Ancient Atlantean Teachings and My Personal Experiences with Aliens & UFOs

Part Three
By Jon Peniel

ISBN #0-9710740-1-1  2001 the Children of the Law of One

Some of you may not be familiar with the author of this booklet, Jon Peniel, or his best selling book “The Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”. Jon is a teacher from an ancient spiritual order called (in English) “The Children of the Law of One”. The late, famous psychic, Edgar Cayce (the most documented psychic in the world), spoke of The Children of the Law of One many times during the years of psychic readings he gave while in trance. Cayce spoke of the order’s history of championing freedom & enlightenment, and its lineage beginning in Atlantis, continuing through pre-ancient Egypt, and on to the present. Cayce also predicted that an important spiritual messenger by the name of John/Jon Peniel, would come forth near the time of great Earth Changes. According to the entranced Cayce, Peniel was coming to give to the world vital spiritual information - “the new order of things” for a new age/new type of world, and the next step for humanity’s spiritual development. Jon does not claim to be this person, nor does he dismiss it at this point – he doesn’t consider it to be an important issue. But many members of the organization the late Cayce founded (The Association for Research & Enlightenment [A.R.E.], and those who have belonged to Cayce “study groups” for many years, have (after reading the book/teachings) declared that they believe Jon is the messenger Cayce predicted, and now study Jon’s book and the ancient teachings. Born in the US, Jon Peniel began his training in the Children’s Tibetan monastery, while still a teenager. There, he learned, trained, and became spiritually enlightened. After the prophesied destruction of that monastery, he was given the task of publicly releasing their teachings to the world (also prophesied by his teachers). He is now the international head of the order, and is still in the process of revealing the ancient teachings (which in small part includes this booklet) and has released the pertinent information from the fabled “Hall of Records” buried between the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. For many, the ancient teachings have quenched the thirst of a lifetime of spiritual searching. They finally provide the simple pure truth, and answers that “make sense”, regarding questions about life, God, creation, the reason for our existence, what’s coming up, what we can do, and much more. Please see the back of this book for info on our books, seminars, and amazing aids for body/mind/spirit, or go to [not “.com”].


Again. Heck. And as far as ships. I’m lucky to make time for the bathroom!) I also don’t have time for abductions. [The following book is an edited transcript of a series of lectures Jon gave in March 2001. I don’t have time for it (along with many other things. such as Art Bell’s Radio Show. I do think you should share info you have though. I don’t claim to be an expert. so it doesn’t seem like they would be doing tagging. it depends on how you want to define space brothers. and the higher you evolve spiritually. that is not my field. they would travel by light since they were so spiritually advanced. I was wondering. or you believe you can help clarify things for me. and expose the truth about them. the less you need anything physical to travel in. I’m so busy with my duties and responsibilities I can’t even keep up with those alone. etc. and return to Oneness with the Universal Spirit/God. I seem to have more than my share of UFO and alien experiences. and it is not my field of expertise. And what you’re referring to is that there is a scale of evolution involved. I am not a UFO-ologist. is that way. return to their original spiritual state of being. and I wish some of these darned aliens would leave us alone – I’ve tried bug repellant sprays and they don’t work worth a damn on aliens (joke). search for the truth about them. please just maintain your own opinion and don’t modify it because of me – you may know far more than I. for whatever reason. He is a humorous person and makes occasional “out there” jokes. as a 3 . you don’t need a ship any more to travel the universe. Anything you can imagine. you were saying at one point that the space brothers would not have ships and things. Thought is the highest form to live in. Also. an angel. and read in the ancient teachings. along with the ancient teachings from Atlantis. and my opinions are only from what I’ve personally experienced. First. No. like the “physical plane” of Earth.] Q.Foreword I Still May Not Know What I’m Talking About. and there are many resources for that. they’re not doing any of that kind of stuff. Ultimately. you are like a light being. what I was saying before is that there are something in the neighborhood of 50 different species that the ancient teachings talk about visiting Earth. But. and I’m so busy with my other priorities. you can travel any place you can think of and instantly be. you can instantly create. and I’m happy to share those with others. that I learned about such things. Even everything on the slow vibratory planes. let me say that I am just a humble spiritual teacher. so you’ll enjoy the booklet more if you aren’t too serious of a person. it is the fastest way to travel. My only life goal is to help people develop their spiritual natures. While I highly respect those who have these interests. so if you disagree with what I have to say here. A. But please don’t contact me about them.

