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Mech Core Interv

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Core Questions

260) The radial distance from the addendum circle to the clearance circle __________ 1) pitch circle 2) tooth thickness 3) working depth 4) clearance ans: 3 259) If three bodies move relatively to each other, then according to kennedy's theorem, their instantaneous centre will lie on a 1) rectancle 2) straight line 3) circle 4) triangle ans:2

252) How many molecules per unit cell are there in a face centred cubic lattice___________ 1) 4 2) 6 3) 2 4) 8 ans:1 251) Hastelloy comprises of _____________ 1) copper and nickel 2)copper and zirconium 3)lead, tin, nickel 4)molybdenum and nickel ans:4 250) Tetra-ethyle lead is added to gasoline to______ 1) reduce smoke 2)reduce the ignition point 3)increase octane number 4)reducing exhaust gases ans:3 249) __________ fluted reamer is used for reaming operation in a blind hole 1) right hand 2)left hand 3) straight 4) none of these ans:1 248) Standard time is defined as the normal time plus ___________ 1) over time 2) idle time 3) allowances 4) none of these ans:3 247) Networks are crashed to find ___________project duration 1)minimum 2) maximum 3) optimum 4) normal ans:3 246)The number of degrees of freedom at the eutectic point of mixture of two metals is _________ 1) 1 2) 2 3) 0 4) 3 ans:1 245) Which is not present in cast iron_______ 1) ferrite 2) austenite 3) sorbite 4) none of these ans:3 244) Inconel is an alloy of ____________ 1) copper, tin, zinc 2) copper, tin, nickel 3)iron,nickel and chromium 4)none of these ans:3

258) Number of critical paths in a crashed network in CPM having 'n' paths will be _______ 1) n-1 2) =n 3) <1 4) >1 ans:4 257) Product layout is employed for _______ 1) effective use of machines 2) effective use of manpower 3) batch production 4) continuous production ans:4 256) Starting temperature of optical radiation pyrometer is ________-1) 400 deg c 2) 800 deg c 3) 1200 deg c 4) 1800 deg c ans:2 255) Starting temperature of optical radiation pyrometer is ________-1) 400 deg c 2) 800 deg c 3) 1200 deg c 4) 1800 deg c ans:2 254) Connecting rods are normally made of __________ steel 1) cast iron 2) low carbon 3) medium carbon 4) none of these ans:3 253) Connecting rods are normally made of __________ steel 1) cast iron 2) low carbon 3) medium carbon 4) none of these ans:3

steel ingots etc.) 1) thermo couple 2) thermistor 3) radiation pyrometer 4) none of these ans:3 .g moving billets..243) Lip angle of a single point cutting tool is generally ___________ 1) 30 -60 deg 2)60-80 deg 3)80-118 deg 4)none of these ans:2 242) Flat metal sheet are cut to the desired shape by an operation called _________ 1) piercing 2) blanking 3) punching 4) perforating ans:2 241) During ____________polarity welding. the work is connected to the positive and the electrode holder to the negative 1) straight 2) reverse 3) as per convenienc 4) none of these ans:1 240) Scheduling is a ___________ 1) planning of material 2) planning of man power 3)list of production activities 4)time table for production activities ans:4 239) Break even point is the point of intersection of __________ 1) fixed cost and sales revenue 2)fixed cost and total cost 3)total cost and sales revenue 4) none of these ans:3 238) A balance sheet for an industrial concern shows 1) current assets 2)fixed assets 3)movable assets 4)financial condition at any given time ans:4 237) In a conventional Bourdan tube pressure gauge the elastic element used for transforming pressure to deformation is of ___________cross section 1) rectangular 2) square 3) eliptical 4) parabola ans:3 236) High vacuum is commonly measured in ______ 1) mm of Hg 2) torr 3) kg/cm2 ans:2 4) pascal 235) Speed measurement of a submarine moving in deep sea can be done by ____________ 1) pitot tube 2) mano meter 3) kelideoscope 4) both 1 and 2 ans:4 34) Which of the following transducers is most commonly used for the measurement of shock and vibration______ 1) LVDT 2)pirani gauge 3)strain gauge 4)accelerometer ans:4 233) Tube side temperature in a shell and tube heat exchanger is normally measured by a __________ 1) optical pyrometer 2) radiation pyrometer 3) thermo couple 4) none of these ans:3 232) Working of a constant volume gas thermometer is based on _________ 1) boyles law 2) charles law 3)pascals law 4) daltons law ans:2 231) The iron-Constantan thermo couple can be used within a temperature range of ________ 1) -30 to 350 deg c 2) -30 to 1100 deg c 3)-30 to 1500 deg c 4) -100 to 300 deg c ans:2 230) Pneumatic control valves are generally designed for pressure upto ________ 1) 350 psi 2) 1000 psi 3) 150 psi 4) 2500 psi ans:3 229) Pitot tube is used 1) for fluid containing lot of suspended particles 2) for low velocity measurements 3)for large lines and velocity is high 4)none of these ans:3 228) Which of the following is suitable for measuring the temperature of a red hot moving object (e.

