First day of class – Student survey – Question ideas

Basics      Preferred first name Graduation year, major Birthday Hometown Distinguishing mark, habit, apparel

Background      Life experiences relevant to class Related courses taken What you did last summer – work, service, travel A paper you wrote that really interested you Foreign languages, foreign travel

Course questions and expectations       Best times for office hours or small group visits Preferences for working in groups Questions you'd like answered or problems you'd like to tackle What you'd like most to learn What you'd like to know about the course right now Why you took the course

Interests and activities         Career direction, ambitions Where would you like to live? Current job Volunteer work University activity that may require you to miss class (sport, band, etc.) Hobbies, free time activities Favorite song on the radio (or music performer/group/style) Type of books you read for fun – or a book you recently read

Random fun facts       A hero of yours (outside of family) The sense with which you identify most – sight, hearing, taste, touch, or smell Something surprising about you – ability, experience, connection, background, etc. A "stupid people trick" you can perform All expenses paid trip – destination and whom you'd take, besides significant other Favorite food

G.C. Clark, University of Notre Dame 1/4/13

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