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Poitier's Motion Denied

Poitier's Motion Denied

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Poitier's Motion Denied
Poitier's Motion Denied

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SIAn; Of fLORJ()f\

f' re of tl)e Q§ouernor
'.''1LI,. HA"SEP.. '1.,01 11);\ U3IliJ-OOOl
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6;10·497-0301 fill:
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,ncl!l.clinl:...fill' .
Date: ___ 8/131.12
To: City Mana ers/Office - Clerk's Off,.:>.:lc"."e'--- _

From: Office of the General C011I1sei Roq/JI 209, I71e __
(850) 717-93 10 Phone (850) 488-9810 Fax
. ,
. ,
Jesse Pannucio,
General Counsel
Debra Lewis, JNC/Judicial Appts.
Mary Thomas,
Assistant General COUJJsel
Ricky Moulton,
Administrat.ive Assistant
Deputy General Counsel
Administrative Assistant

Thomas Winokur,
Assistant General Counsel
X Susan Smith (Direct: 717-9311)
Victims' Rights Coordinator
Heather Stearns,
Assistant General Counsel
Ben Gibson,
Assistant General Counsel
Walker and John Wilson
Ex-ec.utive Orders
. r
", .
• ',I
, .'
-' /,
. '-." .
, ..
), .

I ;
:' .
, ,
'." .
" '
. ' :'"
'. ' . . . i ,\,'. 1 ',' .:.: t . , '. • .
'T' "E'" ID:;,':"" L"'OM":"·':D""A'
. ..
,OFFICF:,:<k,rt& " ' " ..,

" ; •• t
on 13
2012, 'the State :Ateqrney {OT.': ,Jllfucial ¢ircU'it r.-"
charged ':Liilda JohnS-on by ":: " , t',
. • '. . '. . .,. . .',' . , i •
, ' .', . . . :, .'
',' , '2S6:011 (3)(b), :," , , ' ;: , ,,' ',..
", '; '. , . ,wHEREAs, •• violation (3)(b). cOli,tiruteS
• 4 '"
, '
l : "
'degree and, 'is a t,o, ,of-Linda' and,' " :" :..;' itT)' '." ,;
" ..... '
l1.i :5.1 (2)", ". . ,' .
,- " - .'. I" •
> '. "", '.::
, . office amJ elected -municipal officer who, is 'arrested misdemeanor related to the DutIes of office; , '
..J ••'. • '-. " ". I,., ..' ... . _. . } ". :'_: _ .
• I • '. •
-. '
.' ,
or is infom1cu'against for the and, '
,', '.. (.
, "
:wnEREA,S, it City
l .­
,' .. "
.. "
• "'. 10,"
, $1llte o'f Fl:orida, that
, '
"'." .
,n'ow' hqIds; liPan th6 'order;' " " .: .'
....': . 'NOW', I,' scon;' Flonda; to':,section'1"'12::51';
. ,. - ., - . .". - . .
, , '
I ',­
',-' '. '.'
'fi '" • ,
Linda aDA,at a ()f /1'1
. . . . . '. ., ,}.
, I
\ '. ' Mayor of the 'CIty of S'mith Ba.y. Flotiufl."
, ,
., . '.
B, ' office of,qty Ccinitnissionand ViCt,: Mayoi:o.' the City of S'outh :Bay, F]oridfj..
'j "
, , ' • • ',' :. ' , '.' - • '.' I • I , I • I ',' J' • • : '
l' ,.: " within the'purview, of the :,PQ\l,; to sectioll'1 12.Si"f}orida .
• ' • ' .' • - ".'. --., • • .. - - ,. I
'8 :tutes,
, '
.. "
. . :
probable ,!lffldavit, d irifoIDlation, whicL aTe' ii
," .
• ., '. • I
fully set fOlth· this .JOb,nsOp :corwhitted-a misddpeanor to:
, "
the du ies of office, under. the laws of ,'this. sUSFenl)ion is pr¢icated: upon ", ',''', ,': ;
_. .; ,,'. _" ,I. • L' •
1 0 • ,:..
proha1:JJe Ga.u. e affidavjt and: .' .
- . - '. . '. ' .
•• I'
'BIDN "FULLY in and ,ih and, QIe
• i '..- • • • "
• " '._ • __ -. - - - I" •
...: .:.
" . : laws of the State of Florida, ',is ued, effective today: ,:
I', •
. ',' .- " ection"l. ' . 1 ,is:' shetlo\v to :
. ':, "',.' :', ,: - . ,.' "" ,', . ': : - ,', - -' . ­
,metrtl:>er oftbe City .. ,. ,,' .' .' ,-:.'.!'
". ' . .'. ' . : -.. /. . ., 'I:" I '. " ' • • -' '-:.- •• , • • • _ " :' • •
I. "
" . :
.. Sectiori,2. .' Johnson any fUry'eti'otl:
- " ,',
•• ".' '. j • .' "" - • • • • I
r\,I' ...
of p'Ublic o'ffice; from. 'ptt''Y :01' atld' ,:01", he

.. ; ':'
, .' r. _. t' '.,""
, ,
. ,!-","
I, ,,',
emolum.ents Or 'or ilie this wbidli })e', .

• , '. " '. ',' ." • " I I , ' ••• ' •• , _ J - -:' ,";' ;. . 1",
,', ­
. " , .,"
from t6day, 1.1 nti1 'a. further ·Or.der'js j .0r. as DtneI:W j 5y,"pro0,ded' by iaw,
. . . '. "'. ,-' ,,'- - . ,
-:',1 '.'
;;. '. :" "\,
, '.'
" .
" .. :,: :: <.,,:,:
,-- 'anclhliVe dausedtheG'rdltSeaLof,tllc-State'of,Florida.:,·t6b'e ::.' " ·:t';
" at ,ibiS ,int ' '. -',,'
" I _ • • • _'. ' - , •• , • -" '. ' •
,,' ' " '
.. r"" ' .. ,.,'.
, , .
,,' .. .",' .i'.
" .
. ,1-, ..
. t, ,
::. ' ,
, .A'ITEST: .
::' " ,
. I ,', \.
... I " " -"r
;"1 I, ..
"./ .
I.' .,
I :1
" .',
, , ,
': . ':
,. t 'A
" ;
.J ; " ,.'
"}:,i'" ­
I. )"

I, •
• ,<
V5 .
. RIF. 08118/1965, ,as to Coun 1, aud
SHIRLEY I ALKER-TURNER. DIF, 06/]Of1948, as to Count 2 aDd
JOHN :.J...MER WfLSOl\" SR, Eli\{, OU25/1947, ' as to Count 3
',:;. I, r .J
.-}_. '0
v:> \
_'r< Iii
In Name and by AU1holi'L)' of the Ste.te ofFlotida.: -;};. 0
c <.,.e)
PE:TER ANTONACCJ, State Attorney for the FiftC'.enth Judicial Circuil, Palm Beech COlmty, Pf8rida, by
and through his underslgned Assistant State Atlomey, cbarges that: :-:
COUNT 1: LTNDA F JOHNSON Oll OJ between July 1,2012 and August 7,2012., iu the County of Palr.n
Beach and Stille ofFlorida, while a memberoflhe Cit)' of South Bay City Commission, did knowingly
attend OJ meeting by using City Manager Corey Al!lton as a conduit and/or liaison between otb(:t members
of the City of South Bay City Commission, at which meeting official acts Were to be taken regardJng B.
mad> to City ManageT Corey Alston; the meeting WeB not open (0 the at "II times andJOT
the City of South Bay City Comrl'lission did nol proY1oc reasoMble notice of the meeting, COntrary to
Florida Statute :286,Oll(l) and (3)(b). (2 DEG MrS!))
COUNT 2: S'H1RLEY MAE WALKER-TU1<NER on or July 1, 20 J2 and August 7) 2012, in the
County of Palm 8e{lch and StaLe of FJor:idll., while a. member ofthe City ofSouth Bay City Commission,
did knOwllJg1y attend a meeting by using Ciry Corey AJSlOh as a conduit and/or liaison between
other members ofthe City of South Bay City Commission, III which meeting official acts were to be taken
regarding a payment made to CiTY Manager Corey Alstoni the meeting was not open to the public at all
limes and/or the Cit'} of South Bay Cit)' Commission did or)! provide rc;asClnahle rlOtice of the meeting,
conn-my (0 Florida StaMe 286.011 (1) and (3)(b). (2 DEG MISD)
COUNT 3: JOHN ELMER WlLSON on Or between July 1,2012 and AUgUs1?, 2012, i..u the COUDty of
falm Beaoh and Stite ofrJOlida, while a rnemUel' of J.w, Cit)' of South Bay crty COL1:unission, did
knowingly artend U Dl etiog by using City Marulger Corey AJston as a conduit and/or liaison betWeen
other members of the Cit)' of South Bay Cit'y Commission. iit whic meetil1g offici,,,] a<:.is wore 10 be taken
regarding pa l':Dt IIlllde to City Manager Corey AlslOn; the roWing WaS [lot op lo the public at all
times and/or t.he City of South Bay Ciry C¢mnlisslon did not provide :asonable notice of the ll1eeti(lg,
()ontra.ry to Florida Statute 286.011(1) and (3)(b). (2 DEG MlSD)
15: 32
,. FL BAR NO. 0072505
AssistMt Stace Attorney
FifLeenth Judicial Circuir
Appeared before me, MICHAEL DUTKO, JR, Ana _ey for Palm Beach CoUTl1y.
Florida. personally known to me, who, being first duly sworn., says tORt . l prnion is institu1ed in
good faith. l'
Assistant State Attorney
Sworn to and subscribed to before me of December, 2012.
to Florida Ru)e of JudkiRJ. Administ.-.ation 2.420(d)(2), the me\" of tbis Court t'i<cord
indi "'t5 that confidential mformaUoD is .included within ooc.{Hnent hemg filed; to
wit SocW Number- 119.0714.
-:-=.... =-s
". f "" IE u..

AARE31 f NQflOr: TO A \ IltlH
Z II,'''' .c.""'.,,-c-. .
'Is CIfflCA!
I'-'"'t -,-1'1
Plllm B!ldl C UlJt)I Atto

I "-'i t:j

4. T_

3S SW 2. Ave, South B:lY, R. a14113

1-'11·.. '-....
I".nnM I

001. leA. .... Bc.l

0 It.. [O!l/lIJ/ 1965 - ....­

9 S r



( ) Q. •• o.A. .. _
r 1
,,-_ twm'*l
'IiONW7 AVE SOUTH flAY f-L 33<413 (561 l98S-037a


(l'l'l ".,.,.

OFSOUTrl 8AY,3J5 SW2AVf... SOlJ'lri BAY 331193 1/561 )1996-6751 crTYVJCE MAVOR

18oe. ...... _
525-526-65-798·1/ flORIDA
. ·_ItMl.'......·_ r­ "­ l*t"....

L "'-'lit
......, I1Mt JIuJ.• ..-o

'u WR.5ON)O!1N Il 01/15/1947

( )
(SID) l;IIIl

1. ...
DellI. ItllI ---. 1--'"


I Ilo(. rl ...
D- Tl....




A. o. •. ::="'

10ll0r-. •


...... V'*IDrI_

!1Dn.G .....'."T""" .....


'IClrV\lT)opt ,_/Ul\lI


I .,

o1'*\1'1_ NA.
_ ....--,;;,,- ... COUlI>ll< ""'" COut1
:--..,. IIq "'.. T_ ,.....
,....... '1'<) J,I"l'U" WCllt ntl! 00UfIIf f$ JIE Y THIS "TICAl I lAAV H&1:l1N CfJJftT N<IJ,. /'OIl 1' ......... , -...ee
­ • •

x -:5ii:' .......