1) Portable 2) Radial 3) deep hole 4) universal ans:3 216) Dense structure in grinding wheel is required for __________ 1) heavy cuts 2) finishing cuts 3) ductile materials 4) brittle materials ans:2 215) Production of discontinuous chips is not favoured by ____________ 1) small rake angle 2) large rake angle 3)low cutting speed 4)chip thickness -large ans:2 214) Frequent balancing of grinding wheel is required because during grinding. it 1) rotates with high speed 2)wears out unevenly 3)wears out randomly 4)blazing out ans:3 213) Mandrel is a ________ 1) cutting tool 2) device to hold the cylindrical work 3) lathe feed mechanism 4) taper attachment on lathe ans:2 212) To prevent the bending of the slender shaft. it is required to 1) low feed 2) low speed 3) follower rest 4) steady rest ans:4 211) Straight polarity is recommended for welding ___________ in A. the angle between the surface of the flank immediately below the point and a line drawn from the point perpendicular to the base is called the _________angle. while turning. 1) back rake 2) end relief 3) side relief 4) side rake ans:2 219) Flange wrinkling defect is found in ___________ 1) deep drawing 2) bulging 3) forging 4) none of these ans:1 218) The index crank movement in simple indexing is ____________ 1) 40/N 2) N/40 3) 40N 4) 20/N ans:1 217) ___________ drilling machine is the most suitable for drilling holes in a rifle barrel.C arc welding 1) bronze 2) brass .227) Bellows are made of ___________ 1) paper 2) thin copper sheet 3) leather 4) pastic ans:2 226) Maximum differential pressure in liquid manometer is __________ 1) 50 psi 2) 40 psi 3)20 psi 4) 30 psi ans:4 225) Which of the following flow-metering instruments is an areameter___________ 1) pitot tube 2) venturi meter 3) hot wire anemo meter 4) rotameter ans:4 224) Psychrometer determines ______ 1) latent heat of steam 2) boiling point of gases 3) humidity of gases 4) degree of superheat ans:3 223) For measuring the temperature of a red hot furnace which is the most suitable instrument_____ 1) thermo meter 2) optical pyrometer 3) thermo couple 4) bi metallic thermo meter ans:2 222) __________ on rapid cooling changes to martensite 1) pearlite 2) ferrite 3) austenite 4) sorbite ans:3 221) The steel containing ferrite and pearlite is 1) very hard 2) soft 3)tough 4) 1 and 3 ns:2 220) In a single point cutting tool.

the molten metal is fed by______ 1) forcing it into mould cavity under pressure 2) do not use force to feed molten metal 3) molten metal flows by gravity 3)main ans:2 4) either 1 or 2 .C 2) A.3) mild steel ans:3 4) none of these 4) pouring molten metal with a funnel ans:1 202) Blow hole is a casting defect which occurs due to 1) shearing of some sand particles from the mould cavity 2)poor permeability of moulding sand 3)two streams of metals that are too cold to fuse properly 4)leakage of water into the mould ans:2 201) A Mixture of 50% sand and 50% clay is called_______ 1) dry 2) oil 3) green 4) loam ans:4 200) Core in a centrifugal casting method is made of 1) wood 2) steel 3) sand 4) none of these ans:4 200) Core in a centrifugal casting method is made of 1) wood 2) steel 3) sand 4) none of these ans:4 199) A ___________machine is used to give uniform sand hardness througout the mould 1) jolt 2) squeezing 3) diaphragm moulding 4) stripper ans:3 198) The cam follower in high speed engine should move with a ____________ 1) uniform velocity 2) uniform acceleration 3)cycloid motion 4)simple harmonic motion ans:3 197) The circumferential joint of two shells are made up by _________ joint 1) butt 2) lap 3) corner 4) none of these ans:2 196) The fast and loose pulley is mounted on _______shaft 1) driver 2) driven 210) Back.C 3) both 1 and 2 4) none of these ans:1 206) A pool of molten metal is used in ________ arc welding 1)TIG 2)MIG 3)SUBMERGED 4)USM ans:3 205) Mild steel shanks are joined to high speed drills by ____________ 1) spot welding 2) upset butt welding 3)flash butt welding 4)seam welding ans:3 204) Which is the multi spot welding process______ 1) Seam welding 2) projection welding 3)Tig welding 4)Mig welding ans:2 203) In die casting process.hand welding is suitable for plate thickness _________ 1) >6 mm 2) <6 mm 3)no restriction on plate thickness 4)very suitable for thin plates ans:1 209) The anvil is specified by its ____4_____ 1) height 2) size 3) length 4) weight 208) __________jig is the most suitable for drilling radial holes on the periphery of a flange 1) Universal 2) indexing 3) Template 4) box ans:2 207) Magnetic arc blow occurs during _______arc welding 1) D.

