PRACTICUM REPORT The culmination of the student’s practicum training is the preparation of their individuals report.

This report should contain a summary of what of what was learned during the practicum training, and an analysis of learning situation and appropriate recommendations. A. Practicum Outline 1. 2. 3. 4. Title page Approval sheet Acknowledgement Table of content

5. INTRODUCTION 5.1 Mission and Vision of the company/ Industry assigned 5.2 Logo of the company / Industry assigned 5.3 History / background of the company 5.4 Organizational structure/ chart 5.5 Tariffs

6. CONTENT 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4

Summary of the Monthly Activities (area Designation) Strengths Weaknesses Company problem 6.4.1 As perceive by the company 6.4.2 As perceive by the practicumer

7. SUMMARY / CONCLUSION 7.1 Things learned during practicum

8. RECOMMENDATION 8.1 Overall suggestions/comments. 8.1.1 Regarding the perceived problems.

9. APPENDICES 9.1 Facilities and Services.

3.2 9. and the correct information should be given for the others.3 Practicum Training Agreement 9. .3.1 Practicum Application Form 9.9.3 Pictorial Other Documents 9.3.6 Time Card “Hotel /Restaurant Practicum Report” “on” Name of Institution Address Training Period – DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY “In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the subject” Course No. they should be deleted.3.3. Written on Center Alignment.3.4 Certificate of Completion 9. Title Page 8th line 12th line 16th line 17th line 18th line 24th line 25th line 28th line 29th line 34th line 35th line 36th line 37th line 42nd line 43rd line 46th line 47th line 48th line 49th line 52nd line 53rd line All phrases enclosed in quotation marks should be printed as in. Should certain information be irrelevant.5 Evaluation Form 9.2 Parent’s Consent/ Waiver 9. and Title “for the degree in” Degree Title Department’s Name College of __________ Name of School Address “Submitted to” Name of Practicum Coordinator “Submitted by” Complete Name of Student Address Telephone Number “Submitted on” Date of Submission B.

C. . COMMITTEE Approved by the Committee with a grade of __________ Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. APPROVAL SHEET This journal entitled “PRACTICUM REPORT: Training Experience in “ prepared and submitted by _____ in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMNT has been examined for acceptance and approval.

Otherwise. Introduction The practicum report is an essential part of the HRM 113 Restaurant and HRM 114 Hotel Phase. a. word for word copying from brochures. other practicum reports. History – the data included would definitely be the same for all trainees in that particular establishments.D. For subtitle headings. such as SOP manuals. is not acceptable. styles of communication. However. b. leaflets. a brief description of the facility or service is required. and their corresponding pages for easy references. and policies. the Chapter that says Restaurant Phase should be followed. etc. the word. For Phases that include the production of Food and Beverages. and sentences used in the requirement should be. however. as much as possible. etc. All Chapter headings should be typed in all CAPS. thus. with the exception of data that has to be presented in verbatim manner. the Hotel Phase section should be discussed. phrases. original of the author. Table of Contents Indicate all major sections or chapters. E. Just as in the succeeding chapters. the presentation of this information should be made in such a way that an ORIGINAL report is made. It is to be treated as an academic material and not just a “compilation of gathered brochures and leaflets”. and/or services that make the establishment outstanding. only first letters of major words should be capitalized. the organizational chart should be included whether the department FandB or Hotel section. Copying verbatim is not acceptable. . Facilities and Services – to describe unique or standard facilities (area or state of the art equipment) found in the establishment. c. In this part.

A copy of the certificate of completion of training is also required in this part.F. Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths and Weaknesses – are the most integral parts of the practicum report. or presentation of equipment/materials of the department and “not” a sales or modeling presentation of the author. the trainee is tested of being able to analyze principles learned at Mabalacat City College BS HRM courses/subjects compared to the actual practices/operational procedures or the training establishments. Documents included in this part should be an important part of the department assigned to or the documents/papers vital to the report. With these parts.the culminating part which tries and hopes to solicit reasonable and applicable suggestions to the problems observed and seen at the training establishment. . as presented in this part should show important areas of the department with focus on layout. H. Appendices Appendices – pictures. G. Conclusion and Recommendation Conclusion and Recommendation.