All Park-n-Ride Commuters- PLEASE BE AWARE!!

The State of Rhode Island is trying to eliminate your FREE PARKING at the Park-n-Ride at Rte. 2 and 102 in the town of North Kingstown buy selling the land to CVS and not replacing this FREE Park-nRide for the people who utilize this lot on a daily basis. Their strategy is to force you to use the parking area at the Wickford Train station which will NOT be FREE!!!!!!!! To stop this from happening, please contact the Governor’s office at 401-222-2080 or RIDOT at 401-222-2450 and tell them not to take your FREE Park-n-Ride away!!!!! AND: There is also a petition being circulated which can be accessed at Please go online at the above email address and add your name to this petition. It is very important to voice your concern to demand that if the State disposes of the current park-n-ride that they provide an alternative FREE Park-n-Ride in close proximity to the current park-n-ride. Also you should contact your local State Senators and Representatives James Sheehan 401-884-1988 Doreen Costa 401-206-6891 Dawson Hodgson 401-203-3256 Robert Craven 401-935-0465

We must stop the State from eliminating our FREE park-n-ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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