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Week 16

Welcome to Week 16! Keep up all the good work and remember to stay focused on completing your tasks each week. Take the time to share your revised goals with someone this week along with other projects you are working on. Be proud and excited of the efforts you are making. Sometimes, having others encourage and support is critical to our effectiveness.

TIPS, TOOLS and REMINDERS Weekly tracking form --------------Realtor Contact Form --------------Weekly Comfort Calls to Realtors --------------5 Phone Calls to Database --------------1 Realtor Lunch Each Week

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Review and Revise Goal Sheet Glove Letter to Realtors Divorce Attorney Marketing Motivational Time Realtor Open House
Use this space for other goals you want to accomplish

Book Recommendation

Jump Start Your Mortgage Career by Ameen Kamadia Written specifically for mortgage loan officers, this is a great addition to your library. Ameen Kamadia has taken the basics, added a few more great ideas and compiled a concise, content rich resource.

Review and Revise Goal Sheet
Take out your goal sheet from Week 12. Determine if you are on track to accomplish your short-term goals. If not, revise and determine what goals are realistic, yet will push you to succeed. Remember, goals give you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Spend some quiet time evaluating if your daily activities are congruent with these goals. If you have a goal to close 10 loans each month, yet you have only been closing five; something (or many things) must change. This can be a combination of any of the tasks included with this coaching program. If five database calls a week is increasing your pipeline, increase it to 10. Invite a Realtor to bring someone from their office to your next lunch. Look for opportunities to expand your sphere of influence.

Glove letter to Realtors
Again, you are sending something that will elicit interest and pique the curiosity of potential referral partners. The most effective part of this letter is that you are asking for a meeting. Enclosed with the letter is only one glove (gardening glove for women and a work glove for men). You will be giving them the matching glove when you meet together. In the letter, you are only asking for 5 minutes of their time, but this is an ideal time to try to set up a lunch appointment and utilize the planning agenda (see Week 5.)

those going through a divorce make poor decisions in regard to the home that result in long-term consequences on their ability to borrow. One avenue few originators are utilizing is Divorce Attorneys. remove the ex-spouses name or purchase a new home once the joint home has sold. To succeed with this marketing strategy. Rather than ask for a meeting. You can see a sample brochure (thanks to EasyStreet Designs) as well as a word file with just the content so you can modify or change to fit your needs. Those going through a divorce are often required to divide the homes equity. To comply with the courts requirements. Week 18 will follow up with delivery to the attorneys. You have a unique opportunity to place yourself as a trusted advisor to those going through this complicated situation. express your gratitude at being able to work as a “Pair” with them. Set up a schedule to contact the attorneys by phone or e-mail each week and try to take them to lunch at least once. either to refinance their current loan to pull equity out. . the parties will need mortgage financing. Many times. you MUST follow up. spend some time getting to know the Divorce Attorneys in your area and offer brochures for them to give clients. is a great way to help your business through the normal cyclical ups and downs of Real Estate.You may want to modify this letter for Realtors that are already sending you business. get a testimonial and add it to your brochure for even more effectiveness. in addition to Realtors. take the non-occupying spouse off the mortgage or sell the home. To be successful with this idea. If you have already helped clients in this situation. Next week. Assignment: Determine how many attorneys you want to market to and get at least 20 brochures for each one ordered. you will be following up with a phone call to deliver the other glove. Assignment: Send out at least six glove letters. You can offer your professional assistance in helping them during this difficult time. Divorce Attorney Marketing Finding referral partners. Let them know you are available to meet with clients in their office or yours and that your primary goal is to help their clients make the right decisions about their home.

Tell your staff that you are spending a good portion of the day Saturday building relationships with Realtors and you’ll be leaving early Friday. Tony Robbins or any of the other tremendous authors available. Assignment: Start listening to SOMETHING motivational while driving to work. Todd Duncan. Covey. You may also want to take some type of refreshment or other promotional items. Goals give you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Take ACTION on a new idea or concept presented. I’m here to tell you that you have complete control over your state of mind. interest rates. Please feel free to call me if I can help with any financing questions you may have. Realtor Open House It’s been a month since you last spent a weekend visiting open houses. take a copy of your new guarantee (Week 14) or be willing to discuss your good faith guarantee (planning meeting. Even when things are going well.Motivational Time We all have times of greater energy and motivation that can drive our business to greater levels of success and achievement. Look for opportunities to serve and add value.) Assignment: Visit at least two open houses. Stephen R. Plan to spend a few minutes discussing their listing and in general. I actually recommend you listen to some type of self-improvement or motivational materials ½ of your driving time every day. their boss or their staff. This time. Brian Tracy. You will find yourself feeling invigorated and may even become more creative as you open your mind to new ideas. I recognize that is easier said than done. Yet. Follow up with Realtor on Monday by email or snail mail to say thank you for their time and wish them will with the sale of the home. you already have a library of motivational CDs that you can listen to during these times. Zig Ziegler.com. how business is going. Week 5). You can also look on ebay or Amazon. (Note would simply say “Good luck with the sale of your home. Consider asking if you can leave your business card and a short note to the seller. Ameen Kamadia . NightengalecConant is a great resource. Many loan officers blame the market. The struggle (and discouragement) comes when we feel low-energy and lack-luster towards our business goals. Hopefully.

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