Whit worth 3) acme 4) none of these ans:2 188) Buckling load is a function of __________ 1) cross sectional area 2) slenderness ratio 3) modulus of elasticity 4) all 1.2 and 3 ans:4 180) Screws are specified by their ___________ diameter 1) major 2) minor 3) pitch 4) length ans: 1 179) The difference between upper and lower limit of a dimension is called _____________ size 1) basic size 2) nominal size 3) actual size 4) tolerance ans:4 .195) Lewis form factor used in the design of gears is independent of the ________ of teeth of a gear 1) length 2) system 3) type 4) size ans:4 194) The flank of the tooth is the surface of the tooth 1) below the pitch surface 2) above the pitch surface 3)top of the tooth 4)none of these ans:1 193) The ratio of pitch circle diameter (in mm) to the number of teeth is called 1) diametral pitch 2) circular pitch 3) module 4) gear ratio ans:3 192)The gear used when the angle between the axis of two shafts is 90 degrees is a __________gear 1) spiral 2) mitre 3) spur 4) bevel ans:2 191) In case of a self locking screw ____________ 1) friction angle is more than helix angle 2) its efficiency is <50% 3) both 1 and 2 4) none of these ans:3 190) In __________ type of levers.S. the fulcrum is in between the load and effort 1) second 2) first 3) third 4) all the above ans:2 189) A bolt with poor resilience will break at _______when subjected to shock loading 1) middle 3) thread ans:3 2) shank 4) head 187) __________ formula is used in the design of a connecting rod 1) Eulers 2) johnsons 3) rankines 4) none of these ans:3 186) ________ coupling is a rigid coupling 1) universal 2) flange 3)both 1 and 2 4) none of these ans:2 185) Tapered roller bearings are called ________ bearing 1) radial 2) radial thrust 3) thrust 4) none of these ans:2 184) Clutch is located between flywheel and __________ 1) crank shaft 2) gearbox and propeller shaft 3) gear box 4) none of these ans:3 183) Load in thrust bearing acts __________ the axis of rotation 1) perpendicular to 2) parallel to 3) along to 4)none of tese ans:3 182) ___________ coupling is used for lateral misalignment 1) oldham 2) muff 3) sleeve 4) flange ans:1 181) The included angle for _________ thread is 55 degrees 1) british association 2) B.

1) ratio 2) product 3) difference 4) none of these ans:1 162) In ____________ vibration. 1) index 3) stiffness ans:2 2) constant 4) none of these 169) Failure of key against ________ determines its strength 1) shearng 2) crushing 3) bending 4) both 1 and 2 ans:4 168) ___________ gear is used for non parallel and non intersection shafts 1) helical 2) herring bone 3) worm 4) hypoid ans:3 1) one third 3) half ans:4 2) one fourth 4) one and half times 175) If shearing stress in nut is half the tensile stress in a bolt. then the nut length should be equal to 1) d 2) 0. all the particles of the system vibrate along straight path perpendicular to .2 and 3 ans:4 176) Ultimate strength in tension as compared to that in shear for steel is________ unit deflection. the axes are non parallel and non intersecting & teeth are straight 1) skew bevel 2) hypoid 3) spiral bevel 4) none of these ans:3 173) ___________ gears are subjected to zero axial thrust 1) Helical 2) Herring bone 3) worm 4) hypoid ans:2 172) Equivalent stiffness of two springs ( each having stiffness S) in parallel is 1) S/2 2) S/4 3) S 4) 2S ans:4 171) In ____________ bearing. 1) inverse proportional 2) direct proportional 3) equal 4) none of these 163) Coefficient of fluctuation of speed is the _________ of maximum fluctuation speed and the mean speed.178) __________ threads are most suitable for parts subjected to high stress in one direction only 1) Square 2) Buttress 3) Metric 4) acme ans:2 177) Fatigue strength can be increased by ___________ 1) cold working 2) shot peening 3) surface condition 4) all 1. the oil film pressure is generated only by the rotation of the journal 1) hydrostatic 2) hydro dynamic 3) oil less 4) none of these ans:2 170) Spring ___________ is the load required to produce 167) Most suitable joint for pipes carrying fluids under pressure and temperature 1) expansion 2) flanged 3) threaded 4) union coupling ans:1 166) How many nodes a shaft carrying three rotors will have ______ 1) 1 3) 3 ans:2 2) 2 4)4 165) Swaying Couple is caused due to _________ ) secondary unbalanced forces 2) primary unbalanced forces 3) partial imbalance 4) none of these ans:2 164) The amplitude of vibration at resonance in steady state forced vibrations is __________to damping coeficient.75 d 4) 2 d ans:1 174) In _____________gears.5 d 3) 0.

