The Astral Wind & Astral Pulse In Astral Dynamics Robert Bruce discusses a phenomenon called the Astral Wind

. According to Bruce, the source breathes in all of the consciousness seeds, he guesses, two or three times per day. If a person is out-of-body, especially in that intermediate dimension he calls the real-time zone, she will find herself swept up by a powerful energy wind and usually pop up a few months in the future. It seems apparent that the "wind" that Solomon mastered is the same as the astral wind. "Its morning was a month" seems to refer to "riding the astral wind" a month into the future. If that hypothesis is credible, it would shed some light upon how various prophets had foreknowledge of significant events. When consciousness units are breathed back into the Source, they are adjusted according to various laws. Then, when Brahman (or Source) breathes out, the consciousness units are returned to focus in the physical dimension. Robert Bruce calls that process the Akashic Pulse. The ancients described four Akashic Periods which began at sunrise and occurred every six hours thereafter. There is, quite likely, a connection between the Akashic Periods, Astral Wind and the salaat times of Islam. Allah is He Who created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in six days [stages or periods], and He is established on the Throne of Power - Quran 32:4 The consciousness derived from the 10 celestial stems, the various brain gland secretions and the attainment of hetep (peace) is called Solomon. That Solomon masters the Astral Wind. To accomplish such mastery, he had to build the inner cauldron and cook (refine) his energies. This is something every initiate must eventually accomplish.

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