flowers blooming. There is a difference between a brain and a mind. had to be thought of first and every step involved in making it happen had to be thought of. and all the steps from there. Just like if you started building a house and then you stopped… you got off track. You could see how obvious the mind being the builder is. you actually have to figure out what’s going to go where. whether it is a light body. you don’t have a brain. when you are out of a body and you are a light being. whether fast or slow. For instance. didn’t first come from someone’s mind. the mind had to be used to keep it in a certain direction. You’re not formless? 4 . Speak for yourself [joke]. etc. you always have consciousness and you always have a body of some kind. That is universal law. Q. if you could shift your time frame (speaking of time shifting) to where you were existing in a different time dimension so to speak. The brain is sort of the physical organ that a mind uses to function through on the physical plane here. you always have a mind (at least some of us do)[joke]. This is a very gross slow vibrational plane. etc. Q. but the same thing happens eventually. Yes.everything had to be thought of first. Think of anything you want. you name it. or an orange getting mold on it and disintegrating and going back into the soil.. It’s just very slow here and that’s the way it is. zip. next you’d have to think of what kind of house you wanted it to be. you would see how the mind is the builder. cities. a car. Nothing that humankind has done on Earth. Then you have to acquire materials to do all this… and eventually you end up with a house. the contractor has to do all this). And if you viewed humans like that. or time frame perspective. the house construction stops.matter of fact. Once you decided what kind of house you wanted it to be. You stop applying your mind to the creation of it. But all the things are that way. that you see in time lapse. everything other than what nature has created. “I think I’ll go to Europe and hang out and get a boat and go sailing”. you’ve seen time lapse photography where things are being built or being torn down or plants are growing. (Obviously I am talking about building it yourself. they are not the same thing. in a different time frame – the house would be built like “zip”. But it still operates under the rule of the mind. That’s why it stops. if the thing is going to stand. you always have something that is you. how to hold the roof up and what to make the walls out of. A. Mind creates all. Somebody has to do it all. When you are out of a body. and in an instant (it would seem) it would be all done. you said. Q. But everything. So. the dimensions you want it to be. but still if you are hiring a contractor. high vibration body. That’s like looking at things in a different time frame. houses. like time lapse photography. and time goes on. Then there are a whole lot of “thought processes” involved leading up to the finalization of something being manifested on the physical plane. If you wanted to build a house the first thing you would have to do is think that you wanted to build a house. zip. Mind is the builder. you have a mind? A. Next part is the architectural aspects of it.. If you viewed someone thinking of building a house. right? Then you’d have to think of where you wanted to build it.

