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ScanSource vs. Avanade: complaint

ScanSource vs. Avanade: complaint

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Published by: ck5046 on Jan 04, 2013
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directly with Warby to obtain additional assurances that Avanade had the ability

and intention to provide ScanSource with a skilled and experienced team that

understood the complexity of ScanSource’s business processes. Baur also

continually advised Warby that it was paramount for ScanSource that the integrator

it selected had to deliver a turn-key solution. On several occasions, Meade made it

clear to Avanade that if Avanade had any reservations about committing to

delivering a turn-key solution, it needed to acknowledge them so that ScanSource

could focus on other potential vendors. Avanade voiced no such reservations. To

the contrary, Avanade repeatedly confirmed its ability and intention to not only

deliver a turn-key solution, but to do so pursuant to a “not-to-exceed” fixed-fee

pricing structure.

Case 1:13-cv-00001-AT Document 1 Filed 01/02/13 Page 24 of 59


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