Amir Mian Assistant Manager at Deylin Motor Lodge amir.mian@my.ccsu.

edu (860) 828-8359

Summary Seeking new challenges to apply managerial, communication and problem solving skills in a human resources position. Experience Assistant Manager at Deylin Motor Lodge December 2003 - Present (9 years 2 months) - Appointed to the position of assistant manager at a family owned lodging enterprise. - Currently maintain a significant amount of confidentiality and trustworthiness. - Greet customers in a friendly manner and ensure customer satisfaction and happiness. - Presently held responsible for the overall maintenance of all lodging rooms. - Hold the responsibility of collecting several hundred dollar bills every week and transporting the cash deposits to a banking institution. - Perform bookkeeping activities, such as balancing cash accounts. - Perform intensive sanitation and cleansing operations of lodging rooms. - Supervise extensive renovations of guest rooms. - Conduct phone operations in an efficient manager that informed potential customers. - Make and confirm lodging reservations. - Collect, sort, and deliver confidential mail to guests. Research Assistant at Central Connecticut State University June 2012 - December 2012 (7 months) - Conducted and analyzed in depth research regarding triatheletic competitions and its relation to gender, race and class barriers. - Accurately transcribed audio recorded interviews with survey respondents. Collected information and

completed a research study with Dr. Diana Cohen, a political scientist and professor of political science at Central Connecticut State University. - As an undergraduate student, I contributed to an unpublished scholarly research project regarding athletic activities and its relationship with social class and inequalities. Adult Probation Intern at New Britain Superior Court June 2011 - August 2011 (3 months) - Entrusted with a high level of confidentiality to be involved with highly sensitive and personal information regarding probationers. - Repaired a backlog of several hundred files regarding information about offenders receiving probationary services. - Observed probation offices conduct sex offender registration requirements at the homes of registered of sex offenders. - Analyzed police reports regarding potential probation clients and then conducted pre-sentence investigation summaries with highly confidential and sensitive information. - Entered data regarding probationer's drug testing and rehabilitation results into CMIS (Case Management Information System), an intranet service for Connecticut Judicial Branch employees.

Volunteer Experience Mentor at Central Connecticut State University September 2012 - December 2012 (4 months) - Provided a lending hand to a student who was seeking mentoring service with assistance with improving their resume. I edited and helped to improve a student's resume and assisted them in job interviewing skills for an internship I completed.

Honors and Awards Summer 2010 Textbook Scholarship Middlesex Community College July 2010 Applied for a textbook scholarship for the 2010 summer session at Middlesex Community College and was awarded a textbook scholarship.


Skills & Expertise Community Development Strategic Communications Qualitative Research Policy Analysis Student Development Survey Design Customer Satisfaction Ability to type 70 words per minute. Courses Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science Central Connecticut State University The Legislative Process Business Law Fundamentals of Management & Organizational Behavior American Political Thought Political Science 431 LAW 250 Management 295 Political Science 350

Projects Should there be an Expansion of the House? April 2012 to May 2012 Members:Amir Mian A functioning and effective government is necessary for any civilization to exist. In an ideal world, a government should adhere to the democratic principle of, “Government by the people, for the people.” A major tenet of this nation’s founding and belief system is the fundamental creed of, “No taxation without representation.” The representation of Americans in Congress is one of the most fundamental American values. The belief in proper representation in government of the people and by the people was the fuel that caused an American Revolution against the rule of British Empire. The longest established democratic nation was founded on the belief that all Americans should be represented by their respective legislator in the legislature. Democratic rule will be defunct if the views of all citizens are ignored by the small but, omnipotent minority in Congress. It is imperative that an effort is made to research whether it is necessary to enhance citizen representation in Congress. A representative democracy should discover and create innovative methods to enhance Congressional representation by conducting concrete research. Now We’re Sporting: Class, Inequality, and Sport in America September 2012 to Present Members:Amir Mian, Dr. Diana Cohen. Ph.D., Mr. Ryan Baldassario In this scholarly research project, I contributed to research regarding sports and social classes and


inequalities. The research project is current in progress. Republicans v. Democrats – The 154 Year Old Battle is Virtual July 2011 to July 2011 Members:Amir Mian Completed a multi-page analysis for a research assignment for Political Science 315: Internet and Media Politics. The topic discussed was on which political party has utilized social media and the world wide web more effectively.

Languages Urdu English Education Central Connecticut State University Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science, 2009 - 2012 Middlesex Community College Political Science - Transfer Student, 2009 - 2010 (Elementary proficiency) (Native or bilingual proficiency)

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