25 um can be obtained by 1) buffing 2)honing 3) grinding 4) none of these ans:3 148) Multi point cutting is used on ___________ 1) milling machine 2) broaching machine 3) shaping machine 4) both 1 and 2 ans:4 147) The ratio of maximum depth of cut in drilling to the drill diameter is __________ 1) 0. the slipping of belt occurs if the distance between driving and driven pulleys is 1) large 2) very large 3) slipping does not exist 4) very short ans:4 151) What is the lower critical temperature for steels? 1) 1014 deg c 2) 723 deg c 3) 915 deg c 4) 682 deg c ans:2 150) Material of construction of tool used in ultra sonic machining is ____________ 1) brass or copper 3) high carbon steel ans:1 2) sinthetic carbide 4) stellite 149) surface finish of the order of 0.the axis of the string under consideration.25 2) 0. 1) couples 2) forces 3) loads 4) both 1 and 2 ans:4 158) With ________governor speed.5 3) 1 4) 2 ans:2 155) A slider moving on a fixed link having constant radius of curvature will have its instantaneous centre at 1) their cetre of circle 2) their centre of curvature 3) at fixed link pin point 4) at the point of contact ans:1 154) Velocity curve of the follower in simple harmonic .75 to 1. the sleeve of a porter governor moves upwards 1) decrease 2) increase 3) no sleeve 4) unchanged ans:2 157) Klein's diagram helps in finding___________ of various parts 1) velocity 2) acceleration ) displacement 4) time period ans:2 156) The tension in slack side of a chain is ____________ tight side 1) more than 3) zero (approximately) ns:3 2) less than 4) equal to motion will be a ___________ curve 1) cosine 2) tangent 3) bar 4) sine ans:4 154) Watt governor is most suitable for ___________ speed engines? 1) high 2) medium 3) low 4) watt governor not used in engines ans:3 153) Use of a spring with greater stiffness in a Hartnell governor___________ its sensitivity 1) increases 2) reduces 3) does not change 4) no spring used ans:2 152) In case of open belt. 1) longitudinal 2) transverse 3) torsional 4) none of these ans:2 161) Time period of a simple pendulum depends upon the ___________of pendulum 1) length 2) period 3) thickness 4) weight ans:1 160) Flat follower is preferred in automobile engines because of ____________ 1) flat bottom surface 2) easy to fabricate 3) space limitations 4) none of these ans:3 159) Primary and Secondary __________ must be balanced in order to balance the reciprocating masses.

front relief face 2)top face and back face 3) bottom face and top face 4) no wear observed ans:1 142) A jig is a device which holds and locates a work piece 1) its not true 2) guides and controls cutting tools 3) does not support cutting tool 4) none of these ans:2 141) which is the heaviest fuel gas out the following_____ 1) water gas 2) producer gas 3) blast furnace gas 4) coke oven gas ans:3 140) High sulphur content in a fuel _______ 1) increases carbon monoxide in exhaust 2)reduces fuel combustion efficiency 3)increases dew point of the flue gases 4) both 2 & 3 ans:4 139) Which of the following additives improves the cetane number of diesel___________ 1) Ethyle mercaptan 2) Amyl nitrate 3) tetra ethyle lead 4) naptha ans:2 138) Flash point of diesel / kerosene ( > 50 degrees C) is determined by 1) pensky-Martens apparatus 2) say bolt chromometer 3) rankine fire meter 4) none of these ans:1 137) Lancashire boiler is a __________ boiler 1) vertical 2) extremely large 3) natural circulation 4) forced circulation ans:3 136) Use of Economiser in a boiler reduces the fuel consumption for steam generation by about 1) 15 % 2) 20% 3) 35% 4) 60% ans:1 135) Which is not a Fire tube boiler________ 1) cochran boiler 2) babcock and wilcox 3) lancashire 4) locomotive boiler ans:2 134) Boiler draught of 10mm water column is equal to ________ 1) 10 kgf/m2 2) 1 kgf/m2 3) 10 kgf/mm2 4) 1 kgf/mm2 ans:1 133) Steam drum size in a Babcock and Wilcox boiler can be made small because it contains _______tubes 1) no water 2) less no. side relief face.146) A planar is specified by its ___________ 1) stroke length 2) length of cross rail 3) table size 4) both 1 &2 ans:4 145) Commonly used cutting fluid during milling/turning of alloy steel is __________ 1) soap solution 2) soluble oil 3) sulphurised mineral oil 4) water ans:3 144) An operation of producing narrow grooves/ slots on a work piece is called _____________ milling 1) saw 2) gang 3) helical 4) face ans:1 143) Flank wear in cutting tools occurs mainly on the _____ 1) nose part. of tubes 3) vertical tubes 4) it has no drum ans:1 132) The delivery pressure of feed pump compared to the boiler pressure is _______1) slightly more 2) same 3) cannot be determined 4) slightly less ans: 1 131) The material of construction of pressure mills used for squeezing out the juice from sugar cane is___2__1) mild steel 2) cast iron 3) stainless steel 4) high carbon steel 130) Stainless steel contains ________ 1) tungesten 2) bismuth 3) chromium and nickel 4) cadmium and cobalt ans:3 .

