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Digestion CHOICE BOARD #1 Mrs.


Name___________________________ January 03, 2013

1. In the human body, hydrochloric acid is responsible for the low pH of the contents of the 1. lungs 3. liver 2. kidney 4. stomach

2. Feces is usually about 40 percent water and 60 percent solid matter. Reducing the water content to 20 percent would most likely result in 1. ulcers 3. diarrhea 2. appendicitis 4. constipation

3. Which structures secrete chemicals utilized for the completion of digestion within the small intestine? 1. liver and pancreas 3. esophagus and alveoli 2. glomerulus and villi 4. gallbladder and pharynx

4. Base your answer to the following question on the diagram shown and on your knowledge of biology. Peristalsis occurs in structures

1. A and D 2. B and C

3. C and E 4. E and F

5. Which substance is normally absorbed by the large intestine? 1. water 2. glycogen

3. protein 4. cellulose

6. In humans, chemical digestion is accomplished by enzyme action that begins in the mouth and ends in the 1. esophagus 3. small intestine 2. stomach 4. gallbladder

7. Which type of digestion occurs in the mouth when an individual chews a piece of bread? 1. mechanical digestion, only 3. both mechanical and chemical digestion 2. chemical digestion, only 4. neither mechanical nor chemical digestion

8. In humans, food is moved from the mouth to the stomach as a result of 1. egestion 3. circulation 2. peristalsis 4. diffusion