Does time heal wounds?

Only human beings know what time is. It doesn’t exist for animals and plants. It’s a feature typical only of us and our lifestyle. We have created it and we have become obsessed with it. We even depend on it. We count on time, we count on life. Our attitude toward time is different in different situations. For example we are impatient when we want a certain moment to arrive more quickly and time seems endless, but when we know that something unpleasant is on our way hours seem like seconds. So time is a controversial notion. But one thing is certain – we need time to heal our wounds. No matter physically or psychologically, only time has the power to cure us. Sometimes when we are emotionally destroyed we think that we will never be the same as before. We are sure that nobody can understand our pain and no one can help us. Our world is destroyed and we cannot find answers, we cannot see the solutions.Time seems heavy and meaningless and it looks so slow that we start to think that things will be the same forever. But, however, as days and nights pass our point of view becomes clearer. Our self-assurance comes back and we open our eyes for the world. Time simply heals us. We even become stronger and we are ready for new challenges and adventures. The secret of time-healing is that as days pass we start to forget. Our recollection simply erases the bad memories and the unpleasant moments. Disappointments, failures, mistakes – we are absolutely capable of forgetting them and looking on them as misconceptions. Time is like a boat that takes us away from the shore of troubles – the further it gets, the harder it becomes for us to see the shore until in the end we completely lose sight of the past. After that, time gives us the opportunity to reach new shores with new chances for better life. Time is our partner. We depend on it, but at the same time we decide how to cope with it. We can rely on it and it will never betray us. If we only have the patience to wait, time will settle everything and will bring back the order in our lives.