1.0.,. lP"lll'l'l1
TfIniIU1ll'4 10 •
1 1 ..A'
Y,"M'I'E , (;QI.Ml . .TrONliY I'LTAY.
In -21-2012 1r;: 33
2.01 2PI 0001 11A99
Suns;hlnlil UlW VIol,at!on
Ol(I...e Gf
,!ud!ct.1 Olatl'l'"
h.';; .. ..
,'. ....
City Of South Ba}'

(561 )996-675i SS5SW Avenue Ft 33493 Known
Same Cl Govammont
-.I_ , 1:9
g W.. _", mlOll\Id

...... I<v<lIo""._" ............,_O• .,.... CJ x
30 ,9! Oct\::Itwlr t 2 t 000 D P.w
State Attorney's Office Unit rwei",w inft;Jrmalion {rom Cily of Soum Bay employee. Sandiford
e.houl questionable behAvior of tbe Cit}' of South Day City Managi:f COl' 'Y AI5lon. $t\:(tdiford A.I1lton a payout
of his vacation leave for over $7.5,000.00 in AUg\)-.')1 2012, whll employed by 1))0 city. Sandiford l>uggc:sted pnyom was
obtAined 'lift. II vmal Fipprovll,1 by t1u-eo (3) Qt the Ive ($) City Commissioners in Augl.l!>1 20J 2 of a Comrn.ission
muting, prior to the payollt, that the bou:rs Alstlm was paid for were in exce s of hom actually accrued, The public vote fur
approval by lhf; city commjssioD of Alston's plI.yout did not until Nove.Jl1ber 20
, 20):2. which is llfter our iD';clItigation cmueO
and mOlllhs a,ftl'.!' AlsrJ)rJ the mOlle)'_ also nU"'Scd thllt Alston, v.'ho a Cull time employee, WIlS being paid by the
City of South Bay for \'fC'!'k not pmont) and wh...)" be lit a in Pt- Lauderdale, Florida he: (AlsIOO) htlS 11
HI. Alslon allc,gl:'C1ly used tnc cily aoc<lulll to l'ut gllS in " council membet's personal vclJide(s) when the
roundl member'(; vehicle WlS not lJ5<"..d fot work related bll$incss. Fio.-.lly. SMdlJord wa.:; llllegiDa thet A1s\.Ou approval for City
Commissioner !ohn WilsOll to llSC: a Cily vebiclu to take IJ. uip io Dis[lc.y World, OrlllMo, f-lorid2l to ;,,1tclld Al$ton's wedd.in& th.a\
pUla on the weekend of 1II, 201 '
On Fridll)' November 9"', 2012, Iktective auislcd me by con1ll.cting \hi:; five City Council membell> by phone 'i!ld
arrWlge.d sepll.t&-lc im.erviews Qifitb eacn Dll.r;oli\ .tMso pholll: inlClviews, Commissioner Jolla WilsOll, Mayor Li:ndll
Johnson Mayor Shirley the)' hlId been by Aision in Augusl 20111\00 K.5ked about Iris
payout of vacarion Lime_ '&!.cb of these c:oul'cil llJeIlJlx."rS They lold AJston they wou.ld approve Lho payout j( AlSton Was able. 10
gel lllDAjotiIy volo from the oilier council ruCUlben:. It &nouJd be noted, CllCh uf lhe thmc (3) couc.eil mewben that w&'e. COI1tacl:ed by
phone (b)' AIStmJ) said the conversation-!> with AlslM rngll!'cling the pll)'out gcncnll 111ld th&\ lYIonew-y or
"timber of vacatioll hours W83 not t'Cvcwo<.!. Joe Kyle6.and Esther Ben')' both advised that AIslOn
COl)(lIcted i.h I!l in rofercnce 1.0 the payout issu....
OJJ MODd,,)' NOYf;moea- ]2<1>, 2012 Bechaus 'll.nd I met. with ary Commissioner John Wilson, Prjor La COnducting
our with Wilwn, he was advised be was beisl"g in 10 atl ol1-going criminal IUld that -was
!roe 10 It.ll-.!e llt any lime during we intefyiew. n.e followmg is a :.l,lmmary of wlJat Wilson said during his sworn taped statemenl in
regllfds to Alslon's Wilson advised he s beet! II CQJXl!niSSi£1llc.I fOT eight (B) yean:, WHllon said he too;;c,iYerl a pboDe from
sometlmc in AUi;:USI 2012 in regards 10 Alston mming to taJ>e a PltYCIlT of bis vllcation Jeave. WilS<ln sDid he verball) l.o-1d
Alston UlAt if he C1bl.llinetl $ majority vole, he (Wi15(lf\) wO'Uld >llso vote. ''yes'' to the payout. WilsOn said thal A/bto[l djd »01 \.ell him
how mftny haUlS o't how milch the pilyCUI would be a\ the titn.... ()!the phone call. (Wilson aaid he found oul the llIDO\.\Dt of the payout
after It was paid \{) AU;ton). Wilson acknow!ed.g-e,d that; as DeOllncil member. he did not follow propa procedWUl when vuting for
AlKlon's Wilson S'1l\lc:d e k'lew this not 1.0 proper p.ocedurt, because lbc:fe was 00 pUblic or vote prim 10 the.
p:I)'OUI, Wilson was '.fues:tione<1 f1bmlt what Ll: ChaneT in reference TO the City Manager taking a. payout of vacation time;
h(lweyer, h.e could nol advise tIDy information on lh.e conteIlls af Ihe- Clty 1lle Wll.5 then cOllcludclt For specific
detail - of!he wilt Wilsor., please refer to t1),e o.ding which )19S been pla.ced ioto evidence at the StrIte AItOT1).ey't; Office_
On Mond'ilY Novemt>e_ 20)2, CilY of Soulh Bay f'.;'onulllssioner Bsilie' Bet1)' prOVided a /;Wonl S/jl.teroetll D¢lUt1ve
flechuus o.nd ·:£11c. followmg i 1I summary trf whll1 err; 1lnic1 in f' 8tJ1ds to '$ PilYOUl_ lla-ry advised s.ht. did not be.cOllJ
of &ucll p!lyout llntil the October 2012 Commission mccliQ!. Berry Iurl.hc . dvlstd AJstol'l contaeled llOI to jnq .m; 1.0
WhC1.hI:lT t not she would be b.l fuvor of him .eceJving .. payout for v cation bours. J:ierry said she 'iAS nol aWatt if il was
ll!Zal, per CDntract or the City 'Handbook for him to re-::civt'l sudl a rJaYout, Additionally, wi1ll0Ul refurrillg to his COil act OT
the city sh - w O.f Ole amoUnt of V3,CAtiOll time he eflITlS 'Wi 1,:'1\), roaunger, Fill ;lily•.Beny ndvised ifshit hatJ heM
conlolcted b .AlJ;[o» for oommeol on is$'u(: she would ve dm!ed Alston's r lest fOT sue!) a 01 POl s mc details of 'the

