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Mente-Urinary&Excretory CHOICE BOARD#1B Mrs. Mente 1. Which system is correctly paired with its function? 1.

immune system--intake and distribution of oxygen to cells of the body 2. excretory system--remove potentially dangerous materials from the body

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3. digestive system--transport energy-rich molecules to cells 4. circulatory system--produce building blocks of complex compounds

2. The diagram represents a group of organs in the human body. Urine leaves the urinary bladder by passing through structure

1. A 2. B

3. C 4. D

3. In humans, the ureter transports urine from the 1. blood to the kidney 2. liver to the kidney

3. kidney to the urinary bladder 4. urinary bladder to outside the body

4. As urine is excreted, muscle contractions of the urinary bladder will cause the urine to pass into the 1. ureter 3. urethra 2. glomerulus 4. Bowman's capsule

5. In the diagram of the human urinary system, which letter indicates a structure responsible for filtering urea out of the bloodstream?

1. A 2. B

3. C 4. D