Our true natures are that of solar systems. but invaded nonetheless. That is a good point too. fear of aliens. We can hear on this gross level of 20 cycles per second to 20. [other monk]: Probably not caught in matter is what you mean. So everything is solar systems and space. Speaking of formless. stars. It isn’t something coming. Anyway we’re getting way off track here as far as talking about UFOs. Part of it has to do with… there is a reason to be afraid. I don’t know. probe you (“let the probing begin!” as the Tick said). including nature. ever changing and not… something about being unattached. You could take the form of it. but your star is not that one. we’re apparently free to walk around. We can sense vibration through touch. We can’t sense the X-rays and things like that. you change the vibration and the frequency. and what’s out there in the universe and what the universe is period. But what they really are. in the history. but that is someone else. is like billions of solar systems. We are being invaded after all. Q. and only your body. Out there it’s solar systems. its already been here for a long time. Because they can’t do anything to 5 . The space in between them also has to do with what we think is real and what we see. Does that mean that we could be that star over there and that planet over there? A. it changes what we sense with our limited little five sensors. is all made up of atoms – teeny solar systems. That is all that exists in the universe. A. What does that mean? Q. Not like we’re used to seeing in the movies and on TV. whether it is on a microcosm or a macrocosm. You change the space. Yeah. We’re talking about your body. which is even a grosser level. and everything on the planet Earth. We were talking earlier about how our free will is being taken from us. but if somebody can essentially take you any time they want. it says we were ever flowing. put you anywhere they want. we see a chair or a car. Wake me When the Invasion is Over Was there a question that didn’t get answered when we went off on that subject? Oh we didn’t finish the last part of her question. We’re very limited as to what we perceive as far as what’s real and what’s in front of us.000 and we can see in the visible light range and not very well at that. We are like these probes that have very limited capability. you’ve been invaded and they are your physical masters. you are going to have to define your question better for me to be able to answer it. implant you. do stuff to your body.A. We don’t have any cages. or we see a door. That is all there is. It says in the Teachings. That is what our true beings are. that are really really really really tiny with a lot of space in between them. We are living in the in between world where we see this illusion of the atoms being connected in certain ways and vibrating at certain frequencies to where we see a wall. it was about the fear I think. Q.

it is going to die. It was like a thousand of those carbon arc search lights they use for grand openings. is something called Moldavite. It was not like they ran through the door. spiritual development should be their first priority – to get to where you’re free. She spoke of having abductions throughout her whole life. who you really are. As I surfaced and became alert. 6 . In the middle of the night. they were just gone. Welcome to Alien World of Orlando We were in an RV south of Orlando. were shinning down on the RV park from the sky above. but right there in the RV. They were doing an operation on my knee. I don’t think they expected that at all. and “all of a sudden” started happening. one way or another. They can’t do anything to your soul. So I forced my state of awareness into the conscious realm. If you haven’t evolved your consciousness enough. they took off. probably about 30 miles outside of town. Put Alien Abductees on Milk Cartons? Since it’s related to this topic. the light just went out. and something was definitely “wrong”. Those whose consciousness can’t get beyond the physical plane. The whole park was lit up far brighter than in sunlight. and couldn’t “wake up” from the stupor. and it seemed like I was drugged. It was a little bit dream-like. No one was stirring anywhere in the park. I suddenly had these little greys all around me. I’d dealt with this sort of thing before in a psychic attack context. you’re stuck with needing another body. There are several reasons why this may have never happened before. I guess my mental and meditation training gave me more strength of will and mind than they were accustomed to. they were just gone. Then all of the sudden. But they were still around and whatever they were in was still around because there were lights over the RV park. and knew there was only one way to get around it – force of will. no nothing. a meteor borne “gemstone” that we’d recently been given a bag of – more about that later. We were staying overnight in an RV park. working on me. The first is that it may have had to do with a new student who was traveling with us at the time. if you have evolved your consciousness enough you don’t need it. just out of the place – no door slamming. The other possible reason. Not somewhere else. but it wasn’t a normal dream by any means. I’ll go ahead and jump over to our next story.your spirit. let me address the “whys”. which is another reason why people’s spiritual evolution. Anything can happen to the body and it will eventually die no matter what you do to try and keep it from happening. which involves my first attempted abduction incident. I couldn’t move. like forcing yourself to wake up from a bad dream. and there were blinding blazing lights coming through the vents of the RV and outside the window. are stuck. it was totally dark again. But before we get into the details. can’t get beyond their bodies and desires and fears.

