LEED
certification process on the LEED Accredited Professional exam. The exam tests an
individual’s understanding of green building practices and principles and familiarity with
LEED requirements, resources, and processes. The accreditation program recognizes
expertise in green building and LEED to help meet the growing demand from the public and
private sectors for green buildings.

To earn one ID point, have a LEED AP doing principle work on the project. This means the
LEED AP must be involved in a substantial capacity on the project. Not only does this help
to promote LEED, but more importantly the benefit comes from the knowledge of the LEED
AP. A LEED AP will understand the requirements of the rating system and be able to
promote the whole building approach to achieving LEED as well as encourage the team
members to work together on an integrated design or management plan.

Having more than one LEED AP on a project does not earn the project more than
one point. While it is good to have more experienced professionals, no additional
points are awarded. Even though there are six ID points, having six LEED APs on
the project would only earn one point.

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