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The Ark—Surviving the Flood of Disinformation Sacred Circle—The Purification of Earth & Reunion of Its Peoples Over the Bones of the Dead: Evolutionary Science—Past, Present & Future

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and to all others engaged in the creation of the New Culture . freethinkers.Dedicated to independent scientists.


Selected Terms Bibliography . the All-Time Horror Flick III Chapter 11: The Pattern of Human History Chapter 12: The Conspiracy Against Human Evolution Chapter 13: Meet Dr. Doom's Mentors—Tom and Charlie Chapter 14: The Plot to Kill Our ET Brethren Chapter 15: The Return of the King Afterword Glossary.Contents Preface I Chapter 1: Changing Destiny Chapter 2: Evolving Toward Freethink & the Death of Death Chapter 3: The Mother Earth Hypothesis. Gaia Theory & the Mission of Man Chapter 4: Higher Self for Dummies Chapter 5: The Secret of “The Secret” II Chapter 6: The Prince of Atheism Chapter 7: The Manifestation Factory Chapter 8: The Divine Breath Chapter 9: The Key to Life Chapter 10: The Show of Light.

Let's go in . David Owen.. and what you put forth is what comes back to you. It is September 7th 2059.. So . which was termed in the Old World the 'holographic theory of universe. is shocking indeed. “In subsequent years. “I myself use a different metaphor to describe the situation of Old World humans . to Auditorium 5. but I do happen to have a Jumproom. here we are at the great University of Cascadia at Tacoma. especially the twentieth century.. but these came too late in the game to assist the species in confronting the Great Transition [Y2K8-12] rationally.. For a long time. In '07. a specialist in a field called “templatology”--the study of the ideological bases of societies and civilizations. a lecture on the shift from Old to New Worlds in now in progress. all are One. they were not playing with a full deck. “What is the basis of these three laws? Oneness physics. These theoretics were generally ignored. It's titled “The Big Change—from the Bottom Up.” I'm not a science fiction writer...' When fear is in the saddle. Yes.. the rational faculties shut down and the body's energy goes into fight or flight—or cowering in a corner. Here we are. The author was physicist David Bohm. but in the late part of the century.” The speaker is Dr. “The history of our species on this planet in the closing centuries of the Old World. and the publication was titled Wholeness and the Implicate Order. Note that over the door to this auditorium are inscribed the words “The Hour Is Here. Let's take a jump to the year 2059.' The Oneness paradigm. made its scientific debut in in the early twentieth century with the theoretics of Walter Russell and others. many confirmations of the Bohm theory were advanced. a theory of the Oneness of universe was published that could not be ignored.” As it so happens.“The Hour Is Here” --The 2009 Jumproom Preface “Jumproom” is a contemporary term for what science fiction writers used to call “time machines. or life vision. as you know. 'Fear was in the saddle and rode mankind. Missing from their deck of paradigms were the Oneness cards. As the poet says... that which exists will always exist. the Hopi elders had been warning the peoples of the Old World (our world) that it was the 11th hour. cards signifying the three metaphysical laws on which New World is built: The One is all. We're standing in front of the Old World Studies building. they declared that “the hour is here. It .” Do you know the source of this phrase. The Hope elders.

Dr. as you probably know. until the time of his death. at the turn of the century. “Your previous writings suggest that you give a good deal of credence to the so-called crop circles. Mails—The Hopi Survival Kit. he appealed to the peoples of the world to end their conflicts and join together as family. components of that organism. that Earth is a sentient super-organism and that humans are.' Our world owes much to the Hopi wisdom keepers.. Bruce Lipton took the celebrated Gaia hypothesis a step further. catching up with Native American wisdom. the Oneness paradigm became the generally accepted paradigm on Earth. one of the last of the elders... Nevertheless. Massauu. scientifically.. is now regarded one of the key documents of the Great Transition.' “In 1997. 'We are instructed to hold this world in balance within the land and many universes with special prayers and ritual .. western science was.” * * * Back the present! Hope you enjoyed your quick trip to 2059.. In 2010.. never peace.. This book.. “In his life time. physiologically. In the words of Dan Evehema. For the first time. Wars only bring more wars. Within ten years. the wisdom of the Hopi elders was fully articulated in a book authorized by Dan Evehema and written by Thomas E. sub-titled The Prophecies. “Unbeknownst to Dan Evehema and most Hopi. all peoples of Earth came to understand. after the destruction of the Third World by flood. played a major role in the post-2012 period of the Big Change. These divisions will not be our salvation.' the elders followed instructions for life given them by their great spiritual teacher. What's that?--you've got a question? Shoot. There is no more time for divisions between people. In his words: 'Now we must look upon each other as brothers and sisters. which the Hopi termed the 'Fourth World. Throughout the Old World epoch. As the great truth that 'we are all related in the Oneness' spread. Evehema witnessed sign after sign that the transition from Fourth to Fifth worlds would be a hard one. humanity ceased being a fear-based species. by arguing that planet Earth is sentient as well as singular. Lipton's 'Mother Earth hypothesis. “The auditorium we are in commemorates the work of an important group of those Old Worlders—the Hopi elders.” .was only after the Transition that the Big Change in the mass consciousness occurred.' as it was called at the time. and Warnings Revealed by the Last Elders. Instructions. “That we even have a human species today is the result of a considerable number of Old Worlders who inspired others to remember and to re-activate the power of the Oneness within.

” “On the basis of what I know about the nature of life..” “I hope you're right. It will still exist. then there will be no Earth in 2059. You've no doubt heard a number of theories as to the messenger or messengers. It deals as well with what may be called the mechanics of spirituality. not the messages.” especially the development of the “reality-creation” power of mind and the upgrade of life visions. Earth will have been obliterated by 2033.“Credence? Yes. continue with your question. This book addresses all three aspects of yourself. and please . All things with like frequencies live in the same neighborhood. with the “mental. To uplift yourself involves a certain commitment to physical.. and with the reformation of the West's major religion—Christianity. My interpretation of the prophetic Solar System formation is that by the year 2033. It concerns what you are physiologically and your “mission” as a component of Mother Earth. How to do this? The necessary starting place is yourself.. I expect to find out that I'm right. Contemplate that.. there will be no Earth.” “If the Longwood Warren Solar System formation is correct. or most of them. mental and spiritual evolution. so to speak. Who or what created the formations?--which have appeared all over the world. but in a higher frequency neighborhood. I'm rather fond of this planet. Here's one you probably have not heard: The formations. That's a simple fact. as we know it now.” “Correction . odd as that phrase might seem. in the year 2059. at length.” I invite all readers who are also fond on our planet and of our species to assist in the great work of our time—the up-lifting of Earth. Many of the formations express or encode complex scientific information. If we allow that Earth is sentient. It deals. have been created by Mother Earth. You and I can decorate ourselves a few tattoos. . The credibility issue arises in connection with the messenger. no? So can Mother. Physics tells us that everything in universe is composed of frequencies. Earth will have gone up-frequency--so far up that it will no longer be frequency-compatible with the solar system as we know it today. we're saying she's just like you and I.

I .


John McKenney. supernovas. Every living organism is an intelligence processor. This period may well extend into ’15 or ’16 or beyond... able to function in ever greater patterns of local universe or whether he is going to frustrate his own success with his negatively conditioned reflexes of yesterday and will bring about his own extinction . if you up-lift your consciousness level. the Leading Edge International Research Group of Yelm. etc. Buckminster Fuller (1969) The immediate stimulus for writing this book was a letter I received in the 2007 Christmas season from Dr.” —R.. which we generally refer to as “energy. My intuitions foresee his success despite his negative inertias. “Ted. asteroid hits.” he writes.” and intelligence processing. This means things are going to move fast. or consciousness. etc. black holes.e. . or any number of websites and Youtube presentations dealing with Earth changes. National Geographic and History Channel presentation of Earth’s history and prospects. What is consciousness? The universe is resolvable into two processes — intelligence (information) transmission.. i.Chapter 1 Changing Destiny “Within decades we will know whether man is going to be a physical success around Earth. But I’m certainly more and more concerned with each Science. Project Camelot. More about this in later discussions of Dr. A close friend of forty-five years lost all he had in New Orleans when the levee broke. has consciousness. Global warming. one does not have to be familiar with the Horizon Project. solar flares.. earth shifts. Discovery. but it is my belief that certain forces of mitigation will come into play in ’12 and ’13. Bruce Lipton’s discoveries in the field of cell biology. Will humankind ever get over its stubborn refusal to see that we’re living on the edge?” To become aware that Earth has entered a perilous period. an old friend and colleague from my college teaching days in the Midwest. One of those “forces” could be you.. If I believed in the ‘End Days’ . “hope the severe storms out your way didn’t affect you too much. one need only open up the newspaper or turn on the radio or television. I label this period of peril Y2K8-12.

It is an exploration into Terra Incognita. Dr. only jumped to its current level of 204 within the last decade (1985 — 1995). developed a map of consciousness on a scale from 20 to 1000. who called his chart the “Tone Scale. The jump from Pride to Courage was coincidental with a tremendous influx of new empowering information.” In the early eighties. author of Power vs Force — The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior (1995).” he writes. resulted in the creation of many powerful enemies. and I can assure you that it works. whereas force is negative. as it were. David R.” (Power.” Independently.” Hubbard didn’t win. “Man has habitually died for Pride—armies still regularly slaughter each other for that aspect of Pride called nationalism. a great many phenomena could be classified as nonphysical. I experienced dianetic therapy as a receiver and as an auditor.” Hawkins writes.” 2 At the level of Courage. that vast and hitherto 5 unknown realm half an inch back of our foreheads. Hubbard once said. Hawkins. At the bottom of the scale (20) is misery consciousness and at the top (1000) Christ consciousness.” as in the expression Christ consciousness. “The day science begins to study nonphysical phenomena. “implies the willingness to try new things and deal with the vicissitudes of life. Hubbard’s strident attacks on conventional medicine and psychiatry.The term consciousness is also used widely as a shortened form of the phrase “state of consciousness. L.” 3 The mass consciousness has evolved just in time. which begins with a call to adventure: “Dianetics is an adventure. As I recall. curiously. . Ron Hubbard published his revolutionary book Dianetics—The Modern Science of Mental Health. Ron Hubbard. At this level of empowerment one is able to cope with and handle effectively the opportunities of life…. Within a decade of Tesla’s death in 1943. the ghastly history of the Middle East and Central Europe.) “Courage. “Pride is divisive and gives rise to factionalism. Religious wars. Lifting the Earth relies to a considerable degree on Hawkins’ Power vs Force and so I suggest that you read this book and consider it a companion to the book in hand. the human mind. “it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. “power first appears. are all the price of Pride. and on the government. One of the very interesting discoveries made by Hawkins is that “The collective consciousness of mankind remained at 190 for many centuries and. nowadays it seems there is a very short list of items fitting this description. The work of charting states of consciousness was begun by the American philosopher-scientist L.1 The jump is from Pride to Courage. political terrorism and zealotry. which all of society pays.” Nikola Tesla once wrote. consciousness being one of them. as we’ll have a great many vicissitudes to deal with in Y2K8-12. Unfortunately. in Hawkins’ terminology is positive. “What you resist persists—unless you win.” 4 A hundred years ago.

To illustrate what he means he points to the little eddies and whirlpools that often form in a river. With his Worlds in Collision (1950) and Earth in Upheaval (1955). Things can be part of an undivided whole and still possess their own unique qualities. [David] Bohm takes this idea a giant step further. including both the implicate and explicate orders.” 7 According to the theory. according to this theory. the memory of the system called universe is in every point. is stored not locally. he argued that memories of these cataclysms exist in the human mind as “engrams” (a lasting memory trace on a cell) and opined there had to be a way to re-activate these engrams. i.” 6 Talbot continues: “Bohm cautions that this does not mean the universe is a giant undifferentiated mass. Despite the apparent separateness of things at the explicate level. the universe. Memory. He called the process of discharge “clearing. which maintains that Earth is periodically devastated by cataclysms. as in a biological trace or engraving. but it was rendered obsolete by a theory of universe that first appeared in the early seventies and that now is well on its way to becoming the next “orthodoxy” — the holographic theory of universe.” 8 . are organized holographically. One of the important sources was Immanuel Velikovsky (1855-1979). “Einstein astounded the world when he said that space and time are not separate entities. but are smoothly linked and part of a larger whole he called the space-time continuum.Mr.” writes Michael Talbot. The Holo-Model “In his general theory of relativity. Decades before Hubbard.. but a way to discharge them. Talbot compares the universe to a strip of holographic film: “Saying that every part of a piece of holographic film contains all the information possessed by the whole is really just another way of saying that the information is distributed non-locally….e. He says that everything in the universe is part of a continuum.” The engram concept served (and serves) well as a working hypothesis in Dianetics® therapy. It was Hubbard’s great achievement to find not only a way to re-activate engrams. but nonlocally. Hubbard was not terribly good about crediting his sources. and ultimately even the implicate and explicate orders blend into each other. everything is a seamless extension of everything else. meaning everywhere. Velikovsky re-animated the moribund philosophy of catastrophism. At a glance such eddies appear to be separate things and possess many individual characteristics … But careful scrutiny reveals that it is impossible to determine where any given whirlpool ends and the river begins…. a mind scientist of the first order.

fractal geometry the geometry of fractional space. was flooded at Chehalis. we generate a new reality—and a new probable outcome. we humans have the ability to change our “destiny. as the main drive behind evolution. rather than competition. other signs are pointing in another direction! What I know for certain is that our beliefs. At the same time. In it he did more than just link his myriad ideas together. are the templates on which so-called “reality” is based. Under ten feet of water! End of times? For sure many signs are pointing in that direction. short for evolution by means of consciousness increase. January 1. North Seattle was flooded and many had to be evacuated by boats and helicopters. Traditional geometry is a geometry of whole integers. Changing Destiny We started this chapter with a letter from an old friend. Fractal geometry is an indispensable tool in validating the holo-model. Thanks so much for your letter. Lots of others were. was itself a kind of giant. . 2008 Dear John. To the south. What we believe is what we receive. He transfigured them into a new way of looking at reality that was as breathtaking as it was radical. More about this important geometry down the line. I-5. or Harmonic Bio-Evolution. Let’s end it with my reply to that letter…. As that’s the case. and I suspect that it will go by the name of EvoCI. No. the major north-south corridor on the West Coast. I’m working now on a book concerned with the updating of the basic templates on which the contemporary West is built—the Judaic-Christian paradigm and the evolutionary science paradigm.” By changing the template or templates on which our current reality is based. however. our belief systems. The new theory will view co-operation. My studies in evolutionary science have convinced me that we’ll soon have a new “orthodoxy” in that field. we were not terribly inconvenienced by the unprecedented rainstorm hitting western Washington. flowing hologram … He published his first papers on his holographic view of the universe in the early 1970s and in 1980 he presented a mature distillation of his thoughts in a book entitled Wholeness and the Implicate Order.Talbot cites Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order as the pioneer work on the holographic theory: “The more he thought about it the more convinced he became that the universe actually employed holographic principles in the operation.” 9 Coincidental with the emergence of the holographic theory of universe was the advent of fractal geometry and mathematics (Benoit Mandelbrot).

May you have good health and good weather in the year and years ahead. Peace. 4Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. It is conceivable to me that Christianity will soon be experiencing a second Reformation. 1992). p. Dianetics—The Modern Science of Mental Health (New York: Coronet Communications. 66. AZ: Veritas Publishing. We’ll see. 67. pp. 3Ibid. 7Ibid. 5L. 23. Thanks so much for your letter. 2Ibid. As to your point that humans stubbornly refuse to see they are “living on the edge. 48-49. relevant read. Ted Notes 1David R. The Holographic Universe (New York: Harper Perennial. p. 48. p. p. left and center. Inc. The Secret Life of Plants (New York: Avon Books. 8Ibid. 67. p. 1974). Hawkins.” you will find Velikovsky’s “Mankind in Amnesia” an interesting. 6Michael Talbot. 46. Power vs Force—The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior (West Sedona. At the heart of this reformation will be a shift from reliance upon the Old Testament scriptures to pretty much exclusive reliance on the Christ teachings. p. 371.. Ron Hubbard. 2004). 1968). . p.In religion … challenges to the old orthodoxies are emerging right.


if we were at a lower consciousness level. frightening. is the product of personal evolution.” —David R. only that you suspend judgment long enough to allow yourself an expanded view. our doom would be sealed. true empowerment begins. . Hawkins We are now looking in the face of destiny that is not at all attractive.) You allow yourself a few precious moments (before prejudice kicks in) to look at situations with “new eyes” and perhaps to perceive positive values you ordinarily would have missed. I am not suggesting you condone that which is clearly negative. the “lighter” your mind and heart.Chapter 2 Evolving Toward Freethink and the Death of Death “The collective level of consciousness of mankind remained at 190 for many centuries and. (We all have this tendency. Here is a reality-shaping tool I’ve found useful in my personal evolution: Regard whatever you encounter in life as “neutral” rather than good or bad or whatever. the collective-minded are the settlers. sad.” which is termed neutral “because it is epitomized by release from the positionality which typifies lower levels. Indeed.” 1 The next level we’re evolving toward is “neutrality. Below 250 consciousness tends to see dichotomies and take on rigid positions. it should be understood. Individuals are the pioneers. We exist now at the “courage” level of existence (200249). By doing this. “Obstacles which defeat people whose consciousness is below 200 act as stimulants to those who have evolved into the first level of power.” but at the level of courage. an impediment in a world which is complex and multifactoral rather than black or white. Hawkins writes. The more positive values you see in life.” 2 Collective evolution. you short-circuit your tendency to pre-judge. or frustrating. curiously. “the world is seen as hopeless. At levels lower than 200. only jumped to its current level of 204 within the last decade.

When enough of us reach 250. As I leaned back in my chair. One thing was for sure.m. I didn’t know where I had come across it. discovery thusly: I sat back and reviewed my new description of the membrane: “The membrane is a liquid crystal semiconductor with gates and channels.” What hit me right away was the fact that I had recently heard or read the very same phrase. “Rising above barriers or oppositions which dissipate one’s energies. In the flash. I grabbed the book and found in the introduction a definition of a computer chip that read: “A chip is a crystal semiconductor with gates and channels. Lying beside the computer was a copy of a bright red book called Understanding Your Microprocessor. This belief. In 1985. Early one morning. level 250+ thinking. Lipton describes this important. I had just bought this non-technical paperback guide to how computers work from a Radio Shack outlet. Bruce H.Use this tool and you may soon find yourself at 250. my first computer. “genetic determinism” it is called. Matter and Miracles (2005).” . neo-Darwinism. was parked. The scientist who has given the boot to these beliefs is Dr.” 3 The Death of Death Perhaps the greatest obstacle to freethinking. the neutral condition allows for flexibility and non-judgmental realistic appraisal of problems. to be exact. 2 a. it was not in the context of biological science. long time. we’ll see the dawn of a new Age of Reason. he was reviewing notes on the mechanics of the cell membrane’s information processing capability when he was struck by lightning (of the cognitive kind). Lipton. though at the moment. I’m pleased to report that both the belief we die and the belief we are genetically determined are going bye-bye. author of the much-acclaimed The Biology of Belief — Unleashing the Power of Consciousness. is a product of our current orthodoxy in biology. is fear of death. he saw that a biological cell is the structural and functional equivalent of a computer chip. Lipton was living in a rented house on the island of Grenada while teaching at a medical school. nay awesome. smiley-face Macintosh. my attention was drawn to the corner of my desk where my new. The fear of death has been with us for a long. Another great obstacle is a belief that emerged in recent times — the belief that we are the puppets of our genes.

as to the belief that our genes are the determiners of our reality…. The broadcast station continues to send out signals. A detailed technical explanation of the equivalency may be found in Lipton’s Biology of Belief and in a superb set of Lipton CDs called The Wisdom of Your Cells — How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology. “John Brown’s radio lies moldering in the grave but his broadcast station goes playing on!” All that Earth catastrophes can do is destroy a great many radios. “Who you really are isn’t in the computer.” To illustrate his view metaphorically.” Who you really are is not the radio. Those signals may be received by any “radio” tuned to the station. This is a good thing to know. To update a Civil War-era song. .” 5 The question arises: “As the body’s a supercomputer. I spent several more intense seconds comparing and contrasting biomembranes with silicon semiconductors. “biological terrestrial exploration vehicles. This discovery led Lipton. and the keyboard for this computer is in the cellular membrane. but the broadcast station to which the radio is tuned. Lipton compares the human body to an ordinary transceiver called a “radio. We can relax a bit. The cell membrane was indeed a structural and functional equivalent (homologue) of a silicon chip! 4 Lipton’s discovery was later confirmed by an Australian consortium of scientists who succeeded in turning a cell membrane into a digital readout computer chip. Lipton refers to bodies as Genetic Determinism Now.” Lipton replies. in short order. to the understanding that the human body is a fantastic supercomputer composed of trillions of linked cell-microprocessors. Receptors may be visualized as micro-antennas. The keys are called receptors. who or what is operating it?” “The real you. Each antenna is uniquely shaped and tuned to pick up a specific signal.For the first second or two I was struck by the fact that the chip and cell membrane shared the same technical definition. Let’s get a bit technical. but rather in the environment. not at all. The cell’s a microcomputer. I was momentarily stunned when I realized that the identical nature of their definitions was not a coincidence. Does the destruction of a radio impact the broadcast station? No.

the cell would simply die. individually and collectively. for short. and again I include scientists. Together. Self-serving yes. had this to say about academics: “Academics. along with Lipton. The technical name for the team is “integral membrane protein complex. . the masters in this case being the vaguely defined academic profession. The genome is in the nucleus of the cell. are generally specialists in their field and are wholly ignorant [italics mine] of developments outside their field…. the cell continues to exhibit normal behavior.” The job of the effector is. As the nervous (intelligence) system is synonymous with “brain. and they include anyone we think of as scientists except people who work in commercial labs. The multitude of IMP complexes in the membrane constitute the cell’s nervous system. that the brain of the cell is in the genome. If the genome was the brain.Signal reception. stupid no. When a cell is enucleated (has the nucleus removed). the receptor and the connected effector form a “hunter-gatherer” team.” Based on his experience of academia. the inadequacy of the orthodox model is demonstrated in a simple experiment that has been performed many times. IMP complex. are incredibly timid people. They ignore an entire range of scientific findings that conflict with their many doctrines. which I prefer to call the intelligence system.” 5 For those of us wanting to keep body and soul together through Y2K8-12 and beyond. they have simply decided that it’s more in their interest to spend their thought-lives within the box of orthodoxy than to venture forth into the unknown seeking truths greater than those the orthodoxy has to offer. We. metaphorically. the cell goes comatose—just what we’d expect if the brain was in the membrane. that the brain is in the membrane.” or. need to get to level 250 (at least). Scholars. As Lipton points out. As John D. the Native American scholar Vine Deloria Jr. Many of them are intent primarily on maintaining their status within the university and profession and consequently they resemble nothing so much as cocker spaniels who are eager to please their masters. if the receptors on the surface of the cell membrane are shaved off. Like most professionals in other fields. Are they stupid? No. orthodox biology maintains. home of the genes.” we may conclude. and getting there requires that we follow the guidance of those who have gotten there already and who have made decisive breakthroughs in their fields and/or lives— the pioneer independent scientists and freethinkers. selfserving scientists are of no value. Are orthodox biologists ignorant? Yes. to “gather in” that which the receiver receives. However. induces a conformational change in the receptor. “Pioneering doesn’t pay. In contrast. whether through molecular coupling or via vibratory resonant energies. which activates a connected “effector. Rockefeller once said. against good evidence to the contrary.

from orthodoxy and over-specialization. 2005). p. White Lies—Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact (Golden. CA: Mountain of Love/Elite Books.” Notes 1Power vs Force. 90-91. pp. “The decisive breakthroughs in science. 5Vine Deloria Jr. 28. p. The Biology of Belief—Unleashing the Power of Consciousness. Matter & Miracles (Santa Rosa. . 66-67. CO: Fulcrum Publishing. Red Earth. pp. 1997). 4Bruce H. art or philosophy are successful escapes from blind alleys.. 2Ibid. 67. Lipton.What a “decisive breakthrough?” In the immortal words of Arthur Koestler. from the bondage of mental habits. 3Ibid.


