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Salary BDEs Intro to ITTT (1)

Salary BDEs Intro to ITTT (1)

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Published by Sourav Sharma

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Published by: Sourav Sharma on Jan 06, 2013
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A leading Marketing, Printing and Branding Solutions Service Provider Company.

We provide support to small and medium businesses to promote and grow their existing business that to at highly competitive (lowest) rates available in market.

We bring new innovative solutions to help our clients to grow and expand their business. business needs and to serve 1 million Micro. Small and Medium Enterprises in next 10 years across the globe.  Mission – Our mission is to deliver on our core values.To become a single point of contact for all the . aim to provide Micro. Small and Medium Enterprises a strong base to achieve their business goals. ITTT Solutions is a Business Solutions and Marketing Services company committed to building brand value for its clients and customers. We  Vision .

Visit our Website www.biz .ittt.

000/.500 – 2.is 10%  Bumper incentive on achieving 1.25 lac target . 80. 1.000/ Incentives on every sale after Rs. 8.000/ Conveyance Allowance – Rs. Permanent Employment  Fixed Salary  Basic Salary – Rs.000/ Target – Rs 80.

720/- Total In Hand = 10.720 (Incentives) = 14.27.300/1.100/7.500 (Performance Bonus)= 22.000/18.25 Lac then Total In Hand = 10.000 (Salary) + 4.000/1.220/- .600/3200/2.60/320/230/180/510/700/4.820/9.200/9.200/- Monthly Target 1.Item Sale Price Sales Incentive 8 Empower Package 2 Brochure Printing Order (4000 each ) 2 Flyers Printing Order (4000 each ) 4 different Visiting Cards (1000 each) 1 Brochure Designing 2 Social Media Packages 3 Classified Ad Posting Package 1 Fusion Package Total 80.800/5.720+ (Incentives) + 7.000 (Salary) + 4.720/If total sale equals to 1.

Build a good clientage that will give repeat business.  Identify opportunities and develop business proposals     through strategic initiatives. Generate leads from the market. Generating revenue for the company by targeting diverse market segments and Small & Medium Enterprises in your area. Manage and retain good client relations & identify their needs. . Achievement of assigned targets.

 Internet  Own Conveyance  Good communication skills  Good convincing power and quick learner  Pleasing Personality  Laptop (added advantage) .

 Mob : +91-9906-204-436  Email : outfox@in.com  Website : ittt.biz .

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