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Thesis Quarter Car Model

Thesis Quarter Car Model

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Published by: mme58105 on Jan 07, 2013
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In this image the dSPACE specific blocks are the ‘DS2101_B1’,

‘DS2004ADC_BL1’, and ‘DS2004ADC_BL2’. The DS2101 block is the DAC

configuration block. Once compiled, this block tells dSPACE how to configure its

analog outputs. Each analog input to dSPACE has its own DS2004 block. These blocks

configure the ADC and tell the software where to route the signal to.

The DAC block contains the switch described earlier to control what part of the

software is outputting a drive signal to the actuator. Also, to protect the hardware the

saturation blocks were installed to limit the magnitude of the signal output. The ADC

block contains two filters and a zero-order-hold. The ADC and low-pass filters run at a

higher rate than the rest of the software. This helps filter line noise picked up between

the WaveBook and dSPACE. The zero-order-hold block down-samples the data to the





appropriate 1000 Hz frequency. The filters on the right side of the ADC are high-pass

filters. These work like AC coupling filters to remove any DC component in the signal

picked up by the wiring or equipment.

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