” The term fractal is short for fractional. it is also this math by which physical reality is modeled. Your body. The network of special fibers in the heart that carry pulses of electric current to the . the French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot outlined a geometry of fractional space. The binary duct in the liver. In 1975. Bruce Lipton’s realization that the biological cell and computer chip are structural and functional equivalents was not his only major discovery. Before 1975. If you were to take photographs of the same ragged coastline from a position just three feet off the ground. The seemingly infinite complexity of the Mandelbrot set is based on the simple formula Z → Z2+C.” Fractal mathematics is comprised of simple formulas by which conversions are made — fractal to fractal. from a blimp. Dr. everywhere we look in physical reality. The urinary collecting system proved fractal.Chapter 3 The Mother Earth Hypothesis. a fractal description turned out to fit the data. 1 Fractal mathematics is the math by which we do computer modeling. and to understand it. Take a number. the photographs would show the very same contours! Indeed. and add the original number. for instance. Another discovery in the early eighties is equally momentous. multiply it by itself. we had only a geometry of whole numbers — Euclidian geometry. “theoretical biologists began to find fractal organization controlling structures all through the body. Jr. “A decade after Mandelbrot published his physiological speculations. and from a satellite. you need to know a little something about “fractals. The standard ‘exponential’ description of bronchial branching proved to be quite wrong.” writes James Gleick. Gaia Theory & The Mission of Man “The major difference between American Indian views of the physical world and Western science lies in the premise accepted by Indians and rejected by scientists: the world in which we live is alive. we find fractalic structure.” —Vine Deloria. which he called “fractal geometry.

No sooner does this fact complete its crossing than Dr. yourself for instance. that the Earth is sentient. Fractals in a whole organism set might be defined in these terms: Same basic bio-system. but the matter always falls into the same patterns. Bruce Lipton is in his lab. others don’t. we would have to ascribe the same characteristic to other fractals in the set. The fractals we’re most familiar with are two. A familiar fact crosses his mind: The single cell has all the physiologic systems that a human body has.”2 Today. argues that this assumption is at odds with what we can see. different magnitudes. led by the statistical physicist Luciano Pietronero of the University of Rome and the Institute of Complex Systems. “Might we not say that planet Earth is another fractal in this set?” His answer was yes.” How do I reach this conclusion? Formula for such Simple. Fractals have what is called “self-similarity. What Lipton’s insight leads to. matter is spread more or less evenly throughout space. Do we regard an individual. the rings of an onion (three-dimensional).” 3 The Mother Earth Set The year is 1983.” What Lipton perceived is that principle of selfsimilarity could be observed in the case of whole organisms. is a proof of the hypothesis long held by Native Americans. In other words. “Mother Earth. among other things. of course. . Italy. the universe is fractal. as “sentient”? Yes. Then we would have to ascribe the same quality to Earth. It is axiomatic that if we ascribe this or that characteristic to any one fractal in a set. Native American intuitive science was right all along. An article in a March 2007 issue of “New Scientist” reports that a small group of researchers has discovered that the universe itself is fractalic: “Cosmology is founded on the assumption that when you look at the universe at the vastest scales. Lipton has a very remarkable realization: “The cell is a fractal of the human body!” I asked Lipton is ’94. different levels of complexity. Dr. Instead they claim that the galaxies form a structure that isn’t smooth at all: Some parts of it have lots of matter. the fractal approach is being used to better understand every part of the body.contracting muscles. Through an electron microscope he examines a single cell organism. in large and small versions. Cosmologists call this a ‘smooth’ structure. fractals: Same shape. Earth is alive … sentient.and three-dimensional. Examples: The rings on an archery target (two-dimensional). at whatever scale you look. But a small band of researchers.

Lipton. and land surface form a complex system which can be seen as a single organism…. “Hasn’t a proof of the hypothesis that the Earth is singular and sentient already been offered by Lovelock and other proponents of the Gaia theory?” No. air. is sentient]. it [the Gaia hypothesis] is untestable and therefore incapable in its own context of further rationalization. oceans. surprise) condemned by establishment biologists. the model. “What about Dr. . however strong. what is the function of humanity within that organism? I’m talking here of the physiologic function or mission of man. James Lovelock?” you ask.” 6 Thus did Lovelock deny planetary sentience. Lovelock added a stopper of his own: “Ancient belief and modern knowledge have fused in the awe with which astronauts with their own eyes and we by indirect vision have seen the Earth revealed in all its shining beauty against the deep darkness of space. “Gaia was condemned as teleological [implying sentience] by my peers and the journals. does not prove that Mother Earth lives [i. “did more than present the Earth in a new perspective. To this day. Yet this feeling.” 5 To the condemnation of his peers. The proponents of the Gaia hypothesis. and it is.” The birth of Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis was applauded by certain Native American “whites- watchers” and kindred souls. Like a religious belief. would not publish papers on the subject…. Lovelock and Lynn Margulis. Gaia Theory In 1979. From this has arisen the hypothesis.Credit for the Western science discovery that Earth is singular and sentient goes to Dr. “Journeys into space. “living matter”) strongly imply sentience. even though the name he gave his model and aspects of the model itself (i. The Mission of Man If the planet is one organism.. They also sent back information about its atmosphere and surface.” 4 Lovelock called this hypothetical single organism “Gaia. Allow me to provide a little background on that denial…. the proponents of the Gaia theory (as it is now called) deny sentience. British scientist James Lovelock published Gaia — A New Look at Life on Earth. deny that the Earth is sentient. but (surprise. a book arguing the thesis that planet Earth is a single organism.” he writes. Drs. which provided a new insight into the interactions between the living and the inorganic parts of the planet..e. Nature and Science.e. in which Earth’s living matter.

Consider a single leaf. one that is polar opposite to the concept of man often expressed by Darwinists—that humans are parasites on the planet. and somehow distinguishes between helpful and harmful.“Humans. The immune cell envelops the “antigen. so the network of human beings (humanity) serves as brain of the planetary bio-fractal. to the insight that humanity may well be the planetary equivalent of the immune system. so in the case of bio-fractal human body. he replied: “IMPs. what do the human being components of the planetary brain contribute to the planet? Contemplating this question one evening. The work of the immune cell “agent” is quite interesting.” 7 The question is: Specifically.” as a glove over the hand. “And it is the only cell having the ability to cause the creation of new organisms—antibodies. “25 million square miles of leaf surface are daily engaged in this miracle of photosynthesis. “are the planetary equivalents of what on the cellular level?” Without hesitation. An astonishing idea. “On the under surface of every leaf a million movable lips are engaged in devouring carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen. our physiologic mission is to immobilize that which is harmful to our greater organism. producing oxygen and food for man and beast.” The cellular IMP network forms the brain of the cell. The immune cell then orders up the creation of “antibodies” having the exact structure needed to envelop and immobilize all the antigen’s comrades. Fractal law. It checks out all newcomer organisms that it encounters along the way. By calling humanity the brain of the planet. I recalled certain remarks Dr.” Lipton stated. The helpful are allowed to continue on their way and the harmful are arrested — literally. Earth.” Why the cell of evolution? It is the only cell with the mission of “knowing the unknown. Humans are the planetary equivalents of integral membrane proteins. which allows the immune cell to learn the precise configuration of the antigen. If so. All of Earth's life forms are parts of the extended brain of the planet. . and to allow/encourage that which is helpful. As in the case of bio-fractal cell. Lipton described the immune cell as “the cell of evolution.” The immune system is the Homeland Security of the body.” Consider all the leaves: On planet Earth.” I once asked Lipton. ultimately. Lipton has made (in interviews conducted in 1994) regarding the immune cell. I don't mean to cut the rest of the biological realm out of the action. and so Lipton’s remarks led me. As the cellular IMP network serves as brain of the cell. The immune cell is quite an ingenious cell. wouldn’t you say? The immune system is a sub-system of the nervous/intelligence system (brain).

she knows it. what we call reality may be divided into three parts. literally. or the primacy of DNA doctrine. in terms of my theoretics. Do we ever ask a stone to define itself? No. We can debate the Bush doctrine. there is a very large separation. examine it. or genocide. what do we call it? We call it mass murder. How? Simply by doing our physiologic jobs—as humano-immune cells. to taking out of action. ideas. It’s called auto-immune disease. Likewise. We have at our disposal millions of words. The cleansing (need I tell you?) is now in progress. Julius Caesar opened his famous Commentary on the Gallic War. If the realm is clogged with antigenic beliefs. . or any of a multitude of doctrines. When human beings (humanoimmune cells) attack and destroy other human beings on a large scale. We are the only planetary cells that can deal with the world of abstract ideas. Mother Earth has autoimmune disease. and. let's talk about humans' very. You and I can do something that the beasts of the field cannot do. “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres” (“All Gaul is divided into three parts”).. This is a realm that we planetary immune cells are responsible for. With those words. The second realm is that of “instinct. or the fish of the sea. however. It defines itself—by what it is. Between the second and third realms. Existence is self-defining. what do we call that condition? Right. policies and practices. We can converse.. This is realm invented by human beings. that which is harmful to Mother Earth and promoting that which is helpful. or realm. and the only response I'll get is a wagging tail.” which means. The first part. We pick it up. being sentient. we're different. It is also describable. instinct is a map of environment that comes with a set of commands regarding “what to do” in the event this or that signal from the environment is received. but not a great one. This is the realm of signs and symbols.A Few Big Questions And now … a few big questions: When an individual’s immune system attacks itself. we have only ourselves to blame. I can talk Bush doctrine to my dog until I'm blue in the face. Now . You and I. we have only ourselves to thank. Let us commit ourselves to immobilizing. What can we expect her to do about it? She’ll do what any of us would do if we were afflicted with disease … she’ll cleanse her body. that the birds of the air cannot do. thousands of paradigms. as planetary autoimmune disease. Between existence and instinct there is a separation. If it is a garden of truth. The third realm is the realm of symbolic representations. dozens of life visions. very special responsibility. Is it possible to mitigate the destructive/catastrophic effects of the cleansing on humans and their societies? Yes. is existence itself.” What is it that “stands within”? Metaphorically. beliefs and belief systems. “that which stands within.

this “truism” resulted in a pseudo-scientific political philosophy called “Malthusianism.” The Net definitions of Malthusianism indicate only the truism on which it is based.” which I have kept close at hand ever since as a reminder of what it is we're up against. They are the templates of reality. Today. being responsible humanoimmune cells. This doctrine (described as “the abominable doctrine” by the philosopher-poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge) and other of the population conjectures of Thomas Malthus have been reiterated so often. will seek to neutralize the Jews. most governments. are the belief-antigens we should seek to neutralize?” Glad you asked. they. what it is we must neutralize. by so many professionals. Malthusianism At the top of my list of intellectual antigens is the so-called “Malthus doctrine” (1798) that populations tend to increase at a geometrical rate while the means of subsistence increases at only an arithmetical rate. later. the source of all misery. “What. the regulation of population growth became a chief concern of the said powers and. I met in Minneapolis the exiled Cambodian poet U Sam Oeur. Genocide is the most overt. “The Krasang Tree at Prek Po. If a people are led to believe that the Jews are the “big problem” in the world. Malthusianism is the pseudo-scientific gateway to the Age of Genocide. In the nineteenth century. you will find a great deal on the Net. Early in 1995. Net definitions of “neo-Malthusianism” tell us more. the most repulsive form of Malthusianism. About genocide.Beliefs are very important. Thereafter. He gave me a poem. . these days. most people accept as an obvious truism that “overpopulation” is the planet’s biggest problem. the Malthus doctrine has served to legitimize a wide range of political policies and practices concerning population control. these policies and practices amount to a war on population. What you should understand is this: Malthusianism is the application of the Malthus doctrine to political theory. they are now in the category of hard-wired components in the “conventional wisdom” of the species. The village of Prek Po is about fifty kilometers north of Phnom Penh. Belief: “Jews are the big problem with the world. All in all. Alarmed by the American and French revolutions. the early nineteenth century rulers of Britain and Europe enthusiastically embraced Malthus’ simplistic view that the primary cause of these events was over-population. For practically two centuries now.” Historical play-out: The Holocaust.

Grass! What sin has the grass committed? 8 To the question “What sin has the grass committed?” there is an answer: The grass has committed the crime of being too numerous. This crime was first identified as such by Thomas Malthus. many times the current supposed “carrying load. I discuss Malthusianism in detail in the third section of this book. the krasang tree had withered. bore fruit for the soup of all the villagers. smashed Against its trunk by Utapats [evil ones]. far more than “over-population. in 1984. This –ism qualifies. as a diligent planetary immune cell. 9 And now for a bit of good news: The sooner we discredit the antigenic Malthusian paradigm and start promoting a people-friendly population paradigm. that Malthusianism is a very. very serious antigen. from its origins in Malthus theory to its devastating role in twentieth century history. . its bark blood-stained. however. In that section. daily!” O. By the way. In '75 the krasang tree was surrounded by people seeking refuge.” without compromising itself or any of its life forms—provided that resources are managed intelligently. At the moment.” as the big problem of the planet. the less likely it is that Mother Earth will require what we would regard as a “catastrophic” cleansing. estimated that the planet is capable of sustaining 40 billion people. former director of the Harvard Center for Population Studies. I also discuss a true science view of population as a planetary asset rather than liability. By '79 the krasang tree was surrounded by babies' skeletons. uproot them. let me say only.In '75 the krasang tree was green. its thorns adorned with the hair of babies. The Utapats said: “To annihilate grasses. Roger Revelle. By '79.

“Don’t mention the F word—If the Universe is shaped like a fractal. 2Ibid. Lee. 9Robert W. 1979). 109. Gaia—A New Look at Life on Earth (New York: Oxford University Press. p. 10-16 March 2008: 30.. IA: Zephyr Limited Edition Chapbook Series. 5Ibid. p. 1993). “Feeding the World. 6Ibid. 7The Secret Life of Plants. 15. Selections from Sacred Vows. 227.” The New American.Notes 1James Gleick. it could overturn everything we thought we know about cosmology. 4James Lovelock. pp. p. 1 June 1992. p. vii. ix-x. p.” New Scientist. ix. 3Amanda Gefter. Chaos—Making of a New Science (New York: Penguin. 1988). . trans. 8U Sam Oeur. ix. p. U Sam Oeur and Ken McCullough (Iowa City.

What does the metaphor represent? The ultimate answer is the universe.” to be sure. Though you .” This biblical aphorism makes the same point as the koan. but our pockets are filled with pebbles. Asking is the key to opening the treasure house of knowledge. Why do you search outside?” Baso asked.” replied Daiju. but that’s a metaphor. As the universe is holographic. instance. This may have been news to you. who intuitively grasped the fact that the human computer has a fantastic information acquisition/processing capability. Daiju inquired: “Where is my treasure house?” Baso answered: “What you are asking is your treasure house.” 1 “Ask.” —Attila Josef Chapter two of this book presented the concept that your body is a supercomputer. for Open Your Own Treasure House Daiju visited the master Baso in China. and you shall receive. Baso asked: “What do you seek?” “Enlightenment. all information is available at any point in the universe.” Daiju was enlightened! Ever after he urged his friends: “Open your own treasure house and use those treasures. “You have your own treasure house. the following Zen koan: Witness. Are you a “point” in universe? Yes. It would not be news to certain wise ones of the past. No doubt about it. The koan and aphorism raise a question: Where are the answers coming from? The “treasure house.Chapter 4 Higher Self for Dummies “We sit on a diamond mountain.

Knowingness. who never like competition. and the first item on the to-do list of all authorities is “Suppress any possible challengers of our authority. “The fall of Christianity from calibrated 930 to 498 must be recognized as the single greatest catastrophe in the history of western religion. and the second highest ability is to not know. The Christ and his message were very popular among the multitude of humans who were sick and tired of living in the Howdy Doody reality. The Christ was talking about our native-state selves. and very unpopular among the authorities. is native-state. A recurrent question in speculation about the historic decline of Christianity centers around the inclusion of the relatively weak (475) Old Testament in the canon of Christian scripture. “is to know. not-knowingness is an effect of the reduction of native-state consciousness to social consciousness.” were totally ignored.probably don’t realize it. What. It should come as no surprise that when it came time to create an authoritative holy bible by cutting and pasting elements from various and sundry accounts of the life and teachings of the Christ. What’s “not-knowingness”? “The highest human ability. not about our Howdy Doody selves. does the ‘eye-for-an-eye’ ethic of the prophets have to do with Christ’s exhortation to universal love and forgiveness? It has rightly been asked why.” Hubbard was very precise in his terminology.” L. David Hawkins in Power vs Force. numerous important scriptures. It’s 11:59 p. such as the teachings recorded in the “Sophia. Authoritative bibles are compiled. When he said that not-knowing is an ability. and certain enigmatic remarks of Jesus the Christ.” cease being quite so enigmatic. you’re a walking universal library. need he have bothered coming at all?” 3 . In the practice of kinesthesiology. Understand the above. Here we can see the origin of the spiritual divorce from the actual teachings of Jesus Christ that allowed the later atrocities of the Crusades and the Inquisition. Do you know where your library card is? The idea that we are in fact universal libraries is validated by the work of Dr. by the Authorities. resulted from marginalization of the Christ teachings that occurred in the creation of the Bible. such as “ye are gods. if Jesus came to teach the Old Testament. and among the few who were making a good living out of exploiting the sick-andtired multitudes. Hawkins found an effective way of circumventing not-knowingness and accessing knowingness.” 2 The greatest disaster afflicting Western religion. he meant it. I would suggest. of course.m. Ron Hubbard once said. Hawkins determined. really.

Lipton likens the human body to a radio transceiver and the real you to the broadcast station to which the radio is tuned. as a body. let .” that is a product of a human/Zeta hybridization project that has been going on for some time.” Who you really are isn’t in your computer-body. don’t try to walk through it. The two channels. and the channeling phenomenon offers a proof. with a very clear view of the valley. Bashar says.” describes himself as a member of a future race. Further. a “terrestrial exploration vehicle. but in the environment. The human brain. are one part of a two-part invention. Bashar. Bashar says. In other words. continue to channel at the present time.” The former Bashar terms “physical expression” and “personality construct”. when we valley sloggers stop trying to “think everything out. The human body is a fantastic supercomputer. only how things happened. whose name means “messenger. Like the Lipton model. you. date from the late seventies.” “plan every step of the way.” etc. Higher self does all the original thinking. Darryl Anka (Bashar) and JZ Knight (Ramtha). the dynamic duo. Bashar suggests. The total you is the combo. He thus looks upon Homo sapiens as one of his ancestral races. the Bashar model recognizes a separation between “you” and “real you.The Lipton Model and A Future Science Model Recall the Lipton you/real you model that was discussed earlier. who in turn transmits directions to the slogger — “go right.” No thinking necessary. the “Essassani. Consciousness evolution will be accelerated. Can we tune our radio to broadcast stations other than the one we’re normally tuned to? Yes.” Bashar praises the film “The Secret” as a great break-through event in the new consciousness movement and the evolution of our species. he continues. Bashar goes on to present a future science version of the Lipton you/real you model. In a recent session. The slogger transmits data to the mountaintop guy. is not designed to understand how things happen or will happen. which contain a wealth of scientific and technical information. This is our best leading-edge scientific model at present. go left. this freethinker has been following the transmissions of two channeled entities in particular — Bashar and Ramtha. your personal intelligent designer. For over twenty years. there’s a bog coming up. Bashar compares physical self to someone slogging along in a valley and higher self to one standing on a mountain top. titled “Permission Slips.” The job of the physical expression is simply to receive and perceive. the other part being higher self. the latter he terms “higher self. The transmissions of both.

is a system or part of a system. Everything that is. are not your body. and we do so on a continuous basis. processing.” Outputs: We output processed data that streams to higher self. therefore I am. Houston — call it what you will … it needs us. in all likelihood. And evolution.” Hubbard insisted.” Incidentally.” 4 Higher self. His answer: “Apparently. “Where does identity come from?” Lipton asks. “I think. Spirit. A system has by definition four parts: inputs. Had the Hubbard model gained popularity. there can be no increased awareness.” Inputs: Signals emanating from a field of consciousness (higher self). there is no evolution. I’ve suggested the term “holodex. The human body is a system. this communication is a two-way street. then listen attentively to the suggestions and directions transmitted by higher self. In other writings. thetan. not just five. we do not have a scientific term for this personal lives experience data bank. The human body Hubbard called the “genetic entity. All we sloggers have to do is “ask. Importantly. there can be no increase of wisdom.higher self to the thinking.” Maybe he got it right. “I (higher self) think.” that which animates and sustains the body he called the “thetan. Without direct experience. follow through. without increased awareness. Bashar would be talking in terms of GEs (genetic entities) and thetans. And then.” Say what it is we want. therefore I (physical self) am. then. both the Lipton and Bashar models are pre-dated by a similar model developed by Ron Hubbard. That’s your higher self’s job. “You. Our bodies are designed to process received information. it is a unique ‘signal’ from the field read by our self-receptors. Many intellectuals think Descartes got it all wrong when he said. Without us per-ceiving entities. without ever-increasing wisdom. as you’ll soon learn if you don’t know already. According to Hubbard. signals are not just coming into the cells … our experiential awareness is sent back to the field and changes the source [higher self].” In my view. our bodies have fifty-two perceptic channels.” etc. . rather than in terms of “higher selves. Lipton and Bashar models are unfamiliar to most people. the con-ceiving higher self can no more directly experience life on Earth than we per-ceiving entities can explore the surfaces of the moon and Mars without reliance upon highly complex computerized robots. one of Hubbard’s key discoveries is the fact that our bodies contain an absolutely complete record of our experiences on Earth. is the name of the game in our universe. in this life and in former lives. a system for experiencing directly the reality we call “life on Earth. memory and outputs. As the Hubbard. Memory: The memory of the system is called by the religious and spiritual people the “soul. let’s consider the models in a familiar framework…. no exceptions. At present.” or “Book of Life.” which means thought. Act upon the suggestions and directions.

Lipton. . see a DVD titled “Zeitgeist.” Mystic Pop (Nov-Dec 2007). 2To get a full picture of what was left out of the Holy Bible. Notes 1www. ed. Robinson. and The Nag Hammadi Library. To get some idea of the great extent to which the history of the Christ's life was altered to fit existing salvational mythology. 266.html.ashidakim.” 3Power vs Force.What’s Buffalo Bill without Howdy Doody? Out of a job. “The Rise of the Phoenix: An Evolving Global Humanity. check out The Other Bible. p. James M. Willis Barnstone. 4Bruce H.


” the novelist Henry James tells us. no one gets what he wants in life without struggle and more struggle. light.” In old paradigm think. “The life of man on Earth is war. the strongest robber winning the day. Witness the words of Thomas H.D. of war. for such it became.” 1 The Darwinian life-is-incessant-struggle doctrine. who. The “Secret” way is to draw a symbol or picture of what it is you want and then attach this to a “vision board. The ground is full of seeds that cannot rise into seedlings. As might be expected. Hall The great secret in “The Secret” is that individuals have it in their power to get what they desire by simply asking. we take off our masks.” —T. and water. or the means to obtain it. Huxley. “Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?!” With sharpened pens.” Contemplate the symbol/picture on a daily basis. behold the I Am…. the seedlings rob one another of air. he must struggle to keep it. including the once avant-garde “Nation. is a product. “The Secret” outraged the Debunker Cavalry. and once one has what he has struggled so mightily to get. or by-product. aka “Darwin’s bulldog. Evolution. The biblical aphorism “Ask and you shall receive” turns out to be valid. Darwin tells us. and then wait patiently for the universe to deliver the desired thing. was extrapolated far beyond the fringe by the contemporary neo-Darwinist Richard Dawkins. in his book The Selfish . How does one “ask”? Prayer is one way.” the man responsible for the wildfire spread of classical Darwinism in the West: “Who has not duly reflected upon all the consequences of the marvelous struggle for existence which is daily and hourly going on among living beings? Not only does every animal live at the expense of some other animal or plant. The way recommended by many interviewed in “The Secret” is a little different. and extinguishing his competitors. but the very plants are at war.Chapter 5 Secret of “The Secret” “As we stand at the end of the drama of man. the debunkers leapt into the saddles of their old paradigm steeds and made literary war against “The Secret” in dozens of magazines and journals.

the microcosm. the level called “physical reality. This entitles us to expect certain qualities in our genes.. In a holographic universe. If you. everything that is has a specific signature vibration. now we've got sub-Source frequencies that are like unto Source. down and down. in somewhat different terms of course. in contrast. Now . Dawkins and other neo-Darwinists offer plenty of material for a new “Dunciad... he appeared . going to say “No”? The Essassani have a very revealing name for what we call Source: Primal Frequency. That intersection. on and on. but he is beginningless Forefather.. Still. the macrocosm. is supportive of the “Secret” message. Big Bang. At the point where Source intersected with Source. we're a long way from the pebble on the beach. until the lowest level was reached.Gene compares the genes to “Chicago gangsters. forming an even lower frequency domain. which is one reason they often have problems with the concept of evolution. in a highly competitive world.” “Like successful Chicago gangsters. a new. Suppose the Essassani are right. Let us reason: Start with the new physics understanding that everything in universe is resolvable into frequencies. How was it that Source stepped down its very. So it went. greatly desire something. Further. the beginning of those that will appear. I shall argue that a predominant quality to be expected in a successful gene is ruthless selfishness…. “The Lord of the Universe is not called 'Father' but 'Forefather' . or frequency. The new paradigm I have in mind is the holo-model of universe. Paradoxically. however. by the way.” Look around. Amazing to note. the creation of the physical universe was part of a devolutionary process. You're a bottom-feeder god.” New paradigm think. You're in it. but lesser in power. baby. our genes have survived in some cases for millions of years. are you. but far from the last. What we call Source is a frequency—the Source frequency. very high frequency to generate the infinite number of things in universe that have lower frequencies? It had to have intersected with itself. the frequency-devolution process I've sketched above was articulated in ancient times. Open your Nag Hammadi Library to page 227. Seeing himself within himself in a mirror. Religion-people tend to be steeped in the literature of devolution. was the original.” 2 It’s a pity we don’t have a sharp-witted satirist around these days the likes of the eighteenth century poet Alexander Pope. for instance) contains the whole. How do we get down to the pebblelevel? The sub-Source frequencies must have done what Source did: They intersected with themselves. lower-frequency domain was created—the sub-Source domain. Okay. each part (you.

