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Beaded Earing

Beaded Earing

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Published by: Di on Jan 05, 2013
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Beaded Earring

What you need: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Glass seed beads size 11/0 (silver white transparent) Crystal bicones (12 pcs of 4mm white transparent) Beading string or wire (25mm or 25 gauge) One pair of earring hoop Two Jump Ring Two 2 inch eye-pins. Two Round tip pliers

Always Remember to pull tight on EVERY STEP. I'm using BLUE color in the diagram to represent the beads and crystals but you are actually using silver white beads and white transparent crystals. Step 1: Cut a piece of string or wire around half a meter long.

Add 6 seed beads at the middle of this string and crisscross the both ends through the last added bead. (remember to balance out both ends of the string so that they are of the same length) Take the left (red) line, add one crystal, one seed bead, one crystal, one seed bead and one last crystal; Cross the right (black) line through the last added crystal; Step 2: Take the line (red) that you added beads and crystals onto, pass this line through the next seed bead from step one (as shown where the red arrow is coming out of) This step is similar with step 2 except for the number of crystals added. Step 3: Take the top (black) end of the line, add one seed bead, one crystal, one seed bead and one last crystal (which you would cross the bottom (red) line through) and further pass the black line through the seed bead (bottom left bead where the black arrow is coming out from) from step 1. Now repeat step 3 exactly for three more time. for the last bead circle to form the snowflake: add on one Step 4: seed bead, one crystal and one last seed bead; next cross the other end of the line (black through the last added seed bead); then tie off at where the tiny green dot is and string the remaining string back through the piece to strengthen the piece and knot.

After making the similar circle loop.Take one piece of eye pin. place both of the circle loop from the eye pin into the jump ring. as you need to Step 5: make another similar circle loop with this end of the eye pin with the round tip pliers. making sure the end passing out is longer. close the jump ring tightly with the pliers. follow by placing the loop from the earring hook into the jump ring. open it slightly the pliers. . pass it through the top crystal. Step 6: Take one jump ring. measure out both side of the eye pin and bent them so that the two circle loop is one on top of the other. Repeat step 1 to 6 for the other side of the earring.

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