a fictitious factory is used if__________ 1) demand is more than supply 2) supply is more than demand 3)warehouses are more in number 4) none of these ans:1 115) Which of the following wage incentive plan will motivate the supervisors by paying a premium on time saved by workers? ) emersons efficiency plan 2)taylors differential piece rate 3)rowan plan 4) hayness plan ans:4 114) Work study is carried out with the help of 1) stop watch 2) gantt chart 3) process chart 4) none of these ns:1 113) Profit is shown by break even analysis when sales revenue is _________total cost 1) less than 2) more than .129) Valves in pipe sizes of 2" and under are normally made of ________ 1) bronze 2)brass 3) wrought iron 4) alloy steel ans:2 128) Presence of managanese in alloy steel improves its 1) cutting ability 2) corrosion resistance 3)abrasion resistance and toughness 4)elasticity ans:3 127) Most suitable material for high pressure vessel operating at 500 atm. and 500 degrees centigrade is 1) 18/8 stainless steel 2) high silicon steel 3) mild steel 4)molybdenum stainless steel ans:4 126) Mumtz Metal is ___________ 1) an alloy of copper and zinc 2) an alloy of copper and tin 3) an alloy of copper and magnesium 4) an alloy of lead and tin ans:1 125) which of the following has the poorest weldability? 1) wrought iron 2) low carbon steel 3)mild steel 4) high carbon steel ans:4 124) The following is used as a bearing material____ 1) cast iron 2) wrought iron 3) babbit metal 4) steel ans:3 123) Presence of impurities in iron _____________ 1) decreases its melting point 2) makes it malleable 3) increases its melting point 4)does not affect melting point ans:1 122) Which is the hardest out these _______ 1) Pearlite 2) cementite 3)ferrite 4) austenite ans:4 121) A steel alloy having 36% nickel is called________ 1) high nickel steel 2) invar 3) nicosteel 4) tool steel ans:2 120) Water tube boiler is one in which _________ 1)tube carrying hot flue gases are immersed in a pool of water 2)hot water passing over the tubes 3)water passes through tubes and flue gases around it 4)none of these ans:3 119) Air-Petrol ratio in an automotive petrol engine is around 1) 22:1 2) 25:1 3) 12:1 4) 14:1 ans:4118) Maximum thermal efficiency of a steam boiler may be around 1) 45% 2) 90% 3) 35% 4) 60 as:2 117) Gantt chart provides information regarding ) inventory carrying cost 2) fixed and floating overheads 3) production schedule 4)machine loading and unloading ans:3 116)In a transportation problem.