I was deeply impressed by a video of a Ramtha dialogue in Hawaii. I was introduced to Ramtha. I’m no “true believer. x-ray.” The “Ramtha science” teaching most relevant to our present discussion is this: Each of us has seven “bodies” within the seven frequency domains of the electromagnetic light spectrum. ultraviolet.… Most Americans have been introduced to Ramtha via the tabloids. I love truth.” He . About me you should know this: I’m a highly educated freethinker. being in glory [and] without number. and infinite unknown. visible light..” 3 Ramtha Enter Ramtha the Enlightened One. right? Right.. A chart correlating the various consciousness/energy levels may be found in an inexpensive Fireside Series book called Jesus the Christ — The Life of a Master. equal in age and power.” from subconscious awareness (Hertzian) to ultraconsciousness (infinite unknown). I found myself sitting in The Great Hall at the RSE (Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment) at a beginners’ event. And afterward was revealed a whole multitude of confronting [mirroring]...” In 1987. selfbegotten ones. right? Jesus the Christ: “Ye are gods. whose race is called 'The Generation over Whom There Is No Kingdom’. and I’ve seen very little of it on trick planet Earth. and five years later. The Christian Church is all about promulgating the Christ teachings. “was a master who understood the relationship between mind and matter and all that he had to do was to change his mind on what he saw…. those domains being (from lowest to highest frequency) Hertzian. The Christ. Each of these domains has a corresponding “consciousness. by a highly respected physicist who said he’d been listening to channeled information for twenty years and had found the Ramtha transmissions especially interesting for their scientific content. whose main message to man is “Behold God. aka the Ram. which have labeled him “the 35. right? The war in Iraq is all about defending freedom. This old freethinking truth-seeker learned many interesting things from the Ram..” Indeed. Christians … has your priest or minister ever explained how the Christ was able to create “miracles”? Ramtha has. infrared. Yo. right? I think you get the picture.000-year-old warrior.” This is a message we’ve heard before. gamma ray. I’m about as inner-directed as you can get. where just about everything turns out to be the opposite of what it professes itself to be. right? The Vietnam War was all about containing Red Chinese Communism. Ramtha says.resembling himself .

Dr. As he was molding the clay. The orthodoxies in religion and science are not going to help us at all in confronting and dealing effectively with the Y2K8-12 period. You’re not “special. this denial is reflected in the orthodox representation of the Christ as savior rather than as teacher. . etc. the man asked for help. and he spat in it. grants.” the sixth level being gamma ray/hyperconsciousness. then you won’t be able to access and employ it readily. “was considered a master all the way up to the sixth level. This wrong-headed belief. numerous scientists who advocate “intelligent design” (mind over matter) are suffering academic persecution. Bruce Lipton has done an especially good job of tearing it to shreds. the clay became the catalyst for perfect vision. One way to start going about this is to read the accounts of those who have experienced “the Presence. even in the face of clear demonstrations of that primacy. He bent over. including consciousness. Orthodox biology (neo-Darwinism) is even more adamant than the churches in denying the Christ doctrine of mind over matter. right? — even if he said we could! Jesus was not like us. What he was doing with the clay and his spit was creating a new biofield of particle relationship. tenure. in molding the clay Yeshua ben Joseph saw perfect vision. Ram says. they’re being refused promotion.” Read David Hawkins’ Power vs Force and his other books. they are in agreement with a social consensus that denies the primacy of mind over matter. Read Ramtha's “White Book. as I write. In the Christian churches.e. All behavior. Mind comes from matter. make real your god within. most humans are “masters” of the second level (infrared/social consciousness). When he put the clay on his [blind man’s] eyes. and so the first step is to make it real. 5 In my view.” a fascinating account of his transformation from grievously wounded warlord to ascended master. Nevertheless.elaborates: “Yeshua ben Joseph knew that however he saw anything is exactly how he agreed for it to be. When he saw the blind man. born of a virgin.. i. canonized as the doctrine of the “Primacy of the DNA.” You can’t be a Christ. very special — the one and only son of God. they proclaim. Do you have within yourself the potential of learning to do what the Christ did? No. When he did this and put it on the blind man’s eyes.” has gone unchallenged until fairly recently. Were you born of a virgin? Were you born with a brilliant star appearing in the sky over the place of your birth? No.” 4 Jesus the Christ. As such. is an effect of the genes. What can help us? Realization of the god-power within. in other words. that biofield or morphogenic field reconstructed immediately the visual nerve supply to the back of the brain and he saw instantly. right? He was very. If it’s not real to you that you have such a power. picked up some clay. No one can do what he did.

I lifted my blinders slightly to turn the card my outstretched hands had landed on.” 6 I had this encounter in 1998 while doing Fieldwork at the RSE.” 9 For me. superconsciousness.” 7 “Analogical” defined: “Being analogical means living in the now. in my experience. Now. they lift their blinders and shout “I found my card!” What I shouted was “My god found my card!” 8 The law of consciousness and energy: “Consciousness . going analogical involves slipping into a hypnogogic state of mind. No hair on the sides or top of his Nordic head. the state we all experience just before falling asleep. and then on command whirled around several times. and then he turned his head about thirty degrees to the right. for a moment. “the body that belongs to the fifth plane. I turned my head to the left.I myself have no doubt as to the existence of higher selves. one of which had the number “5” on it. one is on the field with anywhere from a hundred to several hundred other students.” and energy create the nature of reality. His upper body and head were very vivid. in that I’ve had a rather awesome encounter with what I take to be one of those selves — my golden body. The leader of the session asked us to stop. past. allowing their body to walk freely to find their card through the application of the law of consciousness and energy and analogical mind. and the emotions. following the beams. his lower body almost transparent. When I stopped. which may last from half an hour to several hours. and x-ray frequency. Following protocol. which signifies superconsciousness. “looking” for my cards. It was my card — the card with the symbol “5”! When students find their cards. The official description of Fieldwork is as follows: “The students are taught to create a symbol of something they want to know and experience and draw it on a paper card. it is as if you are alone on the field. The students blindfold themselves and focus on their symbol. I had been on the field for about forty minutes. Within ten seconds I hit the fence. but a long braid falling over his left shoulder. These cards are placed with the blank side facing out on the fence rails of a large field. I did so. From his eyes emanated bright lavender beams. It is the creative moment and is outside of time. and then … Started walking. The official description of Fieldwork mentions not the fact that during any given session. I’m wearing blinders) a beautiful gold “man. I saw in front of me (remember.” I stared intently. meaning one can be jostled out of the analogical state every five or ten steps. as to my encounter with my golden body…. Our eyes locked for just a moment. Nevertheless. when you are fully in the analogical state.

p. p. Jesus the Christ—The Life of a Master (Yelm. To life! — life everlasting! Notes 1Theodore Hall. 5Ibid. 2006). 27. The Selfish Gene (New York: Oxford University Press: 1978). p. I see that we were not misled by the Christ when he said. Over the Bones of the Dead: Evolutionary Science—Past. 2. 46. 67. p. 4Ramtha. behold the I Am We who are players on the physical plane Lift up our hearts in a toast to the game . 45. I penned the closing lines of my play “Zuvuya!” … As we stand at the end of the drama of man We take off our masks. p. p. WA: Hallograph Publishing. 66. 2Richard Dawkins. Standing atop the rubble. 8Ibid. pp. Present & Future (Yelm. p.My experience of the Ram and his teachings and my practice of the disciplines have brought down the walls of my social consciousness skepticism. 69. 227. p. 2005).” We are. 68-69. Out of this awareness. 7Ibid. 6Ibid.. 3The Nag Hammadi Library (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco). I look at life with new eyes. indeed.. WA: JZK Publishing. . “ye are gods. 9Ibid.

II .


in a highly competitive world. alas. so prolific. possibly be a sophist? Yes. The genes are simply patterns for organismal parts.” a sophist being an intellectual who creates elaborate arguments in support of propositions or theories that are simply not correct. Dawkins’ comparison of the genes to gangsters is an extension to absurdity of a long. Years ago. The genome is definitely not an Al Capone-type bunker.Chapter 6 The Prince of Atheism “The Mind is the matrix of all matter.1 Richard Dawkins is.” This is baseless conjecture. “Like successful Chicago gangsters. it is merely the New Parts Blueprints Department of the cell. so bedazzling. is a product of the DNA.” This doctrine presumes that all organismal behavior.” Also.” —Max Planck In recent years. Could a scientist so honored. I respect it greatly.” he writes. the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. The God Delusion has opened my eyes to an aspect of Dawkins I hadn’t seen before: He is a very decent man. sophistical. I have said certain unkind things about Richard Dawkins. such as “Dawkins is an affable and bright neo-Darwinist who has seen little of real scientific value because he stands on the shoulders of pygmies. “our genes have survived. The doctrine is wrong. I shall argue that a predominant quality to be expected in a successful gene is ruthless selfishness…. absurdity reminiscent of those marvelous “Beyond the Fringe” monologues of years gone by. . in some cases for millions of years. Nevertheless … I have had to conclude that the argument in the Delusion book is. I have called Dawkins a “sophist. This entitles us to expect certain qualities in the genes. so respected. and has been since 1995. including consciousness. I came to the rather startling conclusion that Professor Dawkins is a sophist in the course of reading his well-known book The Selfish Gene. I like that in him.revered doctrine in neo-Darwinism called the “Primacy of the DNA.

It was very difficult for me to believe that a man as bright as Dawkins didn’t know what I.” that Science would one day (the sooner the better) put its foot on the neck of Theology. a misogynistic.D. Huxley. I had to conclude that he was. a sophist.. In this book of horrors. is the science of accessing the collective consciousness. Primacy belongs to the environment. First step: Presencing of environmental signals. It is not. However. the mission of the Christ was to dethrone. a vindictive.” Right on. Further. . Darwin’s famous “bulldog. Hawkins. filicidal. master of kinesthesiology Kinesthesiology. racist. unforgiving control-freak. genocidal. The God Delusion suggests clearly the big why behind Dawkins’ sophistical mission: Our affable Professor of the Public Understanding of Science is out to fulfill the prophecy of Thomas H. capriciously malevolent bully. Ph. M. Second step: Mediation of those signals by the receptor/effector network embedded in the cellular membrane. sadomasochistic. pestilential. in the minds of men. as Darwinists suppose. knew. a mere biology watcher. woman and child in ancient Palestine—and to kill all the livestock as well. 2 Clearly. Richard! Any who think that professor Dawkins is not correct in his assessment of the god called Jehovah should open the Holy Bible and read the book of Joshua. the scientist who really succeeded in stepping on its neck (orthodox Christian theology) is the brilliant David R. The “brain” of the cell (as Dr. Dawkins is to be congratulated for knocking theology around a bit. Jehovah orders his “chosen people” (bad luck for them) to murder every man. bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser. a petty. as practiced by Hawkins. in the creational assembly line.In fact. Bruce H. Third step: DNA activation. not first step. What the goats and sheep had done to offend the great Jehovah I can’t imagine. the DNA is third step. homophobic. quite intentionally. Lipton has demonstrated) is in the cellular membrane. the God of Terror and to coronate the God of Love as the true Supreme Being. megalomaniacal. unjust. The war thus engendered is still going on!—and now threatens to engulf the entire world in World War III. No other choice. in the genome.. Dawkins is to be congratulated for his clear-eyed assessment of the god called Jehovah and for his grand multi-adjectival condemnation of the same. at least clearly in my view.D. infanticidal. Dawkins & Hawkins My favorite sentence in The God Delusion is that which starts the second chapter: “The God the Old Testament is arguable the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it.

One of the sophist’s standard tools-of-the-trade is the “straw man.“The level of truth originally espoused by Jesus Christ. “the thought flashed through my mind. at the beginning of the 11th century. Mellen-Thomas died for an hour and a half. the level of truth of this practice of his teaching had dropped to 930. it had fallen to its current 498…. “As my final moment [of life] approached. in knocking down the straw man. the sophist has little difficulty. Miraculously. By the second century.” Hawkins writes. I ask Him to help me now.” Hawkins identifies the most precipitous decline in Christianity as having occurred in 325 AD. In 1982. “apparently due to spread of misinterpretations of the [Christ] teachings originating from the Council of Nicaea.” “Christianity’s fall from a calibrated 930 to 498. and went unconscious.000— the highest level attainable on this plane.” Hawkins writes in Power vs Force.” The “God Hypothesis” Alas. he returned to his body with a complete remission of the disease—after an encounter with the “Universal Intelligence. however. to 540. ‘If there is a God.” Dawkins sets up a number of straw men.” 3 Another scientist who experienced “God” is the above-cited David Hawkins. all of which are dismissed as hallucinations—products of the mind’s “simulation software. then wittily knocks them down. Naturally. he denounces all conceptualizations of God. if any. “calibrates at 1. Among these straw men is “The Argument From Personal Experience. what if there is a God? So I called out in prayer. “must be recognized as the greatest single catastrophe in the history of Western religion. When I awoke.’ I surrendered to whatever God there might be.” Conspicuously absent from the discussion are accounts of those who encountered God in near-death experience (NDE). a transformation .” Hawkins writes.” A straw man is an unsubstantial representation of that which the sophist wishes to attack. One of the best-documented NDE cases involving an encounter with the Creator is that of a scientist by the name of Mellen-Thomas Benedict. Dawkins goes far beyond attacking this delusion. after suffering from a terminal illness. By the time of the Crusades.” A very few examples of such experience are offered. In his chapter titled “Arguments For God’s Existence. and by the sixth century. most Christians suffer the delusion that Jehovah is synonymous with the Supreme Being. Here we can see the origin of the spiritual divorce from the actual teachings of Jesus Christ that allowed the later atrocities of the Crusades and the Inquisition….

Unlike anyone before them.” For a scientist sincerely interested in exploring the “God hypothesis. No mention is made of Max Planck.” Indeed.” accounts such as those offered by Benedict and Hawkins would have to be taken into consideration.of such enormity had taken place that I was struck dumb with awe…. “’Unrelentingly and unceasingly. came in time to the belief that the universe must be governed by a “great Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter. The world was illumined by the clarity of an Infinite Oneness. The first to make this claim was Thomas Huxley. very short. The Most Curious Thing The most curious thing that I found in The God Delusion is the author’s invocation of Darwin’s original (1859) representation of natural selection. “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. throughout the world. Darwin celebrates.” This sublime Creator couldn’t possibly be a supernatural agent. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.” Further. Alas. quite satisfactorily. naughty Richard quotes. the father of quantum physics. which expressed itself as all things revealed in their immeasurable beauty and perfection. traditional belief in supernatural governance. right? What’s more. ‘natural selection is daily and hourly scrutinizing.’ as Darwin explained. the co-founder of Richard’s favorite doctrine (natural selection). the incorrect opinion of physicist Leonard Susskind. they provided explanations of our existence that completely rejected supernatural agents.” 4 For the record: Readers of Darwin’s tomes will find the old guy sometimes invokes a “sublime Creator. in his book on the voyage of the Beagle. “Modern cosmology really began with Darwin and Wallace. every variation. Dawkins’ claim that the doctrine of natural selection replaces. who states. without correction. no mention is made of the fact that Alfred Russel Wallace. A curious thing for a non-believer to do. Naughty Richard Dawkins’ list of scientists who believe in God is very. . the spread of British-style Christianity throughout the South Pacific. is nonsense. That the Darwin-Wallace theory (as Darwinism was first called) took a turn down Strictly Materialistic Street was a result of the fact Huxley was driving the movement. who has said. Dawkins utterly ignores the testimonies of those who have undergone NDE.

All Considered All considered. flatly. correct? If so. in fact. the book succeeds to some extent. “Darwin was wrong” about natural selection. As an argument against religion. Ernst Mayr. rejecting that which is bad. the Inquisition) are. Huxley had a problem with Darwin’s conceptualization. The God Delusion is an extended polemical exercise well worth a read. to invoke a sentiment expressed in one of my favorite popular songs.g. Quite the opposite. Malignancies associated with the God archetype (e. he speaks of natural selection as merely circumstantial selection (the same wind that blows one fledgling out of the nest merely ruffles the feathers of another).’…” 5 Mr. stated. the great authority on Darwinism in the modern period. Dawkins is not just a sophist. which is. then we must welcome Richard to the post-Darwinism evolutionary science movement. as a result of study of NDE accounts and of the pioneering research into the “afterlife” conducted by the late Robert Monroe and his associates at the Monroe Institute. I have not experienced the etheric Source of the God archetype. but the ultimate sophist! Or has Dawkins experienced a divine guidance moment that has allowed him to see that the original conceptualization of natural selection was.” They are the . preserving and adding up all that is good. Unlike Benedict or Hawkins. and in his own widely read accounts of Darwinism. I am quite certain that the etheric Source is not malignant. Mayr says.. I especially like Dawkins’ discourse on the anti-religion sentiments of Thomas Jefferson and other founders of our secular (thank God) American system of government. at the improvement of each organic being.even the slightest.” So why is Dawkins validating a conceptualization that is considered by all the other Darwinists to be wrong? Is he saying something he does not actually believe in order to win votes for his thesis that the doctrine of natural selection is the greatest consciousness-raising crane ever invented? If so. Darwin himself abandoned his original conceptualization of natural selection. silently and insensibly working. an anthropomorphic substitute for the anthropomorphic divine presence (“His eye is on the sparrow”). obviously. whenever opportunity affords. Dr. Natural selection. Concerning that hypothesis. what I would like to say is this: The universality of belief in a Creator indicates that the belief is archetypal. means merely “elimination of the weakest. the book fails— utterly. saying that “survival of the fittest” was a better term for what he meant. Nevertheless. but as an argument against the God hypothesis. “our own damned fault. What are archetypes? Primary template formulations existing at the interface between the etheric (implicate) and the physical (explicate) orders.

2006). as one of my mentors has said. 37. . human consciousness is.” Notes 1Richard Dawkins. 163. p. p.mellen-thomas. 3See 4The God Delusion. Historically. The God Delusion (Boston: Houghton Mifflin. “an embarrassment to the Supreme Being. 2Ibid. 118. p.product of human negative thinking. 5Ibid.

She readily agreed.Chapter 7 The Manifestation Factory “Opposition is true friendship. what the Christ called the “The Generation over whom there is no Kingdom. and we started up a conversation. at a time when I’d been out of work for several months and was hard-pressed to pay my bills. I remembered this establishment as a place one could find anything. I got out of the car. then walked alongside the seemingly longabandoned building. and an old crone stuck a dust mop out and shook it. I said. She didn’t have a suitable dress. easily broke the lock on the gate. I fell asleep and woke.” I said. a window opened on the third floor. I was on my way to a party. You are. “You do. The dream told me that I had shut down my ability to manifest. I was surprised to see that the Factory was shut down and the gate locked. . but said she had a little problem. Hop in. The phrase “manifestation factory” came to me in a dream some years ago.” just outside of town.” —William Blake I take the view that each of us is an integrated complex of seven selves. a veritable manifestation factory. you idiot!” I awoke laughing. from the physiologic self to the self existing in the frequency domain that Ramtha calls infinite unknown. and asked if she’d like to come along. scowled and said. I drove no more than a block or two when I spotted this gorgeous babe standing on a street corner.” We drove to the “Manifestation Factory. “Who owns this place?!” She looked down at me. “No problem at all. in dream.” This means that you have an enormous creative potential. “I know where to get just the right one. Suddenly. One night when I was feeling very discouraged. but when we got there. driving a nifty red sports car. I stopped. potentially. “Say there!” I shouted to her.

The major ones are discussed below. We TEVs suppose that we’ve come to those conclusions ourselves. I was looking for certain information concerning Sir Francis Bacon.” or TEV for short. Guess who? It’s Cousin Marilyn.” Synchronicity is a word used to describe the occurrence of a complex of related events in the same time period. These are people operating. and this data is processed by ourselves and by higher self. where it is processed. but found nothing. In my model of psychology. Talk about synchronicity! Let’s consider synchronicity within the ontological context we’ve been developing…. on impulse. for instance.” Here. or “thetan” in Hubbard’s terminology. Much to my surprise. I made a quick check of the physical sciences section. for the most part. We collect data through 52+ perceptic channels (according to Ron Hubbard). The phone rings.” For the Lolas of this world. Before leaving. Thetan is a very appropriate name for higher self. Previously. The psychologic/higher self complex is homologous with the most basic perceptual mechanism — the IMP complex. The thetan is the guy who thinks through the data received. it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Cousin Marilyn. their lives are uninterrupted streams of what is called “synchronicity.What is it that would cause one to shut down his or her power to manifest? Answer: the negative ego. there is little in the way of obstacles between the desire and the realization of the desire. This state is divine. Our job is exploration of the Earth reality. whose job is original thinking. on the ego program. of course. Lola. We TEVs collect data . let’s use the Liptonian description — “terrestrial exploration vehicle. we have come to those conclusions ourselves. I made a thorough check of the sections where one would expect to find a book about Bacon. and was later further amazed to find that it contained precisely the information I was looking for. at a used books store in SeaTac. Lola gets. I stopped. you’re a TEV. I pulled it out. “Marilyn!” you exclaim. Curious. “My. While en route to Seattle one day.” you think to yourself. “What ever Lola wants. “I was just thinking about you!” Several years ago. if we define “ourself” as a complex of psychologic self and higher self. “ego” is native-state self. it’s necessary to observe what life is like for individuals in whom the influence of the negative ego is minimal. Actually. I’ve labeled the physiologic you “valley slogger. The negative ego has various sources. and who transmits its conclusions to us. These individuals are said to lead “magical” lives. I’m a TEV. information I couldn’t find in the local library or on the Net. the state of being prior to social programming. Between two thick books on chemistry was tucked a staple-bound booklet. We’ve all experienced synchronicity. An IMP captures a specific datum from the environment and facilitates the transport of that datum to the inner domain of the cell. it was a monograph on the life of Francis Bacon! I purchased it. First. The negative ego is that which denies the god-power within.

No howls of protest have arisen. the greater the degree of deracination. with single eyes or no eyes at all. from the standpoint of orthodox biology.” The uranium 238 deployed in the two wars against Iraq is highly carcinogenic. The forefathers of the Lakotas has done this for long ages until there had come to them real understanding of Earth ways. heresy. However. So deracinated are we. for instance.from our environment and transmit that data to our “inner domain. the advance of civilization could be measured on a deracination scale. deracination meaning uprooted. not “safe. The Negative Ego Before his passing. Consciousness is not something in us. Iraq there has been a 700% increase in cancer among children. we exist within consciousness. In Basra. Vine ends a letter of 25 June 2004 thusly: “There is a quote from Luther Standing Bear that I thought you might enjoy and find useful. If we the civilized were operating on native instinct. There has likewise been a 700% increase in congenital anomalies in Iraqi newborns: children born without brains. we would tolerate neither the removal of the bush people from the Kalahari nor the use of highly . from the “civilized” as an ancient aboriginal culture is destroyed. the Native American scholar Vine Deloria and I corresponded on various issues. Orthodox biology holds that consciousness is an efflorescence of the genes. we think nothing of deracinating those few peoples who are not deracinated. We the “civilized” are a deracinated lot. according to the legend of the tribe. It was almost as if the man were still part of the Earth as he was in the beginning. Indeed. The more advanced the civilization. From Land of the Spotted Eagle: ‘The Earth is full of sounds which the old-time Indian could hear. rather. “It is spread through dust storms.’” Most of our contemporaries would regard the idea that we can gather useful information about nature by putting an ear to Earth as utterly ridiculous. So deracinated are we Americans.” 1 What does the fate of the Kalahari bush people or the fate of those exposed to DU ammo have to do with the negative ego? Everything. The “depleted” means depleted of commercial value. are now being removed from the Kalahari Desert and placed on reservations. we raise no objection to the arming of our military forces with DU (depleted uranium) ammunition. especially Earth changes. with no arms.” which is in our case the field of consciousness (higher self) in which we exist. nor are they likely to arise. The Basharian view is. The Kalahari bush people. sometimes putting his ear to it so as to hear more clearly. It gets deposited in human bone. Bashar says. the Bashar model is in alignment with the new biology of Lipton et al.

human beings have done an absolutely superb job of demonstrating limited thought and behavior. prepare to be re-cycled. the new math of Mandelbrot. limited thought and behavior was in. Source is insatiably curious. A New Game was mandated — integration. If you’re too tired. they would have served undoubtedly as the opening of a diatribe against civilization. which had become threatening not only to the human species. If you’re in doubt about this. the new biology of Sheldrake. Indisputable evidence of an ET presence. Over the past thirty years. lazy. Native instinct tells us that we are all related. Notice of the change came to us humans in 1947. exploration of one thing or another is mandatory. New Mexico. Until 1947. as Lipton science indicates. the issue is the negative ego. Now. its special interests. the real powers-that-be called an end to the game of limitation. With that event. (Look what happened to the Christ. Remember: Source wants to know all that can be known.” Here. I do not believe Hubbard is correct. read Colonel Phillip Corso’s The Day After Roswell. I have immersed myself in the new sciences — the new psychology of Hubbard. At the moment. but to life in other dimensions. two still alive. 2 After Roswell. but there is an important element of truth in what he says. and so today. my interest is in putting “new and new” together and. Margulis and others. like us. As head of Foreign Technology in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon in the early sixties. however. or fearful to explore the unknown. with the guidance of higher self. In his book. Corso was in charge of the Roswell files. Bashar says. capping their glorious exploration with the use of atomic bombs to annihilate Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.) By the way. and unlimited thought and behavior was unwelcome. One tried to run away and was shot by a nervous soldier. coming up with a new vision of human existence that will inspire people to confront successfully the many challenges we face in the years ahead. Earth was interested in exploring an unknown called “limitation. the ET presence . he states that five extraterrestrials were found at the Roswell crash site. Ron Hubbard maintained that Earth is a prison planet. All the mis-fits of the universe wind up here. and so what is done to our relations anywhere on the planet affects us — directly. and so all explorations are “legitimate. it has. Historically. Had I written the several paragraphs above thirty years ago. I have no interest in diatribes. the messenger being the crashing of an ET spacecraft in Roswell. the new metaphysics of Bashar and Ramtha. is a singular and sentient being. As such. the new physics of Bohm and others. Bashar indicates that certain other planets are devoted to explorations far more dreadful than limitation. Lipton. so let’s start by confronting that.carcinogenic materials in our weaponry. The Earth. We’re closer to being a picnic planet than many another.” Indeed.