we were talking to someone about it and they said that Moldavite was known to attract aliens. Three people had about ¼ inch wide marks. Plus he was a second generation healer – he started following in his father’s footsteps when he was only 6 years old. you’ve got to come over here and see this!”. and made a call. I don’t remember if it was left or right at the time. shortly thereafter. He said that it looked like I had a fresh surgical scar. that had a reasonable appointment opening. natural healing. I went to the first one I could find. every few nights or nightly sometimes. The school he studied at..They had obviously managed to do some work on my knee. Great. After training with the exception of drugs. with a bruise. on the coast of Florida. Because the next day. in the shape of the ends of a six pointed star. This was all in knees. I decided it might be a good idea to go see an MD. That was not very “comforting”. Anyway. We heard about the following after the Orlando experience. Modavite looks a little like an emerald. It had a little squeeze bulb that would increase and decrease air pressure inside the ear. But when he looked into my ear with his little device. everybody. I had bleeding and also got a fever. This being the other possibility of why we started having these “lovely” intrusions. quite sick. could have been a month (it was a long time ago). But it didn’t do any good – we were now part of “their” program. he just immediately set it down. but it supposedly comes from a meteor.and someone had constructed a new one above it and that is what seemed to be working. everybody had different scars on their knees. so he could watch how the eardrum was reacting. after this incident occurred. he said that it looked like my old eardrum wasn’t working . they did something to my ear. walked over to a phone. he didn’t say a word. We were speaking of the Moldavite. So we left his office immediately before whoever 7 . He looked in my ear with some device that let him look in there and test the eardrum movement at the same time. In fact. They looked like they’d been made with needles. He whispered intensely. it was a constant experience. “You’ve got to see this.either done by a really good surgeon or perhaps a laser. So we need to talk about that a little bit. But everybody had it. and everyone else’s in the RV. I got an ear infection from it. that was very precise . dissection. in a number of ways. I didn’t tell him the story obviously. But more interestingly. with one needle dot in the center. We got rid of it. You get the idea. and a chiropractor. before I came to. just to get their take on it. One person actually had a zigzag scar that looked like someone had taken a zigzag sewing machine and had run it right across the top of their knee. From that point on. He was more than your average chiropractor. etc. probably within a week. Aliens don’t like Drums? Eventually I went to go see an old friend who was into healing. I could hear him whispering on the phone (probably with my new superpower alien hearing [joke]). I think everyone’s scars were all on the same side. about an 1/8-inch long.he had done a lot of anatomy. He had virtually done full MD. I think there were four of us there.

ever since. like a childhood scar.what was going on. and of course. That’s a whole different thing. my MD friend looked in there. I don’t know how to explain it.he was calling came over. it had been a couple of weeks since I’d first seen the chiropractor. it had to do with being a dying race and their children. not only was it infringing on the free will. What? [laughs] A. It was taking a while because we were in different states and such. Because of traveling time and appointment schedules. unless perhaps it’s an emergency. and there was nothing abnormal. very old.. I decided to see an old friend who is an MD. this was just one species.that the eighth inch long scar was very. you can never immediately get in to see a regular doctor you don’t know. Has it given you any problems? A. and he found no traces of an extra ear drum. this was kind of reminiscent of scientists who think they are really superior to us doing things to us for whatever reason they had and treating people like we would treat a cow – and let’s not get side-tracked on cattle mutilation. All he mentioned was a white residue of some kind. Has it given you any problems? A. Illegal Aliens attack over Pearl Harbor At that point I decided I needed to find out a little bit more about what was going on with these damn alien pests. So I contemplated it. Were they not using sterile instruments and did they not care what the after effects were? Again. and hearing loss is probably at least about 10% lower than normal. but they were doing a dirty job of it. What? Q. What? Q.. Has it given you any problems? A. and the only one I trusted. but they said that they were going to do it regardless. only the hearing issue. Because again. Again. by this time. The answer came in a vision… it’s very hard to describe this… it is like an experience/vision at the same time. They essentially apologized for not honoring our free will. their off-spring were dying and they 8 . Anyway. it had not only healed. Next. Q. and said it looked Ok to him . it was a totally conscious incident and these ETs were explaining to me what was going on and why they were doing it. there’s really no way to explain it to people who haven’t had that type of thing. For them. Everything sounds odd. Well. but it had healed to the point to where it looked like a childhood scar rather than a fresh scar that was a month old (like it should have looked like). But. The hearing has been off in that ear though. who were responsible for some of the abductions. So in what I think was about a two week time period. had a meditation and asked for an answer to this .

