CZ-USA was formed in 1998 as a subsidiary of and the exclusive US importer for Ceska Zbrojovka. Today CZ-USA imports the CZ-USA line shotguns from Huglu of Turkey, rifles and handguns from Ceska Zbrojovka in Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic and Brno Rifles, also from the Czech Republic. CZ-USA is the holding company for Dan Wesson, a premium handgun manufacturer in New York and the Safari Classics line of custom sporting rifles. Business, warranty and distribution functions are conducted from CZ-USA’s offices in Kansas City, KS. CZUB (CZ’s Uhersky Brod Plant in the Czech Republic) is the largest small arms factory in the world including over 200 acres of buildings alone. Czeska Zbrojovka is the parent company of CZ-USA and is the manufacturer of many famous firearms, including rifles such as the Brno 602, CZ 452, 527 and CZ 550 as well as the CZ 75 family of handguns. The factory was founded in 1936 in Czechoslovakia and has continued firearms manufacture uninterrupted through times of war, German occupation during WWII, Soviet occupation during the cold war and currently under democracy in the Czech Republic. Zbrojovka Brno was officially opened in 1918, but served as an armory for the Austro-Hungarian Empire since the nineteenth century. Brno is historically known for their VZ 24 Mauser rifles and the design of the British Bren machine gun. Zbrojovka Brno currently produces Brno Rifles, a line of high end single shot and double rifles, combo rifles and O/U shotguns for hunting and competition. Dan Wesson Firearms produces a premium line of 1911s and has reintroduced the interchangeable barrel line of Dan Wesson revolvers for 2011. In 1968, three years after the Wesson family sold Smith&Wesson, Dan Wesson, grandson of Smith&Wesson co-founder Daniel B. Wesson, partnered with Karl R. Lewis to manufacturer the Dan Wesson line of revolvers. The current line of Dan Wesson revolvers and 1911s are built in the same spirit of quality and innovation that inspired partnerships involving 2 men of the same name over a century apart. Safari Classics produces custom sporting rifles based on the modern CZ 550 bolt action. The CZ 550 is the modern version of the classic double square bridge Mauser style action and more recently, the popular Brno 602. Each Safari Classics rifle is built to the specifications of the consumer and all are built with the reliability and performance needed for hunting dangerous game.


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CZ Handgun Tech Notes:
• The B designation indicates the pistol has a firing pin block. • The D designation indicates the pistol has a decocking lever. • Only P-07 models can be switched from safety to decocker. All other pistols cannot be converted to the opposite of what it was made. • Ambi safeties/decockers cannot be added to pistols originally equipped with single side controls • Models not equipped with firing pin blocks include: Shadow Target, TS, Czechmate, Shadow Custom, 85 Combat, Kadet, 83, Champion. • Safety models- safety blocks sear, also locks slide in forward position.
CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow

Dan Wesson RZ-10

• Safety cannot be engaged when hammer is not fully cocked.
CZ 75 - CTS LS-P


P-07 w/Threaded Barrel


P-07 w/OD Green Frame

• Decocker models have no trigger lock or firing control group blocking method, only the ability to lower the hammer from fully cocked to half cocked. • All pistols have fully supported chambers.
Dan Wesson Specialist

CZ 75 - Shadow & Shadow-T Dan Wesson ECO

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cz-usa.com 5

Easily adaptable to low light use.com www. CZ HANDGUNS CZUB has been designing and manufacturing small arms since 1936. finish: Black polycoat The CZ P-07 Duty is gaining popularity for law enforcement as well as personal defense.HANDGUNS HANDGUNS POLYMER FRAME CZ P-07 DUTY Featuring the Omega trigger system – Convertible from decocker to thumb safety Don’t let the “Duty” designation trick you.40 S&W. the 2075 RAMI. uses fewer parts and improves the trigger pull. www. The P-07 model is a compact sized handgun. as well as the right attitude ensure that these designs are realized in the highest standards of quality. angle.40 S&W • Convertible. The new mechanism was first introduced on the P-07 model. the Duty features an accessory rail to which a light or laser can be attached. The abbreviated 3. etc.8” barrel and compact grip allow the Duty to disappear under clothing much more easily than full sized models.cz-usa. safety or decocker • New Omega trigger system • Polymer frame with light rail • Reversible magazine release • Two magazines cz-usa. the most recent being the P-06. The absence of the grips resulted in some available space that was used to increase the magazine capacity by 2 rounds. just as appropriate for concealed carry as it is for uniformed duty. The polymer frame platform eliminated the need for the grip panels that are used on most steel and alloy framed autos.cz-usa. The results speak for themselves.) so popular in the CZ 75 family of handguns. When designing the polymer frame for the Duty. It simplifies the CZ 75 trigger system. making the P-07 Duty a great choice for concealed carry. Seventy-five years of experience has led to many innovative pistol designs. CNC machining centers and skilled personnel. 12+1 . the flush fitting magazine of the P-07 Duty holds the same number of rounds that the full sized versions of the CZ 75 do in both 9mm and . Watch the CZ P-07 “How-to” conversion video on our YouTube channel.com .com www. This compact size and polymer frame along with the new slide profile (fully machined from bar stock) reduces weight. apparent in all of the handguns in the CZ-USA line. but the real story is in the versatility it provides for its owner.40 S&W. State-of-the-ar t technology. The most innovative feature of the P-07 duty is the Omega trigger system.com cz-usa.youtube. the decision was made to retain the basic grip shape (circumference. the polymer framed CZ P-07 Duty and CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom. cal: 9mm Luger/.com/czusafirearms/ P-07 Duty features • 16+1 9mm. The Omega system allows users to choose between operating the handgun with a decocking lever (installed) or a manual safety (included) by a simple parts change.

8 95 | 4.79 147 | 5.46 1.00 Decocker. but when placed in a defensive situation.8 95 | 3.72 Height mm | in 130 | 5.com . the shooter has the option to carry with the hammer back and safety on (cocked and locked) or after manually decocking. the Phantom has less perceived recoil than models of similar weight and power and is unmatched in its natural point of aim. you must remember to decock the hammer after chambering a round and before holstering. cal: 9mm Luger.2 185 | 8. accessory rail and two interchangeable grip inserts to accommodate users with different sized hands. in most cases. this isn’t a big deal. hammer down for a double action first shot.13 185 | 7.7 | 778 1.00 Decocker. remembering to take the safety off is critical. Firing Pin Block Decocking Lever. With the safety lever equipped versions of the CZ 75 family.com cz-usa. For plinking or casual target shooting. As a result of this feature.cz-usa. The sights on this variation are higher than normal.3 130 | 5. finish: Black polycoat CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM sPeCIfICatIONs/PrICING SKU 91177 91178 Model Caliber Mag. cal: 9mm Luger. these models are also generally preferred for target. The vast majority of us don’t have the experience of shooting the tens of thousands of rounds necessary to train ourselves to almost subconsciously flip down the safety lever before taking the first shot.cz-usa. chances are the models incorporating the manual safety lever are for you.5 95 | 3. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Safety or 483. The models equipped with a decocking lever are.com www. the best choice for most shooters wanting a handgun for defensive purposes.OD GREEN NEW! P-07 OD Green – Available April 2012 The P-07 Duty is now available with an olive drab frame.00 Decocker. there is no safety lever that you have to remember to disengage. but when under the stress of a defensive situation. The polymer construction and radically scalloped.4 37 | 1. the models equipped with a safety lever provide a consistent light and short trigger pull from the first to the last shot. full size autos out there. In single action mode.4 37 | 1.4 37 | 1. the primary safety element of the decocked handgun is the longer.00 cz-usa. With the decocker models.00 Decocker. Cap. plinking and most competition disciplines. They will clear 1” diameter supressors and provide a good sight picture with larger diameters when shooting with both eyes open.2 185 | 7. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Safety or 496. The Phantom features a decocking lever.com CZ P-07 DUTY GREEN 9mm Luger FRAME/BLACK SLIDE CZ P-07 DUTY THREADED BARREL 9mm Luger 9mm Luger . Firing Pin Block Decocking Lever. Firing Pin Block 91186 CZ P-07 DUTY 91187 91158 01158 CZ P-07 DUTY CZ SP-01 PHANTOM CZ SP-01 PHANTOM 37 | 1. 16 16 16 12 18 10 Frame/Grip Polymer OD Green Polymer Polymer Polymer Polymer Polymer Overall Length Barrel Length mm | in mm | in 185 | 7. Some people will prefer the safety lever equipped models simply due to the versatility they give the shooter.8 | 800 595.15 95 | 3. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Safety or 528.7 | 770 Trigger Mech. cal: 9mm Luger.4 Weight lbs | g 1.3 130 | 5.3 147 | 5.8 120 | 4.40 S&W 9mm Luger 9mm Luger Ambidextrous Safety or 489.72 120 | 4. Safety Stop.79 Width mm | in 37 | 1.HANDGUNS HANDGUNS Featuring the Omega trigger system – Convertible from decocker to thumb safety CZ P-07 DUTY Decision Time: Safety or Decocker The handguns in the CZ line employ 2 different primary or active safety mechanisms: the manual thumb safety or the decocking lever. Both of these designs are good safety elements and both have different advantages depending on your perspective or intended use.15 207 | 8. nor do we all have the opportunity to fit the weekly range sessions required to keep current with skills we have developed in the past into our schedules today. If you are intimately familiar with 1911 style controls and it is second nature for you to flip the safety lever up after chambering a round and to flip the safety lever down after drawing from the holster and before taking the shot.7 | 770 1. heavier pull of the double action trigger.00 595. Safety Stop. DA/SA DA/SA DA/SA DA/SA DA/SA DA/SA Sights Safety Elements F Tall Adj.8 | 800 37 | 1.3 130 | 5.7 | 770 1. Retaining the superior grip geometry of the SP-01.2 207 | 8. forged steel slide make the SP-01 Phantom one of the lightest weight. finish: Black polycoat www. The 1/2x28 threaded muzzle accepts most supressors made for the US market. In fact it is a full 33% lighter than its steel framed counterparts making it ideal for all day carry. F F F F MSRP CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM The Phantom is all about combining full-sized shootability and firepower (18+1 rounds of 9mm) with all day carry comfort. finish: Black polycoat CZ P-07 DUTY .46 1. CZ P-07 DUTY NEW! P-07 w/ threaded barrel – Available April 2012 This version of the P-07 Duty has been set up to accept a sound suppressor.

5-4 lbs in SA mode and 7. 2004 The Shadow series of handguns is designed specifically for target and competition work. The Shadow models carried by CZ-USA are assembled in Mesa Arizona by World Champion Angus Hobdell’s CZ Custom Shop. single action only.com www.cz-usa. An entire family of pistols is available based on the CZ 75 design.000th CZ 75.8 lbs for DA mode (for DA/SA models) and the following: • • • • • • • Extended firing pin Extended magazine release Drop-free magazine break Custom reduced-weight springs Trigger with overtravel adjustment screw Ambidextrous Shadow Extended Manual Safety. alloy frames and even competition pistols.com . In the thirty years since it first appeared. The CZ 75 SP-01 is the first full size handgun (4. “The CZ 75 represents a significant step forward in autopistol design. Two. finish: Black polycoat cz-usa. cal: 9mm Luger.com cz-usa.. ambidextrous. cal: 9mm Luger.com www. Borrowing from the improved grip geometry of the CZ 75 Compact P-01..” Gene Gangarosa. Combat Handguns®. Angus Hobdell competing with a custom SP-01. this version of the SP-01 Shadow gets the competition treatment including a TRT rear sight. 40 S&W. including compacts.000.CZ 75 HANDGUNS HANDGUNS SP-01 SERIES CZ 75 SP-01 The winningest pistol in IPSC competition. finish: Black polycoat CZ CUSTOM Champion and CZ-USA team captain. Designed in 1975. finish: Black polycoat California Certified CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL The Tactical variant of the SP-01 utilizes an ambidextrous decocker in place of the manual safety and comes standard with 3 dot tritium night sights.cz-usa. Are you ready? Standby……. Competition treatment on all CZ Custom models includes a competition hammer and trigger job that breaks clean at 3. They include variations of the CZ 75 and the CZ SP-01. the SP-01 is the newest model to join the family of pistols based on the CZ 75 (SA/DA) platform.0-7. the CZ 75 utilizes all the best features from service pistols around the world. The new grip geometry with checkering in key areas on the front and back straps. noticeably decreases the perceived recoil from previous models and allows for more rapid target acquisition and transitions. More and more of the top pistol shooters in the US are transitioning to the CZ 75 family of pistols for both IPSC and IDPA competition. tImeLess DesIGN suPerB PerfOrmaNCe On October 12th. the CZ 75 has exerted an enormous influence on service pistol design and it remains one of the best of the genre despite its age.72” bbl) from CZ to feature the improved manufacturing technology and ergonomics of the NATO approved compact CZ 75 P-01 model. cal: 9mm Luger. combined with the redistribution of mass provided by the accessory rail. decockers. competition springs and a CZ Custom stainless guide rod. 18+1 capacity extended base magazines CZ 75 maIN features • High capacity double stack magazines • Hammer forged barrels • Ergonomic grip and controls • Unparalleled accuracy • Slide-in-frame design for better recoil control • 3 dot sighting system (Tritium night sights available) • Extended service life due to advanced design and superior materials • Firing pin block safety (except CZ 75 Kadet and Tactical Sport) CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TARGET The CZ 75 Shadow Target is a competition-ready USPSA Production Division pistol. rubber grip panels and CZ’s corrosion resistant black polycoat finish. 2007 CZ built the 1. All Shadow models feature swept hi-rise beavertail frames and slides designed without firing pin blocks for improved target trigger pulls. cocobolo grips. Featuring an integral 1913 accessory rail on the dust cover. Star ting with a trigger job by world champion Angus Hobdell’s CZ Custom Shop. the SP-01 utilizes an extended beavertail to protect the shooter’s strong hand as well as allowing for a deeper and more secure grip. Jr.

com cz-usa. the CZ 75 Tactical Sport is the perfect gun for competition. National Champion Shooters • Adam Tyc. (1. Czech Republic • Matt Mink.A. finish: Black polycoat CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORT This model was built from the ground up for IPSC competition.5mm insert). competition springs.com .40 S&W. A spare barrel is included along with a front sight adaptor that replaces the compensator and a rear sight to replace the slide racker handle when switching from Open to Limited configuration. fitted and serialized to match gun www. Choice of both World and U. a 5.S.7” longer than the CZ 75 B) as well as a slightly larger grip to accommodate the higher capacity heavy duty magazine.com cal: 9mm Luger finish: Black polycoat CZ 75 SHADOW T-SA The custom shop has tuned this pistol up for anyone interested in competing or who wants to do some serious paper punching with a single action only 9mm. U.4” bbl gives this model more precise aiming capabilities than other models. The pistol features a full-length dust cover. Other features include: fixed rear sight.cz-usa.S. installation of Champion adjustable target rear and fiber optic front sights. SA trigger. extended magazine release. cal: 9mm Luger. Czech Republic • Galo Icaza. it was designed without a firing pin block allowing for a better target trigger pull. cal: 9mm Luger finish: Black polycoat CZeChmate features • • • • • • • • • • • • C-more slide ride non-click 6 moa dot Ambi slide racker 3-20 round magazines 1-26 round magazine 4 port compensator Aluminum grips Aluminum magwell Competition hammer 2 slide stops with slide lock 4 slide stop pins with out slide lock Undercut trigger guard and beavertail for high grip 1 spare threaded barrel. As a member of the Shadow line of competition models. Ecuador CZ 75 SHADOW (NOT PICTURED) CZ 75 Shadow and Shadow T are IDPA Approved! (SSP Legal) CZ 75 SHADOW T The “T” version of the 75 Shadow builds on the base model with the addition of black rubber grips and a Champion fully adjustable target rear sight matched to the fiber optic front. finish: Dual tone (nickel frame/blue slide) California Certified Adam Tyc-World IPSC Champion CZ 75 SHADOW CTS LS-P The Long Slide version of the 75 Shadow wears the same length and style slide as the 75 Tactical Sports model. cal: 9mm Luger finish: Black polycoat cz-usa.HANDGUNS HANDGUNS COMPETITION CZ CZECHMATE The Czechmate is based on a modified version of the CZ 75 TS frame.cal: 9mm Luger. The fully adjustable Champion rear sight combined with a black front sight along with longer sight radius provided by the 5. checkered front and rear strap and a gaping magazine well for the fastest magazine changes. (DA/SA action) The 75 Shadow comes equipped with the complete Shadow package of competition features including the fixed Shadow rear and fiber optic front sights. It comes with all par ts necessary to run in IPSC Open or Limited division (both in 9mm). With the addition of the 10 round Limited class (Limited 10) in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). the action (DA/SA) and trigger have been tuned up for competition.cz-usa.A • Angus Hobdell.S. . • Marian Vysny.com www. Additional modifications made by the gunsmiths at the CZ Custom Shop include a trigger job. U. (DA/SA action) cal: 9mm Luger finish: Dual tone (black frame/blue slide) CZ 75 The winningest pistol in IPSC competition. ambidextrous safety.4” barrel (0.A • Kelly Neal. The extra weight out front helps maintain a steady sight picture and reduce perceived recoil as well. U. The Czechmate comes configured for Open division competition with a compensator and C-More red dot sight installed. A big stick 26 round magazine and three 20 round magazines are included in the CZ hard case .S. CZ Custom aluminum grips and a flat aluminum trigger with overtravel screw. As with all Shadow models.

