Whats available so far. CinC http://www.pfc-cinc.

com (Only comes in sets) Sets MF-4801 - German Group 1 - 9 Ships Contains: 1 - Scharnhorst, 1 - Prinz Eugen, 1 - Graf Spee, 1 - Koln, 2 - Narvik, 3 - Maass MF-4802 - United Kingdom Group 1 - 12 Ships Contains: 1 - Duke of York, 1 - Suffolk, 1 - Southampton, 1 - Jamaica, 2 - Ajax, 2 - M Class, 2 - O Class, 2 P Class MF-4803 - German Group 2 - 11 Ships Contains: 1 - Bismarck, 1 - Scharnhorst, 1 - Prinz Eugen, 1 - Graf Spee, 1 - Koln, 1 - Z23, 3 - Z24, 2Theodor Reidel MF-4804 - United Kingdom Group 2 - 11 Ships Contains: 1 - Hood, 1 - Renown, 1 - Repulse, 1 - Dido, 1 - Aurora, 2 - Tribal, 2 - J Class, 2 - P Class MF-4805 - United Kingdom Group 3 - 11 Ships Contains: 1 - KGV, 1 - Rodney, 1 - Norfolk, 1 - Town Class, 1 - Aurora, 2 - Tribal, 2 - J Class, 2 - M Class MF-4806 - Untied Kingdom Group 4 - 11 Ships Contains: 1 - Ramilles, 1 - Revenge, 1 - Suffolk, 1 - Edinburgh, 1 - Colony, 2 - Tribal, 2 - J Class, 2-M Class MF-4807 - Allies Group 1 - 12 Ships Contains: 3 - Liberty Ships, 3 - T2 Tanker, 3 - Doxford Freighter, 3 - Tramp Steamer

UK RMS Titanic

M.Y. Miniatures http://www.spanglefish.com/mickyarrowminiatures/

2x18" guns 207 HMS Hood B/cruiser * 208 HMS Dreadnought class Battleship * 209 SMS Seydlitz H/cruiser 210 Iron Duke class Dreadnought 211 HMS Furious Carrier 1918 211a Hms Furious half Carrier 1917 212 HMS Agincourt Dreadnought * 213 HMS Erebus Monitor * 214 Kaiser class Dreadnought * 215 Helgoland class Dreadnought 216 Queen Elizabeth class Dreadnought 217 218 SMS Molkte Cruiser 219 Westfalen class Dreadnought 220 Breslau class L/cruiser 221 Deutschland class Pre-dreadnought * 222 223 SMS Konigsberg Cruiser 224 Orion class Dreadnought 225 SMS Scharnhorst 226 HMS Good Hope Cruiser 227 HMS Kent Cruiser 228 SMS Van Der Tann B/cruiser 229 Pennsylvana class Dreadnought * 230 231 232 King George V class Dreadnought * 233 HMS Brooke Flotilla leader 234 'B' class Destroyer x2 G 235 'S' class destroyer x2 B 236 'M' class Destroyer x2 B 237 SMS Nassau BB 238 (488) Radelzki BB Austria 239 Viribus.Unitis BB Austria 240 USS New York United States 342 Enterprise AC carrier USA . World War One 201 Invincible class B/cruiser 202 Indefatigable class B/cruiser * 203 Lion class B/cruiser 204 HMS Tiger B/cruiser * 205 Renown class B/cruiser 206 HMS Courageous B/cruiser * 206a HMS Furious B/Cruiser.( Ships comes individually) Ships marked with * have gun barrels to the turrets. so fine painting of the position of gun barrels is prefered. This mostly applies to battleships as smaller ships are two tiny to do this to.