On Monda No....ember 191.h, 1012, it)' 0 SOlltll Bay Mayor Shirley Walker-TUlTler provided 0 sworn &WlEl)'lcnl LO Dettctive
fleclta\Js and me. The following is a su.mmary of vhlU. Wal, 'er-Turn6l' said in regards Lo Alston'" payout. 'tunle.( was questionod as to
her knowledge of !.h('. payout of l'lcc,rueO vaotlio hour;) of AlstOll. '1\unt'.t' advi sne did have c.onverSations willi Alstun fib,)llt \he
pnyollt o.nd when he initil1Uy approllCbed he( fo approVllI, adVised Alston, she did 001 think it lIS .a good for his due
to bud Bet discuss,iOlls un\! unresolved Glades Utility Authority (GUM· Despitc this opinion, Alston asked het if
was able to poll Olher commission memb!nl regarding n payout 0 his acQlion and jf he was to lu:eive a majoriLy apprcrval,
would she approve the PfoyOUl. ')\lmcr she would supporf the p YO\Tt if consent frorn tlK: majOfitY of the commission WAS gained.
rUme, II,). <I UlllLlet of procedur • the payout should t ve aL Q public meetinf;. \l was lIot When questioned
bout 100 fuTJ\l'Uot of Ihe payout. TUUler rCcrJl1ed it Wa$ "ppro . lAtely lwenty-sc.·en f!Jous3lld dollw. ($27,000); however she was not
able tD explain hOl'Y Alston ha.d accrued Lh:tl of vacauolJ time.. 1\.o.r1lCl' refermd to Alston's contnlcL and 10 1M bandbook. but
could I'ot recall spc.<:ifjCJ;lliy the Tlumbers relaLW 10 accrual of time, Or whother or !I01 a pr.y oat of 9,ccn&ed lime'> wru; eYcn pennissible
If was nollerrniuating their with the <-it)'. FOT specific details of the lllterview with 'l\n'Mr. please Tefa 10
the recording which hIlS placed into evidtm:c ill the SUlte Attorne ':; Office.
On November .lOlli, 2011, De.tecL1ves Romagnoli 8llQ Flcchaus "1tended tho City oJ South Bay City Com.miJisioll
Meetillg. In were Mayor Walker-.Tume.r, Vi Ma or Linda Johnson, Commissionl'./: Joe Kyle!;,' Eslber
Berry. Commir.sioner Juhn Wilson, City Atl.Qrncy Tjjoj),U MontgljOtery, City Cl .. Jossica Figueroa. Human ReSOllXCC Director
Vicellt" D(!-1 Bosquez (Vicki), FiC\3\lCe. Sudaural..nd, City MlII\nger COley Alston. Plior to the octlJaI rat:etillg:,
aUel'ldees. co(lduclro II worblhop, wheron all lhe ageltdll ilems u,r '0 discussed, One of the items on the agenda was ''Resol\ltion 09­
,,013, Ratiiying n:cem compebS8'(joll 10 Ute City Manager, llIl C:q1p)Clyc:c: of the CilY Cl\mmiss.ioo of lhe elly of SDuth City
M'lnagcr had added this lC501ufioll to agendll {o the night'S m ling. DUJilig discussion of Ihis resolution CommisslOl1cr
Kylos brought up filet LIlat the payoul had already OCCUlTed in Augusl 2012 and (he lhree other council member.> who VOled yt:-S
(verbally) by pholtc had violaterl the sonshine U!w, Addilio/llllly, be. contesled \be fact that a reJ;olutiou was di&eussed lliolllhs
aftet the issue {u lY.: vOted ()n lha1 oight hlld already occuned. tlJis discussioll, MttyOT WaU;er- Turner, Vice Mayor JOhnsOD,
Il1ld Corruni&SloDcr WilSall all ackcowledged I.hat !hey did gi\'& their approval La the pttyouL whon Alslon calle.;! them :in
Cpmmjnjoner Kylt;s then the Amounl of fo\ll' h.u1\dred ninety<ighl (498) hmlr& that Alston bad puymenl for and
how AlsLOn could bave accrued such a large number of hours. 1n respoMe, Alston appeared unsure ghOUl the number of
hours Wll!l paid for bocause he said. "[ don 'I tbink il. was 498 hOUTS." AlslOU uum illsl1\lcterl Sr.adattnaf\d to retrieve document
that shoWed his final vacatiol1 leave payoUl SudullIbTld returned a few minutes later and provided A1stoll with a docv.mcnt,
pr(;''>llnubly which displayed thCl amoW'l1 of vacation hollI'& in which Alston ....·lIIl paid for in AIlgtlSl 2012. Despite the introduction of
Ibis dOCUll:lem and clue to (act colJl'lcil memhers were discussing omu item') on agWdll, DO Otl/; clime bock 10 address UJe
doX:uau:nl mat to Alston. Following the workshop, U'IC actual public mating began and se"era! memlX,r-s of me
public Wtte 17) attendance. 'When this resolution was rC-llddrt-i>scd, Moyor Walker-Tuner &.nd Vice'Mayor Johnson buth .said th:i1 !hey
had mt:t ,vitb SlI8dl1tU'!llnd prior Lo tOlljghf s meetin and toe sh wed the IOtal hourG accrued b)' AlsIOCl, Tho specific Ilumbe:c of
hours W8!> not diBCUs-sc.di they only aDvise{! that they uustel:llht: cJOC:lll'nCnts shOWtl 10 Ulem by SaIldSLmaDd. Aftu mucb debate, Vice
Mayor Johnson brQTJghl the payout resoluuor. to a vott;, Prior 10 We vote. the MJlyor (Walker-Turner) asked the City Attorney
(MoOI&Ome.ry) whelher CIT nOI the)' could or thouJd VOle 00 tIris resolution; which in css.ence had already I\{lprove<,l and carried
GilL Moo\gomery advised Ihe mcmbors lhat voting a1 the IDUUl)g would only resolve the issue of lheir v('Ite for Akton's )JB'youL '!be
vote ieself. bowever, would nol justify or r-esolvr- lhe viol.100l1 of the SullSmoe law. Meyor Twner acknowledgt:d the
violatiDns lind 5ho und Johnsol1 called for the vote, nooethe!t'-ss. The was tak:en. WllJ):er·'I\rrner, JOhnSOD, and Wilson vo\ed yes.
Kyles and Berry votc.d no. Por specific details of th.B meefulg. please refer to the recording and wriLten minlJle$ PfOvlde{\ City C1crX
Figueroa whioh hilS W,ll plilct:d ;/110 evideoce at the State Attorney'S
01) 'Tuesday No-vembN 27'\ Z012. Cily Joe proYi cd:a worn, rer.ordcd Tilt foUowitlg is e
s\.lnUll.llry of whal Kyles said in regJlJ'ds to Alston' S p8YOllt. Kyles advi-sod that Alston neVer conttlcted him in reg,trds to r'tCoi ..... inii: a
payou1 or his accrued -vacation lime. Kyll:S f>l\jd he did .!lol know llbo'ul the payout cnlll filler Alslon received it. Kyles said he would
have Voted "no" to Alstoll laking Inc payout btc3llS AJ5lOD was !lot to take G. payout of his vaca.tion lellllc until he separates
hom city. Kyles a1f;lJ tKplained that this 1'e(!uesl had nOl bun discllssed or VOtW upon alii pUblic meeri:(lg; therefOre he believeC
Chill Sunshine Law(s) hlKl been vlolnfed. For specific lIeLaiJs of Lilt interview wil.ll Kyles, please refer 10 the recordiJlg which has hu.n
pl3CCd illLO the evi<lence seclion at the St!l!A'. AUOTm:)" s.
0l'J Tuesday November 27"". 2012., Vice Mayor Linda Johnson provided Il sworn, recorded statertlonL Joiu).sQn
conUlcted her by phone i AUgwL 2012 ilnd Ils.lced if she would be it! fDYOr of OT ag.<linSI l\im receiving a P-3YOUl fOT accrued
v3c21i<Jn Lime. Johnson aid sh inStlucled AJston to poll all tho IDelDbc " (\I)d if I e obtained B majority VOle in 8uppo.rt of
u PlIY0ut, then she too would SUp r1 hio payo!.lL said h was not (-Iware of wlndl co :¥lissioll members Auto!) CODllICte<! 10
oblain suppo for the pll),out; or WllS she m2dc ;lwarr. () the specific III UOI. of to be plrid m.lL Johnsnn sll.id cvenmaHy, at the
pohlic mcetiTlg 01\ November 20
• 'lOU,she to approve fhe resolllljOJ) oudiniD8 A.U;lon'li payolll of vacation tiale.
Prior 10 the mee ill&< Johnson s:ticl she mel with the finll1lce nann to verify whetheI or not lhe lilm Als!Oll paid f01 Wlll;.
llCtUAIly 3vailable I() ,him for paymenL Johnson :>aid she was advised by the finance mlU\sger thar tho time of fOill hlloored llinelY­
(498) OO\lf'S av ·).pie 0 for papnenL Dasp1te tlus conflI'Jmltion, when lohmon was esenlM wiw the sections from
2 ­
cftJ{1loye handoook mld'"Al},ton', onlr"CI that (lm.ll Ihe c..;rua! 0 v.<iCotion lime. she could no'l recortcile lOW AJston could have
&. rued fi IlT hundwJ (498) hotm; t.l[ "Vacation lime, OVef'l\lI, JohnsoJJ said she based heT vore to the payOUt Oil
infom"lati.on wW documents p esenle.d 10 he.r l1)' Md b.y e finance drrect . Johnson said l>ince the payol1l was .lWide to AISIO •
not 1em1l¢d from allyom thll1 :m or '-¥1IS m&de 1D tb, calculation rthe hOlies Alston WiJ5 nutled to receive p-3YIDent fOT. In
to connection 1.0 11 chnTlc:r :;<;11001 in Broward Q)unty, FloridA, JOhnsOIl said line could not comment on Al!:ton's
i.oterest il) e charter school. CIT the timoIho Alstcm fMS ill lit the school. NC>..1. Jom,son '90'118 ked [0 comment on Alston's
use of city funds TO pa. I r gASOline (OJ personal Johnson explained that maO')' times slle has l.l"1lveled On citY business,
used her own vchick Il:Jld inclllTC:ll Moline expenses. As a meAnS of pay nt, Jo.nlJson ockJlo\'IJledged that 5be did 9.Ccepl Alston's
p. 'mem from city funds r ga.sulille inlier personal vtbicl . Finally, Johnson was asked \0 comment O!\ thl: U<;b of dly ehicles,
Johnson sOld a ify vcltlcJe WllS only <luulOriud for e \0 col1doct city rei 111cd business and tML the. use of 8. cilY vehicle fOr pe.rs nal
reasons was not peunilisi Ie, Johoson 'd oat have first-Lllrnd rcl _d to Commissioner Wilsoo'/i use of a 'lY Vehicle
10 'Vel 10 OIlaodo, Aond2 for Alston's weddiY),g, 'or pteific of the int.erview wiul Johnson. please refer 10 the n:;con,ling
which has bun placed inlO evidence at the slA\i ;\'llOIiICY'S Offiet.
On Wednel;day November 28&, 20n, at \y 1049 hours, Als(on provided a swcn:n recotded Rwemeru to DettcQve
FlecheuF. aod Illt. Pdo! to posing any q e!l1.ions \0 Alston, he WO$ tdvis.eo he i8 the SUbject of B. criminM io.veStiga.tion UtI!! stems from
nllrn UIl allegllt)ons pertA.\ning lo 1I.n illegal payoul of VQCllUOO houtS prio( to /lI;p3.\'llting from the city, sunShine law ViolatIOns.
M eil)' funds, and officill.l AlMon w ud'vtsed thaI he WAS ;free to leave al any time and ftee to choose
Vlhc!.be:r or not 10 a.tlSw auy 'lUc.stiOflS. AlatOll llgrot:O In W&S pTlwlding l.l s1:lltemcnl freely and lJolllnt;nily, The foUowjng is &
summary of me iniimnali011 obl2.ia{'.d dUTing SWorn sUllemem in reglU'd:.: to hlnl three Qllt of the five council
mbers and -up, verbal Il.P.llJ'UVIl1 for I.is payoul. Ab 1I)1l wa., tIlell qtJwio/lllcl about when his ind.iviol.la! cohvtrS3l1Cln$ With die
0CC'UTrt:d and if lhey were IlJI on the SlImc day. Alston a vised ooce he bGgan "chaning" wiTh the it
tOOK AjS{oll gt.;j\b:! that af1et" tec:eivint thr_ :lpprovlli from UIC !lITCc (3) cofl.\UUssionen, he mel in wilh the Mayor
10 ttraff'inrl her and she .said ''yes.'' Alston WeDL on [0 l:xpJain how nll.s YfJ'bllUy polled cornmissiouCls II..l\d
a\lthoriUltion an II numbet of things in the pAst. Detective 'fiJe.ch.ll\ls asked Alston if during tris with the
cummissi ners if he ItMI mC'JJtio.ntld huw much money he was getting with his payoul Illslon ad..,jsW he did nOI the (ietnili
of the (;onver:;3lions. Alston sUited he believu he was asled by Ill! three (3) cor.mnissioners polled what the IITIlQlIllt of his payout
would be il.lId he advised mem it would be beltY n fiv(: (25) lind thir\Y U'lou.,o;and ($10,000), Als.lon was then
confront«l with lJ)e faa r ellCh ot til" conunis ionrn had provided SWQTn Md the)' were all shocked at the amoupt af
payont. In response. Alston SOlid agaill that.be did not know rhe.ex ct noun he WM paid OIlL, be did nol believe anything \\laB
done wrong and tunhe.r, he stated If the city commlsS'ionars hBd an . sue wiUi his payout Ute ofbours, or the aJDOunL, mon
Utis would never h:m: bappc:.ocd. Alston Wa& questioned as to why be did no! poll Commissioner Berry f!11d K.yles on the iSSue of hill
payout. He IIdvised he tel Kyles, however he was unsuC¢eSsfuL With respect to Bc:rry, he ll.dvised he did contMlt
her, but she did nOI respond. He: went Ol) \0 say that it wag likely t;hc did not respond bas relllycd 10 tUm in the p!LS1 thaI
she believes all bwilless betwee.n them should be discussed jn public.
On Thursd'l,)' November 29
, W12, City of SouIII Bay Anomey Thomas Montgomery provided II ,"warp, recorded SUlIclfllmL
\Va! City Attorney for 1M pll&l five yr.aJ:l, Montgomef)' started off by saying tlun the payout of vacation tiIJJe Alston
took was nol peflnis$;ble. He advised it wO\lld only coosideced if AJSlon was to hinudf frODJ the c.it)' OJ: vice vena.
MOhtgomery soid he knew abOllt tllc }lllyoUl Ulltilllfter the focI lind h.e did not see the until \he Novcmbet 204>, i012
.:.ouncilmeeting Aislor, bad wriuen his own fewlutioll and pUt it on the agunda. MOlllgornay :>aid tb81 when Alstol:l polled lhe
three (3) conncil members llJld Ibey acknowledged the ll,ppmval prior to II resolutiot'l And JlItifil'.d 111 a council meeting
befoTc tlle pDyoul he believed that it PlIrt of tbt: Sunshine MOJ\tgomory said he had advi&ed Alslon Ill1d the other
members of this at the November 2,012 meedr'lg l1lId they went ahead wilb the vote abywlly. Montgomery &aid, in his opinion, 11
make.: no 1 g'al ro p.)' SOlh&Op.e (Alston) in odvall of mOney they (fllly nOl h,avc earned, FLl1'TilC1:D1orc, the M'nOllnt of the
A! s-t on 's }lllyout would require the Cily to maKe l'llt llIUendmcmt 10 the budget which, (0 his knowledge, hllS not beell dOlle. In
conclusion, Montgomery said it was illegal for Alston to initiate iU'ld l'TDctS5 his own Dayoul b¢¢am,e .AJSlOn WM Dol p;:;mrincfl to do
$(J per his and City Handbook:. Also, tile. ptoce!iS by which AIsLQn took with the tbree (3) council mwiber8 and not rho!. oUler
two (2) \0 gel b.is payout approvod vio'lll.tt-d the Sunllhine LIW. For sp cific details of the interview with MOIlLgomery,
please rc:fer to the T(;Corrllng which has been plllced into avidence 3.\ the State AUoml:Y' s Office.
DFC--?1-2012 1,:35
---- ._---------,
10 !he abo e lu1'oT7llllriOJl UlCrC 1" pnibn ,10 Cllli."O Lo ell gc T S "il ,y aU" -1 , Vi Mwyor
)otiIlV;:OU.llnd Comlni&!Ji))leT Jom! Wilwll witl'l VioJat.illg tho Stille of orid<l's Sunshine ww section 286.01 j (J ); hcn:by )'m.e1l1
to Ihe City Manfl,gel' was by individlbl coromiFSirmus in sepnmle conversations Willi "City who th"n
elslCil 10 the CI rk tbnthis had been '])proved. This is j vioJDtloJ) of 286.011 () which requires tJlJlf ill formal aL:tiOlJ5 of.a.
commission be Rccompli&hed only at public meeling& t.h1It aro noticed in adv4nec. Tht bw sllilles !hill All mw;tlo Irf any tKJlI.rd T
om.D'l.\ssion of Llny state llgcncy or authority or of My agenoy or authority of ally county, mrmicipal OOl'jlO1<U10n, or political
subd'vision, as oth ise p:rovjded in Inr, COllsOluu<m. indu..ding J'JlCeung with r attended b]' Any ptnOf) 10 Slich
boatd or commission, but 'l!Jho no, yet ofJic:e, Ok which ofJicilll JlclS arc To tal<cn lITe declared to be poblic meetings <Jpen
10 the public nt Ill} limes, and M re.so)unol). rule, or OTlIlJl1l:\CUOIl hnll be consldcn-.d binding e',(Cl:'pl i\l ta.l<en 0 made \Ie such
he beard or cammi, ;ion mUGt provide notIce of all Stich t{1t-.eanW>.
__ .. "",. J>J,.,I 4t.G­
"'" .. _

. j.
, j

IJ. 1 j
m.c-'2i -201d
j ,,;,,",;. ':'I' ,i;' ':' ,.,' "",' ','i ' /' F',f!. ,.' \Y;;\l\S',\, ':
;;',,:' ;,"'!' :' ,.:\:.': ;':; ',' :, .,., . "',.
'.' _,;,'" /,"\1".,;,1;.' :; ... ; .•' .'" ... ,,,' ... r'.,lJo •..• I
.' " "":',' ..;1 ....:.:": ,:;·;·; ...·1··. .. :,··:t··.···,::'·:,,·,';·.':·jt;:' >,::""':'::: :.;. (.:, ':.: "::':' .. .. :.

";C' . i(;t:;:p' E, .
.' ", . :' .,., /'.. ;'" ,>' "'.': ::.( <i':. .;;:' : '.. :; " (i .;, !:.', " ;.;....: .:. " :,;-:;)..,l:ii' ;"'. ,:
'.' ':,' .. . ",'
,I ?.:"'./ .," :. '/::'. ;,.: ,,;/ ';:' ""i' :;':'/'; :,' ,,:/ < -::. .. ..;: 6-(>', "':-?,... : i
/'. .- '-'}
I ::r>:... :'. ': :<,','... ':. :." ',-,'.;'.' .. .. ,· ...:..·,':.hl,·,:..'i.·:' ... ' •.
".' .':, .:attacW6d'piob'abk.. ;' '.... .' .' " :'" < :',:,: .. .. .:'.,'" ,:<\:,'" ;', ';', ,: .... I,
:.;t' ... .:. " ': '....::;:: '. 'i-:: ;';'Y;" , ,:-: .. : 1. .... .;. .':",' :< ','.' -' .. \?!', I. "',1,'
••.." ;' " "'.::
:':' '.' ,: "." ':1
,;." "_ I," '_' .' , '." ..' •. " " .' . :' .' .'......,,: I,'. ",., '".." ',,"; '._ J " ;." I
,r.:·" tbe' biil€ iJG-j· J ';:".: :'. )' 'J;::- :i" :'..:. ' .,
"<-. " .. ;:- •• .;'. '•. ';.'1'-,:: "T;: i··'i· ,...t.. ; .. .- :··..:i,' ':.:."'>' -".' ....
. SectioD; L .,..'·"Shtx:1ey- deCi::1t6fri #uol1-c,:'om'
'';ii;w,c!i-'';she'' !'.: ;,b
'; ";." '.: '.; .',.' ;:' ... .. ;. '..)<1 ,( .. ..;: /J.·Y,·..:, r', .. ': ;
'\ ,;' ;,-;.: '\";A ... .: Y:'-; ,: :.' ,.' "
•. .. '::':, •••
,'.. .. "JI" • _
, ",i',
, ..
"-.: ,

•. ' r··;:r ;..:'."::::,.;J
• ,
.. ..
• .""'

