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introduction to banking
introduction to banking

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Published by: Chintu Motwani on Jan 06, 2013
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PGDM 20.

Banking Operations Management: Maximum marks : 5

Assignment No: 2 1. Since financial liberalization, though the capital market system has expanded substantially, the Indian financial system is dominated by financial intermediaries .The commercial banking sector which comprises of different institutions holds the major share of the total assets of the financial intermediaries .
Broadly classify the Indian Banking system with help of a chart/diagram which can give an overview of the various institutions , their structure and their main functions. ( not to exceed 5 pages)

2. The economic conditions in the country in the current fiscal have been challenging with inflation being the major factor driving economic policy. This has had a major impact on other economic variables with official projections being modified downwards along the year. Policy formulation has become even more difficult with the volatility witnessed in the forex market, where the rupee has tended to move downwards. Elucidate the role of Reserve Bank of India in this context and also explain the various functions of RBI with focus on credit control measures ( not to exceed 5 pages)

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