then the economic order quantity gives minimum ________ cost per year inventory carrying 2) fixed overheads 3)total cost 4) other expensive ans:3 111) Thermo couple is suitable for measuring 1) pressure 2) temperature 3) thermal stiffness 4) bi-metallic strips ans:2 110) Invar used in thermocouples in an alloy of______ 1)chromium and nickel. 1) nickel 3) speed 2) chromium 4) managnese 112) In inventory control. 2) iron and nickel 3)copper and nickel 4)lead and tin ans:2 109) Viscosity index _____________1) is the measure of surface tension 2) is the measure of variation of viscosity with temperature 3)is the measure of lubricating oils film coefficient 4)none of these ans:2 108) Junker's calorimeter is used to determine the calorific value of ___________ 1) bituminous coal 2) anthracite coal 3) gaseous fuel 4) solid waste ans: 3 107) Tool signature ____________the tool 1) indicates the life of tool 2)gives the complete specification of tool 3)is a numerical method for identifying the tool 4)is the specification for material ans:3 106) The quantity of heat required to evaporate 1 kg of saturated liquid is called ___________ 1) calorie 3) latent heat ans:3 2) 1 kilo calorie 4) specific heat 105) Function of gear box is to ____________ 1) decrease load on the main engine 2) to obtain variable speeds 3) to measure torque .3) equal to ans:2 3) unequal 4) neutralise the speed ans:2 104) Octane number of Petrol is a measure of its ______ 1) burning capacity 2) % of exhaust gases 3) knocking tendency 4) ignition delay ans:3 103) Standard time is normal time plus _________ 1) allowances 2) machine idle time 3) machine loading time 4) lunch time ans:1 102) Process layout is employed for ___________ 1) continuous production 2) line production 3)batch production 4) mass production ans:3 101) The probability distribution of activity times in PERT is 1) polynomial 2) binomial 3)normal 4) exponential ans:2 100) Working of linear variable differential transducer (LVDT) is based on the principal of variable_______ 1) resistance 2) capacitance 3)mutual inductance 4)self inductance ans:3 99) Invar contains high percentage of _________ 1) iron 2) cobalt 3) tungsten 4) aluminium ans:1 98) Gamma iron is known as_______2_____ 1) ferrite 2) austenite ) cementite 4) pearlite 97) which is the desirable characteristic of a measuring instrument? 1) high fidelity 2) high drift 3) high stiffness 4) high measuring lag ans: 1 96) Car engine crank shafts are usually made of high ______________steel. if the yearly demand of certain material is fixed.

ductile and is used for making chain links cranne hooks and couplings 2)an alloy of cast iron 3)an alloy of carbon and chromium 4)used to prepare machine bodies ans:1 78) Point angle of a drill is normally ___________ 1) 105 degrees 2) 118 degrees 3) 90 degrees 4) 180 degrees ans:2 77) Taper on a key is provided on _______side 1) bottom 2) top .ans:2 95) Rockwell number represents _________ 1) material property of substance 2) hardness of a substance 3) brittleness of a substance 4) durability of a substance ans:2 94) Originator of industrial Engineering? 1) gilberth 2) taylor 3) gantt 4) krik and watson ans:3 93) which of the following constituents of cast iron is mainly repsonsible for imparting anti-corrosive property? 1)slphur 2) silicon 3) phosphorus 4) cadmium ans:2 92) Electro Discharge Machining _______1) uses dieelectric to act as a coolant as well as to control the spark discharges 2) does not use dielectric 3) actually its not a machining process 4) does not use tool ans:1 91)Finishing of gears is done by ______________ 1) gear hobbing 2) milling machine 3) gear chasing 4) shaping ans: 1 90) Ball bearings are normally made from _________ steel 1) high speed steel 2) high carbon steel 3) nodular cast iron 4) chromium steel ans:4 88) Carbon percentage is same in cast iron and _______ 1) mild steel 2) wrought iron 3) pig iron 4) high speed steel ans: 3 87) Bell metal is an alloy of __________ 1) copper and nickel 2) copper and tin 3) copper and zinc 4) tin and lead ans: 2 86) A high pressure boiler generates steam at a pressure (kg/cm2) greater than ____________ 1) 20 3) 60 ans: 4 2) 25 4) 80 85) Cetane number of diesel used in trucks may be 1) 15 2) 35 3) 45 4) 85 ans:2 84) Twist drill is a ______________cutting tool 1) end 2) side 3) front 4) middle ans:1 83) Grinding is a ___________operation 1) dressing 2)surface finishing 3) polishing 4) shaping ans: 2 82) Balls in a ball mill are usually made of 1) cast iron 2) wrought iron 3) steel 4) lead ns: 3 81) Dilatometer is used to measure 1) pressure and stress in pipeline 2) stress in process piping 3) deflection in long beams 4) expansion/contraction due to changes in temperature ans:4 80)Stainless Steel is not corroded by________ 1) sulphuric acid (10%) 2) nitric acid (10%) 3) brine (10%) 4) hydrochloric acid (10%) ans: 2 79) wrought iron is ___________ 1)malleable.