: t'

'I .. .. "I - ••,'. •••
... :· ••
r' ' -,
.. ,.;.;
J' ••
"...... ,'.,$'); '.;'
-l;; '. n,' I ··.'h.,,,·t
'•. ';: ':ishiri'e !or·' " . ,::
. ."" :":i ::' .::: .; >j',/,:··,,::.\t:·
\JP": '. ;', if£ofr(r "', '.'
.. """ 'I;,"" : •..•:-,,/ .• ;: ,.;0, ,: ".:.,'/, • .:.,\-.-:!.. ;:,,: ',J.::' ,' ..'.." :.', ,; ,',. "'.:,.'"
·f,::;,· "i':-. ,9 .. 6ffibk.' ., ", .\: ,
: "t :':" ...' '::'.:;', .. ; ',:[1 'E :1 :}:·.:;f.,t·;.(· / :.; ';'. .Y?,:i ..... ':!..
:":; .. . :: ", :'(':;.' "'-
j fc2./;Li '! " ,; ..'': " .'. '.;,;':,,! rH;/' h'::i,j: ': ';, " j·:.th.:.' :\:,:., :.-: ;... .. ... .. ... ....•. .....
.. . {! •. .-',' .: .• ''':'.;'.': . ·):N·:rESllMON;Y,f.WJtEREGF,:J'··have b:e:teuntorserrtiy,bati<f. .
' .' <.,. "-.'..:' v;.. C·f·'r:-l··
!-::.i'·Jt··: b'" "
..' -jl.;:.'·,-'.," .,f. ... " pearo l,U.e tBeo
... """ '. : ;'" "'ft> '.,:'. ·ll:f:···'2012·<·'i··,,· ?: I,:":.:;' -­
.. . ' ..
I. I"'" ":..
-' \
••_1 _.',' _,' ,.' I • .' '., ,,'.; ••• a."
" r....
"", .",
-,. ,','
" '
:.", ," ""
' .
;'( :I','!, t.- 4
."r,' •••.
I ,
i::).,. ".. .. Y.",·
.1 ;'

. . .'; ;
• .J•

, "I

CASE NO, Mf)J/JJ/97fb/{f
BIF, 08/)'8/1965, . s to Count :and
SHIRLEY MAE WALK.ER-TTJRNE.R, BIF, 06/30/1948, I to 1 and
JOHN ELMER WI nON, SIt, DIM, 01/25/1947, . as to Count 3

• or- ..:.
',; :;", CJ
,- v "I", \' I', lj Bl
,: 'I" -'. _ \ .. l\fl
'.-; ""'"f\
I .\ '- l.u '- .. \' -;. __ c;::
3) SUNSR1NB LAW V10LATION •• n 'lo: .' i 't.',
". '" • 1. I , r W
-<-,-',- \
-;:,.r.', (f'\
("'l'c'< -0 cJ
ill th.e Name 1Uld by Authority of the Stnle', of Florid,,;
-;r:..,L' "
PETER ANTONACCI, State Attorney for the rifte,eo,nth Juclicial Circuit, Palm Beach enllluy, by
and through ms undersigned Assistant Stt1 e Attorney, charges that: :,-:
COUNT 1: UNDA F JOBNSON on or between July 1,2012 and August 7, 2012, in the County of Palm
Beach and State ofFlorida, whlle Ii member of the City of South Bay City Commission, did know:ingly
attend a meeting by using City Manager CCllt'.y Alston .'I.S a c.onduit and/or liaison between other m{\mbers
QJ the City of Sout Bay City Commission, at whicb meeting officialllCts were to be taken regarding a
payl11ent mado 10 City Manager A.lsttln; the meeting W Mt op..<:n to the public at t\\l limt':S and/or
the City of South B:'\)' Ciiy Commissic did .oat pro ide reaso ble notice of the meeting, contr31Y to
Flll)'ida SialUtt 286,0]1(]) md (3)(b). (2 DEG MlSD)
COUNT 2: SHIRLEY MAE WALKER:rURNER 0.\\ ]uly 1, 20J2 and August 7,2012, in tht:
County ofPslm Beach and St te ofFlorida. wbilc a mewber of the City of South Bay City CommissioJ1,
did knowingly atteli.d 6 meeting by ing City Manager Corey Alston as a conduit and/or lialson be't\'Jeen
other membt:rs ofthe City of South Bay "ity Commission, at which meeting official acts were {() be taken
regarding a payment made Lo City Manager Corey Alston; the meeting was not open to the public at all
(mt"..$ and/or the C'ty of South Bay City Commission ctid not provide re sonable notice of the meeting,
contrary to Florida Sta Ite286.011(l)and(3)(b), D GMISD)
COUNT): JOHN ELMER WlLBON 011 or between July 1,2012 and gusl7, 2012, in the County of
1m Beach ,mu State I>fFJprida, while a Cit)' of South Bay City COl:nJJ.'l.iSSlOU, did
knowingly attend a meeting by using Ci. Maoager Corey Alston liS conduit Mel/or liaison l)Gt'wee.'1
ot.her members of ell)' of outh fla ity Commissl0n. at whicb mee1ing offid<J.! acts were iO . c taken
a payment made I Cit)' M:anagel' Corey Alston; t.he was /lOl opesl !o lhlil P blic 61 all
times and/or Ihe Cit)' of S01,'lth Ba.}' ity ...ommission did no1 provid reasonable o1ice of Il e meeting,
contrn: y to Floridc1 StllO.lte 286.011 (1) and (3)(b), (2 DEG MISD)
, 'JI
, :
I "

, I.
" .


L. BAR NO. 0072505
AsGistant State Attomey
FWeen Judicial Circuit
, t
Appe3fed before me, MlCBAEL DUTKO, JR, Assistant State Atto c,y for Palm Beach COUIlIY,
noMa, personally known 10 me, who, bein 1JrSt duly sworn, sayS that . a:rotiel[) is instituted in
good faith.
Assistant S1Bte
,;:;f!,­ i '
Sworn (.0 and subscribed to before me this P__' day 2012. 1',
i '
I'ursllaut to Floridl'l Rule of J'Uotcl.al Administration 2.420(d)(l)1 the mer of tbjs <coun rerord
I '
(Infonnation) indicatt.S tbat confidentbl inforUJfltion is included withIn the rlocuXnent being filed, (0
wit: Sodal Secudtx t', § 119.071_4.:..:. ___1 i
f "
"" I!
. "
i i
j ,
A, ,
. .­
DEC-_ -2012 16:38
r' _15
", '\',

IDNf'-"DJUIIT_ 1-"l'1N
I( SS1 )19%-Q7S I crrY MAYOR

. '?")')
--..,.. .........,
..- s,...,

, ,
""""""....... 11-'
FLOO0015A Palm a.¥11 COurt\)' litafe Attomey's Oftlc.e
!ON Of 50UfH MY, 33S SW,:l AVf;. SOUTH BAY

I 1-­
Ifta'P .--"1­
II 00/18/196$
r;", ..........
M 01nS/1947
1'- 1
( )
-- 1-­
... .. __1old 10..;"

lJ--.... '
,__ ...--.,' "ClNn

I-... ... c-. tl\.( "I"" .....
\ '
<>:IIIll!t ... "" I\f_t:lodO _ 0lII' v_ T.,,,, iOJol,
,e I TO 111ft»! ;.r !'liB TUAI! '!''to }.o 011 r01-,,9 'IE 'fllUlsuKiii&ilili n1AT GHI"',flliT"WIUJ\Jll,.,!
,i ".... TQ "'/111'1""':::'''';,(:O,l":Ai JltEOl..>!!\EtIIIY T>UI;l ,",net no -­TWk1 I """'V K lfI CQIIn-t OF DOUm IiHo .. WAAIIotHT I'()fl '4'1' 'ti><AU, IIlWi"O
... (00 '-'-""' .... ........, c:-v 0-.3I;PlIG
, ,
Ws!kll(·Tl.Jmer hirley