I went to the corner store to buy some. Most people. there can be no game. Sit down with a pad and pen. they simply fester. becoming more and more potent over time.” Feeling “unworthy. I knew. Negative ego generated obstacles — and generates them still. negative ego was a necessary player in the pre-1947 Earth game of limitation. As I had none on me. absolutely. direct intervention might have stopped this travesty.” I hopped a bus to New Haven. New Game welcomes the various expressions of the negative ego as indicators of the next evolutionary move. crying. “Ah! I’m feeling unworthiness. pop some pills. there would be no “human drama. I needed a cigarette. as the voice of that which we must own. Ignored issues don’t go away. Without an antagonist as well as protagonist. negative ego still has a role to play. However. which . I was living in a house in Hamden. simply ignore negative feelings and attitudes. Connecticut. I felt that before I intervened. An entity wanting to play Old Game cannot do so unless he/she “forgets” he/she is a god.” In the New Game of integration. ask the question “What must I have believed in order to create the condition of unworthiness?” Record your answers (there may be dozens!) and don’t stop until you have the feeling “Aha!—that’s it. “Opposition.became more and more evident. The store was closed. at the present time.” wrote the poet William Blake. distract themselves.” are you? That is the voice of the negative ego telling you that mastery of the feeling of unworthiness is the next step in your personal evolution. at a time when I was endeavoring to give up smoking cigarettes. that the couple was not guilty of child abuse. when playing Old Game. What must I believe in order to have that feeling?” Once the question is raised. In other words. or whatever. of course. taken into the custody of social workers. In this dream.” Three Dreams Three examples of dream-answers to questions raised regarding personal limitations: The first exemplary dream occurred years ago. master as part of our intellectual and spiritual evolution. the negative ego had served the useful function of attenuating the communication-lines between physiologic and higher selves. On the door was a sign: “Death in the Family. and this was accompanied by the initiation of the channeling phenomenon on a wide scale. In contrast. “is true friendship. What about the “negative ego”? In Old Game. the answer will appear. I witnessed the arrest of a young couple across the street on child abuse charges and saw the kids. Without obstacles. My immediate. It may appear in a dream or it may emerge as the result of conscious probing.

was about ten miles away. Arriving, I was surprised to find that all the usual stores weren’t there anymore. I wound up in an Indian imports emporium that was endlessly fascinating. I wandered about the emporium for an hour, then hopped a bus back home. When I arrived, at last, I found that new people were living in the house across the street, and no one knew anything about the young couple who had lived there before. What the dream told me, clearly, was that I believed I needed a nicotine fix before confronting anything stressful. Further, it told me that this habit of thought was not at all helpful; indeed, it was preventing me from doing what I should be doing. The second exemplary dream is the one with which we began this chapter — the “Manifestation Factory.” What this dream told me is that I held the idiotic belief I am not the creator of my own reality. The laughter with which I awoke signaled my release from this belief—for the moment at least. Not long after having this dream, I decided to leave New England, the land of abandoned factories, and to fly off into the unknown. I landed in The Great Northwest. There, as I discovered, many interesting adventures were awaiting me. The third dream occurred over thirty years ago, at a time I could not feel any divine presence whatsoever in my life—or so I thought. As a very young person, I had felt such a presence, but in the late seventies, it seemed to be gone. Then … early one morning, I had a dream that caused me to wake up with a laugh. The dream was titled “A Postcard from God.” Before even brushing my teeth, I got out a pad and pen and turned the dream-postcard into a poem …

A Postcard from God

Today, I received a postcard from God. On it is a picture of myself Reading a postcard. The message reads …

“Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here.”


1Michael Collins Piper, “DU in Iraq—A War Crime Beyond Compare.” American Free Press, 2 Oct., 2006. 2See

A disturbing prediction. those who have achieved the most success in clearing a communications-line to higher self (selves) are the Qigong masters.e. most of us will find ourselves slogging not through any old valley. 1 For an excellent introduction to Qigong. Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) means “energy cultivation” or “working with life energy. especially for those of us who understand that belief is a creative act. Only recently have Americans made the acquaintance of Qigong. .. it may be we’ll be losing much of the Earth’s population over the next few years because of the consensus belief that our numbers ought to be significantly reduced. Berkeley hosted the First International Congress of Qigong. Equally disturbing is the fact that many opinion and policy leaders have “no problem” with the prospect of a massive die-off. Some prognosticators are estimating that we’ll be losing two-thirds of our species. Historically. “death” referring to the termination of physiologic vehicles. influenced many of the major strands of Chinese philosophy. In 1990.” —Jixing Li In Y2K8-12. read The Theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy by the Qigong master Jixing Li. in a later chapter. The first scientific study of Qigong in the United States was sponsored by the Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine Research in Heart Disease at the University of Michigan. re-design and re-organize ourselves energetically so that we move in harmony with nature’s laws. i. I’ll be discussing these intellectual and moral midgets. but through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. these institutional expressions of negative ego. and its central belief. The subject at hand is getting in better communication with your higher self. we can train.Chapter 8 The Divine Breath “Utilizing high-level energy. that balance is the key to personal and societal health.” Qigong originated some five to seven thousand years ago.

especially in the Y2K8-12 period. however. materialization of things out of the ethers. Bruce H. the Li model of the human as a computer with potential for receiving universal information would have seemed to most Westerners simply unbelievable. Qigong masters have a long history of performing “miracles. i. the Living Biological Computer can self-improve the functions of its software and hardware. some of these same skills are taught at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE). teleportation. “simply because we are human. information regarding this science was rescued from the trash and put on our desktop. In The True Meaning of the da Vinci Code. is the biological equivalent of a computational bit. but because humans are possessed with Living Biological Computers…. It was called “savior science. our own leading scientist in biology. Suppose you have a two-hundred-foot wave coming at you. The meaning of the code is central to the ancient Saviour Science reasoning that began to come into existence as an atomistic science in Greece around the 5th Century BC and crystallized into actual science during the 3rd Century BC.” Thanks to Professor Robert Pope of the Science-Art Research Center of Australia.” 3 Twenty years ago. remote viewing. sad to say. In Western science. 4 According to savior science. The essential concept is that atomic (Particle) movement creates a harmonic wisdom of ennobling human values that is linked to the workings of an infinite universe. They can receive large amounts of scientific information from the Living Information Databases of the universe….…” 2 How is it we self-improve? Through the practice of utilizing our “Living Biological Antennae” to pick up on “various energies in Multi-Dimensional Spaces. Pope writes. it disappeared. The human body is composed of trillions of microprocessors.e.. is advocating the same model. We in the West once had a spiritual philosophy comparable with Qigong. Now. termed Diabolos. Small world. which makes us … super-computers. It is time to give Qigong some very serious attention. was elevated to the status of prime law of . Lipton. it is a microprocessor. Unlike normal computers. wouldn’t you like to teleport yourself to a very high place? Coincidentally.” Many of the skills they’ve demonstrated are skills we’d all find quite useful.” Li writes. that which preserves us and makes possible our moral development is the achievement of a balance between the principle of creation and the principle of destruction.“Humans are not called the splendid creation of Supreme Wisdom. the latter. The single cell. Skills like healing. Lipton tells us. but.

it was canonized by the church fathers as the Word of God.universe under the name “entropy. No one knows for certain who wrote this Revelation. may have received part of his training from a savior group in Egypt known as the Therapeutae. and the existence of ennobling emotion explained. vindictive Jehovah with the nurturing God of Love.” Buckminster Fuller writes.” Pope continues. so it seems to me. however. The error of the church fathers is understandable as the equation of savior with rescuer was part of common thought long before the church founding. nevertheless.” 7 . post-Newtonian scientific materialism. “the form of life and of the physical universe was rest. That is true to some extent. The most familiar of these is the nightmarish hallucination called the book of Revelation. is reported to have freed the Western mind from the chains of theological dogma. Newton subscribed to the concept that energetic systems continually dissipate their energy. it seemed abnormal to have anything in motion. Entropy and Syntropy Modern science.” 5 The savior scientist most familiar to us in the West is Jesus the Christ.” Pope writes. death was the normal state. “has been tested in computer simulations. It is only capable of generating deformed or cancerous biological growth and development.” “However. as a result of various end-times prophecies purporting to describe a “second coming” of the Christ. Tragically.” The millions of present-day orthodox Christians waiting for the Christ to rescue them from the chaos of the end days are likely to be disappointed. sustainable healthy biological growth and development simulations can be generated.” “The logical outcome of the extension of The Principle of Destruction. 6 Central to the Christ’s mission was the balancing of the harsh..” interpreting savior as “rescuer. “by using fractal logic and assuming the universe is infinite. thus undoing the work of the Christ — and restoring Diabolos to the throne of God.e. i. The founders of orthodox Christianity totally misread the Christ’s reputation as “savior. “To Newton. thus. In later years this concept became known as the second law of thermodynamics and was given the name entropy. It is clearly immoral to sentence our children to continue to live within the confines of a cancerous world view. disposing it in ever more disorderly ways. the main effect of this book. To him. modern science failed to free us from the prison house itself — the paradigm supporting the supremacy of Diabolos. has been to put believers into a state of fear. That paradigm is known as the Entropy Law.… Like all the classical scientists of his time. as Michael Baigent suggests in The Jesus Papers. who.

to reverse the relentless rise in entropy. however proficient their technology. the Entropy Law was the unchallenged ruling paradigm in the physical sciences.” And once that replacement is effected. Einstein related everything to the speed of radiation.” 10 . economic.” Einstein’s equation totally redefined matter. “The universe is now microseconds away from death. and however deep their understanding. which is now very close. but. Buckminster Fuller writes: “Einstein’s E=mc2 formula. still governs … all graphic charting of evolutionary events — technical. In his God and the New Physics. or social — when plotted against calendar or clock-time.e.” 9 Davies’ diabolical vision is even scarier than that of the Revelation — and equally absurd. or no change. We will then see that humanity in its earliest and greatest ignorance was tail-spinning into extinction. As Fuller notes. Fuller writes.” Dear me. is now progressively pulling out into straight-and-level flight … at the newly realized to-be-normal speed of electromagnetic radiation’s information transmission—i. giving rise to his basic assumption that this speed is the norm of cosmic energy unfettered in vacuo.000 mps.Until recently.000-miles-per-second radiations given off by the myriads of radiant-energy concentrations interfering with one another and tying themselves into knots to produce microcosmic inter-event pattern systems that we humans identify superficially as matter…. 186. “Newton’s norm of rest. It was observing Brownian movement on the microscopic level that triggered Einstein’s working assumption that constant motion was the norm for physical universe. Newton’s no-change norm forms the baseline of all such charts” 8 One of the best-known Diabolos-boosters these days is the Australian philosopher-scientist Paul Davies. Einstein’s norm will eventually replace Newton’s norm of inertia…. shattered the Newtonian assumption that the norm of physical universe is rest. The Newtonian assumption (‘norm of rest”) on which that vision rests has been refuted by Einstein. which was proven correct in 1942. “The second law of thermodynamics forbids anyone. “We have only to revolve 90 degrees clockwise the charts plotted in the Newtonian norm. Even the Creator can’t reverse the big crunch. in the aviator’s terms. he (she or it) couldn’t stop the inevitable big crunch extinction of the universe. The big crunch is like the Big Bang in reverse … [the universe] goes out of existence … total annihilation. Davies declares that even if there is a God.. Fuller continues. “Einstein hypothesized that all slower-speed phenomena must be the result of the 186.

“because they need to de-tox. then stabilized at 110. The lilies don’t toil or sweat. “My family thought I was crazy.” “As a result of my first fast in 1963.” Incredible? Not long before I interviewed Brooks for the first time. Just a week before. practically able to run up and down Manhattan.” Brooks remarked. . and am sustained by.” After two weeks without food. I couldn’t climb stairs without pain and loss of breath.100 pounds. Wiley began an investigation of energy that turned into his life’s work. and they are able — as I proved — to return to that condition. “I was amazed.” Following his recovery from arthritis. he decided.” He consumed only a little water with a bit of lemon juice. decided to stop eating — as a last-ditch effort to handle an increasingly debilitating case of arthritis. If the normal person didn’t sleep. Humans started out as walking plants. “Ordinary humans sleep a lot. The 135-pound self-styled “breatharian” appeared on the television show That’s Incredible! and lifted a weight totaling 1.” 11 Brooks’ achievement brought him face-to-face with a big paradox: “I had given up food. a yogi under the supervision of Bernard Jensen (of California) had lived six months in excellent health without a morsel of “food.. It didn’t make any sense. and here I was. Seventeen years later.. a 27-year-old Afro-American amateur diver. The yogi’s weight dropped slightly after he commenced the fast. able to derive everything they needed from sun and air. Wiley was far from dead. It comes from air — air and sunlight. he had to get the world’s attention. he’d quickly kill himself with those drugs we call food.” This is the mantra of a very interesting freethinker by the name of Wiley Brooks.” Brooks recalled in a 1993 interview. “I came to understand the truth in the biblical saying that we should consider the lilies of the field. the Divine Breath.” Brooks eventually came to the conclusion that “Energy doesn’t come from what we call food. Great Spirit another. yet they are arrayed with beauty.The Divine Breath The principle of disintegration has been given a very poetical name (Diabolos) What is the name of the twice-as-powerful principle of integration? Holy Spirit is one name. he decided to make his findings known to the world. Let me tell you a little about him.. Let me suggest a third name—the “Divine Breath. and yet I was growing stronger and stronger. Wiley Brooks. First. about as far as you can get. not according to the conventional wisdom. He was walking lightheartedly from one end of Manhattan to the other.” Brooks once remarked to me. “They were sure I was out to commit suicide.” “I was created by. Over forty years ago.

the Big Crunch and the Fuller Picture. a Qigong master. 53. pp. no doubt. 64. The True Meaning of the da Vinci Code (Murwillumbah. . “Entropy. 6Michael Baigent.” Had Wiley been born and raised in China. 3Ibid. his only real option was to become a showman and. 4Robert Pope. pp. Breatharianism — Breathe and Live Forever. which I do in the next chapter. and as the knowledge he gathered is potentially useful to those of us interested in surviving Y2K8-12. a lecturer. 9Ibid. 2Jixing Li. p.” The Golden Thread (Sept-Oct 2001): 51. 5Ibid. “I never did. It was the energy I had accumulated that lifted the weights. In America. Australia: Science-Art Research Centre. As I conducted many interviews with Brooks in 1993. 2006).“I didn’t practice or anything. CA: TC Media International. 1992).answers. The Theory of Multi-Dimensional Universal Energy (Fremont. Inc. 31-32. 11All Brooks quotations are derived from notes I took in 1993 interviews. 33-34. pp. which he regarded as inadequate. 62. 2008). He produced one short book. he would have become. who held that evolving consciousness is a function of a universal energy system balancing entropy. I feel obligated to set forth what I’ve learned about “Brooksian breatharianism. Inc..” American-style energy cultivation. Notes 1See www.” Brooks said. p. Philosopher of science Robert Pope informs me that “You can also include the 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. 153-57. 2005). Fuller quotations are from his Cosmography—A Posthumous Scenario for the Future of Humanity (New York: Macmillan.” 8Ibid. and little has been published about his work since that time.. p. later. 7Theodore Hall. The Jesus Papers—Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History (New York: HarperCollins.

He had a book out. we’re telling the body to harmonize its vibrations with those of beef!” As the above suggests. not by “food. I worked as a writer for Wylie Brooks. and sign up interested individuals for a long-term seminar in Yelm. I was the writer he found.Chapter 9 The Key to Life “The closer you get to God. Wylie is a superb extemporaneous speaker. the Divine Breath. I never practice believing I need food. Wylie was not interested in remaining on the Earth plane (“the plane of deception”) longer than he needed to in order to pass along what he had learned. I lived and worked with the guy for nearly four months. The body is a computer. and are sustained by. on food: “What other people call food I call poison. The bottom-line premise of Brooks’ breatharianism is that we were created by. the funnier everything seems.” which he considered poison. and that’s why I call it poison. in powering up his body so that he could ascend to a higher plane of existence. Brooks. We eat dirt in order to keep ourselves grounded on this plane. taking notes and eventually compiling these into a book. If we put in hamburgers. Brooks decided the fellow was right. His interest was in energy cultivation. and the stuff we put in the stomach are programs. Brooks had been invited to Yelm by an enterprising fitness instructor who believed Brooksian breatharianism would be of great interest to many in our small but international city. If we were on the moon and wanted to stay awhile. we’d have to eat moondust. but not a writer. He wanted a better book. to find the right vibration. He rented a large ranch house and prepared it to serve as a seminar center. and that would enable our bodies to adapt. and that meant finding a writer who would attend his lectures and seminar. In . His plan was to give free introductions here and then in the area. but was not happy with it. Fruits and vegetables — all foods in fact — are just nicely packaged chunks of dirt. After giving a few introductory lectures.” —Wylie Brooks In the late spring and summer of 1993.

” Live food: “The only live food you take in is the sunlight and air. Once you understand that it’s just a vehicle for you. The skin is more important than the lungs when the body is working properly.New Age terms. control returns to the pituitary system. As we become greater.” The pituitary system: “When the body is operating as designed. the pituitary system commands the organism. “is accomplished by being one with the power [the Divine Breath]. Everything the body requires can be produced by the body. If you put food in. so I assumed everybody was Jesus.” Before sketching out some of Wylie’s recommendations as to how to cultivate energy. Our challenge is to become powerful in anything we do. a perfect replica of the sun. The alimentary canal is the inner skin. God has to get out. he says. I’d like to share a few of his observations about the human body…. Know you’re God. you have duality. When you empty the stomach. “When I was a child.” he said on another occasion. my mother told me that Jesus has the Key of Life and he’d be returning. The body is a transducer.” “Breatharianism. that system. you don’t become quite so upset about death…. his aim was to become an “ascended master. The moment God is outside.” And what is the “Key of Life”? Wylie: “The Key of Life is knowing you are the Key of Life.” Ascension Brooks defined as “a byproduct of breatharianism. the action of becoming god-realized. Wylie replied. was the key to my getting the Key of Life. It utilizes raw materials supplied by the air and sunlight to create everything the body requires. That attitude. Nitrogen is absorbed through the skin.” The stomach: “The throne of God in the physical plane is the stomach. Everyone’s wanting to have the perfect body so they know they’re God. the supply of pituitary hormones increases. we are not in the body…. The Human Body The body.” he said on one occasion. Everything you ingest by mouth is killed by hydrochloric acid — if it isn’t already dead. then the perfect body will follow.” Wylie stated.” “God-consciousness. a car. The body is actually in us. “is the cafeteria of the body. Only when you realize you are God can you begin to realize your full potential.” .” “The endocrine system.” The skin: “The largest organ in the body and the real stomach.” Asked about his view of Jesus. “is a biological puppet or robot. “is the art. I didn’t know what he’d look like. Release external symbols.

therefore I am. but can you believe there is a possibility you are God?” “This is the plane of deception.” “As you practice a system for being in present time. ergo sum. she gains access to his power. Be truthful with yourself — and that will save your life.” “There is tremendous power in surrender.” Thinking: “What you think is what really is. and reappear after the dust settles.” Being in present time: “Being in present time is the key to everything. If you’re facing a difficult court action. That which presents itself to you in this moment.” “Don’t believe anything unless you’ve experienced it.) Self-sufficiency: “Everything the body needs can be produced by the body.” . When we put what is called food into the body. Past and future are results of the present. everything is self-sufficient.” “The body is sustained by what you think. Everything is conscious. Believing anything else is a waste of energy. you become more and more God.” Energy Cultivation The secret of ultimate power: “The secret of ultimate power is learning to keep your mouth shut.” “It’s cogito. of course.” “The opposite of resistance. not I eat. The present is not the result of the past.” The now: “The now moment. therefore I am. Only if you are in present time can you disappear when the atom bomb hits your block. the solar plexus becomes the command center. Resistance strengthens that which is resisted.” Surrender: “A kind of allowing. you’d be wise to surrender to your attorney.The solar plexus: “The lower brain.” (This remark has. multiple meanings.” Truth: “Every great truth starts as a possible truth. When a woman surrenders to a man.” “A system for increasing personal power by agreeing with another god. Surrender disarms the other. I think. but don’t deceive yourself. You may not be able to believe you’re God. To surrender is to put yourself in the hands of someone else.” “Present time is the standpoint from which we create past and future.

” “If you have a positive attitude toward all creations. If it’s in pain. but some. Don’t give power to the negative. coli poisoning as the result of eating a contaminated Jack In The Box hamburger. The biggest [source of stress] is eating and drinking.” Sleep: “A mode of de-tox.” “Real power is the ability to make things happen by allowing things to happen. Wylie and I hopped . It’s negative thoughts that kill you. you can only get positive effects. his definition of pain: “Pain is the body trying to pull itself into balance. with a reserve. The Supreme Being is all-powerful. The AllPowerful is all-allowing.Positive thinking: “Create positive thoughts.” “The wisest thing a person can do is lean toward the positive. This is the physiological basis of dualism. but I can’t understand why I like it. you’re doing everything.” Wylie provided many illustrations of the positive definition/positive effects formula.g. he said to me. we learned that a child from Tacoma had died of E. it’s being healed..” “If your power is high enough. eating is less detrimental than it would be otherwise.” Wylie’s eating.” “Resting enables you to build up a reserve of power. When he ate.” “Resting is a good exercise providing you don’t eat. it was often with a quizzical expression on his face. e. upon finishing a TV dinner. Wylie ate food on a daily basis. Once. Rest in bed for a week or so. turning them into gases. “I can understand why people like this stuff. which are power.” Stress: “Stress is the result of counter-intention. it destroys toxins in the body.” “The most powerful thing you can do is nothing.” Resting: “By resting. cross-purposes.” Allowing: “The greatest power is in allowing. which are eliminated through the skin. He would always carefully note the bodily effects of that which he ingested. was experimental. One day. You’re building power.” The Last Temptation of a Christ While he was in Yelm. like everything he did. It’s in surrendering to sleep that we are enabled to get our power back.” “The most profound power comes from sitting still. engaging in nothing but meditation. Not a lot. Pain is simply energy that is locked on something negative.

then body bags the substances and ships them off down the intestinal track. went thirteen weeks without food. even though it was mid-day. This didn’t bother Wylie. the most common mechanism being sugar. The seminar had some good results. Wylie “Coyote” Brooks. too.” The poison Wylie found most interesting was Twinkies®.” I asked him after he had finished. which he consumed slowly — thoughtfully. “The body makes its own sugar. However. which I found extremely beneficial. you don’t need to do it again and again. the body has its own defense against defense mechanisms — “digestion. If I’m judged a fake. Wylie ordered two large burgers. Later. of course. with relish. at the time. “is a form of warfare in which the body first kills invading substances with hydrochloric acid. We found the parking lot empty (surprise. “It’s a trick planet. (I had a fish sandwich. Ted. he called himself. . Once you’ve climbed up Everest. and Wylie’s big interest in ’93 was in creating other breatharians so that he’d have “a few people he could really talk with.” Yelm is.” Of course. “what’s your assessment?” “Very good.” Thereafter. then I must be the real his Lincoln and drove to the nearest Jack In The Box. “we’ll have to stop in again. or was in ‘93.” I didn’t need to ask Wylie why he ate poison. which he referred to as “the epitome of junk foods. you dump in a lot of vegetable sugar. You find other interests. he was judged by many a fraud — a fake breatharian. there was the boredom of being awake all night while everyone else was sleeping (de-toxing). a lovely Canada girl. about one ounce a day.” he said. I observed as the weeks went by that she only got stronger and lovelier. I knew. surprise). After Wylie was observed in a local convenience store eating Twinkies®. unless. as she jogged every day.” Wylie remarked. a very small town.) “Well. I didn’t go off food myself. I once asked him why food was so “dangerous”? He replied that everything in nature has a defense mechanism.” “What’s called digestion. my experience of the seminar led me in subsequent years to do three-day fasts. I found out that she had taken a vitamin-mineral supplement every morning.” Then. “Sugar is the pesticide of the vegetable kingdom.” he said. The star student. which was probably a good idea. Just about everything is the opposite of what it’s supposed to be. who said to me.

frequent exposure to sunlight. .” an absence of stress.Disclaimer: The intent of this chapter is to illustrate the power of belief. not to encourage you to become a breatharian. Brooks stressed time and again that successful practice of his system requires. and clean water. in addition to the complete conviction that one can live without “food. In his talks.

