Eucharistic Minister Sunday Home Visits

January, February, and March, 2013
Zone 1 January 6 13 20 27 February 3 10 17 24 C. Boucher J. Malinauskas E. Mahoney V. Lewandowski B. Cucco J. McCullough H. Picone C. Aresco Zone 2 P. Johnson D. Asaro K & B Walsh J. Gallo D. Asaro C. Boucher B. Detig G. Knorr B. Cucco V. Lewandowski E. Mahoney J. McCullough H. Picone George Knorr Vicki Lewandowski Eleanor Mahoney John Malinauskas Jane McCullough Helen Picone Kathy & Bill Walsh 464-3235 464-3211 665-2149 464-1209 464-7473 C 908-477-3956 464-1854

March 3 K & B Walsh 10 P. Johnson 17 R. Detig 24 D. Asaro 31 J. Gallo Carolee Aresco Doreen Asaro Charles Boucher Bill Cucco Bob Detig Jim Gallo Paul Johnson 771-5558 771-9103 273-2853 464-7021 665-0559 464-2861 464-6592

Please try and make your appointments the day before. The homebound appreciate knowing when you are coming. Please bring a bulletin for each. Remember to get a substitute or switch days with someone when you can’t make it. The schedule is posted in the Sacristy, outside Fr. Bill’s Office, at the Rectory Reception Desk, and on the parish website New quarterly schedules will be made up in mid month before each calendar quarter (December, March, June and September). Your ministry is truly appreciated by those you visit. Bring your joy of the Lord to those you serve. Thank you for your continuing support of this ministry. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all! John Malinauskas H 908-464-1209 and C 908-313-0831

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