SUllll!;lln& Lew Violallon
1 I-IlA
Of y
South Oay (561 )Uets-tl751
Same City Govemment
n,. ....... """ __•
o .... __In""·__ W _t'liOl n,.. __lN_ 0 .. •• Ihtwo.._,
D c...._.. :"",",,,,."l"":t W..,,"..
0.' 30 QI OolObOI. 12 1000 . I:l P.....
Stllte AJ.IOmey's Office Public IlII ll'/formation from City of SOUID B y enlplu)'ee George SaJ'ltlifOM
'ilvcrut rr.cent questionable beb lor of the City of oltlh Bay City MlII1&gt:t Coeey Alston. Sandiford oblSJncd a payout
Df his Vll.Cl\tiOD for ovtr 525,000.00 I .4...u& t 20]2. while nmlIiuing employed by th city. Sandiford suggested rhe payout was
outllined vjll '" 'oIerb.aJ appro al by three (3) of the five ( ) City Commissi hI August 2012 outside of :'. public
mealing, prior to the. p<JyOUI., and \hat the hours Al((toll was pJlid for we.re in of h(lUn: llCl:ua!ly accrued. Thll public vclJ; far
lIpprdYal by die city coo:unission of 's payout did not ooour until November 20
, :l0l2 which is IiCier our lnve!lugatioD ensued
and months. afl.e:r Aklon re:ccived the money. SlUldiford also ged that Abton, who i9 Ii full time employee, was being paid by the
City of South Bay for wo hours !lot p armed and whUe hI; WlIS a1 a in Fl. Lliuderdale, florida thllt he (Ahton) has it
ptr onal int.e-.rul in. Alston allllge{lty use.d the c:ity tlCCQunt toO put gl1S jn a coun(iil ve/)icle(t) whcn T.he
cowlCil member's vohicle was not usW faT worle: X-elllu:d Finally, Sandiford was atlegiog thlll Alston gave appToval fur City
Co.r:runi,siooer J"bn tQ \I$t: a City vehicle 10 l11ke II trip to World, Orlando, Florida to att".tld Alstoll'g wcddUlg that took
place 011 tho of Sr.ptemtlcr J". 2012.
On Fcids)' November 911>, 2012, DQtoCtivc l\$$iBtc{\ me by cootactillg the. five City Coune.il membets by phone Wid
arran c.d interviews with Il&t:h member. the. phone interviCW8, Commissioner john Wilson, Vice Mst.yor Liudll.
JOOIlSOll and Mayor Walker·Turner eJl confirmed they had heen contacted by Alstofl in AugoSi 2012 and :lbOUl '$
payout of vacation t;o,\<;. Each of tbese councilltlembers advi5td they tQld Ahton LhtJy would approVe the payout if Alstoo was able to
gel a mlljority VOle from the other council membcts.lt & uld be noted. each of the mree (3) COllncil thai Wac:: contac(ed by
pnone (by Alslon) convtJsauons wilh Alstotl rogm't1ing pnYO\11 were gelletal and that speclfic molletaJy atnOuJ1 or
nu of vilcatiou WS5 nOl revealed. Cm:nmias!oner Joe 'Kyles IUld CoJ'DrnisslOjler Esther Bern' bolh advised thaI Alston nevc.r
c-ontacted l.heru ill rofereoce to the paYOUt
On h1',)nclclY Nove/olxe 12
, 2012 Detective echllus IL\)d I mel wittl City Con.u:aissioDcr John Wilson, Prior 10 c-on<:lm;ting
our ir\lcrview with Wilson, llc was l'ldvised he \\'a.'; bejna jn ference to IlJ1 on-g..111lS CIiIniJ,r,) illvcstig-ll1.ion and t.hal he was
ftee 10 lL"JIve at uny lime duriog inlZ:n'\ow. '1'he folIowing i$ ;1 SUmU.lc'll)' of what WilllOn S1\id (luring his la.ped statemc I in
relatds to Alston's payout. Wilsall odvl$l"A he ba b«,n 1\ for eight (8) Wil.son &aid hereccivcd II. phone. call from
AlSton 50meUme in ug!lst 2012 in regards to 1-.15I.on WfUlting Ink Ii P youl of his Wils n said be told
AhroJ;\ Outt if be obtaioed a majority Vole, he (Wil:>on) would also \loto 'yu/' 10 lhe payout. Wilson said thl\1 Al&l(JD did 001 him
how DWly haurs or .how milch rhe payout w uld be aL tin of pnoIll: Cllll. (Wilso.n slIid he fOll1ld out the amolml of pa)'out
after it A. paid lU Mst.e·ll.). Willon llclcnowJcdlled UlBI; r.a II co.... ".11 IUeO'l ; he did not follow propa pmcedu(es when voling (or
Alston's p<\youL Wil/;oo Stilted "he 'thi" at to be pcoce<luxc beaiuse ore WG& no publir. or vote prior 0
P3YOUL WIlson w<tS q'UCStiOI $bout whQt tltC Ch tat . in to the City MatJa,g.l5l" taking tl payout of vii :n time;
howevet. lIe couJd llOI any infOTJl11l1ion on the COl toS of the City Chru:ter. The ilIte:rvie
ll was thM concludco.d. Far specific
derails of Ulb interVi.ew with Wilson, please ft'.fer to the Tl:lCor . B which bas placed imo 8 State 0 lCe..
On Moudlly N(}vember 19"'. 2012, City of CfLltlI EIlY COl' u.ssioner Esther Bury prOVided (I swam &Ullemenl to Pete.ctive
F1er.hllUS and The. follow1tJg is II $ of Who.tDrJ1)' Sltid in regal'd.> TO Alaton, payout. BcTt')' she did nOI become
ilWl.Il'e of 6l.tch Jlll.YOUl \lIltil' October 2012 C nmission Berry advia Alston I:OlllAC d her (0 inguirI'J as to
wheth 01' ll<)! she would be it.! fuvl)r of hi viu It or 1lCC1l.\e.d vac.ation bours. :Scuv SB)cl she w nOI BWfIleif it 7llS
leg"I, ar AlstCUJ's COntr.l.c or the City au book for him 10 9ucl\ (\ payOU1. ArJditlonaUy, vlitlJol1( mferriD},) 10 hiG CODlr c OT
e city lundboo1c, sbIl 'Ii UQSUrc oftho "mo.un! ofv$C.lltion till1C he eATllS as the lry llLllDllffer. UY,llcny dyis«) if lihe bud 11
conlACted .Alston [or comment OD this is e. she "Would have deniM Al$IOJl's T \lcst frx sue a a QlU. OT S ifi!; detnil of 1h
[:l, , ','
the Slate Attorney's Oftke.
au Mon<Uly Novc:J'nbe.r19th. City of Sml\h Bay Mayor Walk -"I'\)rnc.t. pro"Vidw 11 sworn \0 Detoctive
Rech'l1,1$ and me. nil; following is Ii sumnllllY of what Wll}ktlr,Tumer said in to Alslo 's pa.yotlt. n WQS (0
her lcnowledge of the payout of accrued vacaIion hours of Iston. advised she did han conversations with Alston about th8
payout and when iniri ly approaohe<l h( fo!' pproval. she advit¢<l Al Ion. be did not lhink it Wl\S a good .me fOr nr.q\lest due
10 bUdgeI and lllU'\\Solv q\.lOoStions regurdi g GIBlks lJtihl)' AuthoritY ( UAJ. this opillion, AlstOn asked her if
b WtI$ able \0 other commission members regarding a payoUt of his vacation hours d if he wes to T('ftjVt- IIlToa) rityapproval,
\lIould &he Il.pprove lhe payoul. Turner aid ihe would support tho payout ifconsenl from the majority of the commission "I s g ·ned.
1\l11let'scld a marter or proc.('.(}o:re. !he {lnYOUI sh \lId h 'Vc btt.'1l raufied 111 a public Ol.Wlmg. h wever, it was nor- When questiou
ilboul Ule amount of l1Ie -p1I out, Turner recalled it as approXi'fMT Iy thousand d"lJIlTl> ($27.000); however sht- was not
able W l!Xplain how, Slo. hAd :lCcrocd that amoU1l1of 8Ca.UOll tlme. 'Turner rclerred to Abton' contract and to Ihe hllndbook. bll.1
c(;l)lo not recall rlle numbers relAted to It' of til , 0 whether or llOt a pay Ollt of 2J:Cl"\I tim:: w even peunissible
if IUl crop)'))'" WlIS nOllCfminating [heir employment oNith the ehy. FOT speeifrc details of \.hI) inteT'l;ew with Turner, pleMe refer to
lhe recordlny, whicn bas been placed jnlo at tbe talC Anomey's Office.
011 'flle'id<l)' 20
, 2012, RomAJ9lal .lind fllc:chaus IHtl'lnded City of SOIl.tb Bay City
Muting. 10 attendlUlce were MtlyoJ: Mayor Lind.u Joh.O$OI1. C()Ul.fxllssioner Joe Kyles, COJlUJlls·sioner Esther
l:1erry. Commh5ioneI; olm Wilson, City A\10r0ey ThollUl$ Monlgome,ry, City Clark FjgllC'.f(lIl, Buman Resource DireoclOt
Yicemli Del Bosque1. (Vic»:», Finanl'..e DirWlor Mas.s:lh Sa.a.datmand, iUld City Me.n.ager Corey Alston. hio! to !lIe itCUlal roccling,
conducted a worKlihop. whertill all the ,,!,eft il.el11s were disc:ussed. One oft!)c: ilems on the aganda was "RMol\ltion 09­
2013, Rio.lifyinp,; «,..cent compensatiun \0 the ity M4rll\g 1!lJ\ el1Ip}oyer. of the Cily Commiesioo of tile Cily (If Soull'l Bay". City
Ml\J1nge.r AlsTon had lIdde.d thiJ; resolution to rho ogoTldtl for the night's tneeullg. D\lJing dis.cu:.sion oJ UJis fC.SQ}\llion
'Cyles brousJ:tl \Ip the t.lCr thai the payout had lllnlady OCCQJT&I in AuguSl 2012 and the three olbc. couocil rnembenl who vO\l:.d yell
(vetblilly) by phone had violated tbe SUnshine Law. AdditiOJllIlly, he· COnlesled llle fact B was being discusred months
after issue 10 be voted 011 mat .n.ithl had already OCCUlTed. During MIlYOT Walter- Turner, Vice Mayor Joll 'on,
and ConUIJ.is 'oller Wilson all acknOWledged t they did gi....e Iheil ppro.... al to Ihe payout when Alston Cl)lled !bern in A\l(lUsL
Kyles thc:.o addtcssed ule amO\lnt of four Lund cd niuoty-eight hours tba/. Alston Jlad received paymenl for and
how Alscotl could have accrued 6\lch a large rtumber or hours. r.n respOOSt. Alston appeared aOOul tt1e Dumber of
hOUlS be was paid for bec'luse he t>aid. "1 don'. rhiI1k it was 498 ho-urs." A1slOJl then jnStnx:led SandaOIlJ1lld to retrieve the document
lhal showw his final VQ[altion l/'4Ive payout. Salirlatmapd 1I few minutes JIDd provided AlSlOO with a docUment,
prc.o;uma.bly which displayed the axnount of vllCation houro in \l'tUch Aislon WIlS paid fOT ill August 2012. Despite the introduction of
mil' dOCtlllKoQ\ &ond 10 the facl couDcil were discussing other items on the alitt1lda., no ooe came back address the
dlxan:neo{ tbar Sl1Qdallnatld gave t.o Alslon. FoJlowina llie work4h.Op, the llewaJ public meeting 'began IlI\d xnembc:rB of th.c
pllblic Wllre in When tllis resolution was rtHlddteSsel!, Mayor Walker-lUneS' lind Vice Mayor JohnSon both &aid trnillhey
met with SMdatmand p60T \0 tonIgJlI'll meeting and he showed thew the lOW bours oca-ued by Alston, 'J1w specific J\umber of
hours Wa& not disc\lllSod; they only advise(! that they trusted the documents shQwn 10 them by Saadatnund. moch debate, Vice
Mayor JohMOD broUglll the payout LO a VOle. l7ior to the vote, the MayOT (WB1keI--1.'urtJer) IISked the Cily
(Momgomm) wh.ei.her or not !hey could or should vote 00 this resolution; which jll had alreatly bee-o .approved and ca,rie.d
OUl IIdvised lhcllle:mbus thlll voung at !he 11\ tiJlg would ollly ll'rolve ch.c .L'nnle of thr.iT for Al&1.On' S PlIYOUL The
VoTb itself, howe.vt'x, would IIOt j\J8Ufy or te.olve tile liolatioll of the law. Mayor WaU:eJ"-Turner acknowledged tht­
violations and she and lohmon for the VO\.e, uonethtllc.ss. The VOle wu taken WRlke.r-1umer, Johnson, aDd Wilson voted yes.
Kyles and Ilerry voleO no. For specific dctllils of the- ple.sse re-.re.r 10 dlO recording: and written mia1.\tes pi'Ovi.ded Cit)' Clerk
Figueroa which has been pw.ced intO evidence at \hI: Swe Attorney's Office.
On TUe5day November 20\1., City Conw'l1ssioller Joo provided EI .sworn, recorded 8tatemetll, The folloMJlg is 11
. SlIlllOla!)' of wluu Kyleli said in reranls lO Alston.'s yoltt. 'yles edvist'.Il th:l.t AJ.stOIl .or-VOl' (;onw:ted hi.m in regards to I&.eIYlllg a
payoul or his accrued time, said he dill no( bow llbout the pa;YOUl1IIlUl after Alston .Teceived it said he would
have "no" to Alston Ulking the payout beClWsc stOn w nol 3llowed to Ulke a paYO\lt of hi/; vac.lliOIl Iej\ve umiJ be separates
from the city. Kyles also explained th.at t.ID3 rc \lest ned II I discUS6cd OT voted U'pOJI lila pl:lblio meeting; he believed
, e LaW(S) had been violated. For specific d of the with Kyle!;, refer to the recolding Which has btul
Jac--«! into the evidence sect.ion lS\ the State nerney's.
On - 3, No....cm Z7
, 201.2. Vice Mnyol' WJldll Job1I,son provided it sworn, recorded Bt)I.te.rnent. JobnsoD e.dvised
AJ.s.lon con c; het' by pIlone in AUgusl 2012 and as.kJ:d if she would be in favor of {11 against 'him Tl!.Ce.iviDg l\ payolit for ae<."Illed
Vile:' ti 00 time. Johnson sh_ Alston 10 'p1J11 II the COrn.mi68ioll roembtl's and if he M8jority vote in SUPPOrt of
a payoUI, tl site too would bUpport his payout. Jobnllon Il4id she \OJ II not aWl\n f wmcb COnlll' sion rnet'llben; Alston C()nlaeted \0
oblain suppor, for th p YOIl1:: or $he marl aWaTe of It'o: $pec c tlmO\ll)t ofho14'"S to be paid out JOM'1OU stUd ....entually!
-pUblic cotIUnl$sion 00 NovomW Will, 2012. abe voted IU l!ppIVve re olution Dl1tlining AI. I.on·s payOUlof vaeaticm tiroc.
Ptiur lo the meeting, Jot on I with 1M finl.l1lce JlWIIAg«t 1.0 verifY whether or 1\01 lhe time Alsloo WM paid for
ally UVl\ lllble to him for paymenL lohnsoTI 'Aid she was advt;ed by tlIc firnmca mtl1lager tlwl Lbe of four htJDdred nioelY,
ei t 498 hours wa,s avniIabJe '(.() Ahton for a: ment. De he this co firmalion. When JolmlJon was resented wilO the sections !torn
employee Inmdbool: lUld Ahlon's t.hln. outliQe tile llC I of time, Ilhe could not teCODcile how Alston could have,
four hllIldred (498) hours of Vllcauou tilm. Overall, Joh.n.oll said:i bl\Sed 'va to approve !:he pay ulOn
mfuITDA11(\1l lU\(J dOClIm Ilts presente.d ICl bet' hy and finance Qil'ectOr. Johnson said since the pAyout w:tS mada 10
she has not leatriCd from unyone that an errol was i We e.tleulation of the hours Ahaol'l "'lIS entitled to toceivt. payment fot. In
re.(ertmcc; 10 Alston's CQnllecrion to l\ chJlrtu school 11'1 Brnward Coomy, Flori ,Johnson Mid she could 1IOt comment on Alston'
specIfic intorest in ell school,o the timr./b u{s Alston puts uttht} scl'tooJ. ax(, Johnson w asked to on Alston's
use of cit)" I\mds to Jlliy for gasoline for ber personnJ vehicle, 1011nson Xplllilled lhat many ti lCS he txavclcd on city
Ilsed lle.t- own vehicle, and incurred e.x,pcnses. At. a means ofrcpaymenl, Johnson II owledged tb.at sbe did llUepl AlstOb's
paytneot from city for g-.soline ih her personal velri Ie. PiJlally, Johnson was asked {O comment on the use of city ehicks.
Johnson said a dlJ 'Vehicle was only authori:z.ed for U&e 1 conduct cily re1a.led buames find that Ule use nl a city vehicle for personal
ref<:iOnS was not permissible. JohD&ol\ did not have any flut-hand knowledge related \0 Ct>mmissioDeI WilS()fl '6 use of l'\ cil)' vllhic,\e
10 lTilvel to 01)4000. Florida f01 Alstolt's wedding. F r :iJl'XlifiG deUlil of the interview witIl Jubnwn, p ease refer to the T'C.COrding
which hilS bee.n placed iuto evidence at til Stale AU! IDCY'S OffiCI;.
00 WecJnesd.lly November 28"', 2012, appro ilnately 1049 hours, Alston proviJ:loo a swom rr..coroed slatement to Delt.Ctive
me. Prlor 10 posing My que.mions to A1Jlton, he W1I.'l advised he· is (III' subje.ct of II Climiflal illvestigatlo!l tha{ sle.ms fTorp
.,lleiY\tion9 pertaining 10 lU1 iI1egnl payout of vllc.arioll houn; pnc>r to separating from ci[)', StInshir.e hl:w viol ions,
misapproprill.L.iofi of cit)' funds. Md official Ahto'Cl was advist.d lhat he wos free 10 leave al any time and free to cl!CKlse
whClhc:r or 110 to answer MY Q\le.5tiolW. A.lston agrc ho Wall providing statement freely and vr.hUJtMily. The following ill a
summ.a.ry of l11e informatioll oblained duritlg swort' statement irllCgards to him eonw:ung out of the five countu
members lIDd obtaJJ!i1l8 verbal approval for his payoul. AlslDn 'W1l6 qUlIStloned abolJl when his individual conversations wir.h the
occurred ood jf aU on ihe samt: dll.Y. AJstOrl once he bi:glln "chllttins;" wilh the cornrnJssjoners, it
wok severnl cL»'s. that Ofler rt;CCiving the <l.\:lF0vu.! from 1M three (3) co.Olfllissioners, he mel in per&Ou with the Milyor
to re-a1iinn penmssioo llIId she &aiel ·'yes." AJston went otl 10 eXplain how be bas vtTbll.\ty polled oommissionerE and varbaJ
utlloritatioo on a n\lffiber of lhing& in lhc pasL Deteclive Plech.au.'l lhr.B IlS.ked Alston if ducmg his COt)ver&o1uons willi the
if hi: had how much mouey he was gelling with his payout. AIslCln nrlvi.sed he did not remember the details
of the c.onverst:ltiom. Alston m.u:d he beliove.') he. was by all thrtx. poUed Whtll the lUllOU!lt of /ill; pnyQ1;lt
would bo and he edYised them it woald be Del ec1 tw611ty five (25) and lhl11y thousand doUars ($30,000). Alston WSJi !hen
CO!lfrolltt-l! with tho UUH each of t/)e C(lmmUsion.etS had providM swom SlJItemOnlS and Ihoy all shoc;1U:.d at me &mount of
AlsICln's payout. In mspoo.s.a., Alston said llpin that be did nol know lhe e,l\acl boW's he. Wll..'5 paid out, be did DOl believe nnythin.g Wll/J
done wrong and further, he stated if lhe eilY colJlIllisgionero had lUI issue with his the nambo!" of houn
or amou}'l, mel}
WJ; would neVi!lT havll happened. Alston was questioned 11810 why he did nOI poll CommissiOner Berry and Kyles on lhe issue of his
pllyOlll. He n<lvlseO he attetnpte'-rl to contact Kyles, however he Willi UlillUC".ce8Sfu]. With Te-$pect to BeO)'. }Ie he did COJltaCt
her, bur she did DOl re.$pood. He went on (0 that \I Wa9 likoly she did 001 respond b¢CJl.USe 6he hflS 1.0 hllI! in pBSl lhln
'shoe boHeves all business bctweeD lhem should be discussed in public.
Oil Thursday Nov-embes- 29
, 2012, aty of South Day t1\oxnas. Montgomery provided /I sworo,
Montgomery too Cit)' AttDtney far the p;l/;l fi"o yeW's. Montgomery sl.aJ1eO off by Kayilli t1l& the payout of VIlCllUon (jme A1r.to(l
(ook vas flot pel'TCissible. He adVll.l.e<l it would only b<!. jf Alsto!l. WM to 5eparllte lUrrlseJf bam !.ho city or Vlct vena._
Montgomery said he ne'Vcr knew about the payout nnU! aft6r the fact lIod he did 110\ ue the ,esolution until the NOYe.mber ZO'''. 2011
COllllOil ttlwil\& !>eq\l&e Alston bad ".'fitton his own rG5olulloo and pul it n the 1I.geMa. Montgomery thaI when Alston polled \he
IhTu (3) council membe;rs lind they I\cknowledaed the IlpproYllI prior to n being wrillen aDd ratified at a council meeting
before the .{l;\YOllt be !hut it violated part of the SUllshine LaW(s). Montgomery said he boo Alston and tho other
membe« of this althe November 20"', 2012 ma:ung AIld tht:)' weM abe.>'ld with the \lole fmyway. Montlil0mtlry said, in opinion. il
wakes no SeuJ;e 10 pay somClone (.AJoLOn) in IldVWlCr. of wone-y tht-y not havo. eamed. me amoUTil of the
s pll.)'OIlt would requite lllt cit)' 10 all Ilnendme.nl to Ihc buil&ct which, 10 his knowledge, hw; not boon dOl'\t. In
cOlJclusion MONgom<;ry s;l..\d it W3S iHegll1lor Alston to iJlitia!e find p.ace . his oWn payoul Alsion Wtl.S not pctmitlOO (0 do
so per hiE conlI<lcl Cily .Han.doook. Also, the proceu by whicll Alston lolU: with the Ibree (3) council l"l.elDbc.rs IIl\CI nm the otbt:r
lWO (2) t/lcUlben; to get his pll)'O\l1 approved violated Law. fo[ liJ'Wific clelaiJs of the wi01 Mont,gomery,
plell$C refer to tho willen bas been into evidenw tit the Store ArtemtJ' 6 otfice.
1 '
Df.c-2J -20 12 1,: (Hj