3) side ans:2 4) front 3) hartnell ans:3 4) none of these 76) The helix angle of drill made of ferrous materials is taken as 1) 35 degrees 2) 45 degrees 3) 65 degrees 4) 75 degrees ans:2 75) ABC Analysis is related to ________ 1) job order schedule 2) bill of materials 3)inventory cost control 4)production capacity ans:3 74) Gantt chart gives information about ___________ 1) planning schedule 2) production schedule 3)material schedule 4)machine loading schedulue ans:2 73)A pull broach as compared to a push broach 1) removes more material for each pass 2)removes less material for each pass 3)does not remove material 4)less number of teeth ans:1 72) Scott-Russel mechanism is made up of __________pair 1) self closed 2) self forced 3) turning 4) sliding ans:4 71)Advantage of line layout is___________ 1) less productivty in proper machine loading 2)machines are grouped in one place 3)machines are idle at lunch hours 4)high productivity through automation ans:4 70) Solenoid valve operates like ___________ 1) on-off controller 2) temperature gauge 3)pressure gauge 4) water gauge ans:1 69) Tachometer measures ______________ 1) flow rate 2) temperature 3)RPM 4) gas ans:3 68) _____________governor is a spring loaded governor? 1) pickering 2) watt 67) Cam Size depends upon _________ circle 1) base 2) pitch 3) prime 4) top ans:1 66)Tempering of steel is done to make it a)weak b)hard c)soft d)break ans:c 65)Work sampling is used to find out_________ a)percent idle time for men/machines b)percent reduced cost of material c)percent increase in sales volume d)percent damaged product in a lot ans:a 64)Viscosity of water may be around________a)1 poise b)1 centi poise c)1 stoke d) 1 pound ans:b 63)Thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine is around________ a) 60% b)50% c) 35% d)20% ans:c 62)Pig iron is made from__________ a)made from wrought iron b)made from cast iron c)raw product from blast furnace d)coke ans:c 61)Cutting Angle of a flat drill is in the range of___d__ a)10-20 degrees b) 20.60 degrees c)60-90 degrees d)80-120 degrees 60)Dressing of grinding wheel is done for_______a) to sharpen b)to balance c)truing d)remove dust ans:a 59)Thermit (used in thermit welding) consists of __________ a)iron oxide b)iron oxide and aluminium c)iron oxide and silica d)sulphur and manganese ans:b .

c c)b.c d)square ans:b 45)Which of the following is a boiler accessory_____ a)feed check valve b)feed water pump c)stop valve d) blow off cock ans:b 44)Machining of __________produces segmental chips a) mild steel b)stainless steel c)cast iron d) aluminium ans:c 43)__________key is provided in the hub only and hollowed to fit the shaft a)sunk b)flat c)feather key d)saddle s:d 42)__________governor is a pendulum type governor a) hartnell b) watt c)porter d)hartung ans:b 41)The idler pulley is used to increase the ________ a) initial tension in the belt b) to divert the route c)power transmission capacity of the belt d)to control sound ans:c 40) Depreciation is_______b___in profit with time a) increase b) decrease c) bonus d) dividend .c.c.58)________threads are most useful for fastening purpose a)Square b)acme c)knuckle c)V thread ans:c 57)The product of diametral pitch and circular pitch for a spur gear is________ a) pi /2 b)pi*D/2 c)pi d) pi*pi ans:c 56)______is used for reinforcement of sand in the top part of the moulding box a)slick b)riddle c)swab d)cope ans:b 55)The radial distance of a tooth from the pitch circle to the bottom of the tooth is termed as________ a)addendum b)dedendum c)base circle d)diametral pitch ans:b 54)Nuts and Bolts are manufactured on large scale by_______ a)hot extrusion b)cold extrusion c)hot piercing d)cold peening ans:d 53)Oxy-acetylene welding mostly employs_____flame a)carburising flame b)neutral flame c)oxidising flame d)reducing ans:b 52)The operation employed to expand a tubular or cylindrical part is __________ a)bulging b)swaging c)hemming d)notching ans:a 51)Brass is an alloy of __________ a) copper and zinc b)copper and tin c)copper and lead d)copper and alumunium ans:a 50)Ball Mill is used for_________ a)coarse grinding b)rough grinding c)fine grinding d)nitriding ans:c 49)Spark plug is provided in ________engines a)petro engines b)diesel engines c)gasoline engines d)both a and c ans:d 48)___________cost comes under prime cost in costing a) overhead costs b)administrative costs c)direct costs d)indirect costs ans:c 47)Hot wire Anemometer is used for the measurement of ___________ a)high pressure measurement b)high temperature measurement c)thermal conductivity of fluids d)flow rates of fluids ans:d 46)Crystal structure of a gamma iron is_________ a) hexagonal b)f.

