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[GTN textile Pvt LtdPatspin India Ltd 1 & 2 . It has won the Textile Export Promotion Council Award for the best export effort in fine-count cotton yarn since 1984. and is now the national leader in fine-count cotton yarn exports. • GTN established in 1966. Capacity of 12000 Spindles.. the Patodia GTN Group • It Constantly modernised its production facilities. • The Group has four export oriented Cotton Spinning Units. the company was taken over by the present promoters. In 1966.COMPANY PROFILE • • • • GTN Textiles are the Manufacture of Cotton Yarn Situated in North Aluva /(near) Erumathala post. GTN Enterprises Ltd] .

chinni Corporate Office :Mumbai0 .BRANCHES Spindle Capasity GTN textiles Ltd (Aluva) Patspin INDIA Ltd 1 (Kanjikod) Patspin India Ltd 2 (undal petta) Ring spinning 32500 2500 50000 Compact spinning 26500 23200 50000 1400 Total spinning 60000 4870 1 lakh 45100 GTN Enterprises Ltd 30700 (Udumalaippetai) Head Office: Cochin GTN Enterprises Garment Division :Tiruppur Seaport:Tuticori n.

Lerros and Louis Estere . Yves Saint Laurent. Group. Of Companies. Trivandrum • Committee Member Of Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Counicl • Indo American Chamber Of Commerce & Industry. N. Branch (Kerla) • GTN Group has Joint Venture with ITOCHU Corporation. • He is also the Director of Kerla State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.Mr. B K Patodia is the head of the well known G. Binod Kumar Pattodia • Mr. Japan • GTN also has tie ups with other companies like AM Player. T.

joint venture alongwith an equity participation of ITOCHU Corporation.The company was taken over by the promoters. Medak District in Andhra Pradesh.[Kerala State Industrial Corporation Ltd (KSIDC).HISTORY OF GTN TEXTILES • • • 1966 .The company Ltd. 1993 .The company had acquired Cotton Spinning Unit in Nagpur. the Patodia Family of GTN Group. 1994 . the nodal agency of Government of Kerala engaged in the promotion and development] 1995 . 1983 . Japan and KSIDC. Trivandrum. 1997 . had established a unit at Chitkul Village.It further set up a yarn dyeing and other are situated in Andhra Pradesh.On 9th march 1993 company had allotted 18 lakh equity shares of Rs 10 each. Maharashtra during 1994-95 by virtue of amalgamation of Perfect Spinners Limited with the company. • • • .The company had promoted Patspin India Limited.

M L Patodia were re-appointed. Kerala. .The company. .0's SCM Metrics study.php] 2007 . B L Singhal and Shri.On 26th July 2007.GTN Industries Limited had changed its name to GTN Textiles Limited and vice versa through the fresh certificate of incorporation 27th December 2005.The company was ranked 63rd in the BB 100 Gross Forex listing .GTN Industries Limited was incorporated as a public limited company on 28th March. . P K Kurian. 1956. company had authorized the board to borrow money for and on behalf of the company in any manner from time to time and without prejudice. issued by the Registrar of Companies.moneycontrol. 2005. . 2005 .Shri. http://www. . 2005 under the Companies Act. the director on the board of the company was died on 2nd January.0's second annual listing of top 500 manufacturing companies in India. had received a composite score of 12 out of a possible 15 in Industry 2. • • • 2008 .• 2004 . as the directors of the 2008.It obtained the certificate for commencement of business on 6th April.The company ranked 327th in Industry 2.Shri.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS NAME DESIGNATION B K Patodia N K Bafna R Rajagopalan B L Singhal Prem Malik C D Thakker E K Balakrishnan Chairman & Managing Director Director Director Director Director Director Company Secretary .

high ethical and moral values and unsewerving commitment to our customer defines the foundation of the GTN group.“THE WISDOM OF THE PAST HOLDS VISION FOR THE FUTURE” “Our performance is our promise”-Implicit. Chairman & MD .The exceedingly high standards we set for ourselves is driving force behind the quality and excellence of all our endeavours – B K Patodia.

ACHIVEMENTS 1985-86 • TEXPROCIL Silver Award 1986-87 • TEXPROCIL Silver Award • National Export Award for Outstanding performance by Govt.of India ministry of commerce • TEXPROCIL Silver Award • TEXPROCIL Gold Award 1987-88 1988-93 1993-96 • TEXPROCIL BRONZE Award 1996-97 • The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL) .

• TEXPROCIL Gold Award • TEXPROCIL Gold Award • Cochin Special Economic Zone Excellence Award • TEXPROCIL Gold Award 1998-2000 2000-01 2001-03 • TEXPROCIL Bronze Award 2003-04 • GTN Named Star Exporters & Export house for its excellence in Export • TEXPROCIL BRONZE Award 2004-08 • OTHER ACHIVEMENTS ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Quality Environment Management System(QEMS) Machinaries are upgraded into semi ELITE Spinning .1997-98 • TEXPROCIL GoldAward • Birla Award for its research & Devolopment and modernization efforts.





STRENGTHS Latest Technology  Well accepted Brand Name  Market Leader  Improved Quality Standard  Financially sound. profit making company  Experienced and committed Personnel  Good work force  ISO certified (International Organization for Standardization)  Large Reserves (capital)  Foreign Collaboration  Decades of experience In trading cotton and yarn  Infrastructure  Good working environment (Plant Location and friendly working atmosphere)  Easy transportation facilities  The Relationship between employees and employer  Safety and security policies are strict Responsible use of fuels and materials Local support .

WEAKNESSES Raw Material Prices are increasing  Occasionally they have faced Labour unrest in the past  Lack of transportation facility for the employees  Less interaction between marketing and other departments  The operating expenses are on the higher side .

OPPORTUNITIES Now a days cotton product has increased with the demand in the local market itself  India has the the Largest cotton cultivation so as the scope in textile market is also high  Globalization has increased the opportunities for the export of textiles  The availability of cheaper labour  New technology can adopt to maximize quality production .

Oeder to rein exalating cotton yarn price & restricted Cotton Raw material Export.THREATS  Growing competition from Foreign Brands  Rising price of Raw materials  Inflexible Government Policies such as Reduce production by 33.1 /3 rd of the existing production)  Climate change (Global warming ) resulting in a drastic decrease in the cotton cultivation  Entering New Player from outside  Change in technology – need to upgrade the machine to stay alive in this competitive world  Workers need more time and training .  Decrease in money value . to be on the pace while upgrading the machines.33 % (ie. Increase Electricity price Since 2010 Indian Govt.


.13 paid holidays . Spain and UK..• GTN exports its product to over twenty five Countries across the world(Major customers are Italy. Other Details . China.Employee’s credit society. Austria.Service Awards. CITU .INTUC.marriage Assistance. Japan.AITUC the unrecognised union GTN workers (jobber Association) • About 910 and above workers are ther in the company • Company provide –Employees welfare .Educational Aids year ending Charity likked Gratuityscheme. Health Initiatives =And many more.) • In marketing Main server of the company is at cochin • Trade unions.


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