0,' "
Duo 10 the Above Illfol"ll1ation there is f'roblllJle oatI$¢ to chQlge Mayor Sbirley Wiill£.er - 'J'umer, V ce Mayo' L!ndo
1obnson, CommwlOJer Jolm Wslio with VlolatiJlg 1M Stll.l& of Florida's Su:nslline Law 286,01'1(1): whereby payment
l(l the City MaX!ll.gl'.l' approved by inrlivIclual city ill COll\'erAAlio.os with Cil)' Managu. who then
related to the Ouk thl\t his payment hal! been llpproved. 'thi5 iii' violmion of 286,OJ 1(1) which reqnires that all formal acl1011S of a
co1I1IDisswn be flccompr bed only a1 pl1blic rlmt at!!! noticed III adV8.ll0eL 'The law $mtes lh.llt N1 tnl!ciings ot ll1ly board
of a.ny S1lI1t, agem;y or authority or of any Il£\ency Q1 :nrlhotilY of llIJ county, II\'UniciIJll.l or politica.J
subdi"'isio'll, f:xcept as olb vis.e provide.d ill tht ConstitUtion, illclucl1tlg wilh attended by .any pusan to mlCh
bM:ru r commissloJl, bUI who ha.o; nUl yet taken office, tit wlliell officW aelS are to be laI:.e.n Qrt; dec.llJ.red to be pu"blic Op!'>ll
In the'p\lbllt: al nll fup.es, /lod no resnlutioSl, or fonnalllotion "Iwl be Ci)nW.derw bindio8 except ;l.:; or made at s\lch
lJ)tJt:lrln ,Tho board or c:onunir;sion must rovidc IUISOJlB.ble notiCe of all sw.:h wcetin .
c-\ "),,\t;.._...
_ Qolll<ACWl ll'
... -..__I oIIlo:>owof""" '......... .I''''''' "'fro J)£C.
\h... ..-_

'\ ';
, .1
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I.· ..
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" . :; ) • 1". • ••
, p,
,·A:,:", . 7,
, .' ", I
TAT" .' "",;: 'Fi./
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',," , (
. .

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, E){ECUT'M ':)/ '; ,IE : ' . .
I ,. ,
(ExemW, ':elfde,t of ::. . , '
. ):
'J., '.',
):, . .. qtY ;he. ¢-i'LY
f ; •
.-: .; I,,'
, .. I·••.' " "
/',\ ': ':':ofSquth,Bay,Horida;"aiJ.d ..... ' . ",,'11/(
·:,' . . , " " " . .:: ' '
i j" HlIttAS, "on' 1'3; 2; ,t11e state ',Attodiey 1'6)- ,:·t}Je' ' ,; '/
".< ,:', : .. :. '. ", • ' :. ',:. '. ' ," •• ': I '" ',,' .. I, " , ,
1<. :,; " cliarg-ed, JaM' WilSon .:by Witli":Plibliy,-xtieeting pnj\Jibited <'by' sectIon., '
" ... ,'., ' ...., .' ." , ' "': ': . ;.. . ",,' ,",', ,'>',i ;
,:-" :. "...... .. . '. .. ' ..', :, h
, ,,_ .186:0H(3)(b)', . '_" , ,.. .'" ' :';;', c;\
" ' ' " : '",', ': .... '...: . "'. . ," '> -: : ..: '" '.
.. ,' \ . WHEREAS,', a ,violation of section 28o.'O,:n (3)(b)" eonsljtutes 'a, ':" .... ; .
,', :;',,;: " ,'" ',' ... ', '", '. "'. .:- . '. : " :', .',: .. '." " .' .' . ... ."; 1
'j ,'.' ,-de,grC:e and.i{a . t;2: . .... '.' . :'" ,
,J;., .' ' , r .'. ,', .. , •• ' , • • , .:. ' , • .' : I . "\ . J.. \ , .I••
,: .' section ·1· 'i 2'.5 '1 (2-); ,StatuteS;' pi01idcsthat . "';; , '.,'J "\
,.:"'.'-,, ," , .. .' ;, __ : ,:' ':', .':,." ,'..' '.:'"
'," ': .', ,< ',any elected js arres:t!Xl ,for 'a to' .:', :.'.,;
,';' .. ,.":, ,". ' •• :., ., '. • t ",.,' " ",' " ..:' . , #,' J OJ ( .... I •
::): or. is .the :cotnrni:s.sion. "., .', ." i'-,'" >: 1::,
.- ' ',; t. '. ' '. ., •
r ", • '; WHEREAS, if is:in ·tile :best f¥i9ents 9f tpe l-;i:cY S6titp ,: '"
,'1'.. . '.: . .",' ' ...,.1' •• •• •• ' ,. ".,' :,'.' i"'- ,,' .. ' , ' ',' ",' ,,': ,", ",:, '",' 1"
" ,'.... of the, State ofFJorida;' .fiuTn '. ;, '"
'. ,now holds! .e. ';:' '. " . ' ;": ". ):\:,
:,:.: ,:'. " .', :". ::,' ,"",;'. " ". ":" I ',..< :' . ,.' .." '.'. ", •• : ','. .,', " ", ,-": :;y\
:':, . ,NOW, 11rttREFORE"I, .. SGO:I'T' ove:rnoY"off)oriqa,:pursuarit-to .ection'TI2.51",
l . ,', ... 1 • '" • 1- ,:, .: '. ", '"": .'-'
, -
, '
, "
",'/ , (, '
of 8onth.Ba.y,'?loriqa.
,B.' : )fthe City Of.Sot; h ·witl:lin l.:):le purview
, ,
• I
,: "
"dflhe i , lo;i'da ' ,
' ...
',: ':,
,:: .
". ,. I
.. I
· "
, , '
'..1: .
, . , ,Flor.ida Statutes, fmd as, folJo'\.Vs;
,. "
T.? I.'. '/.' ,"
; "'r',
..... , "
J'. '
P.- \
, .. I
',: .' I
, "
! , I"
• I, •
, .' "1
" ' " ' :<>1
'"I \"
: I ••
, .'
c. The attaCbed' 'e 'tidtlV'it and whioh, are' if ' ,"" 'I
. t·'1 '." f
-. . '. '. . . '. - . - .'. . ,.' " .:, - '....." .. '.
't "P,
,-fully 'set ,forth ,m this Executive Orde;') egothat 'Jdhn comrrii ,& to .
. "
, "
, d\lties of om'ce, under'1rm laws :9f F16 .eta.:- Thi,s' is' too tho,
. . ,.'
. causea-ffidavit
" 'I
BEING ADVISE}) 'ip" ,the
. " \ '. , . " ',' ,
- '.laws of the State ofF'lorida, this ,'",
, - Soction J. Jolm ison ,from 11e he nowboIds; :"i)
: .' .
'member .ofthe City Conimission '(ifth({ ,,' ','
t .
.' , J •••• _. , " " '. ' ,
I , _ ' • '. '
.-Section 2. ' Jljhn W:ihion i,s pci'foiming :any offIcial, ,dutj, or 'funcci,bn cit"
'l' ,
'>:,'. , public from apy' pay 'and'
, . .. . .
:, it::,
":,' . ' public 'office pciio-d: shall b,e " ,'­


. ,',' - : . , ' ,

, ,. ,-
!"-: .. - '
,:until .. '
., ,
- , ' .. .' . \", "
',; ,
': .. ':, ,:;:"::'
,. '.,'
,,'.:'",,:";: ::,H
: j ,bereu.riro seC
','. "
,',' -
caused the'Great"sial of.the State of Fldnd.iJ:to be
. i"
. at 201{
, ,
, . ::.," . "..' .... "
, .'
.' • .. • I ­
':,' :­
:' .
I • ,
. . ,
.' :

", 'GOVEI' OR'"
:., '
:' - :l
i::, :'­
I! . "
.1, ;:
'. "

.' ,;.'.'
': ' ,
" ,I
" • j,
, .",
, .
, ' ,
" .,
, ,'"
fII ,.
1 '
.•".' i <
'. ,
,'1 "'.'
fJ, :.2

CASE NO. j{J;1}17J/tfl'fb#Y!d.
!,..lNDA F JOHNS me RIE, 08/18/19,65, . as to
1, aoo
JOHN ELMER WILSON, SRj 01/.25/194'1, , as to Count 3
-:;. J' ,..,.)
g:'; ';:". -<\
...--cr;'_ .' \
_::.ty. .­
--<-C''.: W (\\
C"l " -'0 0
l.n the Nmnc aTld by A\.l1hOliry of the State of Florida:
PETER ANTONACCI, State Attorney for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuil, PaJro Beach eGunty, by
and through his un.dersigt.led AsslstlU)1 St.ll1e Attorney, charges lhaL: -,
" ,
COUNT L LINDA F JOHNSON on or July 1,2012 and August 7,2012, in the County of Palm
Beach and State of Florida, while a member of the City of South Bay City Commission, did knowingly
flttcnd 8 !1'H'..cling by using City Maosgt:.r Corey AlslOO a COnd\lit and/or liaison between other members
of the City of South Bay City Commission, at which meeting official actS to b· taken regarding a
payn1cnt madelo City Managc:r Corey Als.ton,; the meeting was 001 opeo LO Ihe public at all times a.mi/or
(he City of South Bay City Commission did not provide ressonable n01ice of the meeling, contrary 10
Florida Stat\lte 286.0J I(]) and. (3)(b). (2 DEG MISO)
COUNY 2: S}ORLEY MAE on or between July 1,2012 and Augusl 7, 2012, in me
County ofPaJm Be-flch and State of Florida, whik. a member of the City of Soulh Bay City Commission,
did knowingly attend a meeting by using Manager Corey Alston as a conduit and/or liaison between
Otht..T of the City of South Bay City Commission, at which meeting officiaJ acts were LO be taken
regarding a payment made to City Manager Corey Alston; the meeting was not open to the public at all
times and/or Ue City of Sou1h Bay City Commission did n01 provide reasonable notice of the meeting,
contrary LO Florida Statute 286.01 ] (I) and (3)(b). (2 DEG MISD)
COUNT 3: .JOliN ELMER WJLSON on or between July 1.20)2 und August 7, 2012, in !he County C1f
Palm Beach and State offJorida, member City ofSo\lth Bay City Commission, dld
knowingly anend a. mec'ting by using City Man.ager Corey Alston as (l conduit atld!or lieison between
other members of the City of South Bay City Conmrission, at wmcb meeting official acts 'Were to be taken
rt&w-cJing i:l paymt.nt 1mB;::\('. \0 City Manager Corey Alston; tbe meeling was not open 10 \he public at all
times andlOJ the City ofSoutl Bay City Conunission did no1 provide rea$(lMble j)otice ofthe meeting,
cOl1l!ury to Flo 'cia Sr.amte 286-01 1(J) and (3)(b). (2 DEG M1SD)
Appear before me, M1CHAEL DlJITO, JR., Assistant Stale Atto ey for Palm Beach County,
rlolida, personally knOI.>.'T'1 to me, who, being firsl duly SWOJll, says that e", tloD is instinlted in
good faith.


