Brad Tidwell Design Portfolio

Web design,logo design, ad design and graphic design

Web Design

Web site designs for SaveTermLimits, NetRightDaily, SEIU Monitor, Jon Bruning for Senate, RightDC, DC Young Republicans, Joe Miller for Senate, Arlington/Falls Church Young Republicans, Michael Webert for Delegate, Reform the NLRB

Logo Design

Logo designs for NetRightDaily, GOP Rockstars, Emergency Medical Information, Young Republican National Women's Finance, Fetch Sites, Iowa Keystone PAC, Robert Sarvis for State Senate, Sam Moore for DC ANC.

Ad Design

Drudge Ad designs for Rick Santorum, Jon Bruning, Sarah Palin, Michael Faulkner for Congress, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty.

Graphic Design

Infographic design for various campaigns, Facebook advertisements, blog posts and various published works

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