Tips when doing chemistry titration: Rinse things that need time to dry first.

Rinse everything with distilled water first and leave the water inside. Pour all water at 1 go so u won’t redo the rinsing work due to forgetfulness. Put white tile/ filter paper below the conical flask. Pour standard solution (FA3) into the burette. Overshot 0? Let the solution flow and collect using the original FA3 bottle. Put finger at the meniscus if you cannot read the reading easily. R3adings: 2dp, smallest division: 0.05cm^3

     

Surround the burette knob with left hand, shake with right hand. 1st titration – rough. Not to watch volume titrated but colour change in the flask. Have a rough idea of how much titre (FA3) is required to reach equivalence point (end point roughly = equivalence pt) using the approx. concentration of titrant (FA3) stated. Continue to add at the start, once colour begin to stay longer and spread wider, add some stop, add some stop, shaking all the while. Overshot? Nevermind. Do Back titration: Take the conical flask, add drops of (FA3) standard solution using a dropper. 1 drop – 0.05cm^3 Overshot vol. of titre: 21.95 cm^3 Add 2 drops of FA3 to recover back: 0.05*2= 0.1 cm^3 Actual end point: 21.95-0.1=20.95 cm^3.

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