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Multicultural Calendar is FREE for your school’s Diversity Website. Get the code!

The Multicultural Calendar and Multicultural Cookbook return to Kidlink! They are now one project open for submissions year round! This project has many creative possibilities for teachers and students! To explore your possibilities and get your free calendar code visit:

First MMC project for the New Year: Happy New Year Movie
Please join us in saying “Happy New Year” from: Your school in your language.” Charles Town Middle School’s Diversity Club is looking for classrooms willing to join us in a Multi- lingual New Year’s greeting. Join the project:

Contact the Project Moderator:
After you are accepted into the New Year MMC Project visit for instructions on how to register yourself and your students: e=3459&HoldNav=30959

Video your Classroom (or bilingual students) saying “Happy New Year” from: “Your school or Country” in your language. Post your video on your page. Have students describe their favorite New Year’s Eve or day tradition on your schools page in the comments section. Visit the other schools pages to see how they celebrate and comment back. The Moderator will gather all video clips and make a Kidlink movie! We hope to get many as different languages as possible! Our club meets year round. We will be here when you’re ready! Reminder: On Feb. 10, the traditional Chinese New Year celebration begins.

Year of the Snake

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