ASglstant State Attorney
SWorn \0 and silbscribtd to before me u).is of Dt".cembtr, 2012.
FL. BAR NO. 0072505
Assistant S't.ate Attomer
Fifleenili Judicial Circuit
}lursuB'01 to Florida Rule of Judicial Administraiio 2.42.0(d)(2), the filer of tbis C-(Iurl record
(lnform"t"ion) indicates tbat confidential info fon is ilH:hJded 1fltbin the being fHc.dj to
Soda! Securitv 119.0714. ,
, J

o. .
r-­ __
WtIlaHl __
fU =::-:-.. e-1
- I
06111 1 CIIMll1l
_n..oo.l.,... ...".,
.D,.. ioIlIijij\
- _GlIIMI\
F' W;lon948

( )
250 SW fi AVI:_ fL

mm SolJfHaAY.'n5 SW2 AVE, SOUTHB"V

_ .... _J

( )
) 1
.. tN-1
11II .""-_'WfIMIIl_\lOIO
ilV'_w. ra -I -m.;;;;;r

"'GO"" ""' __ :'t.. 1ft r;q.,., w..:I 0.. -,....".
.."pr ...... O'l_ -.."..,. Y_ ,_ ,Ja. "'JiI.
I A1,iAP: TO N"I'fAIII lke NtItJ 'rO r... e:wt'IIdlJ CR TO '''Y'TIC I lWoT
!F""- TOAlIPUolIlIDOIIlE Tti! c.:: Ui AHl\JJOI!tl."'''''1Ii ft,(IINAft. 'TKt.T I l!Ii:,..;lJ) III CCffl'!/lIM fFaiUIIT Nm A >'Of! 00' 5tW....
to (;--'1 ClO

" __
IrlWII Itt '1_. . t ClIll:w IJJ ) I
WlI __ .... 1OQ7Wt fit-
.. CAUSE AfF'lOA\lTt


' /(fA
.. s.-.
1iif,t#,.,0lIl1'\:riii'i \ ___
OffiC'8 or lM A;ttom.y


2012.PIO00111 Me
161/1 Judlcl-J 0'61rict
' "'*'"'


Cl ZT.... FoIohI 0 .,.."..."..... • 00h0r
I WI\l;on John Elmer
SUl'l5lVne Law VJo!allol"l

(lMl, ... """"'l
3,% SW 2
Avelloo Soulh Ba.y, FL 33493 ,­

City of Bay
335 fNV Avenue
South allY. 561-996-8751
t<l) (r)M
WPl v'­

Satnil as Local Same C'rty Government
,..."",--_...."'--._-_....... _. -.m ....'