not very much. I still disagreed with the idea of not honoring free will. I just remembered. At a certain point. “Actually happened” has nothing to do with whether or not it was on the physical plane. It was kind of… “See. or any animal do. They had this whole thing laid out where they were taking people’s blood. like cow or hen stalls without dividing walls.They are probably thinking they are not really hurting anybody. Yes. or by what means I perceived it. it was an experience that was in a vision. Was the fight that happened between the two space ships part of your vision or did it actually happen on the physical plane? A. The vision wasn’t… that’s what I was trying to explain. Did you feel like that was a load of crap or that was pretty much it? A. whether it was on the physical plane or not.. It’s probably going on in a lot of places. what would an average selfish separate self human do. but taking a little blood. Ah. and reason in some sense. Something that is going on in northern Arizona. Q. You are getting into asking questions about planes again that you really don’t understand. It was real. Again there’s connections. In the mean time they were also protecting us from other species of aliens that had very bad intent. these are the guys that we are protecting you against”. blood and other things in order to save their children. I think all the inner-Earth tunnels. No. A. if their children’s lives were endangered? And what if it included the entire race being endangered. its like a cross between a vision and an experience and I said I can’t explain that very well unless you know or have experienced such a thing yourself or you are to that point were you understand what I am talking about. [Elder] . It wasn’t a vision in the sense of you are having a dream or hallucination or something like that. Both craft were hidden behind clouds and the aliens I was with were able to fight the others off. It’s a Dry Heat (said one skeleton to the other) The next thing I think I should probably jump to is another related aspect of things. This was all being explained on board their craft. and their race. it made a lot of sense to me. It was settling in the sense that. they were also doing transfusions. Actually happened on the physical plane. Q. Most rules that civilized beings live by. but again at least there was some rational explanation to it.. I was also “shown around” the human medical areas – quite basic and sterile. or I 9 . they will take extreme measures if they have the capability. which was hidden behind clouds over Hawaii. For instance. While this was being explained. and plans for us. the ship was attacked. human tissue. go out the window. and an actual fight broke out.needed human research.

