Bring me the men, said Bettina, bring me the men of passion, bring those of high class, those whose purses are overflowing, those whose mothers spoilt them rotten. Send me the men of lower classes, bring me those whose voices scratch the ears of the well bred, send me their hearts in jars, carry to me their coins gripped in hands. I am a lover of men, I soak them into my being, I smell them in my dreams, their hands are my soft saviours, their tongues are my snakes of satisfaction. Let loose the sons of shallow mothers, unloosen the tame of heart and loose of tongue, let me embrace their bodies, hold their penises with tenderness, kiss their lips like one possessed. Men are the bane of all women, said my mother, her eyes were undone by my father’s ways, his heart was of ice and his body of iron, he cursed me with his dying breath, his torments I boxed away with the dried up

flowers and cast off underwear, he dwells where the heartless reside, damn his soul and hide and eyes. Bring me men of a gentle disposition, those whose skins are yellow, whose hearts are soft, who shudder at the thought of a good fuck. I am the daughter of pleasure, a niece of hot sexuality, a sister of the free and untainted, unspoilt by the ways of the ones in charge. I see men in my nightly bed, in between the sheets of plenty, on the mattress of my desires; they are the lamps that burn my pleasures, my lovers, my treasures. Bring me the men of the cloth, the God lovers, the ones waiting for the last salvation, let them loosen themselves on my desirable flesh, bury their holy noses between my plumpish tits, their tongues upon my skin, their souls free of the maybe promises. I am the granddaughter of Venus, the lover of men and life, the keeper of the long ago wishes, I am the one they think of on their bended knees, the one they lift to their heaven in their daily prayers, the fulfiller of their deep down desires. Bring me my comforts and my gentle

end, my last good kiss, my final fuck; bring me the echo of them crying or loudly laughing, the last farewell, the good time lady, the last bad belle.

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