Single Action: The trigger does not compress the hammer spring or striker spring of the Single Action semi-auto handgun at all.77 62 | 2. pull the trigger and manually lower the hammer (to the hammer safety hooks.47 206 | 8.00 132100 1272.fixed. a manual safety and a secondary safety element such as a firing pin block or grip safety.61 117 | 4.40 | 1080 2.cz-usa. prevents the trigger from moving and/or the firing mechanism from operating. heavier trigger pull in lieu of a safety lever.cz-usa.40 S&W 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger Mag. At the end of the trigger pull. .00 1180. adj.40 S&W CZ 75 TACTICAL SPOrT cal. if the pistol has second strike capability.10 206 | 8. (If manually decocking for the first time. Cap. eventually powering the firing pin forward (via a striker or hammer) towards the cartridge primer subsequently firing the cartridge.43 Width mm | in 37 | 1.46 45 | 1. it lowers it to the safety hooks on the hammer or “half cock”. As the trigger is pulled for the first shot.46 37 | 1.86 266 | 10. DA . Because the pull is heavier and longer.43 138 | 5. Most. half cock. In this option. not all the way down where the hammer would land on the firing pin and the trigger bar is disengaged. What Col.double action * Interchangeable fixed or optical cz-usa. Double Action models equipped with a manual safety. shorter trigger pull. there is no safety lever to deactivate. 9 mm Luger CZ TS CZECHMATE cal.79 147 | 5.the original CZ 75. Condition one is where the safety lever is activated (“put on safe”) after loading and before holstering (also known as “cocked and locked”.15 207 | 8. though it would be more accurate to describe them as “a little more action than single”. the gun will fire. but it is likely that you will injure your hand when the recoil sends the slide back during the cycling of the action.00 1180. * adj. the action is cocked fully (or partially if holstered at half cock) by the trigger pull.40 117 | 4. Manual Safety Lever Ambidextrous.10 206 | 8. Remember that if the hammer slips out of your grasp and hits the firing pin.40 | 1080 2. CZ 83.com sPeCIfICatIONs Model CZ 75 SP-01 CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TArgET CZ 75 TACTICAL SPOrT CZ TS CZECHMATE CZ 75 SHADOW T CZ 75 SHADOW CZ 75 SHADOW T S/A CZ 75 CTS LS-P Caliber 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger. when activated. *To manually decock: Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. a DA/SA gun should be “put on safe” or decocked. fixed adj. 9 mm Luger CZ 75 TACTICAL SPOrT cal. . the firing pin is powered towards the cartridge primer firing the cartridge.44 | 1107 2. When the mechanical decocker lowers the hammer.40 | 1107 Trigger Mech. the safety lever should be put back “on safe” before re-holstering. CZ 75 SA and CZ 75 Tactical Sports.15 207 | 8. This is a safe option.43 138 | 5. When shooting a gun that starts from the hammer down (or first shot in double action). Single action pistols typically have a lighter. Use extreme caution when manually lowering the hammer to avoid an accidental discharge. Note: most of these designs do not have “second strike” capability. is the one named “Condition 1” by Col. practice with the handgun unloaded first.79 150 | 5. once a round has been chambered and the safety lever is deactivated.com cz-usa. DA/SA can further be broken down into those with a manual safety and those models that have a mechanical decocker integrated into their design. With the hammer securely grasped with your thumb and forefinger.40 S&W CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TArgET cal. Manual Safety Ambidextrous.00 3220. As the recoil cycles the slide backwards. These designs and many other similar trigger systems use the energy from the recoil to partially cock the action. Note that it is best when manually decocking that the hammer only be lowered to the half cock position (or safety hooks). there is a much lower risk of an “accidental discharge”. CZ SP-01.46 Weight lbs | g 2. For Single action (only) models.00 737. CZ P-01.46 37 | 1.43 138 | 5.10 Barrel Length mm | in 117 | 4.61 117 | 4.79 147 | 5.HANDGUNS HANDGUNS Semi-Auto Pistol Types Double Action: A semi-auto handgun with a true double action trigger system has the ability to fully cock the action through the trigger pull. The second strike is useful when a cartridge primer fails to fire the first time the trigger is pulled. Manual Safety Decocking Lever. . incorporate a manual safety lever that.0 | 1360 2. 9 mm Luger CZ 75 CTS LS-P cal. but it is significantly slower to fire the first shot from this state. 9 mm Luger CZ 75 SHADOW cal. Subcategories of the double action include: • Double Action Only (DAO) . Jeff Cooper. Safety Elements Ambidextrous. most other 75 variations. In this situation. 2075 RAMI BD.61 136 | 5. but the trigger’s primary purpose is to trip the sear. such as the 1911 or CZ 75 SA.90 140 | 5. CZ 85. or CZ 75 BD are DA/SA guns as well. the first and all subsequent shots enjoy a lighter trigger pull and shorter trigger travel and reset. but there are safety elements at work that are not obvious from the shooter’s perspective. 9 mm Luger MSRP 660. safety on) or manually decocked* and carried as a DA/ SA with the first shot double action and each sub-sequent shot single action.com . on all of the decocker equipped models from CZ. if the model is so equipped).includes the discontinued CZ 100 and CZ 75 DAO • DA/SA . this hammer back look has been criticized by the uninformed observer as “scary” looking… well maybe that’s a good thing. 18 18 /12 18 20 /16 20+26 18 18 18 18 Frame steel steel steel steel steel steel steel steel steel Grip rubber rubber wood wood aluminum Overall Length mm | in 207 | 8.46 37 | 1. the trigger can be pulled a second time giving the shooter the chance to send that bullet down range towards the intended target.61 117 | 4.single action. the action is automatically cocked and readied for the trigger to trip the sear and start the cycle over again.46 37 | 1.adjustable.40 | 1107 2.83 | 1286 3.44 37 | 1.61 136 | 5. SA/DA SA/DA SA/DA SA SA SA/DA SA/DA SA SA/DA rubber rubber aluminum rubber Model CZ 75 SP-01 CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TArgET CZ 75 TACTICAL SPOrT CZ TS CZECHMATE CZ 75 SHADOW T CZ 75 SHADOW CZ 75 SHADOW T S/A CZ 75 SHADOW CTS LS-P Sights FNS FNS fiber adj.00 1272.10 206 | 8. sometimes it is scary out there. (In today’s PC world. The long and relatively heavier trigger pull of the double action is a safety mechanism in and of itself. “Decocker” models or those that are equipped with a mechanical decocking lever like the CZ SP-01 Tactical.00 660.15 225 | 8. Only a handgun with a true double action has second-strike capability. www.40 130 | 5. the firing pin is blocked from any movement unless the trigger is being pulled. Manual Safety PrICING Products 91152 91153 91157 91159 91171 91172 91174 91703 91705 91709 91710 01152 01153 01157 N/A 01171 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A CZ 75 SP-01 cal. after all. SA . • Modern striker fired designs found on many polymer framed models are commonly referred to as double action.51 138 | 5. Holstering a decocker equipped model with the hammer back should never be done as this defeats the safety element of the longer. the safety is off and the magazine is full and in place.40 Height mm | in 147 | 5. but your finger cocks it the rest of the way when pulling through the trigger stroke. Cooper called “Condition 3” is another option where the chamber is empty. . there are 2 good options for carry. Watching the hammer fall as a result of the decocker gives some people the “heebie-jeebies”. When the shooting is done. Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA) The first shot is taken with the hammer down (or at half cock) by manually or mechanically decocking the pistol after loading and before holstering. 9 mm Luger CZ 75 SHADOW T S/A cal. In addition.40 S&W 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger. 9 mm Luger CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL cal.00 1450. As the recoil cycles the slide backwards. Not only are the normal responsibilities and consequences of firing a gun in play here.00 ADJ . after firing a single action semi-auto pistol. 9 mm CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL cal. CZ P-01. Manual Safety Ambidextrous. The first option.00 1053. the manual safety lever must be deactivated (“taken off safe”) before the pistol can be fired. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous.) For safety’s sake. the action is automatically cocked and readied for the trigger to trip the sear allowing the second and subsequent shots to be fired from the single action mode. CZ 97.61 117 | 4. Examples of single action pistols include the line of Dan Wesson 1911s. but should always be decocked after loading and before holstering. Manual Safety Ambidextrous Thumb Safety Ambidextrous.40 | 1080 2. This way the hammer does not come to rest on the firing pin. F .) Only by manually decocking a Double Action pistol equipped with a safety lever is it safe to holster in the DA/SA mode (holstered with the hammer down and safety off – first shot is double action and subsequent shots are single action).com www.46 37 | 1. like the 75 B are versatile in that they can be carried in SA mode (hammer back. Manual Safety Ambidextrous. For designs like the Dan Wesson line of 1911s that incorporate safety hooks on the hammer. 9 mm Luger CZ 75 SHADOW T cal. the one recommended by most personal defense instructors.

1 206 | 8. cal: 9mm Luger.4 35 | 1. 16+1 9mm capacity (12+1 . cal: 9mm Luger. matte stainless steel CZ 75 BD cal.00 582.22 LR.4 138 | 5.4 138 | 5.4 138 | 5.4 35 | 1. 85 and SP-01 models.fixed. black polycoat CZ 75 KADET ADAPTEr cal.double action cz-usa.22 LR Magazine Capacity 16 10 16 16 16 16 10 16 16 10 10 Frame steel steel stainless stainless steel steel steel steel steel steel steel Grip plastic plastic rubber rubber plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic - Overall Length mm | in 206 | 8.00 641. Dual tone (nickel frame/blue slide) CZ 75 SA The SA model is identical to the CZ 75 B in all respects.1 206 | 8. The lack of the firing pin block safety gives the 85 Combat a slight advantage in the trigger pull department making it a long time favorite of competition shooters.00 625. slide stop levers and a reversible magazine release. cal: 9mm Luger. black polycoat (de-cocker) CZ 75 B SA cal.00 391. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Manual Safety. Ambidextrous features include safety levers.1 206 | 8. The “B” designation is an indicator that the model is equipped with a firing pin block safety. .00 711.Com/CZUSAFIreArmS/ California Certified California Certified Dual tone CZ 75 B Designed in 1975.cz-usa. This mechanism prevents discharge in the event that a dropped pistol lands on its muzzle with enough force that the inertia of the firing pin overcomes the firing pin spring enough to touch off the primer.4 - Width mm | in 35 | 1.4 138 | 5. a black polycoat finish.20 | 1000 2.00 569. cal: 9mm Luger.00 528. 75 TS.20 | 1000 2. ambidextrous.20 | 1000 2.40 S&W 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger . cal: . The Kadet conversion kit will work with CZ 75 compact models including the P-01. 9 mm Luger. satin nickel CZ 75 B cal. but note that the full size magazines will extend below the bottom of the compact grips of these models. DA . extended beavertail and an ambidextrous manual safety. 9 mm Luger. 9 mm Luger.20 | 1000 2.40 S&W. single action only.22 LR – KADET CZ 85 B The CZ 85 incorporates ambidextrous features into the basic CZ 75 platform including RH and LH safety and slide stop levers as well as a reversible mag release. drop free magazines and over-travel adjustable trigger.00 569.00 690. P-06 and PCR.4 35 | 1. black polycoat CZ 85 COMBAT cal.4 35 | 1. P-09 or P-07 Duty models.00 711.4 35 | 1.00 569. 97. Satin nickel.com www. 40 S&W. dual tone CZ 75 B cal.4 138 | 5. cal: 9mm Luger.4 138 | 5. 9 mm Luger.40 S&W 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger .6 117 | 4. SA . 9 mm Luger. Like its centerfire counterpart. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Manual Safety. With the exception of an ambidextrous manual safety and rubber grips. finish: High polish or matte stainless steel CZ 85 SERIES .38 | 1080 1.4 138 | 5.6 117 | 4.cz-usa.6 117 | 4.6 117 | 4. 9 mm Luger. Satin nickel. alloy frames as well as competition pistols.05 | 477 Trigger Mech. weighted and balanced just like the CZ 75B. An entire family of pistols is available based on the basic CZ 75 design: compacts. The only difference is an improvement in corrosion resistance.00 555. The “B” model has a firing pin block safety that restricts any movement of the firing pin until the trigger is pulled. 40 S&W. decockers.4 Weight lbs | g 2. Firing Pin Block Decocking Lever. finish: Black polycoat CZ 75 BD This model is a decocker version of the basic CZ 75 B model. the ergonomics and DA/SA action that have made it the most copied handgun design second only to the 1911. finish: Black polycoat California Certified CZ 75 KADET PISTOL AVA IL AB LE A S A C OM P LE TE P I STO L OR A S A .com cz-usa. the stainless version is functionally identical to the CZ 75 B. Includes 2-10 rd magazines that fit flush with grips of the full size CZ 75.31 | 1050 2. black polycoat CZ 85 COMBAT cal. satin nickel CZ 75 B cal. . 40 S&W. the CZ 75 Is the flagship model of the CZ handgun line with over one million produced. satin nickel CZ 75 KADET cal.6 117 | 4. 40 S&W. The decocking lever mounted on the left side allows the hammer to be easily lowered on a loaded chamber for a safe “hammer down” carry. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Manual Safety.00 641. dual tone CZ 75 B cal.00 SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 75 B CZ 75 B CZ 75 B STAINLESS MATTE FINISH CZ 75 B STAINLESS HIGH POLISH CZ 75 BD CZ 75 SA CZ 75 SA CZ 85 B CZ 85 COMBAT CZ 75 KADET CZ 75 KADET CONVErSION KIT Caliber 9 mm Luger . This version is perfect for sport shooting.1 206 | 8. black polycoat CZ 75 B SA cal. The lack of a firing pin block safety allows the replacement of the firing pin without tools and gives this variation the “Combat” designation.40 S&W. the CZ 75 Kadet is an all steel model complete with adjustable sights. except that it has a single action trigger mechanism.1 206 | 8.4 35 | 1.1 206 | 8. 22 LR. The trigger is a straight blade and is adjustable for over-travel. cal: 9mm Luger. 9 mm Luger.00 595. 9 mm Luger.4 138 | 5.NEW AND IMPROVED - reversible magazine release button for rH or lH use! HANDGUNS HANDGUNS CZ-75 FULL SIZE CZ 75 B STAINLESS The CZ 75 Stainless is the first stainless steel firearm to bear the CZ name. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Manual Safety.4 35 | 1. high polish stainless steel CZ 75 B cal.adjustable.4 138 | 5. black polycoat CZ 75 B cal. Many will argue that there is an improvement in appearance as well.6 117 | 4. 2 2 LR CONVERSION KIT The Kadet pistol is the perfect training or plinking pistol.00 625. 3 dot sights.22 LR . The 75 B features a steel frame.20 | 1000 2. F . black polycoat CZ 75 B cal.31 | 1050 2. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Manual Safety Manual Safety - ADJ . SP-01 Phantom.00 615.1 206 | 8. finish: Black polycoat CZ 85 COMBAT The 85 combat is an ambidextrous version of the CZ 75 that builds on the platform with the addition of an adjustable rear sight. SA/DA SA/DA SA/DA SA/DA DA/SA SA SA SA/DA SA/DA SA/DA - Sights F F F F F F F F ADJ ADJ ADJ Safety Elements Manual Safety. 9 mm Luger.single action. 9 mm Luger.20 | 1000 2.4 35 | 1.1 206 | 8.com www.4 35 | 1.6 117 | 4. of course. Dual tone (nickel frame/blue slide) KADET CONVERSION KIT PrICING PrODUCTS 91102 91104 91105 91108 01102 01104 01105 01108 01120 01122 01123 91128 91130 91150 91201 91210 91212 91213 01128 01130 01150 01151 01201 01210 01212 01213 01601 01610 CZ 75 B cal. black polycoat MSrP 499. dual tone CZ 85 COMBAT cal. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Manual Safety.40S&W) and. 9 mm Luger.1 206 | 8.com . The Kadet conversion will not work on the RAMI. The CZ 75 Kadet conversion kit is a separate accessory for the CZ 75/85 pistol series allowing the firing of . black polycoat CZ 85 B cal.1 Barrel Length mm | in 117 | 4.6 117 | 4.6 117 | 4.YoUTUbe. finish: Black polycoat. finish: Black polycoat WATCH THe CZ 75 FIeld STrIPPInG VIdeo on oUr YoUTUbe CHAnnel: WWW.6 117 | 4.6 Height mm | in 138 | 5.22 LR caliber cartridges. 22 LR. finish: Black polycoat. Firing Pin Block Ambidextrous Manual Safety.1 206 | 8.4 35 | 1. 83.20 | 1000 2.

0 128 | 5. This required some very careful re-design so that the reliability and accuracy were not impaired.45 is too much to handle or you are like me and simply prefer the increased magazine capacity of a 9mm in a defensive pistol.com cz-usa. designed on the blowback breech principle. Both are big. As a bonus they come equipped with an accessory rail that is a great place to stick a light. Equipped with a decocker the P-01 provides convenience for those who prefer hammer down carry. glossy blue (cal.com www.double action. DA/SA DA/SA DA/SA DA DA/SA SA/DA Sights Safety Elements F F F F FSF F Watch the CZ 83 Field Stripping Video on our YouTube channel: www. F .4 35 | 1. NSN 1005-16-000-8619 (P-01) • Enhanced geometry for better handling California Certified CZ 75 COMPACT At 5” tall with a barrel length of just under 4”.00 569. Which one should I get?” This is one case where size really does matter. 9 mm Luger. dual tone CZ 75 COMPACT cal. .4 35 | 1. black polycoat (de-cocker) CZ 83 cal. alloy frame.2 173 | 6. black polycoat CZ 75 COMPACT cal.2 184 | 7.8 Barrel Length mm | in 93 | 3.0 Width mm | in 35 | 1. SA . 9 mm Browning. satin nickel CZ 75 D PCR COMPACT cal.75 | 794 1.00 Omega. lighter gun.380’s that have come on the scene in the last few years have reduced both size and weight to the point where they are very difficult to control. Even uniformed law enforcement officers carry lighter weight guns on their duty belts these days. serrated front and back strap for superior handling • Easy disassembly for cleaning • NATO SPEC.380 AUTO. all-steel semi-automatic handgun. Since the time of its introduction (designed in 2001.com www. the CZ P-01 won the honor of replacing the CZ 75’s previously used by the Czech National Police. light weight and compact size start becoming desirable features.youtube. Even the .000 rounds fired.0 128 | 5. snag free cz-usa.40 S&W Luger CZ 75 COMPACT cal.S.adjustable.Convertible from manual safety to decocker Decocking Lever.00 569. The components of the P-01/P-06 are completely interchangeable with every other P-01/P-06. Loaded Chamber Indicator Ambidextrous Manual Safety. The 83 can be carried “cocked and locked” with the hammer back and the safety on for single action operation or it may be manually decocked for hammer down carry. 9 mm Luger.3 184 | 7.0 127 | 5. The 1913 accessory rail easily accepts any of the industry standard lights and lasers to assist during low-light use. CZ 83 The CZ 83 is a compact. Equipped with a decocking lever. Its reduced size allows it to readily disappear under regular clothing. glossy blue MSRP 608. the safety lever does not need to be deactivated. are still big enough to hold a full size handgun.00 452. Dual tone (nickel frame/blue slide) California Certified CZ P-01/P-06 The P-01 9mm (designated the P-06 in .40 S&W) was designed for LE and Military duty. every day. .71 | 776 1. Because the 75 Compact retains the steel of the original for its frame material. The CZ P-01/P-06 is compact.00 582.380) of its tiny competitors.cz-usa. finish: Black polycoat Car.7 93 | 3. the relatively longer and heavier trigger pull for the first round requires the conscious decision to pull the trigger before firing.single action.2 184 | 7. but instead the first shot is double action and subsequent shots are single action.40. down to the subcompact 2075 RAMI and 83 models. When we want a handgun for concealed carry. lanyard loop on butt • Checkered rubber grips.380 AUTO) CZ 83 cal.7 93 | 3. Along with its superior shootability. with lots of heft to help you shoot them quickly and accurately. . 9 mm Luger. this is a . NATO approved in 2003) the production upgrades have been rolled out to most of the CZ 75 family and several new rifle models as well.cz-usa.0 128 | 5.7 93 | 3. After decocking. House. the average number of stoppages was only 7 per 15. with no individual fitting required. After 3 years of some of the most aggressive small arms testing ever.fixed. The micro sized .40 S&W. take a long look at the SP-01 in either the manual safety version or the SP-01 Tactical with the decocker.4 Weight lbs | g 1.06 | 934 1. The subcompact CZ 75 RAMI is even smaller and lighter.380 AUTO) CZ 83 cal. Firing Pin Block. Sometimes full sized polymers similar to the SP-01 Phantom are carried but more often they are compact polymer framed pistols in the same size/weight class as the P-07 Duty. Does this mean that the full size heavy defensive pistol is obsolete? Absolutely not! The best defensive handgun for the house or car is the most powerful one you can handle.7 93 | 3. it will most likely be in the dark and you must be able to identify your target.32 AUTO. Whenever it is a handgun for under the counter.82 | 826 2. beside the bed.fixed.32 AUTO.4 oz of weight is lost making it the softest shooting compact in the CZ 75 line. . or Carry? The conversation usually starts something like this… “I want/need a pistol.7 97 | 3. The CZ 83 features an ambidextrous manual safety and magazine catch. The CZ 75 DA/SA action with a manual safety lever provides the user with 2 options for carry: hammer back with the safety on for single action operation or manually decocked for a double action first shot with no need to remember to take the safety off before firing.00 488.32 AUTO. finish: Black polycoat CZ 75 D PCR COMPACT California Certified The PCR is identical in size to the CZ 75 compact but thanks to its forged aluminum alloy frame.05% failure rate. Members of the CZ family of handguns come in large (full size).75 | 794 1.8 Height mm | in 128 | 5. The new micro-sized economy cars.4 35 | 1. cal: 9mm Luger. the compact model shaves a little more than ¾” off the length and about a half inch off the height of the full size CZ 75. the PCR is designed to be decocked before holstering. Other additions to the PCR include rubber grip panels and serrated front and back straps for improved handling and a loaded chamber indicator. Should you ever need it. the 83 boasts twice the magazine capacity (12+1 in . full sized guns. while too small for just about everything. Army “Mean Rounds Between Failure” (MRBF) requirement is 495 rounds for 9mm pistols. or under the car seat… size matters and bigger is better and heavier is easier to control and shoot. FSF . easier to conceal and carry. If the .00 528.com/czusafirearms/ PrICING Products 91199 91190 91192 91193 91194 91301 91302 91305 01199 01185 01190 01192 01193 01194 01301 01302 CZ P01 cal. Firing Pin Block Decocking Lever. 9 mm Luger. but the tradeoff is that it is more difficult to master than the larger models. it weighs in at a full ¼ pound lighter making it more comfortable for every day carry.com . Reliability: The U. The DA/SA trigger mechanism operates in the same manner as the CZ 75.00 660.4 36 | 1. The P-01 was the first CZ model to benefit from updated manufacturing technology at CZ’s Uhersky Brod factory. Satin nickel. compact and sub compact variations from the big SP-01 and 97 through the compact sized P-01 and P-07. Its great combination of size and weight easily handles the new generation of high performance defensive ammo that has become available for “pocket” pistol calibers from leading ammo manufacturers. 9mm Luger CZ P06 cal. Firing Pin Block Decocking Lever. but its compact size and the reduced weight due to its forged alloy frame make it ideal for discrete carry as well. Remember that as the size and weight of the gun increases it becomes easier to control (perceived recoil decreases) allowing you to shoot a more powerful cartridge than you could have in smaller. Satin Nickel California Certified CZ 83 Shown in Glossy blue sPeCIfICatIONs Model CZ P-02 CZ P-01 CZ P-06 CZ 75 COMPACT CZ 75 D PCr COMPACT Caliber 9mm Luger 9mm Luger . finish: Black polycoat.40 it carries an impressive payload of firepower. Good advice for choosing a defensive handgun is to get the most powerful handgun you can handle that you will actually have with you. The only time that less weight and smaller size are advantages in a handgun are when it is the handgun you choose to carry on you all day. finish: Glossy Blue. the trigger safety is much like that of a double action revolver. DA .00 452. cal: 9mm Luger. While there is no need to flip a safety lever off. Rebounding Hammer CZ 83 . still delivers 11 rounds of 9mm or 8 of . The P-01 is the only NATO spec pistol on the market that is available to the public. . 9 mm Browning.0 128 | 5. satin nickel (cal. Any gun securely stored for protection in a bedroom should have a light attached or lying beside it. light weight and very easy to shoot and with 14 rounds of 9mm or 10 rounds of . only 2.4 35 | 1. • Hammer forged barrel • M3 rail to accept tactical lights & lasers • Dual slide serrations for easy operation • Generous squared trigger guard for gloved hands.2 184 | 7. During testing of the CZ P-01. When carried in the decocked position. .76 | 798 Trigger Mech.380 AUTO 15/12 steel ADJ . Firing Pin Block Manual Safety.HANDGUNS HANDGUNS COMPACT CZ P-01/P-06 • Forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame for light but reliable day-to-day carry. even for the most accomplished shooters. cal: .45 ACP CZ 97 or Dan Wesson Valor 1911 will easily fit in the drawer of your bedside table or the glove box of your car.40 S&W 9 mm Luger 9 mm Luger Magazine Capacity 14 14 10 14 14 Frame light alloy light alloy light alloy steel light alloy Grip rubber rubber rubber plastic rubber plastic Overall Length mm | in 184 | 7. an MRBF rate of 2142 rounds! cal: 9mm Luger.