The alarm didn’t go off and everything was locked from the inside. I just stayed in the bedroom. shining flashlights or hand held spotlights on the curtains – the light spots were moving all around like a snow flurry. home invading robber. they all split in an animated flash-zoom like in a cartoon or something. I went out there. So we took up their offer. I don’t remember what kind that was. and moved into a cabin on the ranch. One night.of her bedroom . Set up a third one finally. I got an ultrasonic alarm. Then one night there was actually a being in her bedroom standing there. and the noises. running into things and making all kinds of if there were a whole bunch of boy scouts with flashlights or something and they were just shining the lights erratically all around on her curtains. in the middle of nowhere. we started having our own experiences of similar kinds when we were staying in the cabins. But that wasn’t the only thing that was going on .and looked out there. Still something was coming into the house every night and making all this noise. The next day. But they didn’t wait for us to go to sleep. It was off a small highway. I opened them real fast – like a martial arts block . They all went and hid 10 . Something was coming into the living room and the kitchen area making all kinds of noise. shaking him and yelling at him. in case it was a dangerous intruder.should say. yet she couldn’t get him to come to consciousness at all. 30 miles from Sedona. invited us to come stay or suggested we come stay on this ranch that they were living on. and some were in there. off of a three to five mile long dirt road. She was trying to wake her husband up. or a local street gang of mad Gerbils. Very isolated. no one was there. about 20 miles. still didn’t go off. have been accessed and are being accessed by combination of government and alien cooperative. The woman who lived on the ranch with her husband. Belialian assassin. The same thing happened. There were several cabins there and we were occupying two of them. that was in northern Arizona somewhere. at least any ones that are functional and accessible and useable. There was a coral there. So. another monk and I laid in waiting for them – got ready for the lights to start on the windows. and the doors and windows were all locked from the inside. Then after it quieted down. So we’d be in the bedroom and all the sudden start hearing noises that sounded like a drunken sailor stumbling around the living room. of course. or Casper being an unfriendly ghost. A couple who we knew. When the lights started on the curtains. had told me previously that she was having strange experiences out there. We had some things to take care of out of the country. As soon as I opened the curtains. I decided not to go out there until the noises subsided. There were like 30 or so very small dark little bodies out in the fields. So we knew that strange things were happening there before we went there. At first. and prepared for possible attack. we set up an infrared alarm system. set that up. Same thing. but not triggering ANY of the alarms. Every night she was seeing some kind of lights on her curtains .something was coming into the house every night. NO neighbors anywhere. They would wait until we were retiring and had gone into the bedrooms. alliance. I don’t know what you’d call it. maybe a hard wire system with magnetic breakers or such. and were going to be leaving in a couple of months. listening to the racket. and she woke up. It was like people were outside.

didn’t feel good. different ones have different techniques for doing that. The door was open to the bedroom as usual. but not with the particular alien phenomenon I’ve had. And this time. It was very long and thin except it was black. and I learned a long time ago that my inner voice never fails me. if you’re talking about different species. I don’t know. but put blocks in. But maybe there are time restraints to it… that time dimensional aspect we were speaking of before. Maybe it takes time. but they are totally conscious the whole time.real. Yes. Q. Yeah. So we just sat back on the bed. Don’t they have something where they can erase your memory? A. real fast. but why would so many other people have that? My meditation training and personal changes gave me the ability at least to personally access my 11 . the finger retracted very quickly. I could see that as being theoretically possible. or preparation to go through a wall or window. I’ve had psychic attacks like that. So you may have been paralyzed and conscious and had that happen. Again. Except when they want you to see them. there is paralysis. Now why something that can go through locked doors and walls and windows would be afraid of a bullet. Q. Well. A lot of abduction experiences you hear about. It takes time or they must take the time to concentrate and move through it at a certain speed. At first thought. Or where there is some aberration in consciousness like somebody is not totally unconscious. They didn’t just vanish into thin air. My inner voice alarms had been going off the whole time. but you don’t remember it? A. Q. At that point I reached for a gun. A long scraggly black finger started slowly creeping around the door jam… very slowly. real fast behind posts and telephone poles and trees and whatever they could. it didn’t make much sense. Some people might say “Hey. I haven’t had any experiences like that. But it sure seemed to be. exactly. And it didn’t feel right. but it definitely did react to the threat of being shot. It seems like they don’t want to be seen at any cost. I don’t know. and waited for it to stop. I don’t think erase memory. A. and it was hard to take your eyes off the doorway when such noises were going on just a few feet away. that it can’t take with a bullet. maybe it just wanted to communicate with you”. I’d given up going out there to see what was going on. But as soon as I grabbed it. Tschheww! – gone! But they were moving and I could see them and I could see them running for cover real. We’d had enough of these games and uninvited home invasion harassment. Or it can’t handle the speed of a bullet. Then shortly after that. It was shaped just like ET’s fingers from the movie. to that I say that nothing else about what was happening.not Grey. fit such a scenario. and had been happening night after night. again noises started up in the living room. watching the doorway paid off.

