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Vehicle Simulator Reference Manual

Vehicle Simulator Reference Manual

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Published by: Juan Santiago Latigo Colli on Jan 04, 2013
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The most challenging flights are made when visibility is poor or when complicated navigation has to be performed, few
planes have actual moving maps and GPS displays, but almost all of them have radio navigation instruments which can be
used for finding your location and performing accurate approaches and landings in limited visibility.
When you open the map you see radio navigation aids colored in white, these consists of NDB , VOR, ILS beacons.

NDB can be picked up by the ADF or RMI instrument on your plane.
VOR can be picked up by ILS, VOR, NSD, ADI instruments on your plane.
ILS can be picked up by ILS , ADi instruments on your plane.

Selecting these navaids is done using the NAV dialog or by pressing N, the following screen appears:

In this screen you have selection of ADF, NAV1, NAV2 frequencies, and also DME ( distance measuring equipment )
readings for NAV1 and NAV2.

Only appropriate navaids can be selected for each type of navigation instrument you have, selecting a wrong type will
result in the frequency showing 000.

Instruments have a limited range for which they are effective, if you select an instrument which is too far, the instrument
will show you the red indicator and will not receive the signal from this device.

Each radio or navigation instrument can be adjusted using the mouse only, to adjust an instrument use left mouse drag and
pick on the instrument you wish to adjust, then move the mouse up or down.

The following instruments can be adjusted:

Gyro - moving mouse up down will adjust the heading.

Vehicle Simulator reference manual


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ADF - moving mouse up down will adjust the heading.
RMI - moving mouse up down will adjust the heading.
VOR - moving mouse up down will adjust the OBS.
ILS - moving mouse up down will adjust the OBS.
RMI - moving mouse up down will adjust the OBS.

To clear all adjustments and frequency selection use the Reset button.

To visualize radio navigation use the option Show Navaids in the vehicle settings, this shows you the ILS, VOR and NDB
as seen in the following picture.

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