Firing Pin Block. finish: Black polycoat CZ 97 BD This model is a decocker version of the basic CZ 97 B model with rubber grips and fixed tritium night sights.5 168 | 6.6 | 2.00 CZ 97 B cal.00 CZ 97 B cal. second-strike capability provides an additional opportunity to fire the cartridge. cycle a fresh round into the chamber.53 Height mm | in 120 | 4.7 120 | 4. tritium night sights 792. alloy frame RAMI is ideal for concealed carry. bang”.double action cz-usa. finish: Black polycoat The CZ 97 B is the first . may remember to do this under stress. SA/DA SA/DA SA/DA SA/DA SA/DA Sights F F FNS F FNS Safety Elements Manual Safety. With a 3” barrel and unloaded weight of less than 25 ounces.40 S&W.45 pistol made by CZ. 9mm Luger. cal: 9mm Luger.45 ACP • SA/DA action • All steel construction • Dual slide serrations • Extended beavertail • Loaded chamber indicator • Double stack magazine .com www. black polycoat 615. Loaded Chamber Indicator PrICING Products 91750 91754 01750 01751 01754 01401 01402 01406 MSRP CZ 2075 RAMI cal . (7 flush fit) 14. Many will of course argue that the proper procedure to follow after hearing an unexpected “click” is the “tap.40 S&W 9 mm Luger .fixed.25 35 | 1.45 ACP HANDGUNS HANDGUNS Only true double action designs have “second-strike” capability.fixed tritium night sight.cz-usa. (10 flush fit) 10 10 Frame light alloy light alloy light alloy steel steel Grip rubber rubber rubber wood rubber Overall Length mm | in 168 | 6. If. This is most useful in cases where there is a defective. With the available extended grip magazines.5 212 | 8.45 ACP.7 150 | 5. the primer fails to go off. California Certified CZ 2075 RAMI The CZ 2075 RAMI is a sub-compact semi-automatic based on the proven CZ 75 line of pistols.4 35 | 1. 45 ACP. All of the DA/SA handguns in the CZ line have second-strike capability including the 75. when the trigger is pulled. firing pin block safety and magazine brake). Incorporating the CZ double-stack magazine design.25 32 | 1. The decocking lever.3 212 | 8. The trigger mechanism operates in selective DA and SA mode depending on the shooter’s preferences. The CZ 97 also features a loaded chamber indicator. cal: . glossy blue 713. or unusually hard primer. In the case where the primer is not fully seated.5 168 | 6.54 | 1150 2.40 S&W.9 74. The rest of us will more often than not. 45 ACP.single action. the little RAMI accommodates 10 rounds of 9mm Luger or 8 rounds of . high. night sights 660.53 | 695 2. black polycoat 686.SUB COMPACT Second-strike CZ 97 features • . 85.9 74. the capacity is increased to 14 rounds of 9mm and 10 rounds of . plus 1 in the chamber with flush fitting magazines. cal: . 45 ACP. Much like a piñata.00 ADJ . The fortunate few among us with the opportunity to shoot thousands of rounds per year in training including a focus on failure drills.6 | 2. (Make sure the magazine is properly seated. FN .25 32 | 1.com www. pull the trigger again). Firing Pin Block Decocking Lever. SA . Firing Pin Block Manual Safety.00 CZ 2075 RAMI cal .54 | 1150 Trigger Mech. Loaded Chamber Indicator Decocking Lever. finish: Black polycoat.45 ACP. a stubborn primer will sometimes require a second whack as well and of those that fail to go off the first time. DA .45 ACP . continue to pull the trigger at least one more time after a failure.53 115 | 4. F . (10 flush fit) 9.cz-usa.7 120 | 4. cal: 9mm Luger. 40 S&W. Firing Pin Block. Firing Pin Block Manual Safety. finish: Black polycoat California Certified CZ 97 B CZ 2075 RAMI BD The BD version of the RAMI improves on the 2075 platform with several new features. black polycoat.9 150 | 5.00 CZ 97 BD cal.3 Barrel Length mm | in 74. the first strike of the firing pin will often seat the primer allowing the secondstrike to successfully fire the cartridge. 83. rack.com cz-usa.9 115 | 4. black polycoat 595.4 Weight lbs | g 1.40 S&W. screw in barrel bushing and its double stack magazine holds 10 rounds. .com . tests have shown that 80% will touch off on the second attempt. The decocking lever mounted on the left side allows the hammer to be easily lowered on a loaded chamber for safe “hammer down” carry.adjustable. black polycoat.9 Width mm | in 32 | 1.45 ACP Magazine Capacity 14. Several safety devices are used including a firing pin block and a manual safety. 9mm Luger. lightening scallop on the slide and Tritium 3 dot combat sights are welcome additions for backup or concealed carry use.6 | 2.00 CZ 2075 RAMI BD cal . the black polycoat. It is operationally identical to the CZ 75 B (SA/DA action. P and SP series.53 | 695 1. Glossy Blue sPeCIfICatIONs Model CZ 2075 RAMI CZ 2075 RAMI CZ 2075 RAMI BD CZ 97 B CZ 97 BD Caliber 9 mm Luger .53 | 695 1. 97.

but also the best looking. Every piece that goes into the Valor series is hand fit polished and blended to provide you with not only the best functioning gun we can provide. as well as our tool steel fire controls and other premium small parts. This includes everything from our entry level Heritage model to our flagship Valor series. Frankly. MAIN FEATURES DW V-BOB (Also available in Black finish) www. we feel it is the best built production 1911 on the market. The Valor series models are the realization of customer demand for the ultimate defensive 1911. We invite you to find another production 1911 in our price range that gives you everything that Dan Wesson has to offer. * Ed Brown BobtailTM 1911 • Hand fit 70 series frame and slide • Forged single stack frames • Forged slides and barrels • Hand fit match barrels • Billet alloy steel fire control system • Zero MIM parts • All premium components • Lowered and flared ejection port • Beveled magazine well • Carry bevel treatment • Undercut trigger guards • Hand polished flats • Two magazines • Signature series case • Barrel bushing wrench • Cable lock and manual cz-usa. It would be difficult for even a custom pistol maker to build a gun to outperform ours straight out of the box. The fact that our customers love it is proof enough for us. Our durability testing proves it and our customers love it. All of our guns share the same basic match grade components but features will vary by model. Our Duty finish beats any of the spray and bake on finishes that most companies are using today. EGW carry bevel bushings. VZ slim line G10 grips. On the off chance that you might need to speak to customer service.com . They offer everything you need and nothing you don’t. We are proud to provide our customer the “Best Bang for the Buck” in the industry.25” Bobtail Commander in either a matte glass bead finish or our super durable black Duty finish. We produce only a few thousand handguns a year and use only the best components and finishes the industry has to offer.com www.DAN WESSON DAN WESSON Dan Wesson has long been a name for quality. Today is no different with our 1911’s. hands down.cz-usa.cz-usa. an undercut trigger guard. Every part of our guns is painstakingly hand fitted and polished to provide you with the best possible production 1911. We have been producing 1911’s for a decade right in upstate NY and have had the time needed to perfect our craft. DW VALOR (Black or Stainless finish) DW VALOR SERIES Valor – Full Size V-Bob – Bobtail* Commander The Valor series is our flagship series which means it is the best we have to offer. our knowledgeable and courteous service department is second to none. durability and ingenuity with our revolvers. Heinie Ledge Straight Eight night sights. All of our black guns wear our Duty finish. Ed Brown grip safety and mainspring housings.com cz-usa. No other production 1911 manufacturer is currently using this process.com DAN WESSON Available both in the 5” Government and 4. The Valor series features a forged frame with 25 LPI checkering front and back. a revolutionary treatment process that actually bonds to the stainless steel components and creates a super durable matte black skin.

the frame and mainspring housing are made from anodized aluminum.000 rounds! Not 500 rounds like most 1911 dual recoil systems are rated for. The Specialist is a 5” 1911 chambered in 45 ACP that is full of features to satisfy an officer’s special needs. under cut trigger guard and a recessed slide stop for use with laser grips (not included) and tactical operations. Just like our Guardian the ECO slide and small parts are treated with our Duty finish and available in both 9mm and . G10 grips really help you hold onto the gun for faster follow up shots and recoil control. The new Guardian has an anodized aluminum bobtail frame and an aluminum mainspring housing to help reduce printing when carrying concealed and make it comfortable enough for full time carry. Each Specialist comes standard with our ambidextrous thumb safety. like all of our 1911’s. That is 15. We created this model to allow shooters to experience Dan Wesson quality at the most affordable price possible. DW PM9 (Limited Production) The PM9 is the only full sized Dan Wesson model chambered in 9mm. The slide and small parts are treated in the same duty finish DW ECO There has never been a higher demand for self defense handguns than there is today. In response. This gun features our Clark Style rib on top of the forged slide with an adjustable target sight in the rear and popular fiber optic sight in the front. The Heritage is a 5” . we knew we had to offer these to the public as well. If you are looking for a lightweight commander sized 1911 in either 9mm or . Generally these guns are difficult to shoot well.. The sides of the slide have a nice brushed polish on the flats while the rounds are nicely sandblasted to match the matte forged frame with undercut trigger guard and smooth front strap. If you can’t hit or stop what you are shooting at. lightest gun available. We have taken care of that by using some of the latest technology as well as our background in doing what others say can’t be done. Presenting the ECO. Trigger pull. it features all the same great components that we use in our other 1911 models. The Specialist is available in either a matte stainless finish or our matte black Duty finish. To make it disappear even easier while carrying concealed. but this has drawbacks. Like all Dan Wesson models this gun is both beautiful and functional. The Heritage is our entry-level model 1911.DAN WESSON DAN WESSON DW RZ-45 HERITAGE DW SPECIALIST The Specialist is one of the newest additions to the Dan Wesson stable. Starting at the top. the slide wears our popular Clark Style serrated rib and like all of our guns with night sights. a true single stack officer size 1911 weighing in at only 25 oz.com www. This makes the gun slightly more compact and easier to disassemble.com cz-usa. This duty ready piece comes dressed with a set of awesome G10 VZ Operator II grips and two 8 rounds magazines with bump pads.000 rounds in . We have polished the flats to a soft brushed finish and sandblasted the rounds for a nice contrast.com www. The frame utilizes the standard 1913 picatinny rail and features 25 LPI front strap checkering. Like all of our night sight models you will find dual colored Tritium lamps for faster low light target acquisition and a white target ring on the front to aid in front sight concentration. The gun wears Tritium night sights with our tactical ledge sight on the rear of our lightweight 3. The slide also features front and rear cocking serrations. The forged slide is mated to our new forged tactical rail frame. This Model is built as a classic CCO. We recently had police departments and special units who carry the 1911 approach us to build them a more reliable durable 1911 to replace their current carry pieces.45 ACP don’t pass up the Guardian. We have included an undercut trigger guard and our “chain-link” grip treatment on the front strap and mainspring housing to help control recoil and give it a distinctive look. We have offered this model in limited quantities in the past and always had demand greater than production capacity allowed. the Bobtail*Commander and the CCO.cz-usa. Knowing our customers the way we do. this is the perfect model for getting acquainted with the 1911. The Heritage is a great gun to get you started on the Dan Wesson 1911 experience and we are confident the Heritage will be handed down from generation to generation. The greatest demand is for the smallest. If you’re looking for a compact. With the proven stopping power of the . Even though this model is our most economical. DW GUARDIAN We’ve had many requests to produce a commander sized 1911 in 9mm. is short and crisp at around 4 lbs.45 ACP. The black “Duty” finished commander length slide and alloy frame give it just the right feel and balance. look no further than our ECO. Since we did not have a model to meet their specific needs we created the Specialist just for them. For years the Officer 1911 has been criticized for reliability. The gun is rounded out with our stippled shadow grips. (9 +1 capacity) cz-usa. * Ed Brown BobtailTM DW CCO Our Bobtail Commander has proven so popular due to its concealable profile and commander length slide that we have taken it a step further with the CCO. the Specialist wears dual colored Tritium night sights. This helps achieve the accuracy you’ve come to expect from a Dan Wesson. To reduce overall weight. we’ve revived one of the early Dan Wesson 1911 models with a twist… We have combined the best features from two of our most popular models. The Concealed Carry Officer.cz-usa.5” slide. what good is the handgun? We can understand all of these concerns as we face them everyday as well. Grips are rubber Double Diamond by Hogue. We are confident you won’t be disappointed. We think this pistol would not only be perfect for duty and tactical purposes but for home defense as well. you won’t feel under gunned. This gun has all the latest and greatest we have to offer. The slide features our Clark Style rib and wears a Tritium front sight and plain black snag-free rear.com . lack stopping power and recoil can be a problem.45 ACP and the 7+1 capacity. The ECO barrel is a flush cut ramped bull barrel with target crown rather than the traditional barrel and barrel bushing. The frame is anodized aluminum and features an under cut trigger guard and 25 lpi checkering. We wanted to give our customers the smallest lightest gun that we could without sacrificing accuracy.45 ACP. Stopping power is not a concern. The CCO uses a medium length trigger to facilitate faster draws and better fit in the hand. The recoil system is quite unique for this style of 1911 as we use a solid one piece guide rod and a flat recoil spring that is rated for 15. extended magazine release and a detachable two-piece magwell. We have installed double diamond cocobolo grips to finish it off. that we use on all of our black guns. This is unheard of in a production 1911! This recoil system also gives the benefit of a smooth slide for easier operation and less felt recoil.45 1911. This model shines both at the range and in competition. we bobbed the back of the mainspring housing. Check out the Specialist and see if it has a place for your needs. These features coupled with the Ed Brown high ride grip safety and our new slim line. DW carry. The mainspring housing is also aluminum with 25 LPI checkering and a rounded bottom corner for concealabilty and shooting comfort. lightweight and reliable 1911 that beats the competition. The rear sight is our new tactical ledge rear sight with single amber tritium dot and the front utilizes a green lamp with white target ring. With the low cost of 9mm ammunition and lack of recoil. The frame is forged stainless with an undercut trigger guard and 25 LPI front strap checkering. a Commander slide on an Officer frame. dependability and stopping power.

