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LEED Study Guide

LEED Study Guide

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The traditional building process followed these steps, or steps that were very similar:

Construction plans
Bidding process
Commissioning and turnover

In the traditional building process, specialists usually worked in isolation, focusing on
their separate area of project expertise and interacting and working together ONLY when
absolutely needed.

FIGURE 1.2 Team members working in isolation

An example would be the insulation used on the project – enough insulation would be
installed to meet code and at the lowest cost. The HVAC system would be designed to
cool the building based on area, without regard to what insulation was being used or
which insulation would be most effective for the HVAC system. The contractors work in
isolation, just concentrating on their own concerns, not the over-all building or the needs
of its occupants or any relation to the environment.

Initial costs and operating costs can actually increase because of this approach.

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