Sereena Cheney and Hiatt Campbell

Mini Test Chapter 7
Vocab Matching 1. __ g___ formal agreements between the government of 2 or more countries (must be approved by 2/3’s of the senate) 2. ___a__ an agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them from trading with a certain nation (form of punishment). 3. ___f__ the official representative of a country’s government. 4. ___e__ declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment. 5. ___b__ is a group of presidential advisers (the heads of the 15 departments). 6. _ c__ an order to delay a person’s punishment until a higher court can hear the case. 7. __d___ to pardon a whole group of people. a. embargo b. cabinet c. reprieve d. amnesty e. pardon f. ambassador g. treaties

True or False 1. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president elected. False 2. A president can not serve a day over two terms. False 3. Congress has created more than 60 independent agencies. True 4. There are 5 Amendments that have to do with the president directly. False 5. The Office of Personnel Management enforces labor laws. False 6. The 20th Amendment is the Lame Duck Amendment. True 7. The 12th Amendment has to do with the presidential ballot. True Fill in the Blank 1. _Ronald Reagan_ was the oldest person elected president at 73 years old.

2. These are much more specialized than the executive departments, _Independent Agencies . 3. _The Office of Personnel Management gives tests to people who want to apply for jobs with the federal government. 4. If an independent agency has the power to make rules (laws) and prosecute violators, then they are called _Regulatory Commisions_. 5. The National Labor Relations Board enforces, _Labor Laws_. 6. Regulatory Commisions usually serve a __14 year term__. 7. The _Vice President’s _ salary is $230,700. Short Answer 1. List the 6 roles of the president. ○ Party Leader ○ Commander in Chief ○ Chief of State ○ Judicial Powers ○ Foreign Policy Leader ○ Legislative Leader 2. List the order of Presidential Succession from 1 to 5. ○ Vice President ○ Speaker of the House ○ President Pro-Tempore of the Senate ○ Secretary of State ○ Secretary of Treasury 3. List the three constitutional qualifications to be president. ○ You must be at least 35 years old. ○ You must be a Native born American citizen. ○ You must be a resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years. 4. List 2 similarities between Independent Agencies and Regulatory Commissions. ○ They are both independent of the executive department. ○ They are both specialized.

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