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Network Plus 2005

Network Plus 2005

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Published by: John on Jan 07, 2013
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A network administrator may encrypt password information that is automatically sent to
the server when users

Users working with sensitive inform
confidential data should change thei
sword procedures should be given to all users so they w

om wandering into unauthorized areas.

st effective passwords are ones th

tly in high-security networks. Some “classified” networks require password
s every day, but most networks can get by with changing their passwords every 30

ber them. Password security is compromised if a user writes his or her password
here it might be seen by others.

portance of users logging off and locking their workstations when they are not
lly using them cannot be stressed enough.

If the network administrator needs to use the workstation, he or she will know how
accomplish the task. There is no reason for anyone other than the user to access the user’s
files, so why make them available by not cleaning off your electronic desktop when you
leave your workspace?

Many large companies implement a “clean desk policy.” What this means is that if the
employees leave their workstations (for any reason) they are required to clean off
desks or workstations and lock documents, etc. away. In order for this policy to b


troubleshoot befor

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