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“Building Pipelines from Pre-School to the Professions.”

CaliforniaALL Thanks Founding Partners and Funders
CaliforniaALL emerged during the summer of 2007 through a partnership among the California Public Utilities Commission, California Public Employees Retirement System, the State Bar of California, and the California Department of Insurance seeking to ensure the availability of highly educated workers and leaders from the State’s diverse communities. CaliforniaALL serves an unmet need in the State by bringing stakeholders together to communicate, connect, and share resources, ideas, and the tools needed to build an educated and diverse future workforce of leaders in California. In January 2008, CaliforniaALL was founded through the generous donations and support of AT&T, PG&E, Sempra, Southern California Edison, and Verizon.
Volume I, Issue 2 December 12, 2008

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We applaud our FOUNDING PARTNERS for their vision….
California Public Employees Retirement System California Public Utilities Commission State Bar of California California Department of Insurance


And we thank our FOUNDING FUNDERS for giving us life…
AT&T PG&E Sempra Energy Southern California Edison Verizon



Dear Friends of CaliforniaALL:
I write this the day after “change has come to America.” Yesterday, on Election Day, each of us had a part in an historical event, the first African-American President-elect for all of us – black, brown, white, LGBT, men, women, disabled. This is a day that many of us hoped and prayed for, but did not expect any time soon. Barack Obama has blown the glass ceiling, and we move forward with hope for a better tomorrow and the fulfillment of the American dream for the coming generations. I remember the Watts riots, the assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK, the civil rights marches, the Kent State tragedy. The Vietnam War became close and personal when I was widowed by a mortar round thrown at my medic husband during the Tet-offensive in 1968. We, as a nation, have survived really tough times. We grow through our pain and learn hard lessons. We can do it again with the leadership of a new president.

President/CEO Ruthe C. Ashley

The face of diversity and youth was reflected in the crowd celebrating Obama’s election on November 4th. The younger generations do not look like the existing leaders of America today. The new generations are multi-racial and multi-ethnic; the rising New America is diverse. We cannot succeed as a nation unless we fix our educational pipeline and prevent these faces of color from leaking out of educational opportunities and leadership positions along the way to our future. Statistics may point to an educational crisis, but as President-elect Obama so eloquently states: “Yes We Can.” Together, we can ensure the success of tomorrow’s leadership and community by building an educated and diverse workforce. California ALL echoes this desire in our vision, mission and goals. Yes, we can create a future workforce that is reflective of the strength and diversity of California’s unique population. We can do it with your help. As CaliforniaALL celebrates its first year of incorporation and operation, we are thankful for the support of our founding partners, funders, collaborators, and friends. We wish you a safe and happy Winter Season and a prosperous New Year! Warm regards,

California Public Utilities Commission Hosts Sixth Annual Diversity Hearing
The California Public Utilities Commission held its sixth public hearing regarding diversity in utility procurement practices and related areas on October 8, 2008 in San Francisco. The Commission annually hosts an en banc meeting of California’s six largest utilities to discuss the progress, commitments, and initiatives made in setting and meeting diversity goals over the last year, and to look to new goals for the future. CaliforniaALL was provided an opportunity to address the importance of best-practice programs to promote diversity in education and the workforce, in alignment with the theme, "California: Advancing Procurement Opportunities with California Investor-Owned Utilities." President and CEO Ruthe Ashley, Education Consultant Sarah Redfield, and Board Member Douglas Scrivner were each able to address the utilities to provide an overview of CaliforniaALL and its work since incorporation in November 2007. Additionally, a brief presentation was facilitated by Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio, Co-Director of the University of California, Irvine's Saturday Academy of Law, the first program funded by CaliforniaALL, which is set to begin in January 2009. See UCI, page 3. The CPUC En Banc Diversity Meeting was a wonderful opportunity for CaliforniaALL to provide members of the professional community perspective about current diversity issues and the need for a diversified and educated workforce. CaliforniaALL will transition to financial and technology focused pipeline programs and best-practice research in the coming two years.

CaliforniaALL Board of Directors welcomes Torie Flournoy England and Jim Lewis as newest additions to our Board. Torie joins CaliforniaALL with a wealth of experience in education administration and education pipeline programming. She has a Masters degree in Education Counseling and is currently a 3rd year doctoral candidate seeking her degree in Education Organizational Leadership. Torie is currently the Twin Rivers Unified School District (TRUSD) Director of Program Improvement and Achievement Gap, serving all schools in the district (K-12) to accelerate student achievement and promote lifelong learning for the district’s students. Jim joins CaliforniaALL after a dedicated career to the telecommunications field. Jim received his Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School, after obtaining his undergraduate degree from University of Massachusetts. He began his career as a trial attorney, before becoming an assistant attorney general in the Chief Utilities Division in Massachusetts. Mr. Lewis transitioned to the telecommunications field in the mid 1980s. Jim served in Vice President positions at both MCI and Verizon, with specific responsibilities in policy development. Jim shares a deep commitment to serving the community and youth, and has served on several community boards during the course of his career. Welcome to both of our new members!