373 Essex class AC carrier USA 374 Independence class escort carrier USA 356 Archer escort carrier USA/B 511 USS Ranger A/Carrier 512 HMS Archer Escort Carrier 514 USS Langley 1941 A/Carrier 332 USS Idaho class B/ship USA 405 USS South Dakota B/ship USA * 406 USS Iowa B/ship USA * 407 USS Washington B/ship USA * 415 USS Arkansas B/ship USA WW1/2 * 466 USS Mississippi 1949 Gunnery ship * 467 USS Mississippi 1955 Rocket test ship * 468 USS Idaho BB 1944 * 469 USS Tennessee BB 1944 * 470 USS California BB 1944 * 471 USS West Virginia BB 1944 * 472 USS Colorado BB 1944 * 476 Proposed BB47. 75% complete 1924 * 477 Proposed BB47 (Washington) 1940 * 478 Proposed BB49-55 South Dakota Class * 507 USS Pennsylvania BB WW2 508 USS New York BB WW2 379 Alaska class B/cruiser USA * 361 USS Atlanta class cruiser USA 362 USS Baltimore class cruiser USA 385 Cleveland cruiser USA 393 Houston cruiser USA 408 USS Oregon H/cruiser USA * 409 USS San Diego L/cruiser USA * 359 Fletcher class destroyer x2 USA 352 Town class destroyer x2 USA/B WW2 389 Benson destroyer x2 USA 390 Rudderow destroyer x2 USA 449 USS Piper sub x1 453 USS Nautilus Sub x 1 313 Liberty class cargo ship USA 351 Tramp Steamer x2 355 Fleet Repair Ship 381 T2 type tanker 382 LST USA 461 Medium size Liner 480 Cargo ship 483 USS Curtis depot ship 485 Transport Attack ship 486 Transport Attack ship Japanese 339 Kaga AC carrier J 340 Akagi AC carrier J Not Available 341 Shokaku AC carrier J .

Japanese L/Cruiser 501 Kuma/Sendai light cruisers Jap 1941 502 Tenryu Light cruiser Jap 1941 503 Momi DD x1 Jap 504 Mwikaze (Minekaze? .followed Momi class) DD x1 Jap 506 Kongo Maru Merc armed cruiser WW11 438 Fubuki DD x2 'J' X2 439 1-168 Fleet sub 'J' 443 1-400 Fleet sub 'J' 442 Takasago Maru small Hosp/Liner 'J' 444 Small (jap?)cargo ship on base 461 Medium size Liner 480 Cargo ship German CV.402 Amagi AC carrier J 510 Hosho Japanese A/Carrier WW2 401 Ise B/ship/AC carrier J * 432 Mutsu/Nagato * 433 Kongo BB 'J' * 343 Nagato B/ship J * 348 Yamato B/ship J * 400 Yamashiro B/ship J * 403 Akitsushima J 434 Fugi BB (WW2) 'J' * 435 Hyuga BB 1941 'J' * 436 Haruna BB 'J' * 437 Settsu target BB 'J' 493 Proposed B64/65 Jap BC (1939/42) Canc 494 Proposed Jap fast BB (Ad Hiraga 1921 ) Canc 495 Proposed Jap BB (Ad Fujimoto 1930) Canc 496 Proposed Tosa class BB Cancelled 1922 346 Tone class cruiser J 347 Myoko class cruiser J 404 Maya H/cruiser J 353 Kumano class cruiser J 410 Kitikami torpedo cruiser J 456 Kuma. SS. auxillary 338 Graf Zepplin AC carrier G 418 Europa proposed German AC carrier 70p 419 Europa liner G 70p 420 Potsdam proposed German AC carrier 70p 423 Proposed A11a Battleship / Carrier 1944 (G) 428 Proposed A11 Full deck Carrier 1944 (G) 429 Proposed Odin angled flight deck carrier 'G' * 430 'H' Class Proposed BB 1940 'G' * 324 U Boat 740 ton type x3 G 380 Altmark G 381 T2 type tanker 394 Kormoran raider G 431 Gneisenau small liner 'G' .