C. In January of 1901. Grandfather awoke in my middle of the night to see a blue transparent figure standing at the foot of his bed. Grandfather Hall became a lay preacher— the “Businessman Evangelist. and when they do occur. The figure looked compassionately at Grandfather for a few moments and then disappeared. had invented the block signal system for railroads.” I've previously described my one and only face-to-face encounter with my higher self. but the greatest is none other than my own higher self.” Hall's father.Chapter 10 The Show of Light. I do . Convinced that he had been visited by Jesus Christ. president of the American Tract Society and the American Bible Society. I believe. Thomas Shepherd Hall. Grandfather became. In these positions. William Phillips Hall. When higher selves make face-to-face appearances. one of my higher selves that is. Yes. from Washington D. we have more than one higher self. Sad to say.” —Delmore Schwartz I've been privileged to have experienced many great teachers in my lifetime. yes. Such encounters are rare. their intention. offers a case in point. the All-Time Horror Flick “In dreams begin responsibilities. Actually. Being a rich and very persuasive preacher and writer. My grandfather. to Toronto. not to turn us into crusaders for the Good Old Orthodoxy. he played a key role in the formation of the modern evangelical movement. We have six altogether!—the higher-most being one of the innumerable gods belonging to what Jesus the Christ called “The Generation over whom there is no Kingdom. both father and son became well-to-do manufacturing railway signals and signal systems. the experiencer is likely to suppose that the apparition is a ghost or some such thing. is to accelerate our consciousness evolution. in time. Grandfather spent all his millions on huge evangelical and anti-alcohol events. I presume.

yet still I have. According to the model advanced in this book.. scary. The general mission of the physiologic/higher self complex is to evolve. “Thank you. are dramatizations of wish-fulfillments..” is inadequate. O physiologic self.” Scary. but his major hypothesis. I haven't been a college prof for over twenty-five years.understand that becoming an evangelical preacher might have been Grandfather’s next step in consciousness evolution. 204 . Recurring ... I would argue. Evolution requires experience. If we have unresolved issues of importance. physiologic self is the experiencer. Helping to found a hospital is a very Christ-like thing to do. Freud has many astute things to say about dreams. Is there some one “job” that could be ascribed to all dreams? To that question. If we are preoccupied with something. the human being (“TEV”) is one part of a twopart invention. The first scientific theory of dreams was advanced by Sigmund Freud in his The Interpretation of Dreams (1899). I take with me a list of all the things I intend to do that day. If physiologic self is in the grips of fear. In my experience. when I leave home to go about my activities. Dreamtime is the time in which higher self offers feed-back to physiologic self. these. are you in the grips of anxiety? Your higher self sends you anxiety dreams. then the same nightmare may appear again and again. oh my God. In fairness to Grandfather. “204.. Experiential data received by physiologic self is transmitted continuously to higher self. If the fear is really profound. anything at all. Now. may be expected to play out in dream.. That may be. mirror consciousness. on occasion. too. Dreamtime When higher selves decide to down-load information they know we ought to have. higher self sends what are called “nightmares. For example: It is the very end of the semester. In that hospital I was born. but not all. I bring the final grades to my department chairman. and continues to do so until you resolve the anxiety issue in one way or another. “but where are the grades for Humanities 204?” “Humanities 204?” I reply. the other part being higher self. All dreams.. I must also say the he was one of the founders of the hospital in my hometown. Finals are over. they usually use the modality called “dream”. it's a sure bet that thing will “play out” in dream.” the chairman says. I got higher self's message. that dreams are expressions of “wish-fulfillment. but the fact remains that evangelical fervor in the service of the Jehovah fire-and-brimstone paradigm is not service to the teachings of the Christ. academic anxiety dreams. I forgot all about it!” Eventually. I would offer a provisional yes. My mind starts reeling . some dreams.

” Mis-emotional experiences. Excited by this finding. through dianetic processing. I was asked to go to an earlier-similar. I was one among millions of beams of light. Details of that experience are unimportant. The results were published in a book titled Have You Lived Before This Life? In the early eighties. and in some of the beams I recognized the protophysical forms of people I knew in my present life. he set out to visit.” you say. unwanted emotions “mis-emotions. smashing Mother's skull at the same time. which is to say. my lives have had a somewhat negative spin. After I had “audited” the nightmare. I swung the bat and smashed it. . save that it involved the smashing of a skeleton. Mother was playing piano in the dining room. “I'm being expelled from God!” What I was witnessing was the birth of my individuality. In that earlier-similar. Ron Hubbard. My first thought was.dreams contain information of great importance. are never unique. Immediately. Each one has a long history of “earlier-similar” experiences. “Fine. He came to this understanding simply by tracking earlier-similars. Hubbard's application of his analytical technology led him to the understanding that each of us has lived many. after I had looked at it many times. I related this visionary experience to a channeled entity by the name of “Elan.. whether in life or dream. “but how do I extract that information? How do I even begin?” Begin with this understanding. I picked up a baseball bat and chased the spider around the room. I spotted the killer—a huge black spider. or a sun.… Hubbard called unpleasant. the meaning of a recurring nightmare from my childhood. It was the next earlier-similar that blew my mind. As we define. In that I defined the experience as negative. I did so immediately. It was very fast. and found myself in nineteenth century Paris. I went into the room and found her dead. gathering all information obtainable. as I later found out. places in which he had lived in former lives. around the world. many lives. her blue eyes wide with fright. lying on her back. I experienced myself as a beam of light emanating from what appeared to be the surface of the sun. which I derived from L.. I set out to find. which followed something that felt like a very fast subway ride. in his own case and eventually in the cases of thousands of others. so we create.” and Elan suggested that our first thoughts (definitions) regarding the origin-of-individuation experience influence greatly the “spin” of our lives in the physical realm. never allowing me to get a good swing at it until it jumped onto the forehead of my mother. When the music stopped..” the original experience on which the chain is based. a history that goes back to a “basic-basic. and my first thought regarding the incident was very important.

the All-Time Horror Flick. They are the dreams we feel we must write down. serves evolution. complete with a title—“The Show of Light. The young mother drowns her baby in a murky pool. Let me present one that I had in 1963. Why do some people choose “evil”? The best answer I found is offered by Ron Hubbard. as it is. It changed as soon as I observed it. only that the existence of a full spectrum. Teaching Dreams Certain dreams have a super-vivid. Thus was I provided with an introduction to one of the main subjects of my contemplation and my writing—polarity. is a victim of a “mad. young lovers sitting on a porch swing in summer.Can I change my personal “Garden of Eden” incident?--which in my case is the basic-basic underlying all subsequent separation anxiety experiences. cinematic. each depicting something we would regard as “beautiful”—a mother singing softly as she bathes her baby in a crystal-clear pool. An example of such a dream? I have many. Hubbard suggests. The second half of the dream presented the same characters. sharing their very first kiss. howling situation of some . picks up a croquet mallet and bashes in the head of the girl. Yes. or just “visions. I call them “teaching dreams. They are the very.” The first half of the dream-movie presented twenty vignettes. but this time the actions were horrifying. it caused me to understand that I should be at peace with the polarity spectrum. My contemplation of this reality led me to three major realizations. This dream was cinematic. I awoke in a cold sweat.6 percent of the population. it led me to explore that question of why people would choose to explore very negative options. In fact. Hubbard states. who are classifiable as “SPs”—suppressive persons. not long after the Kennedy assassination. First. Second. I confess to not having been able to stay in the dream beyond the fifth of the horror vignettes.” What I have found is that these dreams involve information that is critical to life explorations we have undertaken and/or life explorations we will undertake in the future. Without the wide variety of attitudinal/behavioral options afforded by the spectrum. has greater value as a teaching-learning game condition than a spectrum with a smaller range. Every positive has its opposite negative.) The SP. The spectrum. very memorable dreams. Why do people become serial killers?—or sexual predators. the incident is already changed.” Others call them visionary dreams. our opportunities for growth would be restricted. quality. There is a relatively small number of people. (Roughly 2. The young man arises from the porch swing. This is not to say we should condone highly negative behavior. from extremely positive to extremely negative.

yesterday”—not necessarily a yesterday in the SP's present lifetime. The “mad, howling situation” is always present in the consciousness of the SP, and for this reason the SP is in constant need of selfprotection. This the SP seeks to provide by suppressing other people in the vicinity. When we combine Hubbard's concept of the SP with his doctrine of the “winning valence,” we can begin to form a picture of the dynamics behind the psychopathic personality. A father beats the mother in the presence of a very young child. Presuming there are no other influential role models with whom the child identifies, the child will tend to identify with the parent who is perceived as winning— the winning valence. “Valence” here may be thought of as synonymous with personality construct. Various other factors may come into play that attenuate the child's tendency to follow the model of the father. Nevertheless, the tendency will be there. We are programmed to survive (embracing that which strengthens us, rejecting that which weakens us), and that mandate means, especially for children under five, the uncritical adoption of behavior traits that appear to be the winning traits. Now, let's put two and two together and shed a little light on the psychopathology of the SP: The SP is the victim of a profoundly humiliating experience, in this or a former life, and has gone into the valence of his/her torturer. No need for a ten-volume anatomy of evil. “Evil” is simply an attitude formed on the basis of a firm decision never to allow a certain humiliating, horrible thing to happen again … by becoming like unto that which caused this thing to happen in the first place. The torturer is perceived as having the winning valence. Quite a trap, wouldn't you say? Hubbard suggested that SPs are not curable for two reasons. One, their lives are ongoing crime scenes. Two, they are not in their own valences. In my terms: Their connection with higher self, source of the true valence, has been subjected to an over-ride. Some torturer stands and commands where higher self once stood. On his Tone Scale, Hubbard puts the SP at 1.1, covert hostility. On the Hawkins scale, the SP would be located at energy level 20—shame. “Shame is used as a tool of cruelty, and its victims often become themselves cruel Shamed children are cruel to animals and each other. The behavior of people whose consciousness is only in the 20s is dangerous. They are prone to hallucinations of an accusatory nature, as well as paranoia; some become psychotic or commit bizarre crimes.” Third, my contemplation of the polarity spectrum led me to understand the criticality of what Hawkins calls the neutral position. Consider a subject, any subject. Call it “X”. On this subject there will a range of opinions. Visualize that range of opinions, from 1 to 21, 1 being most negative and 21 being most positive. The neutral, interface position is at 11. When in position 11, you are detached (momentarily) from any opinion (all the other positions involve opinions). At position 11, you are hence freer to receive inputs

from higher self, which is why this position can also be described as the power position. When you advantage yourself of those inputs, you are more likely to choose opinions on the positive side of the choices-spectrum. Making a practice of moving into neutral is necessary to the development of openmindedness—freethink. The more open-minded you are, the greater your opportunity to create a preferred reality.


Beliefs are not airy nothings. They are definitions, and definitions are components of the template on which our “reality” is based. Currently, our personal and collective realities suggest that more than a few of us defined our birth into physical reality in negative terms. We are aptly described as a fear-based species. When we look in literature for re-stimulators of original fear, we find them in profusion. The doctrine of original sin, the Garden of Eden story, the Holocaust, the book of

Revelation, and not to leave science out of the picture ... the Law of Entropy, the “life is war” theory of Charles Darwin, et cetera and so forth. Need I mention that fact that five out of ten Hollywood films are fear re-stimulators? “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” So said Franklin Roosevelt, who copped the line from Julius Caesar. Why fear fear? It's necessary to understand fear, not to fear it. Fear is simply an indicator of danger. If we eliminate our many common definitions of certain persons and things as fearful, replacing those with definitions of the said persons and things as opportunities for learning, we will find ourselves shifting, magically as it were, from a fear-based to a joy-of-learning-based species. The reward for such a shift is great. We'll find ourselves being happy. The Jeffersonian dedication of our country to “the pursuit of happiness” has mystified millions. It makes perfect sense to me. Finding happiness is not difficult. Simply remove re-stimulators of fear, and—lo and behold— happiness appears.



” —William Shakespeare In the West. produces aristocratic government. and the third. first published in 1725. “the age of men. and gets according to his need. The quest initiated by Vico culminated in the modern period in Marx’s “dialectical materialism. William Shakespeare did his bit in the quest by offering the aphorism. However. a “dictatorship of the proletariat” gets to sit in the Power Seat and. the aphorism gives us no idea as to how novelty emerges in human history.” More about this play in chapter 15. Vico was the first to see that the various institutions of nations are emanations of what he called “ages” and what I call foundational paradigms (life visions). produces theocratic government. supposedly. run it into the ground … at which point … the victimized working class revolts. “How can something new and perhaps wondrous enter into the history of mankind?” Shakespeare. prepare the way from a truly just society. the first theory of the pattern of human history was offered by the Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico (1668-1744). and because of their insatiable greed.” and in the devolutionary theory of the American economist and social theorist Thorstein Veblen. the merchant class becomes more and more powerful. The capitalists start running the show. and eventually. In Vico’s terms. the past is template for the future. After the revolution.” produces representative government. he held. does address the question of novelty in his miracle play “The Tempest. . the age of the gods.” Indeed. I should add. Marx maintained that human history is essentially a record of class struggle. As a result of the development of commerce and industry. the second age. of heroes. one in which each gives according to his ability.Chapter 11 The Pattern of Human History “What’s past is prologue. in his Scienzia Nuova (The New Science). the most powerful figures within this class (the capitalists) assume the Power Seat in the social order. “What’s past is prologue. the first age.

Historically. Over time. Same controversy. and perhaps necessary. There is indeed a pattern to mankind’s history. etc. the first idealism was aboriginal holism and the second was separatist barbarism. the holistics are those who hold that “we are all related” and all deserve a fair break. I differ with him on many issues. and the separatists are those who insist that “we are better than thou” and therefore entitled to run the show. and thereafter commenced a long downward slide into the abyss of predation. The rationale behind my point of view will become clear as this chapter unfolds. and this assertion stirred my curiosity. over and over. God is “Father” (we are all related).Veblen looked upon Marx’s vision of a proletarian golden age as utopian nonsense. the controversy between the holistics and separatists repeats itself. Mankind originated in a state of “peaceable savagery. and so we may suppose that the ministry of Christ was meant to replace this god with the god of Love. in ever more complicated terms. which is why the pattern may be described as fractalic. In simple terms. Now … As humans are holistic by nature.) tend to garner wide support. Fractal Dialectical Idealism Patterning in nature was described by Benoit Mandelbrot as fractalic. for instance. Though I regard Veblen as one of my principal mentors. Is it possible that the long-sought “pattern of human history” is fractalic? The answer I offer is “yes. In the present context. Bruce Lipton describes the design of the evolutionary process as fractalic. literally. What’s more. The key difference is this: I see the apparent devolution of our species as an inevitable.” The label I’ve coined to describe the pattern is fractal dialectical idealism. and the pattern is devolutionary. represented a re-articulation of holism. .” The god of the Old Testament who enjoined the ancient Hebrews to slaughter the Palestinians. it refers to an often heated conversation—one that issues. God is “Love. “Dialectic” means. part of our evolution.” Veblen tells us. Definitions: “Idealism” refers to ideas of importance and to complexes of ideas. or paradigms. These idealisms represent the two sides of the basic dialectic underlying human history. a conversation. different degrees of complexity. The teachings of Jesus the Christ. in war. is certainly no god of Love. not infrequently. “Everything is fractal!” Lipton once exclaimed. Veblen argued. philosophers. convincing re-articulations of holism (by prophets.

lastly. It would certainly appear that we are well into stage four. What a travesty. At the . who ordered the extermination of the Palestinians. And so … to come to the main thesis: Human history shows a repetitive pattern. and the pattern involves (1) The rise of a popular holistic truth movement. is equated with the god preached by Christ. (4) the corruption and falling apart of the power movement.) For instance. they rarely inspire widespread support. they succeed. What’s Next? Fasten your seat belts. separatist would-be world shakers have to co-opt movements that have wide support. and (4) the corruption and falling apart of the power movement. writes Elaine Pagels in The Gnostic Gospels. the early Christian movement was co-opted by the Roman emperor Constantine. and. (3) expansion of the now power movement (a power movement is all about power. Another example will be offered in the next chapter—the co-option of the new science of evolution by separatist thinkers. (3) expansion of the reactionary power movement to “super-power” status. Upcoming is the consummation. and so to create the support they require. you’ll find separatists endeavoring to take it over. The separatists. the final battle. and the separatist god of the old days. Possession of books denounced as heretical was made a criminal offense. commanded them. under the pirated banner of “New World Order. the original “New World Order”. (More often than not. We can find a “playing out” of the pattern close to home: (1) The establishment of the United States as an egalitarian republic. (As a rule. (2) the co-option of the United States government by members of a reactionary “New World Order”. with the result that one sect of Christianity (the separatist sect.) They are totally confident that they will succeed in their plan to turn planet Earth into the Kingdom of Mordor. As soon as Roman Catholicism was established as the state religion. previously victimized by the police. the “bishops.” 1 In the “Holy Bible” brought into existence by Constantine. where there is a powerful movement of any kind.As separatist philosophies tend to be self-serving. Usually. not truth) to world-shaking proportions. between separatists and holistics.) Without widespread support. they inspire loathing. the heights of Power cannot be scaled. the Christ teachings are marginalized. (See the DVD “Zeitgeist” for details. Copies of such books were burned and destroyed.” are in the last stages of their long war against the masses of humankind. (2) take-over of the movement by separatists. naturally) became the official religion of the Empire.

If they aren’t. as are all civilizations. the cultural evolution of the civilization we call “Western. so go the masses. the “Great Spirit” of the aboriginals is fractured into many gods and goddesses (hence “polytheism”). Western science is now validating that intuition. ever since Sir Francis Bacon suggested that the advisors to the king ought to be scientists (rather than theologians).same time. Indeed. . The divine realm is now separate from the natural realm. Well … the fact is more and more scientists are making a case for the holo-model of universe. is god of the seas. mere playthings of the gods. Earth. on the above-cited idealisms—aboriginal holism and separatist barbarism. or life visions. The foundational paradigms underlying Western civilization are: Greco-Roman polytheism. This movement of validation I call “scientific holism. Judaic-Christian monotheism. Western civilization is based. more and more people are awakening to the fact they are not. and that is the adoption of a new holistic life vision that will put the separatists out of office and the holistics into office. Humans. Under this paradigm. There are still connections between the deities and nature. and many of the gods make their primary residence there. of course. Poseidon.” To fully understand the critical importance of scientific holism. The universe is a one thing that expresses itself in multitudinous ways. Aboriginal peoples have always intuitively understood that all humans are children of the one Great Spirit.” a substantive name for which would be Monotheistic civilization. the aboriginal oneness of divine and natural realms is gone. had better be respectful of nature. As science goes. for instance. These idealisms may be considered sub-foundational paradigms.” but offspring of the Most High—the greatest One of all. is sacred still. The kingdom of Zeus is on Mount Olympus. and materialistic scientism. The Great Ones are identified with the most powerful forces of nature. This has been more and more the case. they run the risk of incurring the wrath of the gods. in Henry Kissinger’s terms. “meat containers. Nevertheless. To the aid of the Background to Scientific Holism We the People of the present end-times have a very interesting new beginning-times option awaiting us. and Aphrodite goddess of love. every mountain glen and spring has its guardian spirit. Greco-Roman polytheism. we need to review. briefly. Not a good thing. awakening is coming a new life vision … scientific holism. Atop these are foundational paradigms. under this paradigm.

Here it is that we humans have the opportunity to overcome our natural tendency to be disobedient. he might be made into a demi-god. became a religion. “just the facts” as Joe Friday used to say. Given the enormous prestige of Newton. Judaic-Christian monotheism. Newton established scientific materialism on the basis of the affirmation “Hypotheses non fingo. his authorized reps on Earth.” by the way. The bibles of this paradigm are the Greek and Roman myths and the Homeric epics the Iliad and the Odyssey. in this paradigm.) The separation of divine from natural realms becomes much more pronounced. far from Earth. An inductive approach starts with the compilation of facts. and the late nineteenth century. is neither male nor female.The paradigm offers very few ways of pleasing the gods. (“Great Spirit. One way is to demonstrate great valor in war. after Newton. This paradigm served as the West’s dominant foundational paradigm between the fourth century. then the Koran should be listed as well. to turn ourselves into faithful servants of God the Father and. Materialistic scientism. when Catholicism became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Next step: Allow the facts to suggest a sensible interpretation of the facts. not deductive. the gods and goddesses. Thus was scientific materialism transformed into materialistic scientism. and are replaced by the One God—God the Father. Let’s unwrap the paradox…. scientific materialism came to be regarded as the one and only valid way to truth. of course. a good place to leave. no? Western science. “I don’t touch hypotheses. the Holy Bible. The principal bible of this paradigm is. thereby excluding theological inquiry from the category of scientific investigation. or course. Indeed. but continues what many would regard as the worst feature of polytheism—the celebration of war as a God-pleaser. Rather. If we consider the Moslems are the easternmost peoples of Monotheistic civilization. is not sacred. under this paradigm. as God is said to dwell in the kingdom of Heaven. If a warrior really impresses the gods. “scientism” meaning science operating as religion. Earth. The investigator then formulates the interpretation as a thesis. It is valuable only as a stage for moral struggle.” What he meant was simply that real scientific investigation is inductive. .” which translates. Under this paradigm. Quite a paradox. nymphs and divas vanish. “God the Father” is obviously male. it is a fallen world. which is a sort of honorary god. It presents itself as far superior to the “pagan” predecessor paradigm. war (war instigated by the church) becomes “holy” and “martyrdom” in war is said to be a passport to Heaven. He might even get to become a star constellation. Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) established scientific materialism as the orthodox scientific methodology.

It is the collapse of science.” and from that truism deduces (draws forth) an hypothesis or hypotheses regarding “what must therefore be the case. an hypothesis is a proposition advanced as a logical implication of some truism or other. The bible of the “Church of Scientism” is comprised of an old testament (Newtonian physics and science theory) and a new testament—classical Darwinism and neo-Darwinism. Throw a handful of iron filings on a tabletop. Now place a powerful magnet under the table. They fall randomly. Foundational paradigms are describable as intellectual fields. So long as a society is getting along reasonable well. I label this paradigm materialistic scientism because its central tenet is doctrinal rather than empirically demonstrable. The worse things become. until scientific holism takes root in common thought. They organize societies and civilizations. The devolutionary movement may be expected to continue. Ordinarily.” A thesis is a proposition supported by empirical proof. the movement of human evolution will be upward.” am I stating a thesis or an hypothesis? Well? Time’s up. No pattern. questions relating to the field(s) begin to arise. Now … when I say “Scientific materialism is the one and only way to truth. the more questions. As worsening social conditions cause individuals and groups to probe for the causes of the affliction. From that point on. Our brief survey of the life visions of Western culture indicates a pattern of ever-increasing deracination—separation from nature and from God. Scientific Holism Physicists use the term “field” to describe that which organizes the material realm. at a very fast pace. starts with a belief that is recognized as a “truism. On the basis of the supposed truism that evolution is the product of micro-changes over a vast expanse of uninterrupted time. the field becomes more and . the Darwinists deduced that macro-evolutionary events must follow the same pattern as micro-events. however. Ironically. What happens? The particles are patterned by the magnetic field of the magnet. one of the most impressive examples of deductive speculation at its worst is offered by the Darwinists. Whew! That is not science. however. in contrast. This particular hypothesis is the “doctrine” on which the West’s most recent foundational paradigm is based. The moral attitudes and institutions of any given society “fall in line with” the governing paradigmatic field or complex of fields. When things are not going well. the field is “invisible” to the masses.Deductive inquiry. few people question the validity of the governing field(s). I’m stating an hypothesis.