e--... -.of",........
....-.....o""tw>n x

0-1101 So o.vO
12 N 1000

The s Officl'P!'Ubli,nlltegrity UJ);1 received information from City of South .BllY employee Georae Sandiford
llbotlt reulll questionable behJlvior of the City of South Bay Cii)' Manager COI'ey AlstoD. Sandifmd advjsed obt:Bi1led a pa.yQUt
of his vac.alion leave for o\'<'\t $25,000.00 in Ao£'USt 2.Ol2, while rtmainjng mnployetJ. by the cily. Sll:ndlford £ug !slw the pa.yout ""'as
obuine<1 vin a verbal approval by thru (3) of the five (5) City Conunissioners in A\I&\lst 2012 of a pub1.ic
1IlCl'lting, prior to the payoUi. lind that me AJllton WllS paid for in eXcess of hoUtS actually accruro. The public ...·ole fm
appro.... al by the city of AJ5tOn'E pllyout did not O<.:CIlT until November 20<»,20\2 which is wee OILf etIroed
.nd mouths afler Alrton reaivf.d the money. Sundifold that Alston. who is a full time employee. Was being pnid lry £he
City of SOllth BIlY for work hours n01 per{OJU)cd and while he was al a school(s) i.n Fl. I.audcTl:!lIle,. Florida ilial be (AlstOn) las
pe.rsonll..l inlt:ft.S1 in. Alston allegedly IJsed the city expell$e account \0 put gt\s in a council mernber's personal vehjcle(s) when tht.
council xncmbe:r',s .chick WlIS not used for work relaled business. FiJially, SaDdiford was alleging that AlstOXl tave for City
Comnt.i5sione.r Jolm Wilson to use a City ....ehicle to t.l1ke a uip to Disney World, Orlando, Florida 10 attend AlSton's wcddrog ttta., lOok
place: on the wccl<;cnd of September I", 2012
011 Friday Noveml>ef 9
• 2012., F1ec:halls me hy conUlClilli lhe. five CiTy Council member.> by phone M.d
M1'1Wged wjth e.w;'/l Mtmber. DIIrlng phone inten>ieWli, John Wilson, VKe Mayor Lin&
Johnson /J.nd Ml'yot Shirley all c.onfirmed they tUld beel) COntaelM by Alston in Augusr 2012 lUld about his
payOUI of vacalloll time.. Bach or these couDcil Q1e01be-rs advisell they lold AJS[()U they would llpptOVe the payoul if Alston Was IIble to
get a majoriry vote from the othc::r council members. It shouJdbeXlOtOO, each of the three (3) colfflcil membe.rs th.a.l. Were coiltaetod 0)'
phone (by Alston) said the convcrslltinll,5 with Al:<1.on rei/U'din,g the p.ayoul were gen.eraJ lIlld that specific mOllc:tary amounts ox
nuniw of vacation hours was. nOl revealed. CoIJl.lJli,t;sioner Joe Kyles and C!)mmisliioo.el Esthcr 6my both advised tbID Alston
conlacted them in reference to the payout issue.
all Monds)' November 1211>, 20U Detectiye ind 1 mel with City John Wihon. Prior te oonductlng
olU' with Wilson, !'Ie was ad.vi,sed be was q\le5tioncd ill "eferollce to an on-&:oif18 crimina) iove.sLiption ,,-nd !hat he was
10 leav,", 81 any time during the interview. The foUo ..viug· a sunuoary of whal Wil60n sai.d dOling ills !>Worn '\.II1emenl in
to AlgloO'5 pllyoUL WilsOD he bllS beeJl II commissioner fOT ei,ghl (8) years. Wils()!l said he received d pbone ad! /'rQm
sometime in Ang!I$1 2012 in n.gards to Alston Wee 11 payollI of his v"'Clltion leave. W\lsofl said he verbiilly told
Alston that if he obtained a m-.joritY vote, he (Wilson) would a1l:0 11" Jtl the payout Wilson said lhat AlstOtl clid 1:\01 lcl1 him
how mllny hours 0{ how muc:h the paYOUI would Ix. III the time of the phone calL (Wilson 5<Lid he fouW out the amo\lllt of !.he payoul
aftu if was paid to AlstOn). WilsOll acknowledgt'.d Uta!.; as a coulU':'il he did 00(. follow proper procedures voting for
p3.)'O\}(. Wilson stal.r;O l::new thl£ Dol to be propt;r prm;Wl.1fe beclluSC there Wa!', po discussion or vOle prior tQ the
payou\. Wilson was questioned about whal the ChanEr SIlIIM in to the Cily M2nagu taking II pByOll1 (J[ Vuc.aCOD
however. he could not lUIy information rrfj tbe ccntenl,s f tl\r. C1ly almer. The: it)(erview W0.$ then For specific
delails of the iOIr.rvicw w.llh Wilson, p)c3S(l refe: to the fe!:ordil'lg which has Wen placed evidence at 1hll: Stale Atto(Ocy's Office.
On Monday NO\Jembcr J9
, 2012, City of South BQ.)' COl'l'lilllssioner Es(hc:s a sworn to Delu(jYf:
F}echuus aDd me.. Inc foll(Jvtiog is II summary of wliat Berry said in reg3fP6 to Alston'§ payout. Berry AdviseiJ she did nol become
aWue of $Veh payOUt until the October 2012 Commission IYoflCting. Bcrry fUTUler ad\liscd Alston never her 10 UlfjuUf: as [0
whether or not she would be in favor of him receiving II paYOll1 tor vacation BelT)' sl1id she [lOt llWilll! lht WII.S
Jegtl1, Alslon·.s eontr1'lCt or the City Handbook for him 10 recejve such a payout., Addltlonally, w:itholll referrhJ.g 10 his C011traO! Qr
the. city handbook, she was unsure of the llmouM of vac.atir..11 time he eIDlS s the city mllnftger. Fillillly, berry aDvised if $he bad been
by Alsto.o fOT COflul1ent 011 this i.ss1)c, .Ibe would hava 1enjed n',quesl far slIr.h a payooL For specific, delli"Us of 9..!!...
. placoo mlo evidel'lct. I the Stille Attorney'S Offi e. interview wilh }){\11)'.
Oil Monday 20 12.. City of B )' Ma. 0 Shirlc)' provided a !WOUI ttme.nt to Oeu)(;tive
F.Jcchnull d ml'., The followh\g js bllmmary of ""lull • er-Tumer said in to Alston's pll.yout i'umar was as m
h owledgl'. of Ihe }>4Iyout of accrued vtlcation honn of Ahton. l'umC4" AdVised she did h Y' wilh bout
ftnd when. I) initially I1pproaC'bed her for appro\lW, 6he advls.ed AlslOn. slu_ id not mink il was a good time for lIi:; due
to b io.-et di$Oussions and 1111rC501vcd l'tlS'Jdi • Glades U1jlity AlJthority (OUA), De&pitf: lhis opinion, IUsIO!) ilSkc.d her if
he was able to poll oilier commission membef"s teg6rd'n&:I. Pl\YOIJ\ of his vacation homs and if he WlU; to jve a majoJity approval,
would sll DpprOve th· payovl. TUlller she would S1Jpport the payoul ifconsent from \lIe majoriry of Il)e commission Was gained.
TUTIler said as ? malter of procedure. the pB 'oUI flhou1t1 bave b¢enl'lllified l\( a pUblic I was not. Wh¢u q\lesljoned
about the nlnOl11l1 of me payou\, TurnCf it \\las twenty seven ll\ousand dall.a:ts ($27.000); howc:vc.f she was 'QO
able I explain how AlsLon {lad aCCnted Itun IlmflWll or-vaeatiun time. Turner refen'ed \0 AJslOij'S contrae Qod Lo the hlUlctbook
c uld /It')1 teta.ll specifICAlly e.tllt beTS n:w 11 \0 accnl.al CJf time, Ot wbelhc or nOt J pay OUl of l!tcCIUed timt was even pemussible
if an empl not I inal:io! tht'.u- employmcnt with the citj, For specific dE" 'Is cff thll interview willi TllrneJ", please ,efe to
lhe (e(;ording hich has been placed' to al the State Office,
On Tnesday November 20U>, 2012, Deteotivcs Romagnoli and Plcchaus the of South Bay City Commissioo
Meeting. 10 were May Vice Mayor Linda Johnaon, COlX\J'lU$$i.oJJeJ Joe Kyles, Conunissioner Esther L
Blmy, Commissioner John ilsOll. CHy Atlorncy Thomas Montgomery, City Clerk Jessica Resource Dncctn.
Vic.enla Del Bosquez (Vicki), FiplIlloe Massih and City M Cort!ly AlslOJ Prior lo the actual meetiug,
altelldees conducted II worl:shop, wher in an the items disclJssed. One of t.he itelh& on me agenda was "Resolutiol\ 09­
2013, RatifYjn rup.nl CQIn fiSatio" to the City MaoQttr, llU employee of tbc 'Iy Commi i,:m crf lh«: Chy of SQuth Blly", City
Alston had Arloc<l this 10 tbe \\gendll for the Dl'1eting. Duriug disl:ussioll of Ibis re.\olation Com.rnis:<oiout;f
'yl.es llroughl up the fact that the payout had r dy in August 'l{n 2 IlJId Ihe thru council members who voLed yes
(vcrb:llly) by phone had violared the SUDShifie La . Additionally, lIt; Con(6
red tho far.t that a ftsolution bcing mOnths
a!rer the issue 10 be vot on U)Al nighl hIlL! fl1rcady occ uring this discussion, Mayor Wal.ker- Turner. Vice :Mayor Johuson,
and Co . 'ooer Wilson nll . uowled!oo thaI t.hey did give lheir approval to the paYO\.l1 when Alston called lht-rtl in AugU5 .
Commissioner Kyles lheo ilddresse(J the amO\ll1\ of fOUT hundred nloClty-ei$bt (498) hour" mel Alston had reC:clved pllyment for and
quc,:t.ionc.d how All>lon uld C llCcrlWt sllch D] ge cum 'of hours. l.n response, llppeart".d unsure about the oum1x.:r of
houn; be was p:<id for beulUse he said, ''} dou'llhink it \VB 498 h01JfS. '. Alswl\ !hen Suacla1rn<md 10 retrieve the dOCUlllg1t
Utili showed his finul leave payout SaadtiUrl&lld a f6W minutes lateT and provided Allitoo wiLh a documcl){,
prosumably wInch displnye<;l me lWlounl of VIICatiQT\ hol.lYs i,l which Alston \lias paid for ill p"ugul;\ 20U. Despite the Introdw:tiQn of
This document and due to the (act \:ou.ncij members were discussing other items an U1f; lltcudo" no one came to address tht>
documant thai gave to AJEton. Following !.be wClrXshop, the sexual public meeiing began and u't'eral .member'll of the
publjc wcte in llw:ndance. When 'this [e$()lution w Mayor Walker-Tuner Md ViCl! MAyor Johnson both said
had mel with Simdal:mand prior to tollighl· ... meeting ..l1d he showed thenl lh· lolal hOUTS accrued by AlstOn. The specific numbc:t- of
hours. wa:; not di.'>CUsseO; they only tbil they IrUSlod chI) Shown ltl lnem by SlIlIdlltD:\and. Aftet (Ouch deb1tte. Vj
Mllyor Johnson brought the pl\youl re.-;olution 10 a vo . Prior 10 the vow, the Mayor (Walker-Turner) askW the City Attorney
(Montgomery) whe.ther 01 oot !;()\l]d or sholJld vote On thi! rr:sollIdoll, which ill l':Ssence had alre2dy been apptoved aDd co:rried
om. MonlgOme:ry lIdvisM Lhc mal vot'iDg al the I ng wOldd DIy r(\Solve the lS&UC of their VOle fOl AlsIOlt'S pa)'ouL The'
vom itself, however, would IlOI juslify OT rtsolvc Ule violation of me Su law. MI1}'OT 'lU:roer ecknowll".dgtd the
violations llnd she and JrJhuson calJed rar the. 't'ole. flonettlllle s. TIle VOle wns 1.a1cen. WlllkLf-'Tumer, Jobns-on, and Wilsoo voted yes.
Kyles a.nd Berry limed no. specific of (:hc mt'Jerlng, rcfr.r to recording and WnUw provided C:ity Clerk
Figueroa wnich has ban plnco:! into III Slale An-ortley's Office.
On Tuesday November 27lJ>, 20 '1, City CommislUoner Joe provided 0\ jworn, recorded SllllemCllL l'hc following iii :a
summary of what Kyles said in re IUds to Alston':;- payouL Ityles ad\'ised that A}sroll JleVe·r contaCted bim jn Togurds 10 rcOO· II
payout OT accrued YlIC3t.ion time, Kyles said he did Yl f lu>ow about !he P yOll! until ailer A)su,m receivtod it. Kyleo said be would
bJl,vc VOlM "00" 10 Alst 11 taking payout because was not iilIoweC 'to take a payout f his vawion leave untll he epUfllj,CS
from Iile cit)', Kyle 1l1r,0 el<;ple.ined that Ihl6 JY.quest had nol buJl discllss:d T voted lIpon at n. public therefoJe he believ
thai SuJIllhilie Law(s) brld been violaled. For speci-iio detail. of the WteTVillW ith Kyles, please rekr to the r which has been
placed ilJto the eViden section 8t the St8re Allomey·s.
0" Til day Novenlbilr 27
, 20)2, Vice Mayol Linda lnh.n.son proYi,Ld l\ SWQ, ordcd stalement Johnson ndv'
AlsTC:l'l CQI1Ul(;(cd by yllone in August 2012 and if llhe would in favor f QT against him receivillg il payout for .Ilccroed
v lion time. Johnson said she instructed AlSton [0 poll all the ooromissJPn membm I\\\() jf ho Qbreihel:l II maj ity 'lOre in support oj
a payout, then sh(! too would Iris payout. JOhllSOI1 stUd he was nol WMe 0 Which c mmili.!lIOn nlem COlltJlcte 10
obtain jO] the pa UI; or AS she made aware ofl.be specllC amount ofh lJrS LO be paid ou1. 1ohnson :>JUd eventuaUy, ill the
pUblic co ission meeting n Nt vembe( 20
2012, she voft{) to approve. the 0 tUning AI31on's pnyout of vacaUl)U lime.
P.TiQT (0 the mectipg, Johnson snid she met wirh the finance mrolflger to verify wh Lher OJ not tile time AIslort wos paid 0;' Willi
actually availabJe to him fur p<t )enl. Johnson:>cid !the was advuecl hy the filllUlce lYi-'U1tlger thai Ihe limp. {flJlJI.h niIlety,
ei b1 49& hours was lrvw Ie [0 AlstOll for mem. fie itc . confinnmion wl1en Johnson was ellted w.iLh r.hesections fl't:lltt
e.mpJoyee hamibook end AlSlO l' S comrac thM oUii'inC the lIccrunJ of vat./ltJ nme.\ she codd not how AJSI
occrued four hundred ninety-eighl (498) hOlUS of V&l;lllioll tiJ.oe. Ovenill. JQhnson saiL! , bllSetl 'Vole to .approvo the pa.yout 011
iofOIU1lltiotlll.1ld d ments p:rese\1ttd to her by AI:<;lon and by UJo fi»anC¢ dlKcUJr. JohJ1son said the payou &de to Al6to, ,
3he has lIot 1.eMnerl from anyone that JlJJ error ww> lJl4(ie jn the calculation of the hOlm A.!slon WllS entitle I reecivc payment f, .
refct¢nce to AJslon',S cOllOection \0 • ehwl:l'school iJl Broward COUDty, johnson If! she could oot commenl (jl Alston's
specific interest ill tb... chancHchooJ. the TiaJtJhours ALton pU1$ln tu he school. at, Johnson 1)5 as to COOlment on A1st.on·s
use of 'lY fundS to Fay for gasoline for her sona) Johnson e;J(plain !d thai many limes she has mwcl d on cily ..
used ber own vebicle, atld incurred gaso' e expensu. As (l mean of l'epayment, lolnll.on acknowledged thaI. she did accept Alsu,nI S
pay en from city ft.1nds for gasolin in beT personal vehic1t>. Pioall • Johnsoll \VIiS :'!Sud to co nelll on the use of city VehIcles,
Jollnsol( said a city vchi,cle Wail only 811lhoriu:d for to cornfu t city related busine:>s and that the of a l-:lly vehicle for pen I
rta<:ons w nol pe ssible. JohnsOn did not J:lave ;my nrsl-hAnd lu!owledgc Tdatea 10 C mnUssione.r Wils<m's use of a Cily vehiCle
10 U'ove.l 10 Orlando, Flori 1I (0,. Alston's Wedding. For details of the imer\'iew with Johnson, re.fCf \0 111 recording
which hll been place.d iOla evidence at the .State AttOmeY'5 Office.
Oil Wednesday November 28--,2012, al 1049 bour > Alston <l recorded \0
Flechaus and mc. Prior to posing My '1lJestions to AlsI<ln, he was lIdvi!:ed is the 6llbJe.cI of crlminul ipvestigation that stems from
numerou.s ptnaining 10 an payout of vocation hoUJ'S prior to from the qt)', sunshine law viol lions,
rrUsllpproprution of cit}' funds, and officinlmiscQllduCl, Alston W&il dyised thal be w s frc.t to le.ave at &.11)' time and free \¢ cho
or not 10 answer Any Alston <JglUd he pruvi 111& 1\ st3leme-m h{'.eJ and voluntArily. The. foUowi g i.<;; .a
[the h:\fOU/1.'1.uon ohlained during Alston's sworn in lcgltnJ" to him c()ntacil)g t1uee QUI of tile five cound,l
me.m1>ets and ohWning verbal appIOvlll fOf Ius )layout. Allton W(\.$ ull::n questioned abolll When individunl conversations with the
cormnissiOllel". occurnd BJld if they we:re all on /be saOlt: day, AlSton advir.oo once gan "cbJutlog" with the iXlmmis$ior.cr:s, it
(Dok :;everal days. Alston SUlled lhat arleE receivjng tho appr<Nal (rom lI) (3) commissiotM'..1O. he 1lltl in persan wi!}) the
lI;I re·affmXl her permission and soc suid ·'Yefl._" Alston wenl ou 10 EJC.plain how he has polled commissiollet'& 1100 verbtll
IIlJr-horiz.ation on n Dumber of things in the pas!. Detective AedJQut asl:ed Alston if during hill with the
commissioners if be had mentiolled how mucJl money wa getting Wlth his payout. Alston he t;l.;d not 'the details
of tbe cC1IJVcrsations. Aislonsllltcd be believes he was aslcuJ by aU 1.hre<l (3) C(lmmissioneTS polled what the amounl of Iris payout
would bee IlD<l he llovieed them il would be 'betw lwcnly five and UUrty rhOUliUlJtI dollan; ($30,000). Al8-t-oo wa.: then
confcoJlled with the f3.CI thll! e-aeh of the conmussio ers had pro-ni;lc{l sworn sta1crnenl<; Ilod they were all shocked e:t the nmO\lm oj
Alston's payollt. 111 response, AlsloD said again thAL he did not know 11\ ex:.tl hours he was paid out. be did Dol believe anything was
done wro.ng and further,}le rlUlled if the Cil)' commissioners had (\l\ issue v..ilb bis payout. 'Ole DUmber of hours, or the then
this would never have Alstoll was questioned llS to wby he did nol poll CommiS1jipner Berry and Kyles on the i&Slle (){ his
payoUI. He advised he atten\pted (0 contact nowc>vcr he wl\S u c.cessful. With TMpccl ro Bury. he advised he dld COnlJlcl
her. bill she. did not r(:.5J>ond. Be ",en\ on to say thot it was likoly &he did not re.spol1cl b=S\lfiC has rell\)'ed to him in the ilia\
she all businGss thell;) shouJd be discuucd in public.
On Nove.mber 2012, City at Soulh Bay Al'omt 'Tholnas Montgoll1ery provide<' a sworn, rtcrJroed statement.
MOntgomery WJIS tile Cil'}' Attorney tor the. patt five years. 51lU'1ed off by saying thol the pllyout of VacalloD time AlslOo
toOk \\Ill:\' oot pennis,sible. He 8dvjsed it would Oll)Y be considerc;.d if A]!ltl}.ll Wali lO separalt- himself hom the city or vice ve.rsL
'Momgomery said lie nevl':r knew aoom me payo:ut until a&r the faQl (Iud did nOt St.e the resolution untJl the Novew.bt:r 2011>. 2012
council meeting because Alston ha.d written his own resolutio MId pI-it il on the :.genda. MontgoIDt'.ry sa-id Lhll.t when Alston pt)llcd the
(3) cclllllcil members find thr.)' acknowledged the appIOV prior to a resolUtiOZl writtOJ> aoo £11 II C{)uncil
before the payout he believed thal il part of the S\mshine Montgomery said lle had advised Alsto" lUld the olher
members of this :.t f,he November 20"', 2012 muu1l8 aod they "'<eut aIle-d wilh the VOle anywll,y. Montgomery said. in his opinion, it
mafces 1i0 legal :,¢llSC lo pny someone (Ablon) in tlovlloct of money they may not have earned. Farihomwrc., the amOllP,l of the
Alston's paYQlJ.t would require the city lO TNlk lUI amendment 10 the budget which, to hi8 h1l5 nol been done. hi
conclusion. Montgomery s:lid it was illegal for . on to initiate. and procoss his O'lJll paYOUt because AJston was "(jol permiued 10 do
so pel' his COlltract wd City Handbook.. Also. tha proce.M by wbich ,..\lSIOn look wiili the W¢¢ (3) CQul1cil members lind nOllhe other
two (2) mhers !ct his payout approved violated the Sutls!fiJ)c Law. Ftn' specific of the j(l(orview wJIb Monl,goDl
refer (0 the recordil1g WILich has been pl ced into evidence lit the SI1t1e Attomey's Office..
Dv,c. 0 the infoT1nSltlOJl lhe is probabll> CI.I C10 c.hllrge Mayor Shil'1 y WldIr.l!t -Turner, Vice Mayo)." Un.da
Joo.o."ou, ad J<llm W wiili Vio!lItID ,the SUlfe ofFJorirlll'S S Law sectjo 286.011(1}: nymt.nt
lO the GilyMMager was approved by indiyirlU&l r..i,ry omm».sioner.dn sepllt"d.le conversations with the Clly ;Managet. who then
.re111lt.O to the CJtrl: that his ymenl hfld been epproved. '8 is In violation 01'286.01 J(1) which that all for.mal MtiOIlS ofa
CODlllU9.sion b<; 1lC('.()mpllshc:d only at public: me nOTiced in advance. 'Jll.e lllW !>Ullet dult All (If liUy boon:l or
l.:OnW;SSlOI) of any staLe agency (IT autho ly or of any agency Or aulhl'rity of any COl/iJl)', mlJuicipaJ corporp,t.ioo, or politil.:.11
S\lbdivlslOn, except px(>vided in [M ConstitutlOu, Inel\ldir1t! [l)('..etiugs wilh Or attended by My pmr.m e1eck:d to such
bOard or tommis!iioo. btll Who has nOl yOI n officc, 31 whicb offidal tIel'S are. 10 be takeo arc declared 10 be lJubliL: w:ctings OpeD
to the public al all ar,d no rule, Of formal beLion 51-1(\11 be considered bincling{)x(;epl (j taken 0 made <U such
l3lcohng. The bOllId cr commissio1t 0'111$1 provide re&ollable 'nOtICe of all s....ch ting-s.
.. .......
",,,,Io.-ro-_to "''-p''''''''_-''
'f ,
. 'I'

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