SS. BB A/C (F) 427 Gaiscogne Prop BB 'F' * 349 Courbei B/ship F 216 HMS Queen Elizabeth class Dreadnought. [mod to get Hardi class DD F] 383 Surcouf sub F 450 Poi(u)care French sub x1 451 Galathee. [mod to get Bretagne class BB F] 378 Strasbourg B/cruiser * 378a Dunkerque B/cruiser 1940 * 333 Suffern class cruiser F 391 Emil Berin cruiser F 334 La Ganssoniere class cruiser F 438 Fubuki DD x2 'J' X2.00p 375 Aquitania liner B 70p 376 Queen Elizabeth liner B 70p 461 Medium size Liner French 377 Richelieu B/ship F * 377b Richelieu B/ship F 1944 * 377a Jean Bart Op Torch B/ship * 422 Jean Bart proposed. U class sub x2 314 T2 class tanker B 351 Tramp Steamer x2 355 Fleet Repair Ship 360 Queen Mary liner B 70p 363 Highland class liner B 364 Empress of Britain liner B 70p 365 Floating Dock 600ft 70p 366 Mauritania liner B 70p 367 Jarvis class liner B 368 Rangtang class cargo liner 369 Derbyshire class cargo liner 370 Bravery class cargo ship B 371 Essex class refridgerator ship B 372 Floating Dock 1000ft £1.British CV. auxillary 306 Illustrious class AC carrier B 307 Ark Royal B 320 Hermes class AC carrier B 331 HMS Furious AC carrier B 356 Archer escort carrier USA/B 426 HMS Argus A/C (B) 455 HMS Colussus Aircraft Carrier 497 HMS Eagle Aircraft Carrier 498 HMS Unicorn Maintenance Aircraft Carrier 499 HMS Pretoria Escort Carrier 500 HMS Nairania Escort Carrier 440 M Class big gun armed sub (B) 445 HMS Udine. French sub x2 .

[mod for Andrea Doria class BB I] 336 Guiseppe Garibaldi class cruiser I 384 Pola cruiser I 387 Zara cruiser I 392 Trento H/cruiser I 396 Conditorio Cruiser I 388 Navigatori destroyer x2 'I 397 Soldati destroyer x2 'I 424 Faa D Bruno Monitor (I) 447 Galatea Italian sub x 2 448 G Finzi.Bearn (1939) with 4 Dewoitine D.520).Dewoitine D. 6 Loire LN. 70p 421 Conte Di Savoia liner I 70p Post WW2 800 USS Midway A/C 801 Moskva 802 HMS Blake 803 HMS Albion A/C 805 Kiev A/C 805A Kiev full deck carrier Tiny Thingamajigs http://www.790 (navalised D. Italian small seaplane carrier 416 Rex proposed Italian AC carrier 70p 322 Littorio class B/ship I * 475 Roma BB Italy * 491 Imperio BB Italy Not completed/blockship 474 Conte Cavour BB Italy *. Breguet 810 (x11).790 (x12).shapeways.Italian 386 Italian Aquila aircraft carrier 395 Aquila AC carrier I 425 Spaviero Escort A/C (I) 462 Guiseppe Miriglio.373. Italian sub x 1 452 Fluto. 6 Dewoitine D. V-156-F Vindicator (x12) Submarines . Italian sub x 2 417 Rex liner I. 6 V-156-F (SB2U Vindicator exports) Joffre (1940) set x2 with .com/shops/tinythingamajigs (comes in sets and Fleet packs) France Aircraft carriers .401.

HMS Warspite 1942 . Morocco.BB/CV. AKA Richelieu1940 as evident by the presence of stern aircraft equipment. Revised conning tower.BB.SS.HMS Barham 1941 .BB. instead more 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons throughout the ship. and the 3 dual-4in guns amidships. the configuration of the conning tower.Gascogne French Navy Capital Ships Pack 3 FN.BB. She has 37mm cannons instead of the 40mm Bofors.BB.BB.LeHardi (1942) DD Fantasque-class Destroyer DD.Clemenceau FN.HMS Malaya 1943 . French Navy Battleship Pack 2 FN.Mogado (1939) LaGalissonnie(1940) x3 Dunkerque(1940) Strasbourg(1942) WWII French Navy Cruisers set (includes 8x CAMS. ex.37/FBA. FN.Jean Bart (1942 as would've been completed): Configuration as she would've been completed if not her engagement at Casablanca. Ise-class battleships) UK Battleships Queen Elizabeth class BB Set A .JeanBart "What-If" version to Hybrid Battleship/Aircraft Carrier (similar to WW2 Japanese Navy Hybrid Battleships.Redoutable(1931) Destroyers DD.17 Recon seaplanes) Heavy cruiser Algerie[1941] Mine-laying cruiser Pluton[1933] (aka La Tour d'Auvergne) Light cruiser Jeanne D'Arc[1935] Light cruiser Duguay Trouin[1937] (x3) French Navy Battleship Pack 1 FN.Richelieu (1943 post refit configuration): No stern aircraft equipment.Alsace FN.

