1. Create Str. Modeling. A window will appear as below.

2. Click “Calculation” icon from the top toolbar.

After completed running of analysis. In order to export output of ASCII file to any directory. click “OK” command button. go to File/Reports menu and click “Reports …”button. . 4.3.

.5. please see above dialog. Check Node and Input Load Cases option box as follows. Input Load Cases. Report Setting dialog window will appear as displayed below. ① In case of Node.

txt) and click “Save” command button at any directory. . ③ You can see preview function for output data using preview command button and then Click “Save” command button. The following file dialog is displayed and select file type (T) as Text file (*.② Check Reaction option box and set right check options.


6. From the top menu. A project dialog window will display as shown below. select “Create New Structure” button. 7. 8. Run AFES program. . Select a project from the given list then click “OK” button.

Access where the file is saved then click “Open” button. Enter name from the text box and click “New” button. 11. 10. 12. . A window form will display as shown. select “Geometric Data” button. Select “Frame3D” from the Import list.9. From top menu.

From the dialog window which appears.13. set parameters then click “OK” button. .

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