62 1.45 Auto Mag.00 1619. there has been a growing demand for a quality production 10mm 1911.25” 3. Every part and component of the handguns was carefully chosen based on supreme quality and thorough testing.45” 1. bull barrel and tactical rail enhance the balance and durability of the most formidable target grade combat handgun on the market.5” 5. The barrel and compensator arrangement pairs the highest level of accuracy with the most effective compensator available. The combination of the all steel frame. Grip safety Manual thumb safety.75” 8. The C-more mounting system offers the lowest possible mounting configuration possible.75” 8.25” 4. Grip safety Ambi thumb safety.00” 7.45” 1.45” 1. We wanted a 6” long slide for the added sight radius and the enhanced pointability.50” 3. the mayhem is truly a handgun made for shooters by shooters.45” 1.45” 1.00” 8. Our choice of the monstrous 10mm was chosen based on the fact that the 10mm delivers more foot pounds of energy than a 45 acp and packs14 rounds in the magazine ending the debate over capacity. Grip safety Manual thumb safety.56 3.fixed tritium night sights.cz-usa.00” 8.25” 5.42 2.45” Weight lbs 2.com . taking weight away from where you don’t want it and adding it to where you do was the first priority in designing this handgun. Chambered in the powerful 10mm cartridge.40 S&W 9 mm Luger . Back by popular demand and in limited quantities.00 1623. ANS .00” 5. Cap. Grip safety Ambi thumb safety.00 2077. (9mm or . Grip safety MSRP 1350.45 Auto .75” 8.45” 1. DAN WESSON DAN WESSON TITAN The TITAN is based on an “All Steel” hi-capacity version of the 1911 frame. cz-usa. (. Grip safety Manual thumb safety. The HAVOC is truly a handgun made for shooters by shooters.40 2.00” 5. target shooting and handgun hunting of medium sized game up to deer or wild boar. Grip safety Manual thumb safety.00” 4. It comes ready to dominate Open IPSC/USPSA division.45” 1.00 1623. The slide is mated to our standard forged frame with undercut trigger guard and smooth front strap.80 2. Grip safety Ambi thumb safety.5” 5.DAN WESSON The razorback is back for 2012 ELITE Series The Elite Series of 1911’s is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding competitive and combat shooters.45” 1.00 4299. On both the frame and the slide we polish the flats to a soft brushed finish and sandblast the rounds.00 1298. softest shooting Open gun on the market.31 Trigger Mech.50” 5.40 s&W) Width 1. Every handgun is meticulously hand fit.00 1558.00 3899.00 3829. Melding caliber with capacity was foremost in the design process.25” 5.20 1. SA .25” 4. enabling extremely fast target acquisition.5” 5. DW RAZORBACK Our Razorback has always been our most popular 10mm platform.5” 5.20 2. MAYHEM the mayhem is based on an “all steel” hi-capacity version of the 1911 frame.45 Auto .single action.00” 5. the result is a 6” long slide that balances and feels like a 5” but shoots like a 6”.42 2.25” 4.5” 5. Grip safety Manual thumb safety.45 Auto .00” 4.45” 1.0 3.25” 7.45 Auto . Grip safety Manual thumb safety. Sight configuration was also imperative.80 2.38 Super .75” 8. Since we discontinued all 10mm’s.adjustable. Grip safety Manual thumb safety.45” 1.5” 5. we are proud to bring back our Razorback.0” 5. The rugged HD night sights are moved forward and recessed deep in the slide yielding target accuracy and extreme durability.2 2.0” 5. FN .45 Auto 9mm Luger .45” 1. The Razorback is a 5” 1911 and features the serrated Clark Style target rib machined on the top of the slide with fixed defensive sights.00 1558.38 1.com cz-usa.adjustable night sights.00 1558. softest shooting 6” limited gun on the market.38 1.45” 1. The TITAN brings assurance in an uncertain world. 8 10 8 7 7 7 14 17 21 21 8 8 8 9 8 8 8 8 Overall Length 8.00” 4.45” 1. Grip safety HAVOC The HAVOC is based on an “All Steel” hi-capacity version of the 1911 frame.75” 10.75” 8.56 1. Grip safety Manual thumb safety.5” 5.00 SPECIFICATIONS/PRICING SKU Model Caliber 10 mm Auto 9 mm Luger . the RZ-10 is a very versatile 1911 package suitable for defensive use. It comes ready to dominate Limited IPsC/usPsa division or fulfill the needs of anyone looking for a superbly accurate target grade 1911.20 2. The gun is finished off with a nice set of double diamond cocobolo grips.com www.00 1688. Grip safety Manual thumb safety. but that would add to the “bad weight” so the 6” slide has been lightened to equal the weight of a 5”. Grip safety Manual thumb safety. Turning the most well known defensive pistol “1911” into a true combat handgun was no easy task. rugged reliability and flawless functionality. We fit a match grade ramped barrel for use with the most popular 10mm loads and smoother feeding.5” 5.25” 5.75” 10.38 Super) ADJ .com www. SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA Sights Safety Elements FNS Manual thumb safety.00 1870.00 2012.45” 1.00” 5.00 1662. The combination of the all steel frame with industry leading parts delivers the most well balanced.00” Height 5.cz-usa. followed by a rigorous function and reliability regimen.00 1558.20 2.5” 5.5” 5.00” 8. Grip safety Manual thumb safety.75” 8.00 4299.45” 1. Grip safety FNS FNS FNS FNS ANS ADJ ADJ ADJ FNS FNS FNS FNS FNS FNS FNS FNS Manual thumb safety.00” 8.45” 1.00” 4.5” 5.5” 5. Grip safety Manual thumb safety. Each model in the ELITE line was purposefully built knowing the demands that will be placed on these handguns.5” 5.75” Barrel Length 5. What you get are handguns of un-equaled accuracy.75” 8.00” 6.45 Auto 10 mm Auto .25” 8.00” 10. the 6” bull barrel and the tactical rail add to the static “good weight”. the combination of the all steel frame with industry leading parts delivers the most well balanced.00” 5.45” 1. The Snake Scale serrations’ aggressive 25 LPI checkering and the custom competition G-10 grips ensure controllability even in the harshest of conditions.31 2.5” 01907 DW rZ-10 01909 DW POINTMAN NINE 01926 DW VALOr BLACK 01962 DW CCO 01968 DW ECO 01969 DW ECO 01976 DW ELITE SERIES TITAN 01977 DW ELITE SERIES MAYHEM 01978 DW ELITE SERIES HAVOC 01979 DW ELITE SERIES HAVOC 01981 DW rZ 45 HErITAgE 01982 DW V-BOB STAINLESS 01983 DW V-BOB BLACK 01985 DW gUArDIAN 01986 DW VALOr STAINLESS 01987 DW gUArDIAN 01992 DW SPECIALIST BLACK 01993 DW SPECIALIST STAINLESS ADJ Manual thumb safety.45 Auto .45 Auto .45 Auto 9 mm Luger .

cz-usa.cz-usa.com www.RIFLES New CZ 455 Varmint EVOLUTION 2012 for CZ 455 Varmint CZ 455 Precision Trainer CZ 527 Varmint Target 28 cz-usa.com cz-usa.com www.com 29 .

hammer forged barrel and billet machined receiver from the CZ 452. Check out our website for the latest developments of the CZ 452/ 453/ 455 product line.5 | 521 20.22 WMR. .com www.22 WMR.17 HMR Stock Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Stock Type Lux American American Mannlicher ADJ–adjustable. . 16” American . forged barrel Detachable magazine Standard 11 mm dovetail Interchangeable barrels The Rimfire rifles produced by Interchangeable Stocks Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod main features CZ 455 AMERICAN The new CZ 455 is the next generation of the CZ bolt action rimfire.22 WMR.22 LR & . Cap. .22 WMR. . . . The 455 model will eventually consolidate all of the receivers currently used in the 452 line into one common platform. cal: . The 455 retains the accuracy and quality of the adjustable trigger.22WMR.22LR & .22LR CZ 455 AmericAn cal. cal: . Type D D D D Mag.6 | 980 38.RIFLES RIFLES CZ 455 LUX 452 LUX AVAILABLE IN LEFT-HAND The Lux version of the 455 features a Turkish walnut stock and a windage and elevation adjustable rear sight..22 LR. ADJ O. .7 | 526 Weight lbs | kg 6.22 WMR. SST–single set trigger 30 cz-usa.youtube. ADJ no sights no sights.80 6. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue CZ 455 FS The FS version of the 455 is similar to the CZ 455 Lux except the stock is patterned after the full length. Length in | mm 20.80 6. iron. PriCinG SKU 02110 02111 02120 02170 Products CZ 455 AmericAn cal.22 LR.22LR.38 | 2. .22LR and .22 LR & . Check out our Uhersky Brod Ceska Zbrojovkawebsite for the latest developments of the CZ are among the most sought after 452/453/455 product line. .17HMR Lux .7 | 526 20.2 | 996 Bbl. F–fixed. “How To” video: Animation: CZ 455 AMERICAN COMBO (switch barrel set) the 455 american is also available in a money saving set that includes barrels in both .1 | 2.22 WMR .com www. cal: .1 | 2.5 | 978 38.17HMR Mag. Improvements that the 455 brings include new manufacturing technology and tighter tolerances for improved accuracy and smoother operation.17 HMR MSRP 409. . HF–hammer forged. . The dovetail is 11mm and comes with a 5 rd magazine.22 LR. Mannlicher style. .cz-usa.com 31 .17 HMR stock/finish: Walnut/Blue are among the most sought af Rimfire rifles produced by The ter firearms in the world.22LR.5 | 978 39.22WMR.A.17 HMR CZ 455 AmericAn cal. . D–detachable. . .00 424. .22Lr and . Length in | mm 38. This combined with the new interchangeable barrel system of the CZ 455 will allow the user to easily change the stock configuration as well as the caliber of their rifle.17 HMR .22 WMR.5 | 521 20.cz-usa.00 541.80 6.17Hmr as well as the tools.22 LR.00 424. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue main features • • • • • • • CZ 455 • Action forged from steel billets • Trigger adjustable for weight of pull • Cold hammer forged barrel • Detachable magazine • Standard 11 mm dovetail Action fully machined from bar stock • Interchangable barrels Trigger adjustable for weight of pull • Interchangable Stocks Cold hammermore accurate barrels • 2" shorter.17HMR Varmint w/ threaded muzzle . 5 5 5 5 Trigger ADJ ADJ ADJ ADJ Sights iron.17 HMR.90 Barrel HF HF HF HF Watch the CZ 455 Barrel Change videos on our Youtube channel: www. 22 WMR CZ 455 AmericAn cOmbO cal. .com cz-usa. . 16” American w/ threaded muzzle . cal: . the 455 takes advantage of new manufacturing technology contributing to both tighter tolerances and improved accuracy.22 LR.22LR. firearms in the world.00 CZ 455 AMERICAN the CZ 455 is the updated version of the CZ 452.1 | 2. 5 round magazine included. parts and magazines to convert the rifle back and forth between the two calibers.17 HMR American Barrels .17 HMR stock/finish: Walnut/Blue Additional barrel kits for the 455 are available in the following configurations: Varmint .com/czusafirearms/ SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 455 LUX CZ 455 AmericAn CZ 455 AmericAn switch bArreL set CZ 455 Fs Caliber .22LR.22LR.

22 LR .2 | 411 22. Shipped with a 5 rd.00 409. The beechwood stock is offered on this model to bring our customers the same quality you expect from CZ-USA at a lower price.00 499. .22 LR .00 899.00 SKU 02141 02142 02145 02148 00080 02000 Products CZ 455 VArmint cal. magazine. .17HMR.866” diameter cylindrical barrel gives the 455 varmint an accuracy advantage across the wide variety of rimfire loads available today.22 LR CZ 452 AmericAn (Left hand) cal.22 LR.00 522. HF . . The 455 Varmint action along with the SS Evolution stock will accept any of the accessory barrels available for the 455 platform including the American and Lux (open sights) as well as other varmint weight barrels in any available caliber.RIFLES RIFLES 455 RIMFIRE rifLes CZ 455 VARMINT with SS Evolution Stock The SS Evolution stock in the “Sky” blue/grey color combination has a radical design made possible through the increased strength of hardwood laminates. . .00 524.00 374.22 LR.22 LR stock/finish: Laminate (Blue-Gray)/Blued steel 452 RIMFIRE rifLes CZ 452 ULTRA LUX The CZ 452 Ultra Lux is a beechwood version of the CZ 452 Lux.22 LR CZ 455 LUX cal.5” long .. .8” hammer forged barrel as the Lux at a lower price.30 | 2.22 WMR CZ 455 VArmint cal. . cal: .22 LR stock/finish: Beechwood/Blue CZ 452 TRAINING RIFLE The CZ 452 Training Rifle is another beechwood stocked version of the CZ 452 Lux.22 WMR CZ 455 Fs cal. ADJ iron. Any of the accessory barrels available for the 455 platform.6 | 1083 32.adjustable.22 LR CZ 452 scOUt cal.22 WMR CZ 455 VArmint SS Evo.00 524.cz-usa.00 303. cal: .22 WMR. 5 5 5 10 5 5 5 Trigger ADJ ADJ ADJ ADJ ADJ ADJ SST Sights no sights no sights no sights iron. Rifles are delivered with a single shot adapter. cal: .22 WMR CZ 455 Fs cal. The two complement each other very well. reduced weight and single round loading device make it a perfect first rifle for any boy or girl.68 O.22 LR . This 455 uses a MCS-T4 Manners Composite stock assuring a rock solid platform for the 455 action and the new .00 ADJ .2 | 1021 28.22 LR CZ 455 Fs cal. .com www.22 LR.5 | 572 6. Its shortened dimensions.17 HMR Stock Laminate Walnut Composite Beechwood Beechwood Beechwood Walnut Stock type SS Evolution American Target Lux Lux American American Mag.93 5.22 WMR. magazine included. placed under a vacuum and heat cured to obtain the perfect resin to fabric weight ratio. ADJ iron.06 | 2.com www. as well as other varmint weight barrels in .17 HMR . stock/finish: Walnut/Blue CZ 452 SCOUT The Scout is a compact rimfire rifle with a 12” length of pull for young shooters. . The Ultra Lux has a 28” barrel for more precise shooting with iron sights. magazine included.22 LR. magazine.17 HMR . cal: .866” diameter cylindrical profile heavy barrel.22 LR. . Cap.8 | 833 40.17 HMR . Any of the . stock/finish: Beechwood/Blue CZ 455 VARMINT In addition to the advantages gained by the interchangeable bbl system of the 455 platform. . teardrop pistol grip and palm swell.detachable. SST . The extreme free float provided by the SS Evolution stock design ensures the realization of the full target potential of the 455 Varmint platform. while allowing for much more economic training.00 395.8 | 630 16.22 LR CZ 452 trAininG riFLe cal. .00 477. can be easily swapped out due to the larger universal barrel channel of the Varmint model.17 HMR CZ 452 AmericAn (Left hand) cal.10 6. .17HMR MSRP 451. While the bolt is on the right hand side. cal: . cal. versions will fit the Scout and are available separately. Type D D D D D D D Mag. They are hand laid with high temperature epoxy resins.00 456. Shipped with a 10 rd. .22 LR CZ 452 Magazines including both the 5 and 10 rd.A.22 LR CZ 455 precisiOn trAiner cal.22LR CZ 452 ULtrA LUX cal. the stock design is fully ambidextrous including the cheekpiece. . . The stocks can be ordered custom with a heavy fill to match your current rifle weight to truly mimic its feel.com cz-usa. .22 WMR. . The rifle features adjustable open sights and an 11mm dovetail groove for mounting optics.22 LR. left-hand versions of the CZ 452 American and Lux models are still available. .including the American and Lux (open sights). stiffer barrel than its predecessors in the 452 and 453 lines. cal: . .hammer forged.4 | 1179 42.22 WMR or .17 HMR CZ 455 VArmint cal. While the platform of the CZ 455 rifle is smaller it deserves the full size quality of a Manners stock. .17 HMR.6 | 726 24.22 LR. Length in | mm Bbl.single-set trigger 32 cz-usa. ADJ no sights 46. D .00 451. We feel the Coyote Tan color provides the most versatile color to fit any environment the rifle may be deployed in. the 455 Varmint features a new heavier.30 5. Length in | mm Weight lbs | kg Barrel HF heavy HF heavy HF heavy HF HF HF HF PRICING SKU 02101 02102 02105 02106 02107 02140 Products CZ 455 LUX cal.89 | 2. . 5 rd.22 LR stock/finish: Composite/Blue • Action forged from steel billets • Trigger adjustable for weight of pull • Hammer forged barrel • Detachable magazine • Left-hand rimfire models available in 452 Lux and American configurations scope not included CZ 452 AMERICAN LH Though the right-hand versions of the 452 Lux and American have been transitioned to the 455 line.00 SKU 02003 02009 02017 02050 02074 Products CZ 452 LUX (Left hand) cal.cz-usa. cal: .00 483. . The outer shell of the MCS-T4 is made with carbon fiber and fiber glass in multiple layers. . 5 rd.22 LR MSRP 427. The 20.com 33 . . The single round loading device helps teach ammo conservation and marksmanship.80 | 3.22 LR MSRP 483. stock/finish: Beechwood/Blue main features CZ 455 PRECISION TRAINER The 455 Precision Trainer was designed to provide the same look and feel of your full size tactical rifle.00 456. .22LR.22 LR CZ 452 trAininG riFLe cal.17 HMR.17 HMR stock/finish: Walnut/Blue SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 455 VArmint eVOLUtiOn CZ 455 VArmint CZ 455 precisiOn trAiner CZ 452 ULtrA LUX CZ 452 trAininG riFLe CZ 452 scOUt CZ 452 AmericAn Lh Caliber . .22 LR. The Training Rifle has the same 24. .

22 WMR .00 561. Length mm | in 20. which typically results in better accuracy given equivalent rifles.2 | 1021 39. requiring only a coin as a tool for field stripping.00 608.0 | 991 Bbl. • Accurate hammer forged CZ barrel • Adjustable sights • Integral 11mm dovetail for easy mounting of optics CZ 513 BASIC Barrel HF HF. a longer sight radius provides the capability for more precise aiming. featuring a 21” heavy barrel without sights and an 11mm dovetail groove for scope mount attachment. It delivers legendary CZ accuracy and quality at a price everyone can afford.17 HMR models feature a 3/8” dovetail.17 HMR 3/8" 3/8" NA 11mm 3/8” NA NA 11 mm 3/8" 3/8" NA NA 3/8” NA NA 11 mm • Dual guide rods for smooth operation and superior reliability. The CZ 452 has a walnut American style stock and a sporter weight hammer forged barrel.hammer forged.com www. it will only shoot at its best with 2 of the loads. crisp pull of the CZ single set trigger found on the 453. CZ453 cal: . over-travel and weight of pull. American – While the barrels of both the CZ varmint and sporter weight models are of the same high quality. CZ 453 AMERICAN The CZ 453 takes the time tested platform of the CZ 452 and adds the advantage of a fully adjustable single-set trigger (SST) system mechanically identical to the CZ 527 and CZ 550 centerfire rifles. Typically there will be a few loads each individual rifle really likes and a few the rifle really doesn’t like. This helps enable the shooter to realize more accuracy potential per pound than unfluted rifles. The 453 models feature a fully adjustable. This being said there are several factors influencing the accuracy realized from each individual rifle Varmint vs.length of pull. triggers should only be adjusted to lighter weights as the skill of the shooter becomes more advanced.3 | 998 39. 5 5 Trigger SST SST Sights no sights no sights O.com cz-usa. The 512 shares the same magazines and scope rings with the CZ 455 making it the perfect companion to your bolt-action rifle. low cost . so if the rifle will typically be shot with optics.84 | 3. the shooter is ultimately the largest factor in the accuracy realized on the target. When using iron sights. Length in | mm 40.00 574.22 WMR. eliminating the need for a “break in” period. making the search for the best accuracy combination easier.22 WMR MSRP 547.3 | 998 Bbl.22 LR CZ 512 semi AUtO cal. stock/finish: Beechwood/Blue Model CZ 512 semi AUtO CZ 513 bAsic Caliber . .22 LR.00 465. cal: . The non SST triggers on the CZ 557 and 750 models are also fully adjustable for creep. the varmint weight barrel will shoot to the best accuracy potential with 4 of the loads and it shoots another 3 of the loads very well. heavy SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 453 AmericAn CZ 453 VArmint Caliber .22 LR CZ 512 semi AUtO cal.73 | 2. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue Accuracy comparisons between models Questions regarding accuracy comparisons between different CZ rifles are often asked. single set trigger system mechanically identical to the CZ 527 and CZ 550 centerfire rifles. the SST system provides for a standard trigger adjustable for creep. the varmint being the heavier and stiffer of the two is more forgiving over a wider range of loads than the thinner barreled sporter weight models.11 PRICING SKU 02072 02073 02076 02081 Products CZ 453 VArmint (SST) cal. Even the best equipment doesn’t replace the skills and knowledge gained through practice. cal: .cz-usa.17 HMR CZ 453 VArmint FLUted cal.00 534. .22 LR Stock Beechwood Beechwood Mag. Type D D Mag. .5 | 572 20. cal: .cz-usa.68 6.RIFLES RIFLES 453 RIMFIRE rifLes CZ 453 VARMINT The 453 Varmint is based on the same time-proven platform as our 452 models. given a selection of 10 different . stock/finish: Walnut/Blue CZ 512 SEMI AUTO The CZ 512 is an entirely new semi-auto rimfire rifle from CZ.22 LR.9 | 531 Weight lbs | kg 5.00 The CZ 513 Basic is a simplified version of the CZ 452.22 LR. it is important to keep the competency level of the shooter in mind when setting up the rifle. The CZ 513 Basic is the perfect choice for someone needing a quality. The .adjustable. . all CZ rifles have the same quality premium hammer forged CZ barrel. Typically out of the same 10 different loads tested with the varmint weight barrel. .17 HMR CZ 453 AmericAn (SST) cal.17 HMR. .A. non-adjustable trigger. a hammer forged barrel with iron sights and a simplified. .22LR loads from various manufacturers. . The barrels are lapped at the factory for accuracy. By starting with a quality action and premium barrel.9 | 531 Weight lbs | kg 5.75 | 349 Barrel HF HF 02083 02008 02160 02161 LOP .22 LR.22 WMR . Even when not used in the target or “set” mode. the odds are stacked in your favor.89 | 2. Cap. 527 and 550 models is a great asset to the accuracy potential of the shooter.22 rifle. 5 5 Trigger NON ADJ NON ADJ Sights ADJ iron O.22 LR CZ 453 VArmint (SST) cal. Type D D Mag.00 496. cal: .com www.60 LOP mm | in 13.17 HMR.22 LR CZ 453 AmericAn (SST) cal. ADJ . with the rest falling somewhere in the middle. For example. The triggers of the 455 and 452 lines provide smooth. The Basic features an un-checkered beechwood stock with one piece sling mounts. The light. The action of the 512 is composed of an aluminum alloy upper receiver that secures the barrel and bolt assembly and a fiberglass reinforced polymer lower half housing the trigger mechanism and detachable magazine.8 | 351 13. Cap. In general.17 HMR Stock Walnut Walnut Stock type American American Mag. While a crisp or smooth pull will be helpful to all shooters. .17 HMR .17 HMR CZ 513 bAsic cal. Shorter barrels are stiffer and inherently more accurate than longer barrels of the same diameter. the sporter weight barrel will be more sensitive to differences between the loads. .90 | 2.6 | 523 20.A.detachable.22 LR. SS . HF . overtravel and weight of pull.68 5. Even though most CZ rifles are equipped with adjustable triggers. the shorter barrel should have the accuracy advantage.com 35 . The trigger should not be discounted as it contributes considerably to the ability of the shooter to be accurate. while another 3 or 4 will shoot acceptably.17 HMR.22 LR 3/8" 11mm 11mm 11mm 11 mm 11mm 11mm 11 mm . weight adjustable pulls. Length in | mm 39. The rifles are shipped with a 5 rd magazine. The answer is simple.single set trigger 34 cz-usa. Of course.22 LR/. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue scope not included CZ 453 VARMINT FLUTED The fluted varmint weight barrel is stiffer than an unfluted barrel of the same weight. The modular design is easily maintained.22 LR. . .00 307. stock/finish: Wood/Blue DOVETAIL SIZES BY MODEL AND CALIBER Model/Caliber CZ 452/453 AmericAn CZ 452/453 VArmint CZ 452 scOUt CZ 452 LUX CZ 452 Fs CZ 452 trAiner CZ 513 bAsic CZ 455 (all models) . . The fine crosshairs and magnification advantage provided by a quality scope will allow for even more precise aiming than a long sight radius. D . Length in | mm 22.

