Cultural Policy in China Transformation and Development

Gao Qing
Managing Director, Confucius Institute Assistant Professor, Arts Management George Mason University November 30, 2012

Policy Makers

People’s Congress, Party Congress, State Council Ministry of Culture, The State Administration of Radio Film and Television Local Government – Provinces, Cities, Counties.

 Enforcement  Financial


Ongoing Transformation

Politics Cultural Policy

Politics (Ideology)

Cultural Policy


    

1966-1976 Cultural Revolution 1978-1983 Enlightenment 1983-1992 Strategic Development Phase I 1992-2000 Strategic Development Phase II 2001-2011 Industrialization

What’s next ?


2007-2011 Total Investment from Central Government on Cultural Development -23 billion US dollars 2011 yearly investment - 6.2 billion US dollars 27.7% on Western region (under-developing region) 47.7% toward county/township level or lower level locality

  

Next Development
- Non-profit Public Services
Free admission to Galleries, Public Libraries, and Cultural Centers

- Tax Exemption
3% corporation business tax, 30% individual income tax, fully taxexempted to 22 charity organizations excludes any arts organization.

- National Arts Foundation
0.3 billion US Dollars investment in next 5 years

- Cultural enterprises
Creative and entertainment industries

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