HMS Lion (1939) with 4x Supermarine Walrus Seaplanes Aircraft Carriers Illustrious(1940) set x4 with Supermarine Seafire (x12) .Yamato[1945]. Musashi[1944] & 2x Ise[1944] .8x single-float biplanes for the Fuso class (E4N2) . 6x Ju-87 Stuka DB.Fairey Swordfish II (x12) . E8N2 'Dave' or F1M2 'Pete') .2x Furutaka[1942] .1x Yubari[1941] .8x double-float biplanes for the Nagato class (E7K2) Savo Island Cruiser set Includes the following designs .8x double-float biplanes for the Ises (E7K2) 48JN05L WWII IJN Late-war BB Yamato & BBCV Ise .1x Chokai[1942] . Nagato[1941] and Mutsu[1941] . and 6x Fi-67 biplane TB Japan DD Kagero(1943) DD Fubuki (5+5+2) DD Mutsuki[1940]+Kamikaze[1940] (4+4) 48JN05E WWII IJN Early-war Yamato & Ise BBs .lengthwise support containing 7x aircrafts as either E13A1 'Jake' or E16A1 'Paul' .lengthwise support containing 7x aircrafts for twin wing. single float recon planes (E4N2.2x Tenryu [1942] .Fuso[1941].16x single-float biplanes for Yamato's a/c compliment (F1M2) .16x single-float biplanes for Yamato's a/c compliment (F1M2) .Hawker SeaHurricane II (x12) Germany Graf Zeppelin (1942) x2 with 12x Bf-109.22x double-float/single-wing aircrafts for the hybrid Ise (D4Y and/or E16A) 48JN06 WWII IJN Fuso & Nagato class BBs .2x Yamato[1941] and 2x Hyuga[1941] .2x Aoba[1942] .lengthwise support containing 7x aircrafts as either E13A1 'Jake' or E16A1 'Paul' .Fairey Barracuda II (x12) . Yamashiro[1942].

12 total) LCT (2 each of Mk5 & Mk6. E8N2 'Dave' or F1M2 'Pete') ..1x Maya[1944] . 8 total) Destroyers DD DD DD DD Sims[1943] Bagley [1943/44] Benson/Gleaves[1943](6+2) Mahan[1942](4+4) Light Cruisers Brooklyn class CLs [1942] set with 18 Curtiss SOC Seagull Seaplanes Heavy Cruiser New Orleans CAs [1942] set with 18 Curtiss SOC Seagull Seaplanes Battleships South Dakota class BBs (USN/1942) Set :Also included are 8 OS2U Kingfishers BB57 SoDak (only 4 pairs of dual 5"/38s) BB58 Indiana (5 pairs of dual 5"/38s) BB59 Massachusetts (also 5 pairs of dual 5"/38s.2x Takao[1942] US Airships USS Akron/Macon (ZRS-4) (x2) Amphibious Ships and Craft APA Haskell (x6) APA Bayfield (x4) LST Mk2 (x10) LCI(L) (4 of each version. note indent on the forecastle-portside) BB60 Alabama (no boat crane) Italy Destroyers .lengthwise support with 4x (E13A1 'Jake' or E16A1 'Paul') and the rest 3x (E4N2.