223 Rem.com www. .40 | 2.222 Rem. stock/finish: walnut or Black Synthetic/Blue main features • True micro length Mauser style action • Controlled round feed • Hammer forged barrel • Single set trigger • Detachable magazine • 16 mm scope bases • Left-hand version available CZ 527 CZ 527 The CZ 527 has won more awards in the “light rifle” category in Europe than any other rifle.com cz-usa. .4 | 1026 Barrel Length in | mm 21.4 | 1026 40.221 Fireball. The 527 M1 American is available in either a walnut or black synthetic stock. Designed to fit the small base calibers perfectly.4 | 1026 40.222 Rem. a sporter-weight hammer forged barrel. Walnut CZ 527 AmericAn cal. 223 Rem.com 37 . Walnut CZ 527 AmericAn cal..34 | 2. the CZ 527 is a true micro length Mauser style action featuring controlled round feed. 223 Rem.00 711 .00 711. . . 5 3 3 SST SST SST Sights no sights no sights no sights Overall Length in | mm 40. Type D D D Mag.223 Rem . 204 Ruger. SST–single set trigger.00 764.00 645. & .com www.204 Ruger Walnut .00 711.223 Rem Walnut/Synthetic Synthetic Photo by Philip Falkenheiner ADJ–adjustable.LH CZ 527 AmericAn cal. fully adjustable for creep. 204 Ruger.RIFLES RIFLES scope not included ALSO AVAILABLE IN LEFT-HAND IN . 221 Fireball. integrated 16mm scope bases and the CZ single-set trigger system.22 Hornet.. a single set trigger and a recessed target crown. Walnut SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 527 AmericAn CZ 527 m1 AmericAn CZ 527 m1 AmericAn Caliber Stock Mag. a hammer forged barrel. 222 Rem. a detachable magazine. Walnut CZ 527 AmericAn cal.:. Walnut .LH CZ 527 AmericAn cal. F–fixed.5 | 343 Barrel HF HF HF . .00 CZ 527 m1 AmericAn cal.90 LOP in | mm 13. .00 764. American Walnut CZ 527 m1 AmericAn cal.9 | 556 21. D–detachable. . 223 Rem.221 Fireball. The M1 improves the aesthetics and ergonomics of the original 527 with a redesigned trigger guard and flush fit 3 round detachable magazine as well as improved grip geometry.204 Ruger CZ 527 AMERICAN The CZ 527 American features a classic American pattern stock. Walnut CZ 527 AmericAn cal. ..88 5.223 Rem.00 711. 36 cz-usa.75 | 2..61 6.cz-usa. HF–hammer forged.223 Rem. 22 Hornet.00 711. cal: .22 Hornet..223 Rem. over-travel and weight.204 Ruger stock/finish: walnut/Blue CZ 527 M1 AMERICAN The CZ 527 M1 American is the newest model built on the CZ 527 platform. Walnut .5 | 343 13. cal. Ever. The CZ 527 American is supplied with 1” steel scope rings. 223 Rem. Trigger Cap.9 | 556 Weight lbs | kg 6. PriCinG sKU 03080 03081 03020 03021 03022 03090 03091 03023 03024 prOdUcts CZ 527 M1 AMERICAN (synthetic stock model) msrp 711.5 | 343 13.9 | 556 21. SSA–single shot adapter. Synthetic CZ 527 AmericAn cal. .cz-usa.

80 | 3. cal: . . Type D D D D D D Mag. The barrel of the 7.223 Rem CZ 527 cArbine cal.4 | 950 41.223 Rem MSRP 885.22 Hornet CZ 527 LUX cal. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue CZ 527 FS The CZ 527 FS features a Mannlicher type stock and a steel muzzle cap designed not to bind on the barrel during expansion and contraction.25 | 2.222 Rem. .0 | 356 Barrel HF HF HF HF. The CZ 527 Lux is a traditional European style model featuring open sights and a Turkish walnut stock in the famous Bavarian pattern.22 Hornet. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue CZ 527 VARMINT WALNUT The Walnut Varmint is fitted with a 24” hammer forged barrel and a walnut stock.S.28 7.00 762. This handy rifle features open sights.17 Rem. The new design is optimized for shooting from a bipod or a front rest while remaining comfortable enough for offhand shooting. D–detachable. Walnut CZ 527 VArmint cal. vertical grip and hooked but.00 704.cz-usa.41 7. The striking patterns of the laminated hardwood layers enhance its appearance.50 | 3.00 711.5 | 521 18.223 Rem. heavy HF.com 39 . . . The 7. 7.00 704.4 | 1077 38. Laminate CZ 527 VArmint cal. . stock/finish: Walnut/Blue PriCinG SKU 03055 03056 03041 03042 03043 03045 03001 Products CZ 527 VArmint tArGet cal.204 Ruger. cal: . SST–single set trigger 38 cz-usa.24 | 2.22 Hornet. . .62x39 .204 Ruger.6 | 600 20.223 Rem .00 752.204 Ruger. cal: 17 Rem.222 Rem. . .223 Rem . while making the stock more stable than solid wood or plastic.5 | 978 37.54 LOP in | mm 13.5 | 1054 41.5 | 1054 41.5 | 470 24.com www.223 Rem.5 | 343 13.21 | 3.67 7. . . Kevlar CZ 527 VArmint tArGet cal.00 762.0 | 610 24.223 Rem.223 Rem ADJ–adjustable.00 711. Both cartridges offered in the 527 Carbine model are economical to shoot given their service rifle heritage. market featuring a classic American style stock.223 Rem. Walnut CZ 527 VArmint cal.00 711.00 755. .223 Rem.00 711. a straight comb walnut stock and weighs less than 6 pounds! Its the only model in the CZ family of bolt action rifles that is chambered for the popular 7.17 Rem. .204 Ruger. . 7. CZ 527 cArbine cal. .223 Rem. .223 Rem .62x39 is a top pick for younger shooters for its low recoil and effectiveness on medium sized game such as deer or wild boar out to 200 yards.9 | 1064 Barrel Length in | mm 23.84 5. 5 5 5 5 5 5 Trigger SST SST SST SST SST SST Sights fixed fixed fixed no sights no sights no sights Overall Length in | mm 42. stock/finish: Kevlar/Matte Blue CZ 527 LUX ALSO AVAILABLE IN LEFT-HAND IN . . optimized for use with optics. .22 Hornet CZ 527 Fs cal. Cap. .com www.62x39. . .222 Rem CZ 527 Fs cal.cz-usa.00 885.223 Rem. . Kevlar CZ 527 VArmint cal. cal: .223 Rem.223 Rem CZ 527 LUX cal.223 Rem .62x39 has a . F–fixed. Walnut CZ 527 LUX cal. . heavy HF.204 Ruger. .62X39.5 | 343 13.222 Rem.22 Hornet. . heavy 03002 03003 03006 03010 03011 03012 03050 03060 CZ 527 VArmint LAminAte .00 711.75 | 349 13. HF–hammer forged.22 Hornet.311 bore contributing to its excellent accuracy with inexpensive surplus ammo.223 Rem Stock Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Kevlar Laminate Mag.223 Rem.RIFLES RIFLES scope not included CZ 527 CARBINE The Carbine is an intermediate range “brush gun”. while the CZ 527 American and CZ 527 Varmint are models made specifically for the U. . cal: . The Kevlar Varmint features a 24” hammer forged barrel and a Kevlar composite stock with an aluminum bedding block to resist the elements and provide the ultimate in accuracy. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue New & Improved CZ 527 VARMINT TARGET CENTERFIRE RIFLES CZ 527 EUROPEAN TRADITIONS T h e CZ 5 27 Lu x a n d CZ 5 27 F S a re traditional European style models featuring open sights properly aligned with the eye of the shooter by the lux style stock.0 | 610 Weight lbs | kg 6.LH CZ 527 Fs cal.00 762.com cz-usa. The new pattern of the Varmint Kevlar has been updated with a wide foreend.222 Rem CZ 527 LUX cal. .00 704. .00 SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 527 LUX CZ 527 Fs CZ 527 cArbine CZ 527 VArmint CZ 527 VArmint tArGet Caliber .84 6.87 | 2. 7.223 Rem.223 Rem. stock/finish: Kevlar/Matte Blue CZ 527 VARMINT LAMINATE The gray laminate stock on this version of the 527 Varmint is both attractive and accurate. cal: .0 | 610 24.4 | 340 14.5 | 343 13.62x39.222 Rem.204 Ruger.

00 906. 6.00 998. stock/finish: Kevlar/Blue CZ 550 VARMINT WALNUT A Classic varmint style stock and detachable magazine combined with a 25.5x55 SE.A.270 Win.00 815. cal: .270 Win .6” hammer forged heavy barrel and single set trigger means there is no hope for any varmint in your sights.88 Barrel HF HF HF HF. Length in | mm 23.15 9. heavy ADJ–adjustable.30-06 CZ 550 AmericAn KeVLAr cal.00 906.308 Win.30-06.cz-usa. For accuracy and long life. Laminate CZ 550 VArmint cal.detachable magazine:.com cz-usa.308 Win. Cap.3x62 and 6.fixed magazine: . provides an ultra stable platform for consistent point of impact in any weather condition.00 960. . hammer forged barrel and a single set trigger.308 Win.5x55 SE.308 Win CZ 550 VArmint cal.00 815. .6” cold hammer forged heavy barrel and a ventilated. Length in | mm 44. . . . .308 Win CZ 550 AmericAn KeVLAr cal. Kevlar or fancy grade American black walnut. The CZ 550 American is supplied with 1” steel scope rings.5x55 SE.00 979. 6. .00 853.7 | 1185 46.62 8 | 3.5x55. 22-250 CZ 550 AmericAn cal. cal .76 | 4. these rifles are fitted with cold hammer forged lapped barrels. stock/finish: Laminate/Blue CZ 550 VARMINT KEVLAR The Varmint Kevlar is built for the ultimate in accuracy. .30-06 Sprg.15 | 4. . F–fixed.308 Win. . On closer inspection the heart of the machine shows its time-honored features: a Mauser style claw extractor for positive feeding and extraction and a compact trigger mechanism which can be used as a single stage or a single set trigger.3x62.30-06 CZ 550 AmericAn cal. 6. Laminate CZ 550 VArmint cal. D–detachable.22-250 .62 8. The CZ 550 has a positive 2-position safety. 5 4 5 4 4 4 Trigger SST SST SST SST SST SST Sights no sights no sights no sights no sights no sights no sights O. 9.243 Win.com 41 .22-250.00 960. HF–hammer forged. PriCinG SKU 04160 04161 04162 04163 04164 04100 04101 04104 04105 04106 04107 04108 04111 04114 04115 04116 Products CZ 550 VArmint cal. .7 | 1135 44.270 Win CZ 550 AmericAn cal.22-250.270 Win . This combined with the full length aluminum bedding block. The fancy grade American black walnut stock is also featured on the new Safari Classics Express Rifle and is styled after the traditional lines of the Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle and the CZ 550 American Safari Magnum.6” hammer forged barrel and an ultra stable composite Kevlar reinforced fiberglass stock with an aluminum bedding block. .22-250 6. gray laminate stock.00 CZ 550 VARMINT LAMINATE The Varmint Laminate comes fitted with a 25.00 | 3. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 550 AmericAn CZ 550 AmericAn CZ 550 AmericAn KeVLAr CZ 550 VArmint CZ 550 VArmint KeVLAr CZ 550 VArmint LAminAte Caliber 6.5 x 55 CZ 550 AmericAn cal.60 9. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue The CZ 550 American is now available in 2 new stock options.RIFLES RIFLES scope not included CZ 550 AMERICAN This rifle features a classic American pattern stock.308 Win. heavy HF. . . The CZ 550 embodies aesthetic elegance and ergonomic design.308 Win.5 x 55 CZ 550 AmericAn KeVLAr cal. 9.6 | 600 23.cz-usa. All CZ 550s feature a classic square bridge receiver with a 19mm dovetail milled right into the receiver for the mounting of optics.6 | 600 25.6 | 650 25.270 Win MSRP 840. .7 | 1185 46.308 Win.3x62 . cal .com www. 9. 18 LPI checkering.3x62 . It helps make your rifle what we like to call “Adventure Proof”.270 Win. Kevlar CZ 550 AmericAn cal.6 | 650 25. It benefits from the same lively mounting and balancing characteristics as the walnut version.00 815.3 x 62 CZ 550 AmericAn KeVLAr cal. SST–single set trigger (All CZ 550 models come standard with a 14” length-of-pull) 40 cz-usa. . 9.5x55 SE.7 | 1135 44.270 Win. . 9. .22-250.30-06.22-250 Stock Walnut Walnut Kevlar Walnut Kevlar Laminate Mag.3x62. The Kevlar reinforced fiberglass stock has an aluminum bedding block making it ultra stable in any weather condition. The Fiberglass shell of the stock is reinforced with Kevlar for strength and rigidity.00 960. 9.308 Win .6 | 600 23. Type F D F D D D Mag. This model comes fitted with a 25. 6. . .15 10.243 Win CZ 550 AmericAn cal.5 | 1130 46. . Both stock upgrades are available for the following calibers: 30-06.fixed magazine: .66 | 4.00 815.243 Win. Kevlar CZ 550 VArmint cal.7 | 1185 Bbl.22-250.22-250. cal .00 979.30-06 Sprg. sporter-weight.00 815.308 Win. . stock/finish: Walnut/Blue CZ550 RIFLES CZ 550 main features • • • • • • Mauser style claw extractor Square bridge receiver Cold hammer forged barrel Barrel lapped for accuracy Integrated 19mm scope bases Single set trigger scope not included CZ 550 AMERICAN KEVLAR The premium composite stock fitted to the 550 barreled action is modeled after the the 550 American stock redesign in 2008. 9.00 815. .308 Win.3 x 62 CZ 550 AmericAn cal.com www. cal: . .6 | 650 Weight lbs | kg 8 | 3. heavy HF. cal: .

if any. O. . stock/finish: Kevlar/Blue The CZ 550 FS features a classic Bavarian style Mannlicher stock.36 7. back off ¼ turn. “B” (creep). KeVLAr cal.com set trigger Adjustment and Operation To adjust the set trigger weight.6 | 600 Weight lbs | kg 7.cz-usa. The CZ single set trigger (SST) system provides the shooter with the options to effectively handle any shooting situation they are presented with. Length in | mm 20. . 6.cz-usa. .fixed magazine: . then back out an additional ¼ turn. FO iron. (DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt trigger adjustments unless you are confident in your ability to follow instructions for adjustments and safe operation. unique in the CZ line to the FS and Carbine-Kevlar models locks the bolt and is on “safe” when fully to the rear. squeeze the trigger. Mag.3 x 62 7mm Rem.00 04050 CZ 550 Fs cal.243 Win 7mm Rem. Mag. 9.com cz-usa. ADJ Products CZ 550 Fs cal.30-06 (Medium) 7 mm Rem.fixed magazine: (Carbine) 9.3 7. On the other hand. Comes with a 3-round detachable magazine.308 Win CZ 550 cArbine.6” barrel.4 | 518 20.00 1096. With a 20. An activated set-trigger is very sensitive to shock and during handling could unintentionally discharge if the set trigger is adjusted with too little travel. This process will get you very close to the best trigger pull possible with only slight adjustments needed. the trigger is in the “standard” mode with the heavier of the two trigger pulls.243 Win CZ 550 Fs cal. the carbine is compact enough to easily maneuver in a blind or when hopping out of the safari vehicle.) For safety.270 Win.5 7. cZ sst “perfect pull” trigger Adjustment Tools required: 6mm wrench. 9.com 43 . turn screw “D” all the way in until the rifle fires. . . Type F D F D F F Mag.00 864. The safety of the SST adjustment can be checked with the rifle unloaded by repeated opening and closing of the bolt combined with moving of the safety to its “ON” and “OFF” positions in both set and unset modes.A. adjust screw “B” in until it fires. 42 cz-usa.36 7.270 Win . • Replace screw “C”. .3 x 62. 5 4 3 3 4 3 Trigger SST SST SST SST SST SST www. 7mm wrench.5 | 521 23. The adjustable “U” small notch sights on this rifle are optimized for precision shooting at longer range.00 864.3x62 . cal .3x62 cal . The set trigger function is only adjustable for weight. or you find yourself in thick cover or hunting close fast moving game.RIFLES RIFLES the battue sight features a long ramp with a white contrast line leading the eye to the large v-notch.5 | 1054 41.fixed magazine: 7 mm Remington Magnum stock/finish: Walnut/Blue CZ 550 CARBINE-KEVLAR. adjust screw “D” in to lighten and out to make heavier. fast handling stock and iron sights.3 x 62 CZ 550 cArbine. If you prefer to completely disable the set function.308 Win. popular in much of Europe for hunting large game. . The standard trigger is adjustable for weight. . 9. it is even today perhaps the most appropriate configuration for quick shots required when hunting in dense cover. stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Blue CZ 550 FS PriCinG SKU 04053 04055 04056 04057 04153 04154 04170 04171 04173 Sights iron. 7 mm Rem. Mag..com www. “C” (over-travel) and “D” (Set trigger pull weight) • Make sure magazine and chamber are empty. . The American pattern Kevlar stock is ultra stable with a full length bedding block and while it is designed to be used primarily with optics. activate the set-trigger only after the rifle is loaded and when in position for the shot with safety in the off position. Stock Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Kevlar Kevlar Mag. KeVLAr cal. ADJ 1/4-rib.5 x 55 04054 CZ 550 Fs cal. • Cock the rifle then.3 x 62 CZ 550 Fs cal. ADJ iron. ADJ iron. .6” barrel helps you get on target quickly.5 | 521 23.30-06 Sprg.5 | 1130 Bbl.300 Win.5x55 SE. Mag. The CZ Single Set Trigger System A lifetime of hunting will expose you to a multitude of situations.. Mag. it will go off when doing this. steel muzzle cap and a 3 position safety.270 Win CZ 550 Fs cal. Everything about the CZ 550 Battue is built for speed. to get it to the “Perfect Pull” for you. then back off 1/4 turn. a quick pointing 20½” bbl and a detachable magazine. it is equipped with adjustable back up iron sights as well. The “hog-back” comb of the stock aligns the eye perfectly for the red fiber optic front and quarter rib mounted rear sights. CZ 550 MEDIUM BATTUE LUX A battue is a driven hunt. KeVLAr CZ 550 mediUm KeVLAr Caliber 6. • Loosen locking nut and remove screw “C” to allow easy access to screw “A” • Adjust screw “A” to desired poundage and tighten the lock nut (ensuring that the screw position does not change). fast and fleeting. with its short 20..28 | 3.5 | 1054 44. one very small and one large common flathead screwdriver “A” (standard trigger pull weight). Many shooters will tell you that the single set trigger is a better aid to accuracy than a thousand dollar scope.30-06. By simply pushing the trigger forward until it “clicks” the crisp and light target trigger mode is set.00 864. • Remove the stock from the barreled action. cal .00 | 3. Cap. The Medium Kevlar has a 23. 9. but always breaks like glass.30-06. 9.243 Win. 7 mm Rem. add more travel to the set trigger adjustment until it does not simultaneously go off.6” barrel.00 1049. cal .308 Win.30-06 SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 550 Fs CZ 550 Fs CZ 550 mediUm LUX CZ 550 mediUm bAttUe LUX CZ 550 cArbine. the short sight radius of the 20.300 Winchester Magnum stock/finish: Walnut/Blue the red fiber optic front sight is protected by a steel hood with three lighting windows to illuminate the fiber. If the scope should be damaged. MEDIUM-KEVLAR The 550 Carbine is a reliable and versatile platform that adapts easily to the wide variety of hunting methods and locations the traveling hunter is exposed to when pursuing different species across the globe. The 3 position safety.70 | 3. Has a 3-round hinged floorplate magazine.5 | 521 20. ADJ iron.7 | 1135 41. In this case. cal . If the set trigger adjustment (engagement screw “D”) is too light. Opportunities for a shot are typically close. 6.detachable magazine: .00 911.6 Barrel HF HF HF HF HF HF MSRP 864.00 | 3.6 | 600 20.5x55 SE. Length in | mm 41.. . Do not carry your rifle with an activated set-trigger! If you have activated the set-trigger and you do not immediately take the shot. CZ 550 mediUm bAttUe cal. shooting sticks or a practiced kneeling or prone position.30-06 CZ 550 mediUm cal.2 | 1046 44.6” barrel in 7 mm Remington Magnum. then tighten the lock nut for screw “C” down (ensuring that the screw position does not change). The SST allows for both a standard hunting trigger and a light target trigger in the same rifle. especially wild boar. keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction and with the safety on.00 864. While the aesthetics of this model reminds us of rifles from times gone by.fixed magazine: . By operating the rifle in the same manner as any other bolt-action.41 | 3.00 1096.Mag. remains on “safe” with the bolt unlocked for unloading in the mid position and is ready to fire with the bolt unlocked in the forward position.00 919. . Mag. CZ 550 MEDIUM LUX The Lux style stock feels like an extension of your arm when coupled with iron sights. CZ 550 mediUm KeVLAr cal. creep and over-travel.2 8. turn it all the way in then back it out while pulling trigger until fires. 300 Win.00 919.41 | 3. You will be presented with fleeting opportunities that require a quick shot and when hunting dangerous game you must be prepared for the life or death shot to stop a charge. most shots will give you the opportunity to shoot from a more stable position such as a rest.5 | 1054 41.