the direct costs of an activity varies ___________ with activity time a) directly b)indirectly c) linearly d)non linearly ans:d 22) Mc Leod Gauge works on the principle of ___________ a) boyles law b) charles law c)pascals law d) first law of thermodynamics ans: a 21) German Silver is an alloy of ______________ a) nickel and silver b) copper nickel and zinc c) silver aluminium and zinc d) silver nickel .S. a)upper deviation b)lower deviation c)fundamental deviation d)standard deviation ans:b 32)The included angle for_________thread is 29 degrees a) buttress b) knuckle c) B. the machining action is achieved by a) impact of tool on work piece b) impact of tool on abrasive particles c) silicon carbide slurry d) aluminium oxide slurry ans:b 26)Jig is used while _____________a hole a) turning b) boring c) drilling d) none of these ans:c 25) Pirani gauge is used for measuring ____________ a) liquids b) vacuum c) pressure d) velocity ans:b 24) The capacity of a belt conveyor depends on the __________of the belt a) slope b)height from ground c)cross section and speed d) none of these ans:c 23) In CPM.Whiteworth d) acme ans:d 31)Rankine's theory of materials failure is used for _____________ a)plastic b)ductile c) brittle d) elastic ans:c 30) Curtis turbine is a ______________ turbine a)pressure compounded reaction turbine b)velocity compounded reaction turbine c)impulse reaction turbine d)none of these ans:b 29) Use of Steam Trap a) superheating of the steam b) condensate the steam c)separate condensate from steam d) to add moisture to steam ans:c 28) Ratio of iron oxide to aluminium in the thermit mixture a) 1:3 b) 1:2 c) 3:1 d) 3:2 ans:c 27) In ultra sonic machining proccess.39) Manganese in steel affects its_______ a)hardness b)ductility c)tensile strength d)brittleness ans:c 38) Which of the following crystal structure characterises the austenitic stainless steel? a) body centred cubic b)face centred cubic c) beta centred cubic d) diamond centred cubic ans:b 37)Corrosion resistance of Steel is increased by the addition of_________ a)lead and zinc b) tungsten and zinc c)sulphur and phosphours d) nickel and chromium ans:d 36)Boiler tube size is specified by its thickness and ___________diameter a)mean b)outside c)inside d) root ans:b 35)Stellite (cutting tool material) is a _____________ material ) ceramic b) diamond c)ferrous d)non ferrous caste alloy ns:d 34) Rear teeth of a broach removes_______metal a)maximum b) minimum c)scrap d) no ans:a 33) _____________deviation is the algebric difference between minimum and basic size.

a)saturated steam b) air c)feed water d) none of these ans: c 3) No cutting fluid is required while machining____c_______ a)alloy steel b) high carbon steel c)cast iron d) mild steel 2) Ratio of coil diameter to wire diameter is called spring ___________ a)stiffness b)index c)constant d)none of these ans: b 1) _____________Coupling is used to join two shafts whose axes intersect at a small angle a) Bushed pin flexible b) Universal c) Oldhams d) Muff ans: b .and zinc ans: b 20) Grinding is a _________________operation a) turning b) surface finishing c) truing d) dressing ans: b 19) Journal bearing is lubricated by oil at the point where load is a)average b) maximum c)minimum d) none of these ans:c 18)Follower is usually used in aircraft engines________ a)roller b)spherical c)flat d)knife edge ans:a 17)Centrifugal Casting method is used for _________ objects a)symmetrical b)unsymmetrical c)heavy weight d)none of these ans:a 16)Climb milling is also called ______________milling a)up milling b)down milling c)bridge milling d) face milling ans:b 15)The job is most accurately centred on a lathe by _____________chuck a)four jaw b)three jaw c)two jaw d)collet ans: a 14)Bronze is an alloy of ______________ a)lead and nickel b)copper and zinc c)copper and lead d)copper and tin ans:d 13)Evenly spaced holes cutting in a regular pattern on a metallic sheet is called _______________ a)piercing b)perforating c)punching d)punching ans:b 12) Normalising is a heat treatment process used for ______________ a) increase hardness b)increase tempering c)relieving internal stresses d)elongate the length ans:c 11) Size of Rivet is specified by _____________ a) its weight b)head diameter c)length d)shank diameter ans: d 10)The area inside P-V diagram for a diesel engine represents_______________ a)work done b)heat rejected c)heat supplied d)entropy change ans:a 10)The area inside P-V diagram for a diesel engine represents____________________ a)work done b)heat rejected c)heat supplied d)entropy change ans:a 9) The process in which no heat enters or leaves the system is called a)isobaric b)isothermal c)isochoric d)isentropic ans:d 8) Washers are normally specified by their_____________ diameters a)width b)outer c)hole d)none of these ans:c 7)RPM of a shaft is measured by _____________ a)radal meter b)tachometer c)anemo meter d) volt meter ans:b 6)Monel metal is an alloy of _______________ a)copper and zinc b)copper and aluminium c)nickel and copper d)zinc and tin ans: c 5) Tempering of steel is done to make it_______________ a)malleable b)extreme hard c)brittle d)soft ans:d 4)The main function of economiser in a boiler is to heat up the______________by exhaust flue gas.

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