” and that's fine. A better question would be. “The center cannot hold.” 2 “Where have all the leaders gone?” Lee Iococca asks. To put the point in religious terms: We are all children of God. the doctrine would be “All that matters is matter. he might have said something like. All that matters is matter.” We are all particles spun from the same Source. Since then. the realm of formative thought and energy. the CEO of the recently failed Lehman Brothers. I gave the name of “materialistic scientism” to the field governing the modern West. At the moment. for the simple reason it is entirely out of balance. most of them are not in the power seats.” After listing all of Fuld’s loot. He only squirmed in his seat. the term has gained some currency. “Where are the real leaders. What is “the center”? The governing field.. mindful always of the fact that what they do to others they do to themselves. unfortunately. . I watched on CNN a Congressional hearing in which Representative Henry Waxman questioned Richard S. Fortunately. The field is failing. “focus on the physical. such as Richard Fuld. a new foundational paradigm (governing field) is on the way— scientific holism.more visible.” Or. One of the questions pertained to Fuld’s raking in nearly a quarter billion for himself in the last few years of his “service. have surrendered themselves to an abominable ideological field (materialistic scientism). but. for the West and world. Individuals who surrender to (allow themselves to be organized by) this field will conduct their lives in a consummately ethical way. They have become.” Turns out this was good advice. ‘Fairness’? What is that? Conscience can only handicap the pursuit of matter. such a philosophy is not destined to be long-lived. The premise of this field is that “all are one. Jr. Too many of those in the power seats. things seem to be falling apart in America and in the West in general. in consequence. Why? If I had to reduce materialistic scientism to a single doctrine.” in the phrasing of the poet William Butler Yeats. In 1995. “All that matters is the explicate order” (the physical universe). If he could have spoken his mind. “I was educated to believe that only matter matters and that success is measured by the amount of valuable matter that one has accumulated in life. the zombies of Mordor. Fuld. the leaders committed more to public service than self-service? America has more than a few public-spirited leaders. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. “Forget about the implicate realm. I am a star-studded success! Why criticize me? I was only doing what the field told me to do. in David Bohm's terminology.” the materialists say. Waxman asked Fuld. Bruce Lipton and most others label the field “scientific materialism. We're talking the same thing. “Is that fair?” Fuld did not answer the question.” Clearly. The other day.

What our aboriginal ancestors knew intuitively. The first group maintains the ancient wisdom. Ultimately. pp. That is a great service. “Scientific holism” is the holy grail of the whole human adventure. “What is a human being?” Here’s another big question: What is humanity? In my book Sacred Circle—The Purification of Earth & Reunion of Its Peoples.” all peoples will soon know scientifically. xvii-xix. The Gnostic Gospels (New York: Random House. Notes 1Elaine Pagels. 2See http://oversight.Sacred Circle The movement I call scientific holism offers us a release from inadequate sciences and religious persuasions of the past and present—and from the failing institutions based on those sciences and . Another great service it offers is validation of the science of aboriginal what the contras find is a scientific proof that the holistics were right all along. The quest involves the separation of the species into two primary groups—the keepers of the ancient wisdom (the holistics) and the contras (separatists). 1988). I addressed the question. Earlier in the book.” The separatist group goes against the ancient wisdom in order to find out whatever it is that can be found by going that way. that “we are all related. that “we are all related. I offer the view that humanity is a one thing that is dedicated to consciousness increase.asp?ID=2208.

” An IMP complex consists of a receptor component and an effector component. represents the phrase “integral membrane protein.Chapter 12 The Conspiracy Against Human Evolution “We’re no better than bacteria!” —Dr. she took evolution to a whole new level by creating the first multi-cellular organisms. called prokaryotes. First fact: The very first single cells. You and I. Second fact: The fully evolved single cell. and so some back-grounding is our necessary starting point…. i. When Mother Nature could do no more in the way of building consciousness capability into the single cell. consciousness. knowing just the above allows us to conclude that “Single-cell evolution is all about increasing the cell’s IMP complex carrying capacity. Pianka There exists a large-scale conspiracy against human evolution. Bruce Lipton’s definition of the IMP complex. Together. Indeed. Eric R. . that’s probably because you do not recall Dr.. dear reader. “IMP. What’s evolution “all about?” You can readily answer this question yourself once you know a few facts regarding the evolution of the single cell. Each IMP complex.e. called the eukaryote. the two serve as a kind of hunter-gatherer team. Fact three: The IMP complex is the physiologic basis of consciousness.” If no bells and whistles are going off in your head. were (are) very small and contained only a few IMP complexes. is relatively large (thousands of times the size of the prokaryote) and contains a very large number of IMP complexes. You’ve probably never heard of this particular conspiracy. the IMP complex is the physiologic basis of consciousness.” you’ll recall. or percept. Lipton tells us. So. is describable as a perceptual mechanism. Evolution is all about increasing awareness. are the end-products of multi-cellular evolution.

We’ve known for some time that this Big Change is on the way. Call them the “anti-evolutionaries.” What’s evolution all about? Increasing consciousness. which declared with absolute certainty that “All species were created by God in the beginning. a movement reputed to be practically synonymous with evolutionary science. This doesn’t mean we’ll become big fat humanoids with multiple heads.e. to gain a respectful audience for his absurd claim that human beings are “no better than bacteria.. Prior to the advent of modern evolutionary science. from the prophecies of Edgar Cayce to those of the fabulous “Anastasia” and Eckhart Tolle. there is nothing progressive about evolution! It is this denial which allows the Darwinist Eric R. Let’s take a quick look at those theories…. Pianka. for instance. the beliefs of most naturalists were governed by the doctrines of orthodox religion.What is the next step in human evolution? Nature initiated the second stage of organic evolution by combining the end-products of stage one (eukaryotes) into the start-products of the multicellular stage.” More about this dangerous evolution-denier below. both of which maintained that evolution is progressive. When we unwrap the late-nineteenth century. It means that many states of consciousness now regarded as paranormal will become normal. the anti-evolutionaries formed a powerful.” In the mid. As we’re living on the plane of polarity. will be removed. the post-Y2K8-12 period is prefigured in religious literature as the “Age of God” and “New Golden Age. Unwrapping the Paradox A real paradox. there were. no? Darwinism.” In the history of ideas. It simply means that the veils separating individuals from one another. i. Historically. individual humans will be networked into super-humans. We may expect her to employ the same strategy in the formation of stage three organisms. what we find is that Darwinism is a separatist evolutionary science built upon the suppression of two earlier holistic evolutionary theories. is actually the greatest ideological enemy of evolution. and from their higher selves. and are at present.” In New Age literature.” In their view. this belief is called the fixity of species doctrine. many humans who don’t want to see the Big Change happen. world-shaking movement and called it “Darwinism. What do the Darwinists say evolution is all about? The Darwinists maintain that evolution is nothing more than “descent with modification. . post-Y2K8-12 Earth is a major theme.

“Vitalism” is the theory that a “vital entity” animates all organisms.In the mid-eighteenth century. after-catastrophe creatures wind up a link above their precursors. all organisms are products of “etheric machines. Bonnet. Bonnet prophesied. You’re familiar with the “food chain. The new.” He’s not. The machines live forever. a catastrophe—a really big one— will occur on Earth. Bonnet stated. Linnaeus later had second thoughts about his “no new species” proposal. but alive.” 1 Physical organisms are destructible. That was because modern .e.. Bonnet saw the Great Chain not as some unchangeable. Lower-link organisms could actually move up the chain! What’s a good word for up-chain movement? Evolution. In Aristotle. invented by the philosopher Aristotle. You might suppose that Charles Bonnet would be considered the “father of modern evolutionary theory. and as a result. i.” the first four being earth. The process of evolution is progressive. His speculation had already become the official Word of Science in theological and academic circles.” The idea of “ether” originated with the ancient Greeks. fixed-forever thing. This rarified air was thought to be alive and divine and to have the nature of fire. but they came too late. Most vitalist theories maintain that the vital entity possesses degree of autonomy. the apes will be morphed into something like humans and the humans will be transformed into angels. One day. Bonnet tells us. However. when a catastrophe hits and the same-old organisms are all destroyed. fire and water.” right? The precursor metaphor. the etheric machines cause the generation of same-old. who considered ether a kind of rarefied air.” Man’s at the top of the food chain. expressed the opinion that “no new species” had appeared on Earth since the Creation. Bonnet was the first to use the word evolution in the modern sense. same-old organisms. the great Swedish botanist. air. ether is regarded as the “fifth element. then the machines get the chance to be creative. When the environment is stable. it is capable of existing apart from the organism it animates. Not all religious thinkers were orthodox in their beliefs. however. The term etheric machines was coined by Bonnet. but not etheric machines. He didn’t even get a nomination. to generate up-chain versions of the same-olds. Bonnet took the old Chain of Being concept and gave it a vitalist spin. we would talk of these in terms of “implicate energies/fields” or “morphogenetic fields. What are the means by which this process of evolution occurs? According to Mr. Today. the fixity doctrine of the theologians became a general academic doctrine after Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778). was the “Great Chain of Being. Among these was the Swiss naturalist and “religious cosmologist” Charles Bonnet (1720-1793). but only halfway up the Great Chain of Being—between the tiny creatures at the bottom and the angels at the top.

beginning with the most imperfect or simplest. it denies that individuals can develop new characteristics. become at length transformed into a new species distinct from the first. for instance) and the sort of vitalism advocated by Mr.5 Also.e. He believed that the history of living things on Earth shows a steady increase in complexity of organization. the equivalent of England’s Royal Society. it denies that .” “After a long succession of generations. Bonnet. i. just accidental phenomena. which was reorganized at Lamarck’s suggestion to include a museum of natural history and twelve professorial chairs. Between 1783 and 1793. the development by individuals of new characteristics. as Lamarck claimed. he published his Philosophie Zoologique. which is recognized as the first theory of modern evolutionary science. So-called “classical” Darwinism denies that evolution is in any way progressive. In 1809.evolutionary science emerged out of opposition to vitalism. Further. he published a seven-volume study of invertebrates. and second.4 Here. Lamarck had this to say: Speciation (the formation of new species) is a two-part process involving. both the vitalism of the religions (the “soul” concept. first..” The species from species idea is the foundational premise upon which all modern evolutionary science is based. human beings are no big deal.” 3 Darwinism The full story of how the new science of evolution was co-opted by the British is set forth in my book Over the Bones of the Dead.7 Further. Lamarck viewed the evolutionary process as progressive.2 As to the means by which this transformational process is accomplished. The coveted title of father of modern evolutionary science went instead to the French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829). “Nature had produced all the species of animals in succession. Like Bonnet. “the individuals belonging to one species. as Lamarck claimed. In 1801. the heritance (passing along to offspring) of the acquired characteristics.6 catastrophic change is a factor in evolution. including one for himself (of course). Lamarck called his theory “Transformism.” he wrote. it denies that acquired characteristics can be passed along to offspring. and ending her work with the most perfect. he held a post at the Jardin du Roi. Lamarck’s early work on the flora of France brought him considerable fame and election to the Academy of Sciences. let me say merely that Darwin and his associates turned Transformism on its head.

Darwinism played an important role in generating both the first and second world wars. Pianka did not permit the videotaping of his speech. ‘We are no better than bacteria!’” Dr. Eric. Indeed. In 1990. a highly lethal virus that kills in days. Pianka went on to express his opinion that the Earth won’t survive unless certain major corrections are made.In his later years. Colley Centennial Professor of Zoology at the University of Texas. Pianka with a plaque in recognition of his being named the Distinguished Texas Scientist of 2006. Dr.” Pianka Eric R. Mims writes. “Meeting Doctor Doom. his conversion came too late to affect the wildfire spread of classical Darwinism.. the “MoD. just hours after the Distinguished Scientist had given a speech in which he advocated the destruction of 90 percent of the world’s population by means of airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston). Understandably. To his list of degrees. it could be said that he was more a Lamarckian than a classical Darwinist! Alas. Using an old- fashioned method of recording. he received a second advanced degree from the University of Western Australia. he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number. wrote a summary of the Pianka speech that is available on the Net. in a very short time. Pianka is the Denton A. which became. or the idea that humankind occupies a privileged position in the universe…. He is a 1960 graduate of Carlton College (BA) and a 1965 graduate of the University of Washington (PhD).” 8 Pianka began his speech. Darwin reversed himself on a number of these issues. “Without presenting any data to justify this number. let’s turn to consideration of one of Darwin’s latter-day “we must control population” disciples—Dr. R. with “a condemnation of anthropocentrism. At this point. let me add yet another.” Eric Pianka is a Merchant of Death. Pianka hammered his point home by exclaiming. Mims III. by the time of his death. Attendees at the banquet (there were over 400) gave Pianka enthusiastic applause. Pianka. aka “Doctor Doom. The Darwinism-based population control agenda is a subject of the next chapter. In March of 2006. leaders of the Texas Academy of Science presented Dr. the orthodox evolutionary science of the West—and later the world. chair of the Texas Academy’s Environmental Science Section. Translated into a socio-political theory that insisted population control is the key to national survival. Forrest M. as well as scores of other post-war population control programs. Austin. pad and pen.” .

” Dr. he [Pianka] explained. I. Pianka failed to mention. True Science What’s the true science view of humans and of the human population? Human beings are the glory of evolution and the indispensable agency of the next evolutionary step. Mims comments. The historical background of this sentiment is a subject of the next chapter. but they speak truly when they call humans “temples of God. you’ll find that Pianka’s Earth salvation plan is not an isolated intellectual malignancy. It wasn’t merely a smattering of polite clapping that audiences diplomatically reserve for poor or boring speakers. have no problem with seeing a TEV as a temple of God. How about you? If you were a god wanting to experience Earth. She can’t do her evolutionary work without lots and lots of humans. would you prefer a TEV-type temple—or some edifice made of stone and mortar? .” When Pianka finished his lecture. that “Ebola victims die a slow torturous death as the virus initiates a cascade of biological calamities inside the victim that eventually liquify the internal organs. Our traditional Western religions may have misguided us in dozens of ways.” If you care to research the matter.” “AIDS is not an efficient killer.” True science tells us that human beings are physiologically “TEVs”—fantastic computerized terrestrial exploration vehicles. His favorite candidate [for] eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola…. vigorous and enthusiastic applause. From the point of view of Mother Nature. for one. Mims reports. large numbers of human beings are not a “problem. because it is too slow. one of which had red lights flashing from the eye sockets.Pianka then displayed “a slide showing human skulls. “the audience applauded. It was a loud. but an extreme expression of an anti-population sentiment that occupies an honored place in the midget minds of Darwinists and their followers.” but rather the sine qua non of evolution.

but incorrect. p. evolution is the result of micro-changes over a vast expanse of time. Inc. 7According to Darwin’s “gradualism” doctrine. Among the scientists who have rejected the doctrine is the late Stephen Jay Gould. and containing the virtual final form. Is this ability a “new characteristic”? Yes. CA: Jeremy P. who was America's pre-eminent Darwinist. Volume 4. 1981). 1976). 376. Tarcher. 6Darwin reversed himself on this matter. no doubt. 5Throw some mulch-eating into a bucket of oil and they’ll develop the ability to digest oil. Thus is Darwin refuted—by A New Science of Life—The Hypothesis of Formative Causation (Los Angeles. WA: Hallograph Publishing. Evolution and the Diversity of Life (Cambridge. developing a theory called “pangenesis” in an effort to explain how the inheritance of acquired characteristics occurs. such as iron filings. A belief comforting to many. are introduced into the vicinity…. Present & Future (Yelm. 8See www. these spatial structures are revealed when particles capable of being magnetized. 3The Encyclopedia of Philosophy. this field then orders events within the range of its influence in such a way that the virtual form is actualized [made physical]…. Over the Bones of the Dead: Evolutionary Science—Past. . “The morphogenetic field can be thought of as a structure surrounding or embedding the morphogenetic germ.Notes 1Rupert MA: Harvard University Press. 2005). pp. p. 76-77. 226. 4Theodore Hall. A rough analogy is provided by the ‘lines of force’ in the magnetic field around a magnet.” 2Ernst Mayr.


The social and political currents which have swept the world in the past eighty years would not have been possible without its intellectual sanction…. And he had Thomas Malthus. it seems a good time to take a close look at the speculations of Malthus and the influence of those speculations on Darwin. Darwin himself had little to say about the applicability of his theories to Homo sapiens. Read James Kunstler’s The Long Emergency and Richard Heinberg’s Peak Everything. As we're in the midst of a Malthus revival. “Thomas Malthus? Didn’t he die in 1834?” Yes. not his talking head. let’s get on with it…. Mr. Both of these influential writers honor Malthus as an important and neglected prophet. .” —Michael Denton What is the origin of the monstrous suggestion of Eric Pianka. and Darwin manufactured it. Doom’s Mentors—Tom and Charlie “The twentieth century would be incomprehensible without the Darwin revolution.Chapter 13 Dr. aka “Doctor Doom. “Malthus revival?” Yes. So. Malthus became a kind of embedded social theorist in the Darwinian revolution. because he had Huxley (“Darwin’s bulldog”) to do that for him. and indeed spoke loud and clear from the pages of the Origin of Species. Malthus invented the problem. He didn’t really have to. The head lived on.” that we need to find a fast way of killing off ninety percent of world’s population? Answer: The common conviction that “over-population” is the planet's big problem This conviction originated in the pseudo-scientific speculations of two third-rate philosophers—Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) and Charles Darwin (18091882). but death took only his body. the influential political economist. Social Darwinism “Social Darwinism” is the application of Darwinian biology and evolutionary theory to social theory.

hospital care.”3 Malthusianism was despised by just about everyone. we should reprobate [reject] specific remedies for ravaging diseases…. In this essay. human populations would double their size every twenty-five years or so. we should encourage contrary habits. whereas the means of subsistence increases at just an arithmetical rate. But above all.Malthus and Darwin In 1798. crowd more people into the houses. which the ignorance. was cruelty to the rest. with the exception of those in the ruling elites and their social planners. Malthus argues. . In the country we should build our villages near stagnant pools. consists in the natural checks to population growth. One of the abusers was the eminent philosopher-poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge: “Is it not lamentable … that the monstrous practical sophism of Malthus should now have gotten complete possession of the leading men of the kingdom! Such an essential lie in morals … I solemnly declare that I do not believe that all the heresies and sects. Thomas Malthus. and factions.” 1 Malthus. Without the checks of disease. while starvation. pestilence. and the weakness. famine and war. creating a big problem for themselves and an even bigger problem for the government. and particularly encourage settlements in all marshy and unwholesome situations. and court the return of the plague. according to Isaac Asimov. in his own words: “We should facilitate. “It followed that any interference with these checks through almsgiving. In our towns we should make the streets narrower. Had not Darwin chanced to read the Malthus essay in 1832. The kindness of Providence. fresh from Cambridge University (where he had studied for the ministry). Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor. and the wickedness of man have ever given birth to. the operation of nature in producing … mortality. published anonymously a rather long treatise called Essay on the Principle of Population.” 2 Circulation of the Malthus essay resulted in a “storm of abuse” directed against its author. he advanced his famous Malthus doctrine. and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine. were altogether so disgraceful … as this abominable tenet. we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction which we compel nature to use. and bloodshed were merciful gifts from on high.” Malthusianism might not have survived for more than a few decades after the death of its originator. instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede. Malthus suggested. or peace societies. which asserts that populations tend to increase at a geometrical rate. “for amusement.

not.Alas. on the principle of geometrical increase. a sex and violence show. as his opponents maintained. In 1859. from the Malthusian perspective. Darwin says. Darwin not only read the essay. who self-styled himself “the Darwin of sociology. he made the Malthus doctrine the foundational premise of his evolutionary theory. provided a basis in biology for his concept of societal evolution through class struggle. Looking at nature anew. 6 The triumph of Marx’s “scientific socialism” over what he called utopian socialism was due in good part to the legitimization Darwinism provided.” 5 In Darwinism. Hence. Marx. learned of the Linnean Society’s famous meeting [first presentation of the theory of evolution by means of natural selection] and explosive aftermath.” he writes. its numbers would become so inordinately great that no country could support the product. Organisms with a bit of an advantage in the fight tend. “Every being …must suffer destruction [italics mine] … otherwise. class co-operation.” The new theory. The Nazi Race Purification Program The Germans cultivated their own brand of scientific socialism…. living in obscurity in London. but the necessary condition of evolution. there must be in every case a struggle for existence … It is the doctrine of Malthus applied with manifold force to the whole animal and vegetable kingdom. Upon reading Malthus. “Scientific Socialism” Among the notables strongly influenced by Darwin was Karl Marx. Marx found strong support for his conviction that social evolution is the product of class conflict. naturally. Darwin saw a gladiatorial arena in which organisms battle incessantly for survival: “A struggle for existence inevitably follows from the high rate at which all organic beings tend to increase. and a friend later recalled that Marx “spoke of nothing else for months.” 4 What of evolution? Evolution arises out the endless mortal combat. Marx wrote Freidrich Engels. He attended Huxley’s lectures on the Darwin-Wallace theory. as more individuals are produced that can possibly survive. it struck him that the “struggle for existence” Malthus spoke of was not just a prevailing condition of life. Darwin’s evolution is. to win—the prize being the opportunity to reproduce. . in crude contemporary terms.

Why does Malthusianism still “have possession” of the leading men of the world? The answer is. antiOld World Order head. Indeed. “the right to live in this world of struggle ends. German scientists set about the work of distinguishing between progressive and regressive races. The State. A “classic” in race science is Alfred Jost’s The Right To Death (1895). even the archaic Malthus treatise on population is regarded as entirely valid in certain high academic and governmental circles. The results of this work are well known. has a “natural right” and “sacred responsibility” to kill undesirable individuals in order to “keep the nation. in three words: “Fear of population. .” The American and French revolutions had struck great fear in the hearts of the ruling powers of Europe.” Race science was based on Haeckel’s pronouncement that the various human races are “separate species. our old adversary. This emphasis reflected the Fuhrer’s absolute commitment to eradicating “life unworthy of life.” Hitler wrote. If you have any doubts about this. George III. alive and healthy. went so far as to commission British Intelligence to find a way to destroy independent republicanism in the United States and wherever else it might rear its ugly.” The Third Reich was a powerful machine designed to do just that—to assure that the future was dominated by Germanic genes. The agenda lived on and is still foundational to contemporary social planning. the social organism.” Following up on this pronouncement. During the period of Hitler’s rule. according to Jost. Hitler had declared that the sacred mission of the German people was the “assembly and preserving of the most valuable stocks of basic racial elements [and] … slowly and severely raising them to a dominant position. thanks to the evangelical work of the prominent biologist/Social Darwinist Ernst Haeckel.” 7 Race science achieved full political expression in Hitler’s Nazi Party.” 8 The Politics of Population Control The defeat of Hitler and collapse of the Soviet empire did not mean the end of the Malthusian agenda. the Kaiser Wilhelm Society—the Germans’ top scientific research institute—focused much of its attention on eugenics. father of German “race science. As early as the publication of Mein Kampf (1924).Germany was the first country to become thoroughly converted to Darwinism. consult Julian Simon’s book The Ultimate Resource.” He had no doubt he was fighting for the health of his race: “If the power to fight for one’s own health is no longer present.

Malthus was the Old World Order’s responder to Paine and his political theory. Forty years after the publication of this treatise.” Malthus’ “masters”? Malthus taught at Haileybury College. Unless something is done to reverse the trend. Thomas Malthus was. In this treatise. it was the prototype of the C. In certain ways. but there is one right which man has generally been thought to possess. then Malthus was. This political philosophy is termed “individualism. the Crown might find it difficult to control the Irish population.” 9 What are the real rights of man? Malthus: “Nothing would so effectively counteract the mischief occasioned by Mr. “This is probably true. to use a phrase from Buckminster Fuller.A. Among his lesser known works is a treatise titled On Ireland. In short. . by Malthus and his friends. Paine’s Rights of Man as a general knowledge of the real rights of man. is to protect the rights of individuals.” If science is telling your masters what they want to hear. but not because man is without rights or that these rights ought not to be known. which I am confident he neither does nor can possess—a right to subsistence when his labour will not fairly purchase it.” The constitution of the United States was the first formal political expression of individualism. Malthus says. Paine has fallen into some fundamental errors respecting the principles of government. His specialty was. a “slave scientist. Thomas Malthus was one of the very first intelligence analysts. and Political Economy. “The Company” actually ruled India until 1857. indeed. Paine maintained. “mobocracy” and “the demon democracy. governments must have been invented to serve the interests of individuals.” 10 Malthus was a great success with the ruling elites of his and subsequent times because he made a case for the “Rights of Rulers. but because Mr.A principal philosopher of independent republicanism (the original New World Order) was Thomas Paine (“Pen of the American Revolution”).” he writes (in the population essay). a chartered trading company which went far beyond trading. whose political theory was based on the simple premise that as individuals existed before governments.” His deprecating view of population served not science. Ireland was devastated by a potato blight. “The circulation of Paine’s Rights of Man is supposed to have done great mischief among the lower and middling classes of people in this country. Malthus argues that because of very plentiful potato harvests. but the will of his masters—to effectively counter the rise of “individualism. population studies. a very significant scientist. The only legitimate duty of government. What these rights are it is not my business at present to explain. Population.” which was called. the Irish population is growing at a very fast rate. of course. which was a prep school for future officials of the East India Company.I.