458 Lott Stock Walnut Field Grade/Kevlar Fancy Grade/Laminates Mag. you will most likely prefer the Lux style stock.458 Lott. go with the American.10 9. . .416 Rigby.00 1964.416 Rigby.416 Rigby . Type F F F Magazine Capacity 5.00 1280.com www. .458 Win Mag CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal. cal: . . . CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal. . .375 H&H Mag. . RIFLES RIFLES CZ 550 SAFARI MAGNUM The CZ 550 American Safari Magnum is available with a field grade or fancy grade walnut stock as well as a premium Kevlar reinforced fiberglass stock incorporating an aluminum bedding block.458 Lott. Bottom Line: If you will primarily use optics. . . LEFT HAND CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.com www.375 HHMag. .375 H&H Mag.458 Win Mag.00 1308.5 | 1181 Barrel Length in | mm 25. Designed and built to handle any condition imaginable from Alaska to Africa.00 1280.5 | 1181 46. European Lux style stocks The American style straight comb stock is better suited for use with optics than is the hogback stock of the CZ 550 Safari Magnum. Fancy grd. Kevlar Stock CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.cz-usa. CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.375 HHMag. . Field grd. .416 Rigby CZ 550 sAFAri mAGnUm cal.com cz-usa. Kevlar Stock CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.26 9.375 H&H Mag. Kevlar Stock CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.458 Win Mag. CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal. Fancy grd. . cal: . .SAFARI CZ 550 AMERICAN SAFARI MAGNUM cal: . CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 550 sAFAri mAGnUm CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm Caliber .458 Lott stock/finish: Kevlar/Blue CZ 550 ameriCan SAFARI MAGNUM LEFT-HAND The CZ 550 American Safari Magnum in 375 H&H Magnum is available in left-hand configuration.416 Rigby) 5. but due to the dropped comb.0 | 635 Weight lbs | kg 9.375 HHMag. .0 | 635 25. cal: . .0 | 635 25.416 Rigby) 5. .416 Rigby.00 1907.10 | 4.416 Rigby. Fancy grd.00 1180. Field grd. . Field grd.375 H&H Mag.458 Win Mag.416 Rigby. .com 45 . .5 | 1181 46. .70 | 4. 3(.375 H&H Mag. . The European Lux style stock is lightning fast with the first shot when using the express sights. Field grd. .416 Rigby.00 CZ 550 AMERICAN SAFARI MAGNUM KEVLAR The CZ 550 American Safari Magnum is now available with a premium Kevlar reinforced fiberglass stock featuring an aluminum bedding block. recoil is translated into more muzzle rise making any follow up shots slightly slower than the American style.458 Lott . . Designed and built to handle any condition imaginable from Alaska to Africa.416 Rigby) Trigger SST SST SST Sights express express express Overall Length in | mmm 46.00 1280. . . It also allows easy access to the iron sights when the scope is removed and provides superior recoil handling for the shooter. its as tough as you are. .00 1907.458 Win Mag.458 Win Mag.00 1656.458 Lott.375 H&H Mag.00 1280. Field grd. 3(. CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal. Fancy grd. stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Blue scope not included PriCinG SKU 04200 04201 04202 04210 04211 04212 04213 04220 04310 04311 04312 04313 04710 04711 04712 04713 Products CZ 550 sAFAri mAGnUm cal.375 H&H Mag. CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.38 | 4. CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.375 H&H Mag. CZ 550 sAFAri mAGnUm cal.00 1656.458 Lott.375 H&H Mag.00 1907. stock/finish: Field grade or Fancy (pictured) Walnut/Blue American vs. its as tough as you are.458 Win Mag.458 Win Mag. if you will primarily use open sights. .416 Rigby. 3(. . Kevlar Stock MSRP 1180.40 Barrel HF HF HF 44 cz-usa.00 1709.00 1656. .00 1944.458 WinMag.458 WinMag.cz-usa. CZ 550 AmericAn sAFAri mAGnUm cal.416 Rigby. .

300 UltraMag.338 and smaller bore rifles in the new line complement the Magnum Express Rifle perfectly in your 2 gun safari battery. stock/finish: Custom select wood The coveted pop-up peep sight (at one time an option on the Brno 602.416 Rigby.450 Rigby.300 H&H. A full roll of Charmin® is no replacement for a thick soft rubber recoil pad.0 kg 9.97 lbs. | 4.375 H&H.505 Gibbs was developed as a proprietar y car tridge for use in the Mauser type bolt action rifles by George Gibbs around 1910.338 Lapua .300 H&H Mag Stock Fancy Walnut Fancy Walnut Fancy Walnut Fancy Walnut Fancy Walnut Fancy Walnut Fancy Walnut Fancy Walnut Mag cap.cz-usa. .97 lbs. .416 Rem.404 Jeffery. express sighs.75” | 349 mm 13.5 kg 9. .94 lbs.416 Rem . .450 Rigby is based on the classic . glossy.416 Ruger. . 3 3 3 4 4 3 5 5 Overall length 46. | 4.5 kg LOP 13.0" | 610 mm 24.com 47 .505 Gibbs.338 Win Mag and .458 Lott.425 Westley Richards and 9.300 WinMag.75” | 349 mm 13.338 Win Mag .375 Ruger.5" | 1181 mm 46. .500 Jeffery include a mercury recoil reducer installed in the stock as well.375 H&H. The . Price $2500 – $3404 depending on caliber. .cz-usa. Of course it is always available as a backup should your scope fail as well. the dangerous game cartridges offered in the standard length Express Rifle are for the hunter needing decisive power yet desiring a lighter weight rifle. .5" | 1181 mm 46.0" | 610 mm 24.94 lbs.5" | 1181 mm 46.5" | 1181 mm 46.5 kg 9.0" | 610 mm 24. The Express Rifle features a fancy grade walnut stock styled in the same fashion as our Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifles and the CZ 550 American Safari Magnum.5" | 1181 mm 46.5" | 1181 mm Barrel length 24.425 Westley Richards.450 Rigby . As the Safari Classics rifles are built to order.$330.404 Jeffery was introduced in 1909 by Jeffery of England to duplicate Nitro Express . this cartridge has gained a reputation as the most effective dangerous game stopping cartridge for standard magnum sized actions. . | 5. | 4.0" | 610 mm 24.3x62.404 Jeffery.300 H&H Mag. – INSTALLED .0" | 610 mm Weight 10. . . #1 Fancy grade walnut stock with dual crossbolts and straight comb.5 kg 9. 9. The pop-up peep fits in a recess machined into the rear bridge of the receiver. fixed magazine.0" | 610 mm 24. | 5. but not limited to. With the press of a button.505 Gibbs. . While the . . .404 Jeffery . Our soft and hollow point expanding ammunition incorporate only premium bullets for all-around performance on big game. matte or rust blue finish on metal parts.500 Jeffery.416 Rem. satin. .458 Lott.505 Gibbs. | 4. SAFARI CLASSICS CZ 550 SAFARI CLASSICS MAGNUM EXPRESS RIFLE Rugged. The 465 grain bullet delivers over 2300 fps at the muzzle.safari CLassiCs DetaiL RIFLES RIFLES safari CLassiCs AMMUNITION CZ-USA offers its own headstamped ammunition to complement the Safari Classic rifles. glass bedded fancy grade walnut. . . heavy duty and always goes “bang” when the trigger is pulled… the CZ 550 action remains a variant of the true magnum Mauser properly proportioned to accept the longest big-game cartridges.0 kg 10.94 lbs.450 Rigby.com www. the peep sight does not interfere with the use of a scope.30-06 and .0" | 610 mm 24. installation of muzzle break.97 lbs. . they are available in. .00 SAFARI CLASICS CUSTOM GRADE RIFLES FEATURE • CZ 550 action with two position positive safety • Single set trigger set up to your specifications • Glossy blue or matte blue finish on metal parts • No.505 Gibbs and .505 Gibbs . POP-UP PEEP SIGHT The CZ rifles and ammunition are built according to the most recent CIP or SAAMI specification. These upgrades include bolt jewelling. The . action job and more.338 Lapua. While it is has only been around for just over 10 years.75" | 349 mm 13. Express sights. The . 19mm dovetail.75” | 349 mm All Safari Classics rifles feature single set trigger. Several optional upgrades can be selected at the time you place your order.416 Rigby. The .500 Jeffery also include a mercury recoil reducer.com cz-usa. www. When retracted.75” | 349 mm 13.500 Jeffery . . barrel band and two stock reinforcing crossbolts.338 Lapua and . .3x62 are classic car tridges developed to fit the standard length Mauser actions and are used today for dangerous game in Africa.500 Jeffery and .0 kg 9.416 Taylor. The Safari Classics rifles feature single set trigger set up to your specifications. See order form on back of catalog section for individual pricing.404 drives a 400 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2170 fps.338 Win Mag.338 WinMag.5 kg 10. CZ 550 SAFARI CLASSICS EXPRESS RIFLE The new Express Rifles are designed for car tridges that fit the standard and medium magnum CZ 550 actions.300 H&H.97 lbs. . Recent developments in powder technology have given rise to new standard length rounds designed for dangerous game also available in the new Express Rifle.450/400 3-inch performance in a cartridge designed for bolt action rifles. . . The bullet weight is 525 grains and it leaves the muzzle at 2300 fps. glass bedded to the individual action and a barrel band. All Safari Classics rifles are built with a black 1” soft rubber recoil pad. | 4. rigidity and hardness for the ultimate in deep. the spring loaded sight snaps into position allowing for more precise aiming than provided by express sights. bone-crushing penetration.0" | 610 mm 24. predecessor of the CZ 550 Safari Magnum) is now an option available from the Safari Classics Custom Shop.97 lbs.5" | 1181 mm 46.5" | 1181 mm 46.75” | 349 mm 13. The . The rifles chambered in . delivering deep penetration and controlled expansion.. | 5.75” | 349 mm 13.270 Win. The Solids are crafted from a single alloy for superior strength. cal: . .416 Rigby case. . .com SPECIFICATIONS Model CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics CZ 550 sAFAri cLAssics Caliber . The . nor does it hinder the speed of the express sights. . Calibers: . 1 Fancy grade walnut stock with straight comb and dual crossbolts • Barrel band 46 cz-usa.75” | 349 mm 13.338 Lapua.

A weaver rail comes installed.7 | 1135 Barrel Length in | mm 28 + | 771 + break 26 + | 660 + break 26 + | 660 + break 16 + | 406 + break 26. delivers the energy needed at ranges that others can not.300 Win.338 Lapua .62 x 51 NATO) 05108 CZ 550 Uhr. Hornady SST Interlock has also proven to be accurate in the UHR. Type F F F D D F F Mag. The UHR was developed to perform with premium ammunition. a 28” bbl and a SureFire muzzle break.t. mirage shield and two 10 round detachable magazines.E.300 Winchester Magnum that comes in at 8 lbs and includes a minute of angle accuracy guarantee to 600 yards (550 m). KeVLAr .0 | 1219 44.300 Win Mag and .00 2398. aluminum bedding block. The rifle uses proven bench-rest principles by using a short.T.338 Lapua.8 | 1290 50.e. the CZ 750 Sniper is ideal for use by the elite military and law enforcement snipers it was designed for. The 750 Sniper features an adjustable single stage trigger. By maintaining quality control standards unheard of in the industry. oversized bolt handle. muzzle brake. guaranteed MOA to 600 yards.308 Win. The development of the rifle was done with DRT 200gr.308 Win.40 8.308 Win.t. This rifle delivers the pinpoint accuracy hunters demand for surgical shot placement on plains game.62 x 51 NATO) . the integrated CZ 19mm dovetail may be used. Two scope mounting options are available for the 750 Sniper.7 | 1135 44.12 13. the CZ-USA 550 Magnum H.50 | 6. CZ 750 sniper CZ 550 Uhr Caliber .E. Available in . complete the package.cz-usa. The UHR includes a one-piece integrated mount and 30 mm rings. CZ 550 mAGnUm h. CZ 550 UHR WitH KeVLar stOCK CZ 550 UHR .com bipod & optics not included sPeCifiCatiOns/PriCinG SKU 04350 04351 04352 04360 05001 05008 Model CZ 550 mAGnUm h. Specs: 26" 4 groove barrel.60 8.cz-usa. stock/finish: Black polymer tactical CZ 550 MAGNUM H. SST–single set trigger. By ensuring the rifle itself is very accurate. This barrel is enhanced with a Surefire muzzle break for soft recoil and QD suppressor compatibility.e. An oversized bolt handle adds to the perfect ergonomics of the H. Teflon coating and a crisp single stage trigger.00 | 5.T. . ADJ–adjustable. (. When combined with quality ammunition. (7.0 | 940 48.00 3664. a new scope mounting system is included with the rifle that matches the abilities of the rifle. Cap.com cz-usa.cz-usa.00 CZ 550 UrbAn cOUnter sniper . quality ammunition. Without consistent.6 | 1336 50.00 1999.300 Remington Ultra Mag.70 MSRP 3664.00 | 3. ammo and ability of the hunter. model.E.A. The synthetic thumbhole sniper style stock is adjustable for comb height as well as length of pull.T. Mag.300 Win. thread protector. D–detachable. cal: .6 | 600 Weight lbs | kg 13. jacketed frangible. Available with 5 or 10 round detachable magazines and 30mm or 1” scope rings.300 Win. 20 mOA long range picatinny base available at www. no rifle can reach its maximum accuracy.62x51 NATO).com 49 . The 165gr.90 8. Machined from one piece of aluminum for perfect alignment. The CZ Ultimate Hunting Rifle (UHR) is the perfect complement to the Safari Classics line of dangerous game rifles. (7. Keeping in mind the Ultimate Hunting Rifle is the foundation of a shooting system capable of extreme precision. stiff free floated 16” bull barrel with a target crown for consistent barrel harmonics and amazing accuracy.308 Win (7.E. the UHR can significantly extend your range. polished action.00 | 5. A Bell & Carlson fiberglass stock. Stock Kevlar Kevlar Kevlar Kevlar Polymer Walnut Kevlar Mag. F–fixed.00 3664. or by removing the rail.90 13.T. HiGH enerGY taCtiCaL CZ-USA has taken the proven reliability and accuracy of the 550 Magnum action and applied it to the needs of law enforcement.com www.URBAN COUNTER-SNIPER bipod & optics not included RIFLES RIFLES CZ 550 UHR uLtimate HuntinG rifLe The UHR (Ultimate Hunting Rifle) is a CZ 550 based rifle in .76 11. the only variables left in the system are the optics.0 | 660 23.90 | 5.t.8 | 1290 37. optics and practice. The H. the Ultimate Hunting Rifle delivers a level of accuracy formerly only available from high-end custom rifle gunsmiths.e.300 RUM . Mag. 1 in 12" twist. 48 cz-usa.6 | 600 23. The UHR allows the hunter to realize the full potential of the components in their rifle system. optics not included main features • Mauser style claw extractor • Square bridge receiver • Hammer forged barrel • Single set trigger main features DetaiL CZ-usa 550 URBAN COUNTER-SNIPER The CZ 550 COUNTER-SNIPER is a fresh rifle concept. SS–single stage.00 1453. Optics not included.30 | 3. model is equipped with a tactical Kevlar reinforced fiberglass stock. The underside of the fore-end is fitted with a 220mm long rail that provides multiple attachment points for a bipod. CZ 550 mAGnUm h. Length in | mm 52.comes with rigid scope mount bipod & optics not included CZ 750 SNIPER With an effective range of 800 yards. The balance and maneuverability of the CZ 550 Counter Sniper make this rifle ideal for many tactical situations.00 1321.) (other calibers available through special order). built with a compact profile for maneuverability. 4 4 6 5/10 10 3+1 3+1 Trigger SST SST SST SST ADJ SST SST O. . reduced weight and “cold first-shot” predictability.com www.21 | 3.

