Sociology 2140: Social Problems


poverty) • A pattern of behaviour (e.)? • A condition (e.g. violence) that people believe warrants public concern and collective action to bring about change • Social problems are conditions that: – affect the quality of life of a large number of people .What is a Social Problem (cont...g.

a hate crime. .)? Social problems can also be discrepancies between ideals and achievement For example. between rights guaranteed by the Charter and discrimination: actions or practices of dominant group members that have harmful effects on members of subordinate groups The discrimination could be acted out in the form of violence. an act of violence motivated by prejudice against people on the basis of racialized identity.What is a Social Problem (cont.

Why Study Social Problems? • To understand social forces that shape our lives on personal and societal levels • To gain new insights into ourselves and connections between our world and that of other people. and • To make more effective decisions about these concerns .

Social Problems • • • • • • • • • • • • Poverty and Economic Inequality Crime and Violence Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Racial and Ethnic Relations Sexism and Gender Inequality Sexual Orientation and Homophobia Aging and Ageism Family Work and Unemployment Health and Health Care Population. Urbanization. and Environment War and Terrorism .

Types of Social Problems • Acts and conditions that violate the norms and values present in society • Societal-induced conditions that cause psychic and material suffering for any segment of the population .

): The Social Construction of Social Problems • Social problems are created through the actions of others which raise our consciousness to issues in society »The media and the creation of social problems »Universities and colleges »Government agencies »Civic voluntary organization .Interactionism (cont.

.g.Social Change in Solving Social Problems A political coalition composed of individuals or groups sharing a specific interest Types of pressure groups: • Issue focus: Single issue. gun control. e.. better schools • View of the present system of wealth and power: people have a range of demands • Beliefs about elites: Whether to influence them or replace them • Type of political action: Working through the .g. e. versus multiple demands.

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