1946). 1980).. 1964). Masterworks of Economics (Garden City. p. Darwin reveals himself as a card-carrying Malthusian: “With savages. 1963). and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of everyone to the last moment.In time. 1958). the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated. 7Robert Lifton. On Ireland. Wagner—Critique of a Heritage (New York: Anchor. ed. 4Charles Darwin. pp. NY: Doubleday. and the sick. p. 242-43. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands. 1986). The Nazi Doctors—Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide (New York: Basic Books. We civilized men. p. In his Descent of Man (1871). MA: Harvard Univesity Press. we build asylums for the imbecile. 46. who from a weak constitution would formerly have succumbed to smallpox. p. Thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind. Green. 14. 63. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man…. 1963). the inheritors of Malthus’ mission came up with an effective counter to the threatening philosophy of individualism: Scientific state socialism. 2Leonard Abbott. Ernst Mayr (Cambridge. Darwin. Darwin and the Modern World View (New York: Mentor. 11John C. and Political Economy (New York: Burt Franklin. 169. A Delicate Arrangement—The Strange Case of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace (New York: Times Books. p. Wagner. 5Darwin. do our utmost to check the process of elimination. Marx. pp. On the Origin of Species—A Facsimile of the First Edition. p. 87-88. on the other hand. 8Ibid. Population. 243. 3Thomas Malthus. p. and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. we institute poor laws. 10Ibid. 274. Marx. the maimed. ed. . 63. And what is the primary duty of state socialism? The control of population. 9Masterworks of Economics. 6Arnold Brackman.” 1 Still think that Charles Darwin was a good scientist?—and a nice guy? Notes 1Jacques Barzun.

and so it is that the idea there could be fitter species than ours in the neighborhood causes profound anxiety. such as “Signs. deeply afraid. what would you say?” Thomas replied.” are very notably mindless…. “If a spaceship landed right across the road there and someone got out and came to you. We are afraid of them. However.” Making friends with enemies requires a certain proximity to enemies. the Hopi peace messenger Thomas Banyancya was picked up by a white suburbanite who asked him. one learns that contact between tribespersons and ETs occurs on a regular basis! “Malidoma” means “makes friends with enemies. brother!’” If one reads Malidoma Some’s fascinating account of the Dagara tribes in The Healing Wisdom of Africa. .” —Malidoma Some Once.Chapter 14 The Plot to Kill Our ET Brethren “From an indigenous perspective. while hitchhiking in the desert.1 The “Star Trek” series and a dozen or so feature films have helped to mitigate this ET-phobia. In contrast. we Westerners seem to have a big problem with “invisible forces” and with strange phenomena visible only now and then. such as UFOs and ETs. “I’d say ‘Hello. and so this brilliant African reverse missionary is residing in the state of Oregon. the individual psyche can be healed only by addressing one’s relationships with the visible worlds of nature and community and one’s relationships with the invisible forces of the ancestors and Spirit allies. Why? We are terribly mis-educated. A few. Most of these fear-films are mindless variants of the old Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” formula.” Our Darwinism teaches that “fitter” species have a kind of natural license to dominate or eliminate lesser species. the majority of films dealing with ETs do nothing more than mirror the general fear-based consensus. Our religions teach that such things are the “devil’s work.

. and www. The only life forms that can exist here must be frequency-aligned with the terrarium’s specific frequency range. Even a cursory review of the information provided on these sites should convince you Puerto Rico in 1974.timestar. and others represent who knows what. If there’s one crop circle that everybody should know about. Earth (Terra) is a terrarium.” which indicates a common parentage.htm.” they must create Earth-safe representational bodies. but out there in the environment. The consensus among channeled entities is that the ETs are our “brothers and sisters. www. It refers to the mysterious utterances of the main character’s dying wife and to a crop circle formation in the corn field of the said main character. Life forms in higher frequency ranges cannot stop and smell the roses because if they did … they’d destroy the roses. That’s where you and I come in. we learn that our bodies are fantastic computers and that the operators of those computers are not in the bodies. There’s always a gap of course. in all fields. but nowadays would it not be more correct to speak of an abyss? An Astonishing Hypothesis From Lipton science.cropcircleresearch. it’s the “Chilbolton Arecibo Reply” formation. Details regarding this formation may be found at: www. “Signs” represents crop circles as alien invasion markers! Wow. a humanoid ET species has responded to a coded message that SETI transmitted from Arecibo. who is played by Mel Gibson. A terrifying alien invasion is stopped cold by a few whacks of an old baseball bat. I left the theater seriously concerned about the gap between leading edge research. “We are all related. Will wonders never cease. most people are familiar with crop circles. or glyphs. After viewing this film.rumormillnews.” The Lipton model of the human being as a TEV raises a new possible interpretation of ETs: Is it possible that ETs (some of them anyway) are higher selves? I don’t have an answer to this question. By now. the “Emerald of the Some of the glyphs are expressions of sacred geometry.The title “Signs” has a double Has any of the extensive research into crop circles rubbed off on the writers and director of “Signs”? None at all. and public awareness.cgi?read=10870. We’re the representational bodies. but I think it an important question to consider. in all probability. If higher domain entities want to experience Earth. others encode complex mathematical formulas.

in my view. and Law in the Universe (2005). In the Gore film. and thus Dr. Alfred Webre. Only later. I sat and chatted with Webre and the venerable Wendelle Stevens. There I was introduced to the new science of “exopolitics. and legal aspects of interactive contact and social integration between humans and off-planet cultures on Earth. Webre is convinced the “best exopolitical strategy for surviving the looming ecological emergency is to integrate with spiritually advanced off-planet cultures now visiting Earth….Exopolitics In August of 2006.” 4 . or through multi-dimensional realities…. Peter Barrett. who has collected over 4. cooperative Space Age society integrated with other societies in the universe. did I grasp the full importance of this mission…. an optimist. peaceful. I attended a very interesting conference at the James Gilliland ranch in Trout Lake. He served as principal investigator for a proposed civilian scientific study of interactive communications between Terrans (a term I prefer to “Earthlings”) and entities from other planets.000 photographs of UFOs. but by the end of the 21st century. he works to prevent the weaponization of space and to transform our present war-based society into a sustainable. Government. governmental. Today. Viewers of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” may recall the image of a cartoon frog sitting in water that’s getting hotter and hotter. he directed a proposed Terran/extraterrestrial communication project for the Carter White House.” which is defined by its founder. remarks: “After 40 years I’m part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery that … if we continue our present growth path. unassuming and humorous philosopher-scientist with an important mission. Webre states. or even millennia. Dr. government. Washington. He is a knowledgeable. In 1977.” 2 A Fulbright scholar who earned his Juris Doctor from Yale Law School. Alas. in space.” It includes. as “the study of politics. a cartoon hand rescues the frog from the hot water. we “civilized” humans haven’t proved very capable in the Earth-rescue business. Earth is in the same predicament as the frog.) I liked Webre quite a bit. director of Victoria University’s Antarctic Research Center. and law in the Universe. we [the human race] are facing extinction--not in millions of years. Who will rescue humankind? Clearly. upon reading his Exopolitics—Politics.” 3 Barrett is. (Stevens has a website that displays many of these photos. During a break. “the study of political. Webre was a futurist at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) back in the days when the protocols for scientific remote viewing were established.

How interesting … the president of the United States is no longer commander-in-chief. a clandestine organization was established to direct investigation of the phenomenon and come up with plan for dealing with the ET presence. *So powerful did the complex become. Dr. to say the least. The one organization multiplied. . From the start..S. Salla’s detailed history of the United States government’s response to the ET presence: *Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to establish policy pertaining to the UFO/ET phenomenon. Has anyone told the People yet? A great many “real” reasons for the invasion of Iraq have been offered. I became acquainted with yet another pioneer of exopolitics.” To very briefly summarize (in my own terms) Dr. and policy protocol number 1 was “Keep it all secret—top secret. author of Exopolitics—Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004). and his findings are disturbing. His website (www.. But .org) is well worth looking into. when that was considered necessary. quite extraordinary. reason: The Whackers want to recover ancient ET artifacts and recorded information from the ruins buried under Iraq’s sands: “Based on available evidence. response to the ET presence. It would appear that our government is guided solely by the age-old philosophy of Whackerism—“Whack ‘em first. Saddam’s permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the Sumerian city of Uruk after detailed underground mapping. I have to agree with Webre. Will the ET cavalry ride to our rescue? Would you ride to the rescue of fear-based people who were plotting to kill you? The Plot At the Trout Lake conference. Salla has been tracking the U. Michael Salla offers yet another.” *Subsequently. For a number of years. it was readily able to terminate the non-belligerent initiative of President Carter and to keep subsequent presidents completely in the dark on the UFO/ET issue. ask questions later. as sometimes happens in our governmental bureaucracy. and the result was a complex of ET Whacker organizations. significant ET artifacts might be located in Iraq.On the basis of my perusal of a good number of Y2K8-12 scenarios. Michael Salla. Dr. deriving from the ancient Anunaki [the purported creators of the human species] presence in that country…. Our species may not make it through the coming catastrophic changes without super-human help. scientific and otherwise. Significantly.exopolitics. planners focused on generating a military solution.

“What about the surgical removal of parts?” The cattle were removed to a distance. The terror results from our social programming. Bashar says. he said. The humans involved. I’d recommend to them . whatever they are. Those who have been designated to protect us from the supposed ET threat have been overly influenced. In one of the History channel documentaries on UFOs. are not merely a new generation. and/or important information concerning the operation of such technology and the prophesied return of the Anunaki…. You will find some verification of this up-grade if you direct your search engines to locate information on “indigo children. and the dead animals were then air-lifted back to their fields and dropped from a considerable height—which is why mutilated cattle had all kinds of broken bones. There was a momentary glow from the cockpit. Many years ago. which tells us that ETs. It was night.suggest that this was possibly the location of the Sumerian Stargate [interdimensional portal]. They are! They have a lot on their side. by Indiana Jones.” The abducting craft was a helicopter. she said. and so it may seem that the peace-path people are really late to the game. the trips were good for her health! According to Bashar. agreed to participate in the project before their incarnation on Earth. Bashar says. however. The children now being born on Earth. I had a friend in Connecticut who said she was taken up to a spacecraft on a monthly basis. it would seem. many so-called abductions have to do with a hybridization project that has been underway for some time. She had lost of all fear of the experience. would we?—or allow the terrorists to get their hands on it. The Whackers have been at work for over sixty years now. Where’s the Threat? Where is the evidence that ETs represent a threat to our species? “What about the cattle mutilations?” you ask. you’ll find a rancher interviewed who witnessed on the cattle “abductions. strange surgical procedures were performed. most abductees are terrified by the experience.” Granted. “What about all the abductions of humans?” Don’t you take your computer(s) to the shop on occasion?—for repairs or for up-grading. and that glow enabled the rancher to see the chopper’s blades. formulating their military approach to the ET presence. She declared that although she didn’t know exactly what went on during her visits. including common sense…. are not our friends.” 5 Wouldn’t want the Germans to get to the Stargate first. but a new species.

I believe that there’s a fourth highly sentient terrestrial species. Many swear they exist. the . I have had no direct contact with reptilians. “If an invasion of negative ETs were to occur. They did the same with saurian (as in dinosaur) stock.” Alfred Webre writes. as Darwinism was originally called. would we humans have any way to effectively counter it?” The play’s answer is yes. and fond of. endlessly creating from its center Source.” 6 Webre is not the first “Alfred” to conceptualize the universe as a Mind. I was moved by his work to write a comedic play called “Zuvuya!” The play. co-founder of the theory of evolution by means of natural selection. addresses the question. A correct Darwinism would reflect the thinking of both of its founders. Bashar says that Anunaki created the human species by combining their genes with mammalian stock. Darwinists now presume they are in the cultural power seat. however.that they read Dr. “is a life-experiment planet under the jurisdiction of Universe society. They may be ugly. What Bashar says is that they’re real. We must be fearless in letting go of erroneous concepts embedded in our science and religious traditions if we are to understand how the Universe evolves intelligent life. Agreeing with Zecharia Sitchin. which opens on the eve of a reptilian invasion of Earth. “What about the reptilians?” “Have you read David Icke?” Yes. The first was Alfred Russel Wallace. The cetaceans—dolphins and whales. but they’re our cousins. Are you ready for a third terrestrial highly sentient terrestrial species? This is a species we’re quite familiar with. but not for much longer. They are. and this belief is based on my study and contemplation of the Chilbolton Arecibo Reply formation. It would be wise of them to re-look at their own paradigmatic source—the Darwin-Wallace theory. yet decentralized in its architecture and operations. creating an Anunaki-saurian species. Janet Colli’s Sacred Encounters—Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters (2004). What do you think? “Earth. We carry unnecessary emotional and conceptual baggage as to how life-bearing planets are grown and organized. quite advanced—beyond us. I’ve read David Icke. Think of the Universe as a vast growing Mind. Bashar tells us. and so they are not real to me. The reptilians are terrestrial! They are our cousins. but not extraterrestrials. Look into the available data on this formation. Earth’s heritage as a life-experiment planet is the reason why both human intuition and our sacred religious traditions contain so many partial truths about Universe reality…. Indeed. They may be.

We started up a conversation. I believe. pp. The present war between the eastern and western sides originated long ago. A Point of Synchronicity Just before this book [first edition] went to the printer. (See the biblical account in the book of Joshua. 105. “I and the Father are one. 2005). 2004. AZ: Dandelion Books. 3Ibid.C.” he said. 212-13. “but once I saw one flying right over the fields.) Jehovah is not the original god of the Jews. . woman and child.” Notes 1The root of Western ET-phobia is to be found. where Islam is the predominant religion. in what I call the “Jehovah p. The memory of the horrific Jehovah Intervention lies buried (and not so deep) in our racial consciousness. when the entity called “Jehovah” (the self-proclaimed one god underlying monotheism) ordered the ancient Hebrews to attack and utterly destroy the people of Palestine—every man. There was nothing Jehovan in the character or philosophy of Jesus.” he said. and I learned he had lived at the Gilliland Trout Lake ranch for over two years. Exopolitics—Politics. a young man moved in next door.” Some background: What we call “Western civilization” is the western side of Monotheistic civilization. and Law in the Universe (Vancouver. and most monotheists prefer not to dig it up and take a look.” the Christ said. 5Michael Salla. The eastern side is centered in the Middle East. “What was your most interesting sighting?” “Usually they stay high. “Did you see any spacecraft when you were there?” I asked. 2Alfred Webre. Exopolitics—Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Tempe. and he is certainly not the god of Love taught by the Christ. B. Who knows?—if they did so.metaphysician as well as the materialist.ufoevidence. 104. “All the time. 4Ibid. p. they might be able to breathe new life into the corpse of their orthodoxy. chased by two military helicopters. Government. Canada: Universebooks. 6See www.


They're called “transnational corporations. “Are we really living in the era of man-made dinosaurs? Where are they?” Everywhere. which maintains that evolution is merely a matter of descent with modification.” —Jesus the Christ In mid-2008. their brains were out to lunch.. and the outline is sufficient to motivate would-be paradigm shifters to get busy and start shifting away from the orthodox evolutionary theory. Dr. the little reptile phase. when their bodies were up-sized.” The dinosaurs were nothing but blown-up little lizards. Lipton's theory of fractal evolution is briefly outlined in Spontaneous Evolution.. the Lipton theory will be labeled EvoCI. “Spontaneous evolution” means arising out of inherent patterns.. meaning evolution by means of consciousness increase. Consequently. they had no option but to crash. the amphibian phase. I view it as a provisional name for the problematical phrase Lipton has used for years to label his theory--fractal evolution. they wound up with giant bodies and pea-sized brains. they were able to thrive. I expect that. but when the environment changed radically. Unfortunately (for them). We humans have been through the societal equivalent of the fish phase. and we are now at the (spiked) tail end of the giant reptile (dinosaur) phase. in time. Bruce Lipton and co-writer Steve Bhaerman published an extremely important audiobook titled Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and How to Get There from Here. Lipton tells us.Chapter 15 The Return of the King “On Earth as it is in Heaven. So long as the environment was stable. . neo-Darwinism. or perhaps harmonic bio-evolution. One of Lipton's key points is that human social evolution follows the pattern of natural evolution.

is that we humans are now entering the societal equivalent of the mammalian phase. the dominant basal paradigm underlying Western civilization was JudaicChristianity.) The term “Mordor” derives from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.” which derives from the Newtonian split of science and religion.The transnational corporations followed. thank goodness. Basal paradigms govern societies. modeled on the “Honeymooners” cast as I recall. The Sauron conspiracy can be broken only by the destruction of a ring—the One Ring—that controls all the other “Rings of Power. In real life. In real life. the We Say So Corporation brings the cartoon world to the brink of annihilation. The existential Ring of Oneness is buried deep in the hearts and souls of human beings. most. nurturers.” The friendly little dinosaurs in the series. and pea-sized brains. i.” It is this paradigm. who. the One Ring is symbol of existence itself. I see that many of the corporate dinosaurs are crashing. (The real New World Order is egalitarian republicanism. which is holistic in nature. nasty corporation called “We Say So. Mammals are. For those unfamiliar with Tolkien's epic fantasy. the very same pattern. What the natural pattern of evolution indicates.e. Bigger and bigger bodies.” and so the objective of the protagonists is to bring the One Ring to Mordor and destroy it. are governed by a big. Up until the late nineteenth century.” These are foundational life visions. Indicative of the upgrade is the fact that the One Ring is now in our grasp. Lipton summarizes the philosophy of this paradigm in the phrase “All that matters is matter. and that the biggest are getting even bigger.” “Why do we have to eat this genetically modified crap?” “Because We Say So. Lipton tells us. Lipton's advice as to what to do when the biggies crash: “Get out of the way!” The We Say So Corporation is an apt metaphor for what the conspiracy writers call the “New World Order” and what I call the Mordor World Order. the One Ring was created by Sauron and its destruction means the end of Sauron's power. the equivalents of the Rings of Power are what Lipton calls “basal paradigms. having turned all those in proximity into zombies.” In the last episode. In The Lord of the Rings. aspects of any given society may be seen to reflect elements of the ruling basal paradigm. The Ring has . In 1994. This basal paradigm was succeeded by “scientific materialism. Looking around these days. it would seem. circa 1789. that has given present-day Western civilization its Mordor-like character. seeks the zombification of everyone else in the world. this Ring of Power. I viewed six or seven episodes of a brilliant cartoon series called “Dinosaurs. if not all. Now for the good news: The days of the Mordorian rule on Earth are numbered.. Mordor is a very unwholesome place—a kingdom ruled by Dark Lord Sauron.

The Mordor Order is.. So . In this field. and Charles Darwin (the carrier of Malthusianism into the modern and contemporary periods). Sir Isaac Newton (the “Law of Entropy”). In science and in the general culture. What's the plan? The elimination of ninety percent of the human population!—and complete control of all the rest. “holism. you need to know that it is not a good idea to engage the Mordorians on the field of force. Its seminaries have been established in virtually all of the West's universities. waiting for us to become “mindful” of it. The Mordorians are masters of force. This situation explains why it has been so difficult for true scientists. Scientism has a plan for the redemption of the world. To become mindful of it is to activate its life-giving power... to achieve the widespread influence they ought to have. a vision concocted by Thomas Hobbes (“the Great Pessimist”). a shift may be observed from the Mordorian-dinosauran view that “All that matters is matter” to the view that “We're all in the same boat and so we'd better take good care of the boat—and of one another. . in the view of this observer. Its Vatican is in London. start turning a deaf ear to orthodox science and start studying the “heretic” scientists.” the One Ring that controls all the others. Hobbes saw the Roman Catholic Church as an imperialistic enterprise built on the model of the defunct Roman Empire. Firstly. Thomas Malthus (the Second Greatest Pessimist).” This new nurturing view reflects the emerging basal paradigm.” you say. which is in many respects unlike the battle portrayed in “The Return of the King.always been there. Engaging the Mordorians in the field of consciousness is another matter. Contra Mordor You need to understand a few things about the real-life battle against Mordor..” the last film episode of The Lord of the Rings. people such as Bruce Lipton. The “Mordor consciousness” is based upon an extremely dark life vision. Beating them on the field of force is not at all likely. Like certain other religions. and in this view he was correct. the principle of destruction. “but the fact remains that in the here and now the Mordorians are in the power seat. its pope Richard Dawkins. It's important to understand that Scientism is dogma-based. it is a dark religion masquerading as science. a fractal replication of the Roman Catholic Church! The Mordorian church I call the “Church of Scientism..” The God of the Mordorians? Diabolos. we can win. Isn't there some way by which we mammalian-humans can facilitate the unseating of the Mordorians?” Good question. “That's all very nice.

If universe is a Oneness. A human technology that may be said to mimic “materialization” is holographic imaging.. not speciation.” we do. programming featuring sex and violence. (Everything. “Surely the Mordor Order is outside of ourselves?” No. by Itzhak Bentov. in fact. including beliefs. you need to know that the holographic theory of universe (holo-model) is correct. Secondly. develop skills that would enable you to survive in a world without computers. go organic . and not the Darwinian ferry-boat theory. If you are more comfortable with the terminology of mystics and seers. (Read Jim Hightower's book Swimming Against the Current.) Get rid of your big bank credit cards. to ourselves. but the understanding behind it is fairly simple: The universe is comprised of frequencies. As it is possible that the world computer network will not survive Y2K8-12 (one large solar flare could knock it out). all the product of chance. (It amazes me that so many scientists hold the Darwin theory in high regard. i.e. go holo. Call the theory what you will.It is a wise idea to begin your engagement with the Mordorians by dis-engaging from the Mordorian frequencies. The phrase “holographic theory” may be intimidating. Do you not subscribe to this view?—to one degree or another. A third book worth looking into is Stalking the Wild Pendulum.. Don't use microwave ovens. all of which derive from a Source frequency. . Minimize your exposure to Mordorian television programming. What we do to “others. They are fearful and cunning cousins who have concluded that the only security to be had in this dangerous world is through the acquisition of more and more power—power over others. go natural. and sign up with a credit union.) Previously referenced were two books introducing the holographic theory—Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order and Talbot's The Holographic Universe. That which we call “matter” is a product of a frequency inter-weavings. Use your cell phone only for emergency purposes. then you may prefer the phrase “Oneness theory of universe” to holographic theory.) Disengage as much as you can from the Mordorian transnational corporate complex. has a specific frequency. The economic mainstay of the future is not the big corporation. the theory that the planet is a kind of insensate ferry boat carrying multitudinous life forms. but the co-operative. go green.. the implications of the theory are staggering. then all that we consider “outside of ourselves” is part of ourselves. To what extent you can. The Mordorians are aspects of ourselves. even though it is absolutely clear that a genuinely scientific inquiry into evolution must begin with the study of cell evolution. such as Nostradamus. and thus the term holographic theory.

level. you need to focus seriously on developing yourself physically. I don't view the word “Christ” as a proper name. those I have a few problems with.. To begin: Nomenclature.. By transcending. the State most hold absolute sovereignty and exercise that sovereignty in a very. very intimidating way. if you were to eliminate Mordorian “think” in your life. by the way. in Leviathan. little Hobbes grabbed his mother for dear life. Further. however .. The Return of the King I suppose you might call me a post-orthodox Christianity Christian. In later years.The ideological father of the Mordor Order was the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (15881679). would you not? Thirdly . I have no problems with the teachings of Jesus of the Christ. The Christ himself . you will find it helpful to be “fit” in all respects.” Hobbes. Orthodox versions of those teachings. It must become a monster-a “leviathan. he turned to the State to seek relief from fear of violence. Another necessary implication of the holo-model is that no change is “little.” Please be mindful of this as you read the following. Victory is close at hand when you are able to go above and beyond love of power to realization of the power of love. I deeply respect the teachings and follow them as best I can. So . spiritually... influences the whole universe. I mean simply moving to a high consciousness.” Every change we make in our lives.” The Mordor Order is Hobbism “Writ Large. A “christ” is a person with is the consciousness of being one with “the Most High. was condemned by Parliament in 1666. The battle there is very different from the battles we're accustomed to. The Christ consciousness is defined as the highest consciousness a human being can achieve. or frequency. mentally. Hobbes. For starters. for better or worse.. but on “transcending” them. I am quite excited to see the new physics and new biology are in many ways supportive of those teachings. Born in the midst of the Spanish “Invincible Armada” panic... Victory depends not on slaughtering enemies. At the Black Gate. which I why I refer to Jesus as Jesus the Christ.” Christ consciousness is a concept that belongs to all humankind. not just to those who call themselves “Christians. argues that in order to preserve peace on madhouse Earth. Orthodox Christianity denies the possibility of achieving this level of consciousness by representing Jesus the Christ as the only and only son of God. you would be weakening Mordorism universally..

