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CS 205 Quiz #7B Nov 15, 2012

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Electronic Devices are not permitted during the quiz. These include but are not restricted to calculators, computers and cell phones. No communication between students or anyone outside of class is permitted during the quiz. Textbooks, notes and any other written materials are not permitted during the quiz.


1. Consider the following graph.

____________ a) How many vertices are present?

____________ b) How many edges are present?

____________ c) How many edges are loops?

____________ d) Are vertices D and F adjacent?

____________ e) What is the neighborhood of {B,C}?

____________ f) What is the degree of vertex C?

____________ g) Is the graph a complete graph?

____________ h) How many subgraphs can be produced that are cycles?

____________ i) How many edges are in the subgraph induced by { B, E, F }?

____________ j) How many simple paths are possible from B to F?

2. For each pair of graphs below, determine whether they are isomorphic. If the graphs are isomorphic, then fill in blanks to indicate which vertex in the first graph maps to what other vertex in the second graph. If the graphs are not isomorphic, then provide a clear reason. a)

A _________ B _________ C _________ D _________

E _________ F _________ G _________


A _________ B _________ C _________

D _________ E _________ F _________

3. Determine if the following graphs are bipartite. If so, provide the partitions. If not, provide a clear reason. a)


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