16.10.12 To The Store Manager, Burger King, North Street Branch, Brighton.

Dear Sir, I really never thought I had to write down a second complain letter as I assumed the situation of abusing managerial power would improve from my first one. But, what I experienced from Mr. Arif in Friday and Saturday night, the whole abuse system has got a subtle transformation, very cunning form of camouflage; where the managers seem very nice, smiley and friendly but lurking with mischievous intention to stop and prevent their subordinates to further grow up. At his first impression when he was approaching towards me around 12 in the midnight (Friday, 12/10/12), I could easily guess his sinister attitude to subdue my performance and weakening me. He was trying to find every single fault with me while I was trying to make all the orders along with doing some level for the pick hours. When I called Ali to help me, Arif sent him in washing up job and told me I had to do the entire board job alone as Gabor used to do it alone. When it was getting busier, he told me you could only ask Ali if you need to send meat in the broiler. While I need his help and supervision in the busy hour, I found him extremely non cooperative and fastidious. It seemed to me his sole intention was to make me incompetent in the job. In the Saturday night, as Ali did not turn up, he sent me for the washing up job from 12 to 2 o’clock, which I could easily manage later on. When I came back in the board, there was no level in the chute. Although at that time he helped me in the board, people in the front counter was waiting for the food long time. But he told me let them keep asking for the burger, we will make in our own way. I was really frustrated at that time. My points of views are- we cannot work in our own way, we cannot establish our personal preferences above the company’s need and choice, and we cannot manipulate our power irrespective of our positions in the company.

I hope your authority will judge the matter judiciously, prevent any further manipulation and make the work more enjoyable for everybody in the company.

Yours’ sincerely, M. Zahiruzzaman Tito

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