com 51 50 cz-usa.5” 1 : 10” 1 : 14” 1 : 14” 1 : 10” 1 : 10” 1 : 9.22 HORNET .Square bridge receiver with 19mm dovetail | B .416 RIGBY .221 FIREBALL .458 WIN MAG .505 Gibbs and other cartridges.22 Hornet barrels are a .404 Jeffery and many belted magnums including the . the CZ 527 action configured for 7. .505 Gibbs.84” 1 : 16” 1 : 16” Ideal Grain Weight ANY AMMO ANY AMMO ANY AMMO ANY AMMO MOST UP TO 40 GR UP TO 40 GR UP TO 63 GR UP TO 55 GR UP TO 63 GR UP TO 70 GR UP TO 55 GR UP TO 100 GR UP TO 140 GR ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT UP TO 170 GR UP TO 220 GR UP TO 220 GR UP TO 170 GR UP TO 220 GR ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT ANY WEIGHT Actions: The American Safari Magnum and the Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle are built on the CZ 550 Magnum action that handles cartridges from the belted magnums on up to the .458 LOTT . The 527 actions come complete with bottom metal and a single stack magazine.5 Grendel® (registered trademark of Alexander Arms) and other high performance cartridges of similar rim diameter. CZ-USA does not offer customized actions alone.22 LR .300 WIN MAG .cz-usa.223” groove diameter barrel • CZ 7. It is worth mentioning that the CZ 550 Rigby Magnum action will most often feed the popular . Because it is necessary to build a complete rifle to ensure proper feeding. .00 633.375 H&H.com www.270.404 JEFFERY .223 Rem.505 Gibbs chambered rifles.32 AUTO .505 GIBBS . CZ 550 Rigby Magnum CZ 527 .5” 1 : 9” 1 : 12” 1 : 10” 1 : 10” 1 : 12” 1 : 10” 1 : 10” 1 : 10” 1 : 9. Ultra Mags.00 633.300 WIN MAG UHR . Note that the CZ 550 action is also built in a detachable magazine configuration to feed the short action (. but only as part of a complete rifle.30-06) as well as belted magnums that are shorter than the .17 HMR . Extensive modification of this action is required for the .22-250. FS and Varmint model rifles. The Rigby Magnum version of the 550 Magnum Action (item# 00022) is sold with the bolt face.223 configured action can be modified for use on these cartridges by a knowledgeable gunsmith.62 x 39 barrels are a . This configuration is the same size as the .22 WMR .Iron sights (folding 3 leaf express style sights are dovetailed into an integral boss on the barrel and are far sturdier than the typical set found on most production rifles) | D Open grip curve on stock (minimizes the stress to the middle finger by the trigger guard bow while the gun is in the recoil phase) E .223 (item# 00024) configuration. T h e M a u s e r 98 action established itself as a viable alternative to the double rifle due to its reliable feeding over 100 years ago.30-06 etc.84” 1 : 9.211” B D A . .Single set trigger | C . but can be readily adapted to the 300 Win Mag. though the .00 Products CZ 550 Standard cal.300 H&H .458 Lott.416 Rigby cartridge.com .300 H&H (.RIFLES RIFLES CZ TECH NOTES – Twist Rates – Actions CALIBER .375 H&H .308 WIN .00 469. when building the . . This action is designed to feed long action cartridges (6.25-06.223 REM VARMINT .62 X 39 .00 469.8 SPC.300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag would feed through this action).5x55. The Safari Classics Express Rifle and the CZ 550 American are built on the CZ 550 (Standard) Action with a hinged floorplate type magazine configuration (item# 00020). Unfortunately. it is usually decided the most efficient route is to start with the 527 Carbine model and rebarrel.204 RUGER .270 WIN 7 MM REM MAG 7.5 X 55 .22-250 .30-06 version with the shorter detachable magazine feeding system being the only difference.338 RUM 9. . The belted magnum version of the 550 Magnum Action (item# 00025) is set up specifically for the .3 X 62 . The CZ 527 Actions are sold in Hornet (item# 00023) and . The 7. This action is offered on the American. . .338 LAPUA .500 JEFFERY . etc.com www. It is this foundation that is used to build the . CZ 550 Belted Magnum E A • CZ . C PRICING SKU 00020 00022 00023 00024 00025 (actions only) MSRP 499.62x39 is not offered except as a complete rifle in the CZ 527 Carbine model.40 S&W .5” 1 : 12” 1 : 10” 1 : 16.17 REM .500 Jeffery and .223 REM .222 REM .30-06 . insiDe tHe CZ 550 aCtiOn T h e CZ 5 5 0 i s a M a u s e r t y p e a c t i o n .311” groove diameter barrel • CZ 22 rimfire barrels have a land diameter of .308 Win) cartridges.338 Lapua without modification.6” 1 : 10” 1 : 9.22 Hornet CZ 527 .505 Gibbs chambered Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifles. but is not available as an action only. .243 Win.45 ACP TWIST RATE 1 : 9” 1 : 16” 1 : 16” 1 : 9” 1 : 12” 1 : 16” 1 : 12” 1 : 14” 1 : 12” 1 : 9” 1 : 14” 1 : 10” 1 : 8.450 GIBBBS .380 AUTO 9 MM .243 WIN 6.cz-usa.84” 1 : 9.270 Win.Hammer forged barrel cz-usa. Due to the amount of customization required to convert the . extractor and feed rails set up specifically for the .223 action.62x39 configured action is most readily adaptable to the 6. 6.

3 | 1049 41.5 | 368 14.1 9 | 4.6 | 600 23.308 Win.00 1699. stock/finish: Walnut/Blue 08106 08107 08110 08111 08112 08113 LOP .6 | 600 23.cz-usa.0 | 1041 41.0 | 1041 41. Today. Over/Under rifles..standard.7 | 602 23. combo guns and the single shot Effect are among the first models to be released in the Brno Rifles line.8" to 14.00 1699.30-06 .8" to 14. STD .308 Win. or .30-06 Springfield. Notably.30-06 . The Zbrojovka Brno plant was founded in 1918. the plant became part of the Czecho-Slovak National Enterprise. Features include extractors.375H&H .416 Rigby 12ga/. 12 ga.7 LOP mm | in adjust 13.manual. The famous Brno VZ 24 Mausers were produced from 1924 – 1940. short radius iron sights for fast shooting and a barrel mounted sling attachment point.com 53 .7 6 | 2.308 12 ga/. The simple elegance and challenge of one shot big game hunting is the essence of the Brno Effect.6 | 600 Weight lbs | kg 9 | 4. Stock Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Trigger Type single single single double (R-SST) double (R-SST) double (R-SST) SST SST SST SST Sights express express express fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed Overall Length in | mm 41.3 | 1049 41. . or .375 H&H.2 7 | 3.5 | 368 14.cz-usa.5 | 368 14.5 | 368 14.6 | 600 23.0 | 1041 41. . Sporting a select grade walnut stock. RIFLES RIFLES BrnO STOPPER EXPRESS DOUBLE RIFLE The Brno Stopper is an Over/Under double rifle chambered in .5 | 368 14.com www.2 7 | 3.458 Win.0 | 1041 41. .7 | 602 23.0 | 1041 41.8" to 14. The new double is available in field grade with a blued receiver. barrel mounted sling attachment and quarter rib iron sights. While part of the National Enterprise.BRNO RIFLES Brno Rifles is the newest line in the CZUSA family. the plant began production making Mauser and Mannlicher rifles.0 | 1041 Barrel Length in | mm 23.1 9 | 4.length of pull. BrnO EFFECT FS sPeCifiCatiOns/ PriCinG SKU 08001 08003 08004 08105 Product STOPPER FIELD STOPPER FIELD STOPPER FIELD BRNO COMBO BRNO COMBO BRNO COMBO BRNO EFFECT BRNO EFFECT FS BRNO EFFECT BRNO EFFECT FS Caliber/ Gauge . M .com www. 3” with Improved Modified choke over your choice of .30-06 Springfield.308 Win. CZ-USA is pleased to be able to offer the fine firearms of Zbrojovka Brno to our customers.00 2181.7 6 | 2. Zbrojovka Brno in the Czech Republic. a manual tang safety and iron sights.0 | 1041 41.416 Rigby for Africa’s most dangerous game.6 | 600 23.00 BrnO EFFECT The Effect single-shot rifle is one of the most graceful rifles you will ever put to your shoulder. During the Warsaw Pact period. elegant checkering and a semi-Schnabel fore-end.cross-bolt 52 cz-usa.243 Win.308 Win. The light form of the Effect calls out to be taken on the most challenging of mountain hunts as evidenced by the high country big game engravings on the receiver. then Czechoslovakia. CB .00 4999. while the front trigger includes a set function for precision shooting with the rifle barrel. Under German occupation during WWII.5 | 368 14. the Stopper features a single mechanical trigger. Mag.458/.30-06 .6 | 600 23. Previously part of the Viennese Arsenal under the Austro-Hungarian Empire.5 | 368 Finish glossblue glossblue glossblue glossblue glossblue glossblue glossblue glossblue glossblue glossblue MSRP 4999. The 802 Combo gun features 23” barrels.00 1585.00 2181. BRNO BrnO COMBO SHOTGUN/RIFLE The Brno Combo gun is a great companion for predator calling or mixed bag hunts.com cz-usa.458 .5" 14.5" adjust 13.00 2181.1 7 | 3. Zbrojovka Brno produced arms for both the Third Reich and the Czecho-Slovak resistance.7 | 602 23.. the British BREN light machinegun was born in the Brno Rifles plant and in 1937 production began in England.6 | 600 23.00 1585..adjustable.7 6 | 2. The shotgun bbl is fired by the rear trigger.00 4999. cal: . ADJ . The Effect features select walnut. .3 | 1049 41.243 12ga/. Zbrojovka Brno is a sister company to the CZ-UB factory and Dan Wesson Firearms. Brno Rifles is a high end line of fixed breech firearms from the historic arms manufacturer. the Brno name became famous as the brand used on all sporting rifles produced in. a single set trigger.5" adjust 13.2 6 | 2.

com www.cz-usa.SHOTGUNS CZ 712 TARGET CZ 712 Adjustable Stock CZ Redhead TARGET New 2012 Product training for sales professionals available at 54 cz-usa.cz-usa.com 55 .com for CZ Ringneck STRAIGHT GRIP CZ Ringneck TARGET www.com cz-usa.

youtube.com cz-usa. This machine is designed to shoot standard field loads all the way up to 3 inch magnum hunting loads making this a great choice for quail or pheasant hunters.cz-usa.com/tomknapp/ for a schedule of upcoming shows. Check www.com www. This gun is built on a bright alloy receiver which has a high gloss black chrome 28 inch barrel to match. Shell capacity is 4 +1 with the magazine plug removed but can easily be converted back to be a legal migratory bird gun.cz-usa.com 57 . The 912 is a great choice for the bird hunter or recreational clay shooter that likes the benefits of a semi-auto shotgun. SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS CZ 912 FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • • • • Semi-auto gas operated system 2 ¾ & 3 inch chamber 4+1 capacity .SEMI-AUTO CZ 912 SEMI-AUTO 12ga.5 inch length of pull 28 inch barrel Chrome lined barrels Turkish walnut stock Smooth rounded heel Cast off for the right-handed shooter 5 flush mount choke tubes 5-year limited warranty See Tom’s exhibition shooting live and in person at an event near you. Watch Shooting Star Tom Knapp shoot CZ-USA shotguns and talk about dove hunting in Argentina on our YouTube channel www.730 bore diameter 8mm flat rib 14. The action’s mechanism is slightly different than its predecessor with the action return spring located in the buttstock rather than over the magazine tube. making the magazine tube and gas system much easier to clean.com www.com/czusafirearms/ 56 cz-usa. cz-usa.

IC F. this durable gun can be stored under the bed.youtube. The Utility model has a 20” bbl for easy maneuverability in tight interior spaces or for mounting on your ATV. M. 3-gun competition and youth trap shooting just to name a few. M. it gives the upland hunter a 4+1 capacity.00 471. It is fit with a Turkish walnut stock sized for a 14.cz-usa. M. The 712/720 comes with a magazine tube plug installed for waterfowl. MAIN FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • • • • Semi-auto gas operated system 2 ¾ & 3 inch chamber 4+1 capacity .00 471.00 484.75” 13" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/4” Comb 1 1/2” 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2” 1 1/2” 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/4” Heel 2 1/4” 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4” 2 1/2” 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4” Weight (lbs) 6. 712 UTILITY Used by Shooting Star Tom Knapp on TV and in shooting exhibitions across the country. plus the gas operated system and the full size target stock makes recoil seem nonexistent. Mechanically identical to the standard 712. IC F. Both the 26” and 28” barrel configurations accept 2 ¾” to 3” shells. M. IC F. IC 5 screw in Trigger Type single single single single single single single single single Ejector auto auto auto auto auto auto auto auto auto Rib 8mm VENT 8mm VENT 8mm VENT 8mm VENT 10mm VENT 8mm VENT 8mm VENT 8mm VENT 8mm VENT Safety CB CB CB CB CB CB CB CB CB Receiver Finish/ Barrel Finish Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Matt Black Hard Chrome Stock Material Black Polymer Turkish Walnut Turkish Walnut Black Polymer Turkish Walnut Turkish Walnut Turkish Walnut Turkish Walnut Turkish Walnut Fore End Semi-auto Semi-auto Semi-auto Semi-auto Semi-auto Semi-auto Semi-auto Semi-auto Semi-auto Stock Type STD STD STD ADJ STD STD STD STD STD LOP 14 1/2” 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 12 . M.3 6.00 58 cz-usa. IC F. Appropriately sized for both home defense and varmint control on the ranch.5” length of pull.3 7.00 499.CZ 712 The 712 & 720 semi-auto shotguns have a great track record of proven reliability and best of all they have very attractive price tags.6 7.com/czusafirearms/ The 712 Utility shotgun is the all purpose shotgun for home or farm. IC F. CZ-USA Shooting Star TOM KNAPP Stock shown collapsed CZ 712/720 CZ 712/720 is a gas operated semi-automatic built on a lightweight alloy receiver. 26. behind the truck seat… close by when and where you need it. Both models have the same gas system with the action return spring located over the magazine tube. But it seems there are many other applications for this combination such as turkey hunting.com www. When the plug is removed. This is because the combination of the quick handling soft shooting 712 gas operated system and the ATI stock makes it easy for smaller framed people to handle and effectively shoot. IC F.com www. Watch Tom perform some of his signature shots with his CZ 712 on our YouTube Channel www. SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS 712 TARGET The 712 Target is built with the price conscious target shooter in mind. M. This model is very simple to operate and maintain. This model is ideal for beginner shooters or parents looking to outfit their FFA or high school trap shooter with their first gun.14” 14.00 499.5 inch length of pull 20.730 bore diameter 8mm flat rib (10mm on 712 Target) 14. M. 28 and 30 inch barrels Chrome lined barrels Turkish walnut or synthetic stock Smooth rounded heel Cast off for the right-handed shooter 5 flush mount choke tubes 5 year limited warranty 712 ADJUSTABLE LENGTH STOCK The 712 outfitted with the ATI adjustable stock was originally designed as a shotgun to fit the entire family.8 7. SPECIFICATIONS/PRICING SKU 06029 06030 06031 06034 06035 06039 06040 06041 06045 Product 712 UTILITY 712 712 712 ALS 712 TARGET 720 Reducd Length 720 720 912 Gauge 12 12 12 12 12 20 20 20 12 Barrel Length 20" 26" 28" 28” 30” 24" 26" 28" 28” Chokes F.3 6.00 528.com cz-usa.com 59 . These guns are as universal as they come and are great for all different shooting applications. M.00 562. waterfowl hunting. CZ is able to offer this in a youth model which has a 13 inch length of pull due to the action return spring not being located in the rear and dictating stock length.3 7.cz-usa.00 660. The barrel on the 712/720 is chrome lined with a matte black hard chrome exterior finish that will resist corrosion after many seasons in the field.3 MSRP 471.6 6. making the new shotgun a great choice for both upland game and waterfowl. 24. IC F. This gun is built on the proven 712 action but features a 30 inch barrel with a 10mm stepped rib designed to pattern high for rising trap targets.3 7.

rear trigger is left barrel • Over under.5 inch length of pull • Cast off for the right-handed shooter • 5 flush mount choke tubes • 5-year limited warranty Tech Notes: • CZ-USA shotguns have manual safeties (not automatic). C SPECIFICATIONS/PRICING SKU 06055 06056 06085 06086 Product CZ WINGSHOOTER CZ WINGSHOOTER UPLAND ULTRALIGHT UPLAND ULTRALIGHT Gauge 12 20 12 12 Chamber 3” 3” 3” 3” Barrel Length 28" 28” 26” 28” Chokes MULTI MULTI MULTI MULTI Trigger Type single single single single Ejector yes yes no no Rib 8 mm Vent 8 mm Vent 8 mm Vent 8 mm Vent Safety M M M M Receiver Finish/ Barrel Finish Engraved Engraved Black Alloy/Matte Black Black Alloy/Matte Black Stock Material Turkish Walnut Turkish Walnut Sport Sport Fore End Schnabel Schnabel Sport Sport Stock Type Round knob Round knob Pistol grip Pistol grip LOP 14 1/2" 14 1/2” 14 1/2” 14 1/2” Comb 1 1/4" 1 1/4” 1 1/2” 1 1/2” Heel 2 1/4" 2 1/4” 2-1/4” 2-1/4” Weight (lbs) 7.to left fires upper barrel first DOUBLE TRIGGER GUNS • Side by side. The 12 ga Hammer Coach also has fixed chokes and is choked Cylinder/Cylinder. These are choked Improved Cylinder/Modified. Marks on chokes 1. • Over unders.00 739. Removing the fore-end will show you these marks. You will bag more birds and look great doing it with this beauty in your hands. lower profile than over and under shotguns with a single hinge system.cz-usa. This system makes it possible to build an over & under gun with a sleeker.A type of action (receiver) for a break-open gun where the lock work is contained within a box-shaped housing. • . fires left barrel first.rear trigger is top barrel In addition to these features it is important to know some of the detail and technical terms used in the industry to describe quality over and under actions and the characteristics of our high quality shotguns. (photo 2) Tapered lug groove Bifurcated Lumps CZ UPLAND ULTRALIGHT (photo 3) Trunnion (photo 4) Tapered locking lug The Upland Ultralight is a gun built completely with modern day technology.00 60 cz-usa.Cylinder SELECTOR FUNCTIONS • side by sides.Modified 4. IM. (photo 1) Bifurcated Lumps – (means divided in two) is a hinge system used for over & under guns whereby the barrels are fitted with semi-circular hooks that hinge around trunnions (photos 2 & 3) on either side of the lower barrel.Full 2.cz-usa. It also provides a strong wide hinge for the barrels to rotate from. This elegant hand engraved work of art is available in four gauges and its eye-catching engraving will stand alone in the field or range. gauge: 12.Improved Cylinder 5.4 6. CZ-USA stands for quality – plain and simple.00 999.0 6.to left. (photo 4) (photo 1) Box shaped This color ful Over and Under shotgun has the same old world craftsmanship as all of our shotguns but with a new stylish look. M.9 6.com www. The frame is cut with a CNC machine this makes most all of its mechanical components operate with clockwork precision and consistency. 410’s and 16ga’s are fixed-choke barrels and are marked with 3 or 4 circles on each barrel to distinguish the choke in that barrel. But from the outside the most noticeable characteristic of this 12ga over and under is the fact that it does not have a mid rib between its barrels and the receiver frame is built from high quality aluminum alloy. stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Case hardened receiver/Polished barrel. • Our side by sides are non ejecting (extractors only).com www.com cz-usa.00 739.0 MSRP 999. IC.OVER & UNDER CZ WINGSHOOTER SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS MAIN FEATURES: • Mechanical selective triggers • Box Lock frame system • Coil spring operated hammers • Auto ejectors • 2 ¾ & 3 inch chamber • 8mm flat rib • Chrome lined barrels • Individual auto ejectors • Turkish walnut stock • Schnabel forend • Smooth rounded heel • 14.CZ-USA utilizes an extra heavy duty locking lug that is tapered to wear in as the gun is used.410 and 28ga. Box lock .com 61 . over & under guns are non ejecting (extractors only).Improved Modified 3. Weighing less than 6 lbs (on average) this gun is one of the lightest in its class. Available in 26 and 28 inch this gun is great for those long Kansas milo fields because it can be carried for hours in the field without wearing you out. Tapered locking lug. The metal is also coated with a non glare. chokes: F. non reflective matte finish that is weather resistant making this a true all terrain hunting gun.

stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Silver receiver/Polished barrel.00 926. which keeps the cost to produce this gun very low. The 12ga. But don’t let the good looks fool you.00 926. Available in 12ga.410 12 12 20 20 12 20 12 12 Chamber 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 2 3/4" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3” 3” 3” Barrel Length 24 26 28 26 28 28 28 26 28 26 28 28” 28” 30” 32” Chokes Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi IC/MOD Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Trigger type Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Double Double Single Single Ejector Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Rib 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm Receiver Finish Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Black Black Black Black Silver Silver Black Black Fore-end Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Schnable Stock Type Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob * * Weight (lbs) 6. stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Silver receiver/Polished barrel.70 7. .00 2509.00 786.730 bore diameter 10mm flat rib 30 or 32 inch barrels Chrome lined barrels #3 Turkish walnut stock Schnabel forend Smooth rounded heel Monte Carlo stock with adjustable comb and right-handed palm swell 14.00 786. IM.30 7.50 7. and 20ga. chokes: F.00 786.com www. The triggers are set to break at approx 4 to 5 lbs. come with auto ejectors and the 28ga and . 20. The adjustable comb on the full size target stock provides a wide range of adjustability to fit most people. M. It features an extractor rather than the auto ejectors and the receiver is finished with a black chrome to match its barrels.50 8.com cz-usa.410 each have extractors. chokes: F. IC.00 566.50 8. These affordable shotguns are topped off with hand checkered and select Turkish w alnut.30 6.00 926. This workhorse is a perfect choice for all wing shooting applications especially for those hunters who do not like chasing their empty hulls. All CZ’s double guns are built on frames proportionate to their gauge.00 2509. IM. so with all these features its no wonder why it has become a favorite among shotgun enthusiasts.00 06080 CANVASBACK 06082 CANVASBACK 06083 CANVASBACK 06090 MALLARD 06091 06210 06211 MALLARD CZ SPORTING CZ SPORTING * CZ Sporting has a Circaassian walnut stock. This unit is completely engraved by hand and has a deep black chrome finish.00 566. IC. and 20ga. This truly is a “meat and potatoes” kind of gun. gauge: 12.410. C MALLARD The Mallard is designed to be the simplest. delighting the most discriminating aficionado. M. stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Black receiver/Polished barrel.90 6. C CRAFTSMANSHIP CZ’s beautifully handcrafted shotguns merge old world craftsmanship with state of the art modern technology. It features a satin chrome finish that is very durable and corrosion resistant. 20. and 20ga.50 6. that are on the market these days.20 5. this model can be used for a wide variety of shooting recreation and when you combine that with its unparalleled craftsmanship and reliability.00 7. For added durability all exterior barrels are hard black chromed with chrome lined interior.00 786.com 63 . SPECIFICATIONS/PRICING SKU 06069 REDHEAD REDUCED LENGTH 06070 06071 06072 06073 06075 06077 06081 REDHEAD DELUXE REDHEAD DELUXE REDHEAD DELUXE REDHEAD DELUXE REDHEAD REDHEAD CANVASBACK Gauge 20 12 12 20 20 28 . most cost effective over and under shotgun CZ-USA produces. with a 28 inch barrel only.00 926. right hand palm swell and an adjustable comb. making it perfect for precision shooting. IM. With four different frame sizes based on gauge.00 926.40 6.75 inch length of pull Cast off for the right-handed shooter 5 flush mount choke tubes 5-year limited warranty CANVASBACK The canvasback is built on the same mechanical principals as the Redhead and Wingshooter with two minor differences. IC. this gun was built for action! Designed for Sporting Clays this fine gun offers everything a clay shooter would want in a competition gun.OVER & UNDER MAIN FEATURES CZ SPORTER The Sporter is CZ-USA’s most beautiful gun as it comes standard with grade 3 Turkish walnut stock. there is no other shotgun quite like it for the price. gauge: 12. 20. It has been a favorite for those who like the functionality and reliability of an over and under with the cost being well below most semiauto shotguns and even some pumps.90 7..90 6. you just can’t go wrong with this durable shotgun.cz-usa.com www. This shotgun is also available in a 20ga youth model that has a 24 inch barrel and a 13 inch length of pull. 62 cz-usa.cz-usa. This gun is available in all gauges and is offered in 26” or 28” inch barrel length. 28. This shotgun is still built on the same box lock frame featuring the same hinge system used in the more detailed models with the main difference being that it employs a dual trigger system. gauge: 12.70 Length of pull 13" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2” 14 3/4” 14 3/4” Comb 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2” ADJ ADJ Heel 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4” 2 3/4” 2 3/4” MSRP 848. C • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Box Lock frame system Mechanical Selective Triggers Coil spring operated hammers Auto ejectors 2 ¾ & 3 inch chamber . Available in 12ga.70 6. chokes: F. SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS REDHEAD The Redhead is CZ-USA’s flagship over & under shotgun. M.00 926.

In the Turkish town where our shotguns are made. there are no restaurants. The 12ga and the 20ga have a Greener Top Cross Bolt in addition to the bottom lock which makes for a very strong action.OVER & UNDER REDHEAD TARGET MAIN FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Box lock frame system Mechanical selective triggers Coil spring operated hammers Auto ejectors 2 ¾ & 3 inch chamber 10mm raised rib 30 inch barrel Chrome lined barrels Turkish walnut stock Schnabel for-end Smooth rounded heel Monte Carlo stock 14. grouse.75 inch length of pull Cast off for the right handed shooter 5 flush mount choke tubes 5-year limited warranty SIDE x SIDE SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS RINGNECK STRAIGHT GRIP REDHEAD TARGET The Redhead Target is assembled like the standard Redhead but with a different purpose in mind.00 * 1 7/8” @ Monte Carlo www. No wonder why most discriminating sportsmen hunt upland game (such as woodcock. This guns is mechanically identical to the standard Ringneck but carries 30 inch barrels and a full size target stock grip rather than the Prince of Whales grip.25 6. pheasants. movie theaters.00 1143. IC. C SPECIFICATIONS/PRICING SKU 06059 REDHEAD TARGET 06115 06116 RINGNECK W/ STRAIGHT GRIP RINGNECK TARGET Gauge 12 20 12 Chamber 3" 3” 3” Barrel Length 30” 26” 30” Chokes Multi Multi Multi Trigger type Single Single Single Ejector Yes No No Rib 10mm Raised Raised Receiver Finish Silver Case hardened Case hardened Fore-end Schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Stock Type Monte Carlo English/ Straight Pistol grip Weight (lbs) 8.com cz-usa.cz-usa. IM. gauge: 12 stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Silver receiver/Polished barrel. but they do have sporting clays. C QUALITY CZ’s line of shotguns is manufactured in a factory with over 80 years of history in making shotguns. C The Ringneck is a classy. gauge: 20 stock/finish: Turkish walnut/case hardened receiver/polished barrels.com 65 . Another unique fact is that each Ringneck frame is based on its gauge so there are four different action sizes for the model.) with this well balanced side by side. IC. M. but it is a superb choice for the side by side events that are becoming more and more popular at medium to large sporting clays events all across the country . They know quality shotguns.30 7. M. M. chokes: F. It has a Monte Carlo stock designed to keep the gun into the shoulder while keeping your head up so that rising orange target is instantly seen leaving the trap house. IM. This target gun comes with a 30 inch barrel and stepped rib designed for rising trap target presentations. well balanced side by side shotgun that has features of side by sides that cost three times its price. This over and under has been built to crush clay targets plain and simple! This is CZ-USA’s first gun designed with target shooters in mind. IM.00 993.50 Length of pull 14 3/4" * 14 1/2” 14 3/4” Comb 1 1/2" 1 1/2” 1 1/2” Heel 2 1/2" 2 1/4” 2 1/2” MSRP 1299. chokes: F. These guns have a unique style and elegance to them and are clearly viewed as one of the premium doubles on the market today. 64 cz-usa. or internet cafes. finally an affordable side by side designed with clay shooting in mind. etc. trap and skeet ranges. gauge: 12 stock/finish: Turkish walnut/case hardened receiver/polished barrels. chokes: F.com www.cz-usa. This gun is perfect for those upland hunters that like a longer sight plane.com RINGNECK TARGET The Ringneck Target. Its a perfect choice for those wanting to own a true “Target Gun” at a very affordable price point. IC.

stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Case hardened receiver/Polished barrel. .com www. but precision machining and modern steels ensure that this shotgun will be shooting for generations to come. stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Case hardened receiver/Polished barrel.410 16 12 12 20 20 28 .00 743. gauge: 12.00 975. IM.30 5.60 5.00 6. but the new Hammer Classic can help you relive those hunts of yesteryear.00 975. American upland game shooting is the quintessential snap-shot. Its a beautiful addition to one’s gun collection.00 1171.00 929. 20. IM.00 929. whereas the upland game in America is normally taken over a pointing dog at the flush. 16. we’re confident that your CZ classic game gun will become more than just your faithful companion afield.70 7.com 67 . chokes: fixed C.00 743. chokes: F. This has also been a favorite amongst quail.00 879.00 917.30 Length of pull 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 14-1/2” Comb 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2” Heel 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2 1/4” MSRP 975. it will become a family heirloom.SIDE/SIDE Ringneck Bobwhite SHOTGUNS SHOTGUNS BOBWHITE SIDE BY SIDE The Bobwhite side by side shotgun appeals to the traditional shooter with its dual trigger system and straight grip walnut stock.70 5. C Fine upland game guns trace their lineage from the slender. gauge: 12. 28.cz-usa.30 6. The straight grip is typical on most double triggers guns as it allows an easy transition between each trigger.C SPECIFICATIONS/PRICING SKU 06100 06101 06102 06103 06104 06105 06106 06107 06108 06120 06121 06123 06124 06125 06126 06127 06130 06131 ww RINGNECK RINGNECK RINGNECK RINGNECK RINGNECK RINGNECK RINGNECK RINGNECK RINGNECK BOBWHITE BOBWHITE BOBWHITE BOBWHITE BOBWHITE BOBWHITE BOBWHITE HAMMER COACH HAMMER CLASSIC Gauge 12 12 20 20 28 28 .com cz-usa.00 929. IC.80 7.30 5.00 975. Though perfect for their intended use.50 6. M.00 66 cz-usa.00 6.20 5.410 16 12 12 Chamber 3" 3" 3" 3" 2 3/4" 2 3/4" 3" 3" 2 3/4" 3" 3" 3" 3" 2 3/4" 3" 2 3/4" 3" 3" Barrel Length 26 28 26 28 26 28 26 28 28 26 28 26 28 26 26 26 20 30 Chokes Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi IC/MOD IC/MOD IC/MOD Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi IC/MOD IC/MOD C/C Multi Trigger type Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Single Double Double Double Double Double Double Double Double Double Ejector No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Rib Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised Receiver Finish Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Case Hardened Fore-end Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Semi-beavertail schnable Splinter Splinter Splinter Splinter Splinter Splinter Splinter Beavertail schnable Beavertail schnable Stock Type Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob Round knob English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight Pistol grip Pistol grip Weight (lbs) 7. these fine double guns were built primarily for overhead shooting. stock/finish: Turkish Walnut/Case hardened receiver/Polished barrel.00 1171.90 5.410 . IC.00 1171. grouse and pheasant hunters. HAMMER CLASSIC The new Hammer Classic from CZ-USA will bring back memories of grandpa’s shotgun for many of us.00 7.20 6.00 743.com www.60 6. gauge: 12.00 1171.cz-usa. chokes: F.10 6.00 1171. M. Whether ruffed grouse from thick New England cover or bobwhite in the Georgia pines. our newest cowboy gun features double triggers. Designed for generations of heavy use. The old side by side that hangs on the fireplace will never be safe to shoot with modern ammo.10 7. C HAMMER COACH CZ’s new Hammer Coach gun will make you think you’re “riding shotgun” from the moment you pick it up. well-balanced English guns developed for driven birds. Following in the tradition of the stagecoach guards of the 1880’s.410. 19th century color case-hardening and fully functioning external hammers. A case hardened sidelock receiver with functioning hammers and long 30 inch barrels might make you think that its day has passed by.00 743.

cz-usa. the full CZ-USA catalog and more. WEAVER RAILS With the ever increasing need for more mounting options. Why not try out our branded range bags and pistol pouches? Made of durable. The weaver rails open up a myriad of scope and scope ring combinations for any application. http://shop. cz-usa. we also offer a 4GB USB memory stick shaped as a P-07 Duty.5”. A rugged. RIFLE STOCKS Is it time for an upgrade? Are you planning a hunting trip and want to avoid ruining your prized piece of wood? Whatever the case may be. Twitter and by logging on to www. It comes loaded with product images. Whether you have 5000 rounds through your gun and need some maintenance parts or are just looking to keep a stash of spare parts. tools and a spacer if required.17HMR. bags and accessories? Along with short and long sleeve shirts. or your bench rest competition is coming up. barrel removal wrench kit includes the necessary Allen wrenches and feeler gauges to simplify barrel changing. With easy to make choices such as our CZ-USA and Dan Wesson fan packages to our moisture-wicking performance shirts.ACCESSORIES APPAREL PARTS • ACCESSORIES • APPAREL • ACCOUTREMENT We have many options to show your support for CZ-USA and Dan Wesson and we are designing and creating new products all the time. hunting length has never been easier. With a few simple tools.cz-usa.com 1(800)-955-4486 68 cz-usa. long lasting nylon these bags will stand up to day to day punishment and keep your stuff protected at the same time. hats.cz-usa. We offer a rail for all of our dovetail dimensions: 3/8”. 16mm. our full line of replacement parts is available 24 hours a day. than to show it off with our shirts. CZ-USA has factory direct replacement stocks and after market options. From traditional Turkish walnut to cutting. 455 ACCESSORY BARRELS With the advent of the 455 series. 4”. Maintaining your prized CZ-USA pistol is certainly a high priority.com To keep up with what is new be sure to follow us on Facebook. The high tolerance barrel-to-receiver fit ensures consistent accuracy when changing between calibers. CZ-USA offers easily installed weaver rails. All combos may be purchased in stainless to match the current model and also blued for models 15-2 and later. If digital storage is what you seek.com 1(800)-955-4486 www.22lr.com www. we have stocks for your situation. we have what you need. Storage and carrying of your guns and gear is always a concern. we carry ladies shirts as well. switching between rim fire calibers has never been easier. 11mm (not for 512). SCOPE RING We carry CZ rings to fit both 30mm and 1” tubes for all of our models. All accessory barrels come supplied with the appropriate magazine. .edge laminates and Kevlar options.com. RIFLE PARTS When your favorite hunting season is right around the corner. 6”. DAN WESSON REVOLVER ACCESSORIES The ever popular and highly sought after Dan Wesson revolver is back! This highly user friendly revolver can be fitted with 2. PISTOL PARTS CZ Logo Merchandise What better way to demonstrate your pride in your favorite brand of firearms. mountains or the range a success. you won’t disappoint the CZ or DW fan in your life.cz-usa. Luckily. Separate bases are not required due to integrated scope mounts on all CZ rifle actions.cz-usa. all steel. everything you need to make your next trip to the woods. . Quick detachable rings from Alaska Arms and Warne are available for the CZ 550 models in several height and finish options for those who want fast access a second scope or iron sights when the situation dictates. Changing from a defensive length barrel to a longer. 8” and 10” barrel and shroud combos. it means it is time to make sure your rifle is in top shape. We have parts available for all CZ-USA rifles along with accessories and sights. Just pull the magazine to load your own data.com http://shop.com 69 .22WMR. CZ-USA has a full line of branded products for you to show everyone that you use some of the best firearms in the world! We like to make gift giving simple as well. 19mm and an extended length 19mm for the safari magnum actions. you can choose from .

270.50 $225. 416 Taylor. Phone. 19mm dovetail 19130 1” Quick Detach Medium Matte Scope rings for the CZ 550 19131 1” Quick Detach High Matte Scope rings for the CZ 550 19132 1” Quick Detach Medium Gloss Scope rings for the CZ 550 19133 1” Quick Detach High Gloss Scope rings for the CZ 550 19134 Warne 30mm Quick Detach Medium Matte Scope rings for the CZ 550 $105. 04330 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle. 338 or info@safariclassics. Description and MSRP Custom Options RINGS 19003 1” Scope rings for CZ 550/ ZKK 602. 20” bbl std. 300 H&H) Other CZ Rifle or Action SKU. .338 Wmag.500 Jeffery Magnum Express Rifles 04322 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle..00 19412 19413 19414 19415 19416 19417 19418 19419 19420 19421 19422 19423 19424 $57..375 H&H. .505 Gibbs and .00 $225.00 $300.403. 6.00 $3.00 $99.00 $90.. etc.SAFARI CLASSICS CUSTOM RIFLES AND CUSTOM SHOP WORK SHEET/ ORDER FORM CUSTOM OPTION S Retail Select SAFARI CL ASSI CS RI FLE SKU 19410 Glass bedding * Recoil reducer .00 $99. Phone.006. blue steel) caliber: Hot blue (standard gloss or matte finish) * Open sights installed (fixed or adjustable) Express sights installed Custom stock (min) (fancy Black Walnut) (std checkering and bedding included) twist: length: Select SKU $3.00 $300. 19mm dovetail 19006 30 mm Scope rings for CZ 550/ ZKK 602.00 $300.00 $300.00 19411 Description Retail $127.3x62.00 $450.com TOTAL * Included on all Safari Classics Express and Magnum Express Rifles ** Included on all .00 $3.00 $600. Build times are typically 4 months and require a 50% deposit to start work.0. e-mail) Dealer: (Name.338 Lapua.00 $90.com Customer (Name. 04332 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle.00 $99.30-06.006.00 $225. (04321 matte blue) 04324 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle. 04331 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle.00 $225..006.00 $3.68 19425 $3.00 $450.125.68 $116.00 $120.install ** Muzzle brake (specify bbl length) includes thread protector Bolt jewelling Rust blue finish Barrel band installed * Crossbolts installed in stock (2 pcs) * Thread protector for muzzle break Action job * Black forend tip Satin blue finish Follower jewelling Gloss oil finish on stock Teflon coating Pop-up peep installed (550 models only) 3 position wing safety installed (550 models only) Rebarrel (lap lugs.99 $116.00 $210.00 $25..com Contact the Safari Classics Custom Shop at 800-955-4486.00 $90.00 $75. (04319 matte blue) 04320 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle. 505 Gibbs.cz-usa.00 $300.00 $75.00 $99. e-mail) Credit Card information for payment: Name on Card: Billing Address for Card: MC/Visa/Discover Number Exp.00 $120.00 $57.. (04317 matte blue) 04318 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle. multi Safari Classics Express Rifle (9.50 $150..006.450 Rigby.500.00 19135 Warne 30mm Quick Detach High Matte Scope rings for the CZ 550 19136 Warne 30mm Quick Detach Medium Gloss Scope rings for the CZ 550 19137 Warne 30mm Quick Detach High Gloss Scope rings for the CZ 550 19160 Alaska Arms 550 1/4 Turn QD Rings 1” Low 19161 Alaska Arms 550 1/4 Turn QD Rings 1” Med 19162 Alaska Arms 550 1/4 Turn QD Rings 30mm Low 19163 Alaska Arms 550 1/4 Turn QD Rings 30mm Med Fill out this form and take to your dealer to start the order process.00 $187. www. Address.00 $129.00 $75.00 $3.99 $129.00 $3. (04323 matte blue) 04316 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle.27.404 Jeffery.00 $1..(04315 matte blue) 70 cz-usa.416 Rem.270. 338 Win Mag. vCode (last 3 digits on back) .00 $330.00 $3.5x55) (circle caliber) multi Safari Classics Express Rifle (425 WR.00 $2.00 19426 19427 19428 19429 19481 19482 19483 19484 $90.510.500 Jeffery.00 $3.00 Install new recoil pad Steel grip cap Skeleton steel grip cap Shipping Length of pull: 04314 Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle. Address. Ext.006.006.300 H&H.00 $2.