I don’t have anything in there that is blocked or anything like that. All of the sudden this police car came tearing over the hill on this road. We started driving again. It would make a different sound depending on what band of radar it was picking up. Our vehicle was leaving tracks. we’d come back form Phoenix and it wouldn’t be there. and putting it on a loudspeaker. although a very little used paved road. was that whenever you laid down on a bed and you put your head on a mat or pillow. and the time. They weren’t really like “crop circles”. Another thing that was happening on the ranch.subconscious mind. Heavy. and decided to leave right away because of what the radar detector was doing. the radar detector went off and it just went crazy. One of the times on the way to Phoenix we decided there was one close enough to the road to check out a little more. but it had picked up all of them before. There were the sounds of an industrial complex. It is being done in some other way that doesn’t involve that. As we approached it. And again. They were just perfect circles. They were really. they didn’t have the fancy geometric designs that crop circles have become known for. a huge factory or something like that going on underneath the ground. We were making frequent trips into Phoenix at the time and were sometimes driving on desert off-roads and short cuts that we knew of. so we drove out into the desert to take a look at it up close. heading toward the freeway to go to Phoenix. you’d hear underground machinery. deep metallic construction and machinery-like noises. One day we started noticing a “circle” carved into the desert here and there. impressions in the sand with a little dirt wall a few inches high around them – and completely devoid of desert vegetation or rocks. or it would last for a week or two weeks. and never have heard again. about as isolated as you could get in Arizona. Sometimes these circles would be in the same location for a week. We had an off-road vehicle. really perfect… perfectly round. if it had been ice it would have been a perfect ice-skating rink. then it would be gone and there would be a new one somewhere else or several of them somewhere else. That’s when we noticed the lack of tracks leading up to it. So we just drove around it once. Yet the dirt that was inside them was so smoothed out. at top speed. but it was just dirt. For instance. sometimes less than a day. And there were no marks leading up to them – no bulldozer or heavy equipment tracks of any kind. let alone the kind of construction equipment that would’ve been required to make something like that circle. This all took place in maybe one minute of time. this is in the middle of nowhere. We came back out on the paved road and turned on to it. Besides there not being any crops or vegetation other than was just totally freaking out and sounding like someone was strangling a parrot or something. in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. This was off a paved road. and again. Sand Traps There were also other strange things going on in the general area of northern Arizona. It made noises I’d never heard the thing make before. it just didn’t ever make such radical sounds . with its lights on 12 .

and the radar detector started doing the same thing. they just slowed down and turned off their lights. We asked about them. we weren’t really involved in that scene. They didn’t turn around or follow us though. so we went out there to get a close look at the same time. While we were talking about it. I’m sure some avid UFOlogists were hip to it though. so it could have easily escaped us – but at least. who had some photographs of UFOs and other things up on his wall. I’ll get back to that in a moment. we got on to the freeway (I-17). and passed us in a flash. So we’re walking along. Knock Knock We also had a “men in black” incident on the driveway to this ranch that we were staying on. But then about 10 minutes later. We were going on a nature hike anyway. and 13 . So we surmised from that. Once he saw that we weren’t at the circle anymore. As soon as he passed us. things like Sphinxes and lizard monuments . The rocks were not just rocks. It lasted for maybe 10 minutes. and this is one of places where people have heard “knocking sounds” coming from underneath the rock slabs we were walking on. but that’s a whole other story and I don’t think we’ll get into that. I don’t know. there was a huge hole. It was also a resort. It was circular. You could see where things were carefully honed and placed together. that were kind of bizarre. some kind of system around that circle that somehow tied into this local sheriff or whoever it was that was ripping over the hill. But this was long before I’d ever heard anything about men in black or to my knowledge had there been any information about it in the media or with the UFO people. and all of a sudden. but first let me mention that we’ve been there many times since. There were once all kinds of monuments and temples. perhaps 5 miles outside of Sedona. It was another access point.and siren going. it wasn’t on a public level like it is now. back to the huge hole. We did meet somebody in Sedona that who ran a store there. noticing all the “man-made” type of rocks and geology that is so prevalent in the Sedona area (Sedona is old ruins. This was the first time. he turned his lights and sirens off and slowed down to normal. they were part of huge buildings that were assembled at one time. As far as what the deal involved other than getting technology. it used to be a seacoast town during the intercultural times of Atlantis and other races. We were walking along. This one area we went to was so obviously ruins. We were still pretty much out there in the desert. But anyway. while we were telling the stories of the Lemurians and the prophecies about their genetic descendants breaking out from the inner-Earth tunnels and attacking the human race. and there had been a deal made after the Roswell incident or something. It was moving really fast.all kinds of different shaped monuments around there). But he told us of an interesting (to say the least) place out in the woods. And the detector never ever ever ever made those sounds again. and he said he’d been a high level government official in the Eisenhower administration. right where he said it would be. the knocking started up from underneath the rocks – make what you will of it. between the government and aliens. that there was some kind of alert system.

