Arnold Asham. (b.

Metis entrepreneur, Arnold Asham owns and operates Asham Curling Supplies (founded in 1980), which is the leading curling supplier in the world. He was a professional curler for many years and founded the World Curling Players Association in 1989 and co-founded the World Curling Tour in 1992 (the original tour founders included Ed Lukowich, Ray Turnbull, Arnold Asham, and James Furgale). In 1995, he received the Aboriginal Business Leadership Award from Industry Canada. In 2006 he was awarded the Aboriginal Entrepreneur of the Year by the Asper School of Business. He leads the dance group, “Asham Stompers.” This group captures and preserves Metis history through traditional dancing of jigs, reels and square dancing. Each year Arnold hosts a three-day “Asham Stomperfest” in September at the former Asham family farm at Reedy Creek, on the west side of Lake Manitoba. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Metis Economic Development Fund.

Photo credit: Ruth Bonneville/Winnipeg Free Press, December 29, 2012. See also: and

Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute

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