which involves climbing the consciousness ladder described by Dr. “Ye are gods.” he said. of course. slow but reliable track. If you were the Most High. people are impressed But the priests cry “Heretic!” And search high and low for all the crap That can make their charges stick! What is the nature. So what does “Follow me” mean today? It means follow his teachings. What is Love? Love is the feeling of strong affinity. don't you suppose that you would have affinity for everything in universe? Yes. but it does give us something of value. Let us suppose that the universe is in fact a unity. David Hawkins. Jesus the Christ left the physical realm. “Follow me.” the Christ tells us. “God is Love. Orthodox Christianity doesn't give us the wings wherewith to fly to heaven.” He said “Follow me.” Every once in a while.” Long ago. the Christ meant not that we are the Most High. everything comes from you.contradicted this denial by saying. Love. everything deriving from one Source frequency. He didn't say “Follow your religious authorities. The teacher does his best. but that we are “children of God” or. of course.” or “Follow the scriptures. of “Christ consciousness”? In a word .” The Most High is sentient. It has consciousness. and Jesus the Christ tells us that the consciousness of the Most High is Love.. “fractals of God.” By that. and it strengthens what beliefs we might have .. It gives us the ideal of Christhood. Is there a fast-track to attaining Christ consciousness? The fast-track advocated by Jesus the Christ is discipleship. specifically. there is also a slow. as I would put it. a very great while God sends a teacher to Earth To try to explain to us humans that We are all gods-in-the-works Did the religious authorities in the time of the Christ approve of what he said? No way. The one and only authorized representatives of the Christ are the teachings left by the Christ. and so it may be presumed that the Christ consciousness is Love. After all. For those who are unable to take the fast track. which frequency we call “the Most High.

the details of a number of pre-existing Christ stories.” What is built within? Knowledge of environment. Jesus the Christ went to some lengths to choreograph the events of his ministry in order to align that ministry with messianic prophecy. the holo-programs constitute what is called “knowingness. is valid as an expression (a mytho-fractalic expression as it were) of ancient holo-program-derived wisdom.” It may be concluded that the orthodox Christ story. of similar expressions concerning the nature of existence.. I should add. the historical Christ story doesn't matter much. I would argue … You believe in “instinct. i. literally. which is Christ consciousness. but it would mean that the churches would have to re-organize themselves. An archetype is definable as “the original expression of a type. knowledge of existence. We humans are born with knowledge of existence.. The main attack on Christianity these days has to do with the orthodox Christ story. If you follow the teachings. As the universe is holographic in nature. with the knowing. would that mean the collapse of the Christian churches? No. What really matters are the teachings. orthodox Christianity on an important matter. they could become great positive influences in the presentday world. not in setting it a-right. The Mordorinans are interested in annihilating Christianity. As such.” (Conscience means. Its critics. Against this facile conclusion. we often access this knowingness. you will awaken your True King. You will not be “left behind.” In this you will find that the details of the orthodox Christ story were made to fit. or set. The very first influential human expressions of such dramatization are called archetypes.” right? Instinct means “built within. not a Mordorian. In certain accounts of the Christ story I've read. View the first section of a DVD called “Zeitgeist. .regarding Christhood through the congregation of believers.e. a friendly critic who advocates reform.” If Christians were to follow my advice. becoming schools for the study of the Christ teachings. calling it “the voice of conscience. are having a field day.. in order to “fulfill” ancient prophecy. I myself am a long-time critic of orthodox Christianity. Together. This has led many to conclude that the story of Jesus the Christ is merely a fiction. exactly. Mordorian and otherwise..) From time to time. while not valid in terms of historical detail. holo-programs are dramatized in visions and/or dreams.” In ordinary life. So what? Ultimately. Thus I will speak briefly in defense of Orthodox Christianity is under great attack these days. slaughtering Christian beliefs right and left. I call the units of instinct holo-programs. You will win at the Black Gate.

. in my view.” If you regard yourself as a “humanist” with an aversion to anything smacking of religion. His ministry was co-opted. Prospero grows wise and powerful. including the term “Christ consciousness. the virtual tempest sinks a ship that is carrying Prospero’s old enemies. for sure. most Of it unseen. The following poem was the result of my effort to master the play’s meaning.“Wings wherewith to fly to heaven” I regard Jesus the Christ as the philosopher king of the West. As a graduate student at Syracuse University. Along the way. the rightful Duke of Milan.” Further. the criticisms of this play are none too good. The Island of Prospero The man of the hour Wears always a tragic mien. has been usurped by his brother Antonio and by Alonso. Is the Christ the one and only philosopher king of the West? No. “The Tempest. Twelve years pass. Antonio conspires to kill Alonso. poetically. As the play opens. his message to mankind survives. and so I'll offer my own. I became fascinated with this play and couldn’t break the spell of it until I understood and expressed. with Prospero et al. . The play concludes with the marriage of the two young lovers. let me recommend an earnest reading of Shakespeare's last play. who. return to Milan.” a white wizard who may have been modeled on the esotericist John Dee. Reality’s a sea. Nevertheless. his old co-conspirator and father of a handsome young man by the name of Ferdinand. He escapes to an island with his daughter Miranda — and lots of books. an advisor to Queen Elizabeth and something of a mentor to Francis Bacon. the summation of his wisdom. Prospero thwarts Antonio’s plans... waiting to be opened and read. King of Naples.” which offers. Another who has earned the title of philosopher king is known by the name of “William Shakespeare. Whatever is powerful attracts the power-hungry. The chief character in the play is “Prospero. Those who know the play will recognize the various allusions. its wisdom. That's the way it goes on planet Earth. Unfortunately. Safe on shore.” then let me suggest that you label the highest consciousness attainable “Shakespeare consciousness. Prospero. father of modern science. Miranda and Ferdinand meet and fall in love.

We have lost the steering.By the time we find our bearings. Brings the brute Into subservience. commands The depths. Rule comes into its rightfulness Through the mind in solitude Learning what must be Understood … Evil’s sway is stupor. What is gained By our disasters?— Others know better How to fail. Man’s dominion’s good. What is gathered Gathers strength. Here. Vis-à-vis the truth. rightful rule Rules. Prospero’s island is beyond The heartrending insight And the tragic wail. Orders the ardor of nature. stands Between the incubus And the virgin’s dream. Let the lovers unite Patience with passion So they are fit . frees The Spirit from the wood.

As we speak. And with him will be. Those who make it to the shore Will find Prospero waiting There. may The summer realm ascend. Even now. Miranda. . The tempest arises. And the paradigmatic ship Of the West begins To founder. Let Their union mend Old injury … And from the just reign Of their marriage spring. It is a reality Real as Hackensack. his magic more Potent than ever.To keep the treasures of the heart The measure and means Of power. Prospero’s island is More than mere Symbol. Soon the Age of Caliban And Darwin Will be no more. mother of future Earth. More beautiful than before.

” I'm not in agreement with the idea that ignorance is a curse of God. a few feathers for your wings. he Says that we Guarantee The safe return Of Prospero to the world By simple exercise of human cause— Applause! Applause! Elsewhere. Ignorance is simply a games condition. at very least. we wouldn't have the great adventure of over-coming it. descends … And in the very end Of his last play. The Bard of Avon and true king Of the English. I'm in complete agreement. that knowledge offers us the wings to heaven. .For those who may not comprehend. knowledge the wings wherewith we fly to heaven. As to the second point. If we didn't have ignorance. A God of Love doesn't curse anything. his last display Of consummate magic. I hope that Lifting the Earth has provided you with. Shakespeare writes that “Ignorance is the curse of God.



“Only by joining together in a Spiritual Peace with love in our hearts for one another, love in our hearts for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, shall we be saved from the terrible Purification Day which is just ahead.” —Dan Evehema, Hopi elder

So, cousin (we are all related, after all), have you evolved your consciousness to 250+ yet? As you've gotten to the very end of this book, it's a good bet that you have. Congratulations! You now have the freethinking mind-set necessary to go further up the Hawkins scale, perhaps all the way to Christ consciousness. Let's exercise your freethink a bit....

Once you understand that Mother Earth is singular and sentient, with all the capabilities that you have—and more, it is reasonable to suppose that she is the maker of the mysterious crop circles, is it not? I'm speaking of the “real” crop circles, of course, not the fakes. It is also reasonable to suppose that the makers are ETs. There is plenty of evidence of an ET presence. “What about our higher selves?” Yes, the higher self hypothesis has some validity, as well as the “ascended masters”

hypothesis. That's about as much as we can say, at present, about the makers. All that we can do is set forth suppositions. Any one of them, or all of them, might be correct As freethinkers, we avoid the common pitfall of obsessing ourselves with the messenger, and we focus instead on the message. We began this book with mention of the 1995 Longwood Warren Solar System formation, which depicts our inner solar system in 2033. One planet is missing. Earth. Message? The formation suggests either that Earth has been obliterated (or hi-jacked) by 2033, or

that the planet has moved to a new frequency neighborhood. Good news! Subsequent formations tend to validate the second (new neighborhood) option. In particular, I'm thinking the of the Phoenix (new civilization) formation of June 2009 and of the “Butterfly Man” formation (Netherlands, August 2009). Mother Earth (or the ETs, or higher selves, or ascended masters or some combination thereof) are telling us that a new and beautiful civilization is coming into being. To participate in the great metamorphosis, all we have to do is “go within,” become self-reliant rather than reliant upon current

social consciousness, discard our caterpillar paradigms/perspectives, and fly! I certainly hope that this book has helped you to form a new concept of “self.” You are far greater than you have been led to believe. You are, in fact, a biological fractal of the universe!

Allow me to quickly re-cap the humanity metamorphosis in paradigmatic terms.... Previously, we've discussed The Big Change in terms of a transition from scientism, the current dominant life vision underlying Western civilization, to scientific holism. In more specific terms, the transition is from the Hobbesian/Darwinian belief that we are combatants, each against all, to the holistic belief that, “We are all related.” In terms closer to our wallets than our hearts, i.e., terms more interesting to people grounded in modern materialistic ideology, the shift is from scarcity to abundance. Darwinism, the current

dominant life vision, is based on what I call the Scarcity Premise. This premise has been with us for a long, long time....

Despite their incessant squabbling, creationists and Darwinists share a common faith—the Scarcity Premise. The origin of the premise? Theology. The Bible interpreters maintain that we humans are outcasts from Eden. Because of our disobedience, we were ejected from the magnificent garden of Eden and wound up in the world as we know it today—a wasteland. Dire scarcity is the common lot of mankind. The Scarcity Premise was re-articulated in physics in terms of the so-called Entropy Law of Clausius, which maintains that the universe is rapidly dissipating its energy and that one day soon, all the energy will be gone. One contemporary physicist, Paul Davies, suggests that the universe is only “milliseconds” away from complete annihilation. In social theory, the Scarcity Premise was re-articulated by the English economist Thomas Malthus, whose well-known Malthus Doctrine holds that populations tend to increase geometrically, whereas the means to sustain population increases at only an arithmetical rate. This doctrine is the source of the “population problem” we hear so much about. When Darwin adopted the Malthus doctrine as the basis of his evolutionary theory, he imported the Scarcity Premise into the fields of biology and evolutionary science. An unfortunate development, as biology is the foundation of the life sciences, such as medicine, and of the social sciences. Fortunately, thanks to the work of a number of independent philosophers and scientists, the Scarcity Premise is now being replaced by the Abundance Premise. In physics, Entropy Law has been relegated to second place by the “syntropy” of Buckminster Fuller. In his last book, Cosmography,

Fuller argues convincingly that syntropy, the integrative force, is twice as powerful as entropy, the disintegrative force. Academic science, of course, has yet to catch up with Fuller. “Why is Academe so slow in assimilating new-paradigm science?” One reason is that Academe is heavily invested in old-paradigm science. Like a good dog, Academe doesn't bite the hand that feeds it. Another reason, astonishing perhaps but true, is that Academe is missing the most important science of all—philosophy. Philosophy is the mother science, the “science of science.” In an ideal academic world, philosophers would be running “quality control” on the lesser sciences. That is not the case in modern times. In the here and now, philosophy has been relegated to a minor role in the Humanities. In the very important realm of social theory, the Malthus doctrine has been thoroughly discredited. One of the most notable critics of Malthusianism is the late Dr. Julian Simon. In his The Ultimate Resource, Dr. Simon argues that as a result of widespread adherence to people-unfriendly Malthusianism, we humans are wasting our most precious resource—human intelligence. Simon

couldn't be more correct. However, soon, the Malthusian conviction that we billions of humans are a very big problem for the planet will give way to the view that great numbers of people are not a planet problem at all, but a primary indicator that Earth and its life forms are verging on a major evolutionary up-lift.

The Way Out Is Up

Previously, I suggested that a a good way to increase your personal signature frequency is to focus on the positive aspects of the situations you become aware of day to day. A good test of your ability to do this is offered by the aforementioned Phoenix crop circle. In legend, the Phoenix is consumed by fire; and then it is reborn. You can choose to focus on the destruction or the re-birth, or, I suppose, on the marvelous interrelatedness of the two. Go to the Net, search for Phoenix crop circle, and you will find that the focus is largely on the destruction. The crop circle is regarded as messenger of doom!--Apocalypse and all that. This is a down-frequency focus. Focus on the re-birth and you'll be moving up-frequency. That's the way to go—for your sake and the sake of the planet. Our nest is burning now. It's called “global warming.” The only way out of this global consummation in fire is ... up. Up-frequency. “What about the Hopi prophecies? Don't they focus on the negative?” I would have to say yes. It's far easier to visualize the destruction of the world as we know it than the world of the future. The same limitation applies to all people, which is another good reason to re-double your efforts to focus on

or 2075. The elders were very excited to see Hopi symbols depicted. Each time.” a Diane Cooper interview of Chet Snow. Thank you for keeping the ancient wisdom. If the messenger is allowed to speak to the assembly. This time he was allowed to speak. which Einstein tells us is more important than knowledge! Visualize the world as you would like it to be in 2033. he was always willing to “go the extra mile. I went to several gatherings at which Thomas spoke of the prophecies. Read “The Hopi Prophecies and Messages from the Stars. Years ago. his request to speak was denied. (The same symbol was used on the cover the earlier audio-book. at times in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity. the Purification will be not so bad. I learned that the Lipton-Bhaerman audio-book Spontaneous Evolution is now available as a print book. or whenever.the positive. Must be mere co-incidence. or 2059. We started this book with just such a visualization.) Haven't we seen that symbol before? Oh yes . As you may know.. Shortly after finishing this edition of Lifting the Earth.. I say thank you.. And . the Purification will be hard. but not to the full assembly. in crop circles. One of the Hopi prophecies is that a Hopi peace messenger will knock on the door of “the house of Mica” (the United Nations) four times. many of the sacred symbols of the Hopi have appeared in crop circles.. On its cover is the symbol of a man with the wings of a butterfly. Continue the process on your own.... imagination. he said that he had knocked four times at the door of the United Nations. Good news!--as this book is one of the key documents in the Big Change. use your greatest of reality-creation tools. The peace messenger was the late Thomas Banyancya. time and again. he went back to the United Nations a fifth time. right? .. In his youth.. About the Hopi—a couple more points. Among other things. the author of Mass Dreams of the Future.” So . and throughout his life. If he is not allowed. To the elders of the Fourth World. Thomas had been a long-distance runner. August 2009. the Butterfly Man crop circle formation in the Netherlands.

A human with butterfly wings ... what an uplifting symbol! .

A leading edge theory of evolution developed by Dr. (2) fractal mathematics and geometry play a key role in the design of the organic means by which intelligence is increased. This is my working definition. Consciousness. (1) “Enlightenment” means simply that you stand in the light of truth. you really know.and people-friendly life vision termed scientific holism. Enlightenment.Glossary. what's what in life. by no means the full definition. as evidenced in cell evolution by the leap from prokaryote (the first cell) to eukaryote. See www. See Holocracy. One of those fruits was the American Revolution. See the chapter titled “The Pattern of Human History” for discussion. (2) In Western culture. Selected Terms Big Change. from misery consciousness at the bottom to Christ consciousness at the top. (1) Universe may be resolved into two things—intelligence (data) and awareness (consciousness). In my writings of the mid-nineties. or simply holism.brucelipton. A life vision paradigm on which a civilization is based. In organic life. Bruce Lipton.” Fractal evolution.” See David Hawkins' Power vs Force for a complete description of the consciousness scale. I refer to this sort of paradigm as a “basal paradigm. Isaac Newton and others bore political fruit. the smallest unit of awareness is termed an IMP (integral membrane protein) complex. the eighteenth century “Enlightenment” was a period in which the new science established by Francis Bacon. the current dominant foundational paradigm of the West (materialistic scientism) will be replaced by a new Earth. (2) The term consciousness is widely used to describe a human state of mind. See Truth. Consciousness is data processing. . (3) We are in the opening years of a New Enlightenment. one based on the new physics and new biology. and (3) evolution is punctuated by fractal leaps. A phrase I use to describe the evolution of Earth and the human species in the period 2000 to 2020. As part of this evolution. The political fruit of this Enlightenment will be “holocratic” government. as in the phrase “Christ consciousness. You know. The. Main points of the theory: (1) The major theme of biological evolution is the increase of organismic intelligence. Foundational

” For an introduction to holographic theory of universe. This philosophy (outlined by Thomas Paine) holds that as individuals existed before governments.” The latter part I call the “ground crew” component. In the mid-nineties. biology and geometry-math support the understanding that the universe is a holographic reality. (1) The West's current dominant foundational paradigm. It means simply that you think for yourself. Ground Crew. (2) Every life vision paradigm has its priesthood. Holo-model. The political philosophy at the heart of the original American system (egalitarian republicanism). a contraction of social organism. Socialism maintains that the welfare of the social organism trumps the welfare of individuals. A human being is a two-part invention. Being a freethinker doesn't mean you have “nothing to do with orthodoxies of any sort” or with the opinions of other people. by the people (as a whole).e. for the people (as a whole). or theory. Lincoln was prescient.” Another Net definition: “The theory that population increase would outpace increases in the means of subsistence. Opposite of individualism is socialism. which is based on Newtonian scientific materialism and the Darwinian presumption of material causation of life. Leading edge physics. the Malthus doctrine is the Pandora’s Box of the modern period. See Reason. i. for the people” didn’t describe the American system of his time or ours. Disguised as a valid scientific theory.Freethinker. I was interested to discover that the . Government of the people (as a whole). Materialistic Scientism. Holocracy. Individualism.. a combination of a field of consciousness that is sometimes called higher self and the physical expression. or “body. your primary reliance is upon your own reason. his famous “government of the people.” My definition: The chief ideological antigen afflicting the modern world. An abbreviation of “holographic model. read Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe and/or Itzhak Bentov's Stalking the Wild Pendulum. Malthusianism. An Internet definition: “A brand of the Manchester School capitalist-type political/economic thought developed during the industrial revolution on the basis of the writings of the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus. but it does describe a holocratic system.. by the people. of universe. governments must have been established originally to serve the interests of individuals.

. for the most part. read the work of theologian Ken Wilbur. Based on Lipton science.” I think it important to understand that the original New World Order was independent republicanism. Paradigm. Read the work of futurist Hazel Henderson. Malthusianism views “over-population” as the greatest threat to civilization and recommends governmental regulation of the mortality rate. the teachings for the masses. I think Mordor World Order a very accurate name for the current “New World Order. The hypothesis that the Earth is both singular and sentient. Orthodoxies are represented as “the true teachings” of the Great One. and you’ll learn that paradigms don’t exist. i. Mother Earth hypothesis. My term for what the conspiracy writers call the “New World Order. but are in fact alternate teachings. New Culture.” Its primary job is to establish the “rules” of inquiry. If you're content to live on standard ideological food-thought. Have a good meal. especially scientific inquiry. New Philosophy. Philosophy based on the understanding that philosophy is “the science of science. and you’ll learn that just about everything is a paradigm. Mordor World Order. and to critique theories that represent themselves as scientific.e. The only reliable “successors” to the Great Ones are the teachings of the Great Ones. like many other popular movements. In the religions. usually has to do with the issue of succession (“Who or what is the legitimate successor to the Great One?”) In fact. What is a “paradigm”? The intellectual community hasn’t quite decided yet. the original New World Order was co-opted. standard teachings. Orthodoxy. This sort of violence. which denies sentience. The ideological bases of the MWO are Malthusianism and Darwinism.“Church of Scientism” (as I called Darwinism then) is modeled in many ways on the Roman Catholic Church. the various orthodoxies have served to divide believers and so may be considered the root of sectarian violence. new biology and new philosophy. there is NO human successor to the Great One. Culture based on the new physics. as formulated in the Constitution of the United States. go for it.” given its predatory character. I offer a very basic . this hypothesis succeeds the Gaia hypothesis. It is the standard operating procedure of the dark side to co-opt movements that have power. literally. An honorific term that means. it may be observed.

very Physics is master (“leader”) science among the physical sciences. Explicate reality is no longer the base-line referent where truthseeking is concerned. The other physical sciences must follow (i. A term describing applications of scientific holism to social theory and practice. “explicate” realm. current ideological basis of the social sciences. one that boiled down to the proposition that reasonable belief is belief that is empirically demonstrable.. Lipton biology (“Consciousness drives biology. The emerging life-vision paradigm on which future civilization will be based.definition: A paradigm is a fancy word for “model. they are the ideological foundations of societies and civilizations. This new Age will be built upon the above definition of reason. “Intuition. often in the face of contradictory evidence. The representation of dogma as scientifically sound. Reason. such as the vision of life represented in the Bible or in Darwin’s Origin of Species or in the body of research and writings supporting the holographic theory of universe. the current ideological basis. must be aligned with) leading edge physics if they themselves are to be considered up to date. including religion.” for example. Nowadays. social holism will become the leader philosophy of the social sciences. (Replaces social Darwinism. we recognize the implicate realm (intelligence/consciousness) as the base-line referent. The implicate realm has primacy.” Early in Lifting the Earth. or “directed dreaming. a vision of life. When I talk paradigms. meaning belief supported by evidence from the perceivable. The original Age of Reason had a less inclusive definition. These are very.e. Scientific holism. important. or fall into . a humongous cell as it were. “Reason. I suggest that a new Age of Reason is coming our way. or it may be very complex.) As physics is the leader of the physical sciences. not the other way around”) is aligned. Those faculties include a wide range of capabilities. which I refer to in this book as the “holo-model. I’m talking life vision paradigms. Scientism. (Replaces materialistic scientism. Social holism. Orthodox biology (neo-Darwinism) is not aligned with leading edge physics. The day will come when the social sciences must align with social holism.” as I define it. refers to all your personal faculties for discovering what's what in life. such as three ping pong balls glued together to represent an H2O molecule. many of which are not ordinarily considered rational.) This paradigm is comprised of all scientific studies supportive of the idea that universe is a one thing.” The model may be very simple.

Universe is known to be expanding. Truth. Historically. and. Dr. the truth that you.” Universe is a system. This allows us to understand what Jesus the Christ meant when he said. “The advent of quantum physics and the concepts comprising quantum mechanics. and so it may be presumed that universe itself is evolving..itgo. the new base-line referent of truth is consciousness. Duncan's “The Quantum Universe: An Information Systems Perspective” (www. and the memory as non-local (everywhere). you will know the truth. we humans have been looking for truth in all the wrong places—outside of ourselves.html).. and so the Y2K8-12 period may be interpreted as a “catch-up event. accordingly. The leading edge scientific model of universe regards the inputs as information.”) Consciousness has primacy. are the makers of truth. Evolution is mandatory for all sub-systems existing within the macrosystem (multi-verse).” He was saying. human body. outputs. Fuller demonstrated. and memory. All systems have four parts: Inputs. Bruce Lipton's theory of fractal evolution is a key component of the scientific holism paradigm. Y2K8-12. planet Earth) may be extrapolated to include universe. is twice as powerful as entropy.obsolescence. the output as perceivable universe.. “Follow my consciousness and you will know the truth that I'm well aware of. and so. For a good introduction to this theory.” Duncan writes..” In the seemingly paradoxical terms of Bashar. the processing as consciousness. I refer to social holism as “social fractalism. Membrane expansion at the single-cell fractal level signifies consciousness increase. The model of universe I use is based on information systems theory. being gods. not anything physical.” .” Syntropy. “All truths are true. is information. The “Mother Earth set” (single cell. processing. see William L. Abbreviation of 2008 to 2012. “have resulted in speculation by some of the world's foremost thinkers that the most fundamental building block of the perceivable universe .critical-path.” It would appear that historically. human evolution has been rather slow. in present writings. The truth that “sets us free” is the fact that we are the truth-makers. Universe. “Follow my word . and the truth will set you free. A term coined by Buckminster Fuller to describe the integrative power of universe (Replaces the inelegant term “negentropy.

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