SOC Seagull .Ro43 (x3 rows) .401 . Aquila(1943) Sparviero(1943) Bonfiglietti(1932 design) 1/4800 Allied Aircraft Pack Each row (from foreground as per stock Shapeways render) contains 12x of the following aircrafts (unless otherwise noted): .Bf109 (1 row) .Br693 (or Br810) . 3x Fairey Swordfish.k.SB2U Vindicator (also exported as V-156-F.4 rows of UK planes with 3x Fairey Barracuda.520 (2 rows) .373 and 6x LN.43 Teson seaplanes Trieste Trento Bolzano Fiume Gorizia Pola Zara Italian Navy WWII Aircraft Carriers set with with 24x Re. 3x Hawker Hurricane 1/4800 Axis Aircraft Pack Per row of 12 aircrafts in 1/4800 .SBC Helldiver (not to be confused with SB2C) .Supermarine Walrus .1 row with 6x D.a. 3x Supermaine Seafire. Royal Navy Martlet) .DD Condottieri DD Soldati[1942] DD Navigatori Battleships Littorio[1942] Roma[1943] Caio Duilio [1941] Conte di Cavour[1940] Light Cruisers IT Capitani Romani CLs [1943] set Heavy cruisers set (1941-43) set with 16x IMAM Ro.F4F Wildcat (a.D.2001 and 12x Ju-87 Stukas. 2 rows) .OS2U Kingfisher .1 row w/ 6x Fi67 and 6x Ju87 .Loire 130 (2 rows) .

shapeways. 400TEU Container Ship x4 China Chinese PLAN Type 051B Luhai-class Destroyer Chinese PLAN Type 051C Luzhou class destroyer French Navy Clemenceau Suffren Frigate Jeanne d'Arc helicopter cruiser La Fayette FREMM Mistral Commandant Riviere class frigates Marne Class (WWII) Arras class colonial sloops(WWII) Bougainville class aviso (sloop) (WWII) Indian Navy .Heinkel He 60 Objects May Appear.." Alaska Class Carrier (CV) x4 Providence Class CLV (1935) x4 Galveston Class Cruisers x 6 Albany Class "modern cruiser" x6 adaptation of Northampton class Cincinnati Cruiser "modern scout cruiser" x6 South Dakota Class BB (cancelled by treaty) (BB-49) x3 IJN Amagi class BC x3 Royal Netherlands Navy De Zeven Provincien class frigate Modern Mechant shipping Generic Merchant 5660DWT Generic Bulk Carrier Singapore Tech.Re...Arado Ar-196 .2000 (2 rows) .Ju87 . http://www.com/shops/objects (comes in sets and Fleet packs) "What Ifs" from Hector Bywater's "The Great Pacific War.

Korea KDX-I (Gwanggaeto the Great class destroyer) KDX-II (Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin class destroyer) KDX-III (Sejong the Great class destroyer) Dokdo amphibious assault ship S. Korea Pohang class corvette Chamsuri class patrol vessel Japan Takanami class destroyer Sōryū or 16SS class submarine Hyuga Atago Kongo Murasame Singapore Victory class missile corvette Endurance class landing platform dock ship UK HMS Endurance (1967) HMS Caesar (1944) (Ca-Class) (WWII)x8 Type 23 Frigate Spain Juan Carlos I (L-61) Buque de Accion Maritima (BAM) Jupiter class minelayers (1935-1977) x4 Oquendo DD x4 Spanish-American War Infanta Maria Teresa class (Vizcaya) x4 US .Brahmaputra Godavari Delhi Veer Vikramaditya N.

cutters) 2 of each Wrecks and sinking ships .Post WWII USS United States CVA-58 x1 Spanish-American war USS Baltimore (C-3) x2 USS Brooklyn armored cruiser (1896) USS Atlanta (1884) USS Cincinnati (C-7) 1894 x4 USS Maine (1890) USS Montery (BM-6) (1893) x2 USS Montgomery (C-9) x4 USS New York (ACR-2) Amphitrite class monitor Greece Greco–Turkish War. Hydra Class French-built Greek ironclad x3 Thailand-WWII Ratanakosindra Class cruiser x2 Trad Class torpedo boat x10 Thonburi class coastal defense ships x2 Italy Spica Class torpedo boat (WWII) X16 Lupo class frigate Peter De Cristofaro Class corvette Tumbling Dice Napoleonic Naval Individual packs 48N1 48N2 48N3 48N4 48N8 3 deckers x3 2 deckers x3 Frigates x3 Unrated (Sloops. brigs.

) 48N1 . 48N4 . 48N2 .x2.MSP1 .x18. 48N3 . 48N4 .x1.x3.Trafalgar Battle Pack (Over 80 models for both fleets.x4.x1.x2.x1 .Squadron Pack contains 8 ( individual packs) 48N1 . 48N.x6. 48N2 . 48N3 . 48N8 .

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