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Note 1248769 - Inconsistency Between Database and ABAP Dictionary

Note 1248769 - Inconsistency Between Database and ABAP Dictionary

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Published by: Zulkiff Bhumibootra on Jan 05, 2013
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SAP Note 1248769 Inconsistency between database and ABAP Dictionary

Note Language: English Version: 10 Validity:
Valid Since 07.12.2009

There is a termination of transactions or programs with, for example: - CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB - CX_SY_NO_HANDLER Programs issue a message that there is an error or inconsistency in the ABAP Dictionary.

Other terms
DB, RTO, inconsistency

Reason and Prerequisites
Inconsistencies occur in a used table between its definition on the database and its runtime object in the dictionary. This means that the table exists on the database, and is structured differently than described in the dictionary. The following differences are possible: a) Difference in the number of fields. b) Difference in field categories c) Difference in field lengths d) an index is missing in the database e) an index in the database is missing in the dictionary f) the number of fields varies in the index An inconsistency may be caused by the following: 1. The table was activated by illegal means and not adjusted to the database in the process. When the table was activated, a database error occurred that prevented the adjustment to the database and, for once, provided no return code. After an attempted conversion for the table that terminated in step 5, the system restores the table by renaming your QCM table.



This note applies only to transparent tables. It does not apply to physical pools and clusters.

You can verify the inconsistency using one of the following methods: - Call SE11 and choose the menu path "Utilities" > "Database Object" > "Check". - Call SE14 and choose the menu path "Check" > "Database Object". - Call SE14 and choose the menu path "Extras" > "Database Object" > "Check"
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10. If you choose "Activate and adjust". loss of data. 6. 8. you cannot execute this conversion. the system creates the index again and it is consistent. choose: "Table" -> "Reconstruct". h) Choose "Activate and adjust database" to activate the table. 7. eliminate the cause and reactivate the index. the table with transaction SE11 does not change its inconsistent To eliminate the inconsistency in tables. Header Data 01. Check the object log of this activation. c) Enter the name of the table and choose "Edit". To prevent conversion Therefore. Choose "Indexes". d) In the menu. Enter the name of the table and choose "Edit". If this does not eliminate the inconsistency. b) Call transaction SE14.2011 Page 2 of 3 . create a CSN message under the component BC-DWB-DIC-AC. 9. e) Confirm the execution as an emergency repair. Select the index and choose "Choose (F2)". If an error occurs.between database and runtime object F7 . Call transaction SE14. you can no longer activate the table during a if this inconsistency exists.between runtime object and the description in the ABAP Dictionary To eliminate the inconsistency in an index. Check the consistency of the table again in transaction SE14: F6 . proceed as follows: a) Log on as user DDIC.SAP Note 1248769 Inconsistency between database and ABAP Dictionary (F6). g) Select the "Save data" radio button. proceed as follows: 4. Activating state.11. 5. f) Select the radio button for the processing type as follows: "Direct" or (for very large tables) "Background".

DB-Utility.12. Conversion The Note is release-independent Related Notes Number 211492 Short Text Inconsistency between ABAP Dictionary <-> database 01..11.2011 Page 3 of 3 . MC.. SPDD Released for Customer 09.2009 12:57:34 German Correction with high priority Program error BC-DWB-DIC-AC Activation Prog.SAP Note 1248769 Inconsistency between database and ABAP Dictionary Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Prog.

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