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Why Women Want Married Men

Why Women Want Married Men

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For more free tips, insights and advice on how to survive infidelity, visit http://infidelityinfo.com.
For more free tips, insights and advice on how to survive infidelity, visit http://infidelityinfo.com.

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Published by: infidelityinfo on Jan 03, 2013
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Why Women Want Married Men

If your spouse is having an affair, you might automatically think that the "other woman" is someone in a similar position to your spouse - attached and cheating on their partner. But what you might not realize is that your spouse could be cheating on you with a woman who knew right from the very beginning that he was married - and that's why she chose him. A recent study has shown that 90% of single women questioned were sexually interested in a man that they believed was married - but that figure dropped back down to 59% when the single women were told he was single. This tells us that married, a man is more attractive than he is single - but why? One of the main reasons that women may actively seek out married men is because it gives them breathing room. A married man is already in a committed relationship with someone else, meaning that the other woman won't have any demands made on her. She doesn't have to worry about being committed to her partner and she doesn't have to answer to him when she wants to see a male friend or a lover. The male spouse can lavish attention on to his mistress without worrying that it will go further than that - and the mistress, if she has actively sought out a married man to have an affair with, will most likely never want the affair to go any further than just that - an affair. The other woman may also want a relationship with a married man because she doesn't want all of the burdens that come with a traditional relationship. She might not want to worry about massaging her man's ego, or to chat to him about work, or to comfort him about a failed job opportunity. She might not want to cook for him or keep his house clean and tidy. Instead, all she wants is an illicit relationship, with no frills and no responsibility - a relationship that is more than a one-night stand but less than a full time love. A married man may also be very attractive to some women simply because of the illicit nature of the affair. In order to conduct an affair with a married man, a certain amount of sneaking around needs to happen - secret phone calls, texts and emails, the need to meet secretly, sexual encounters in a car or in an alleyway - some women find this type www.BounceBackFromBetrayal.com

of relationship more erotic than a "normal" relationship, where dates are planned in advance. Some women may also embark on this type of affair simply because they have had a bad experience with a man in the past, believing that "all men are pigs". Because she feels this way, she might not feel like she or the men she's with deserve to have a "real" and fulfilling relationship, instead regulating herself to relationships that can't go anywhere so that she doesn't get hurt. Some women may want married men simply because they are experienced - and because in any new relationship, sex is more fun, exciting and adventurous than in a more long-term, stable relationship, so she goes from relationship to relationship with different married men simply because she is seeking the thrill of sex with new partners. Other women, although this tends to be a smaller group of women, will seek out married men simply because they are competitive. They want to compete against other women for their men, and they want to win. They might view the wives of the men that they are conducting affairs with as frumpy and less attractive than themselves, further cementing the idea that they are the more attractive of the two. For the woman that embarks on an affair with a married man simply to boost her own ego, the whole affair is less to do with the man that she is with and his attractiveness, but more to do with the fact that he chose to be with her. Despite there being a few perceived benefits to this type of affair from the viewpoint of the other woman, this type of affair can only really end in tears. The husband is, after all, committed to his wife - and in most cases, he would not ever leave his wife. The husband will also have issues with respect, and will be largely unavailable most of the time - especially around holidays and weekends. The affair will, in most cases, fizzle out naturally. If you suspect your husband is having an affair with this type of woman, or if you want to prevent it from happening, understanding the behavior of these women and being ready to work on and fight for your relationship will go a long way in healing your marriage.


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