CaliforniaALL Board Chair

Victor Miramontes, currently serves as Chair of the CaliforniaALL Board of Directors, facilitating Board Meetings and helping to guide the Board to accomplish its strategic vision, mission, and goals. Victor is a founding partner and a managing director of CityView, a national discretionary housing investor with $2 billion of real estate capacity focused on creating the highest quality of housing for America’s working families. Victor was instrumental in CityView’s conceptualization, formation, funding and start of operations. He is a member of the board of directors, serves on the company’s investment committee, and chairs the audit committee. He is currently charged with expanding the company’s investment strategies and platform via the creation of additional residential investment funds. Throughout his career, Victor has served on civic boards, focusing on each institution’s strategic vision, efficient operations, and proper governance. He has served on many boards, including as the Chairman of the Alamo Public Telecommunications Council and the Vice-Chairman of the San Antonio Water System during critical and successful reorganizations. He currently serves on the boards of St. Edwards University, the Historical Centre Foundation and the Community Resource Group. Victor earned his Juris Doctor, Masters and Bachelors degrees from Stanford University. He is married to Dr. Loretta Miramontes, and has two sons, Andres and Jorge.

Recent News:
September 2008

Updates and Calendars
UCI Saturday Academy of Law to Begin Sessions
University of California at Irvine (UCI) Saturday Academy of Law will launch the first of six consecutive Saturday classes, beginning on January 24, 2009. Targeting high school students from underrepresented communities, the Academy will work to develop critical reading, writing and speaking skills in preparation for success in both college and professional careers. The Saturday Law Academy will serve students from the Santa Ana Unified School District, the 5th largest school district in California. CaliforniaALL awarded its first grant to UCI to fund the Saturday Law Academy. CaliforniaALL chose UCI because of the university’s proven track record in producing and sustaining successful partnerships among public and private institutions that advanced student success in underserved populations. The curriculum has been designed by UCI educators and is based on extensive research. Interactive lessons will be taught by UCI instructors to promote the legal profession as a viable career choice for students who otherwise may not have access to information about the field of law. In addition, student participants will have the opportunity to visit a courthouse and various law firms. At the end of the curriculum period, Academy graduates will be matched with mentors who will provide the students with additional academic, college and career guidance. CaliforniaALL was able to fund the UCI Law Academy with support from the Verizon Foundation. For more information, please see link at www.calall.org.

CaliforniaALL staff begins working on Operational Plan with consultant, Gretchen Bender. CaliforniaALL President/CEO attends California State Assemblymember Ted Lieu’s Foundation Giving Reception in Los Angeles on September 5. Board Member James Hsu attends Sempra Energy Utilities Reception in Los Angeles on September 17. CaliforniaALL President/CEO is guest-speaker at the American Bar Association Diversity Summit in Buffalo, NY.

October 2008

CaliforniaALL presents at the Public Utilities Commission En Banc Meeting on October 8. CaliforniaALL President/CEO attends New America Alliance Wall Street Summit in New York, NY over October 15-17. CaliforniaALL Quarterly Board Dinner and Board Meeting held over October 20-21. CaliforniaALL President/CEO speaks at the Minority Corporate Counsel Association Dialogue of Diversity on October 24th in San Diego.

DATE January 1, 2009 January 24, 2009 EVENT New Year UC Irvine Saturday Law Academy Launch 9:00 AM —CaliforniaALL Board Meeting 5:00 PM —DLA Piper Reception for CaliforniaALL

November 2008

CaliforniaALL President/CEO meets with UCI Saturday Academy of Law Oversight Committee to discuss progress and planning on November 12th in Irvine.

January 27, 2009

Do you have questions about CALIFORNIAALL upcoming or past events? Contact us at 916.930.3222 to request more information!

Ruthe C. Ashley, Esq. 

Board Members 
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“Building Pipelines from Pre-School to the Professions.”

OUR MISSION  CaliforniaALL creates a collaborative partnership among business,  education, government, and the professions on a statewide basis to  ensure a pipeline of individuals prepared to successfully lead California’s  economic and political future.  OUR VISION  CaliforniaALL seeks to close the achievement gap and enhance the  success of California’s students from pre‐school to the professions to  ensure the education and diversity of the state’s workforce and  leadership.  OUR WORK  CaliforniaALL will:   FIND best practices in career pathways starting with law, financial  services and technology.  FUND education pipelines from pre‐school to the profession that have  demonstrated success through accountability, evaluation and  documentation.  FACILITATE the: 
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Advisory Council 
Gloria Moore Andrews   California Public Employees  Retirement System  Joe Coto  California State Assembly  Morrison England   U.S. District Court ‐ Eastern   District of California  Kamala Harris   San Francisco District   Attorney  Judy Johnson   State Bar of California  Patricia Lee   State Bar of California  Ted Lieu   California State Assembly  Jack O'Connell   California Department   of Education  Michael Peevey   California Public Utilities Commission  Steve Poizner   California Department  of Insurance  Curren Price  California State Assembly  Timothy Simon   California Public Utilities Commission  Darrell Steinberg   California State Senate  Peter Reinke  Head Royce School 

Convening of powerful stakeholders;   Innovation in collaborative efforts;  Successful communication between business, education  and government;  Creation of complete education pipelines by connecting  previously disparate efforts. 

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