essentially surrounded by a circle of cliffs. it was stuck down into the ground. going into the earth at the bottom of this hole. We couldn’t hear an end to the rocks falling. We really don’t know how close it was to us because of perspective – it would depend on the size 14 .a couple years ago… has it been that long? There were massive sightings in Arizona that they eventually just said were flares. and a ladder. what would you call that… a big pipe. Not. and perhaps elsewhere in the state. but it wasn’t going horizontally like you’d normally run a culvert. We turned around and looked back. it wasn’t that late. In the middle of it there was a. “Oh those were crash dummies. Need for a “UFO Crossing” Sign To finish up on Arizona. it was over Phoenix and probably passed it right by and no one even saw it. but you know it was one of those things. because it was falling apart. in combination with the knocking and our conversation. but. what was that. that makes sense. like Roswell .there is a whole lot going on underground there. it was VERY deep or had what most people would call a bottomless pit. it was like a sink hole in a way and the cliffs of it were collapsing and you’d be risking death to try and get in there on ropes. and the rocks kept going clink clink clink clink clink clink clink. Sure. And then of course you had those mass sightings in Phoenix. A little bit of it was sticking out .deep. That and a few other incidences indicate there are some major underground projects going on in the entirety of northern Arizona . and someone had obviously tried to have it covered up with a big slab of this red rock. like sewer pipe. “Weather balloon or not. but pretty much by the time we turned around and looked back. So obviously somebody. or let us know that “yes indeed we’re here and we are going to be coming out at some point. so you could see the culvert. It was a standard culvert type pipe and would have required human access and equipment that was good enough to drive that really deeply underground in virtually solid rock. we were driving along this road and… this UFO just came out of nowhere. trying to scare us off.a weather balloon? People kept saying. But the rock was partly moved aside. somebody said culvert) yeah like a culvert.maybe a foot. Before that. and it would require mountain climbing equipment to get down into it. could hear our conversation. This was on a highly un-traveled road in the desert. I think there is one more story to talk about. they used them in weather balloons to see what would happen when people fall out of a weather balloon. it was vertical. It was kind of an alternate route between California and Arizona. cut right across the front of us as we were driving on this road and was heading right for Phoenix. Also the way this hole was you’d have to be nuts to try and go in there. or sense it psychically. what about the bodies?” And they finally said. It was about 50 feet deep. (Q. and was having fun with us. north of I-10. We threw some rocks down in it. It was at night.” Somebody else had been accessing it and that culvert kind of indicated human access. bzzzzziiiiipppp right across us.” I guess that is before the crash dummies got famous and were promoted to being passengers in minivans that were being crashed into walls.

It seemed they were going as fast as they could. But no one else we talked to saw it. But it seemed really close. the population is so great and most people are focused on the beach & water there. it wanted to connect. or I’ve lost it. a lone coyote walked out of the desert. But it didn’t know why.of the craft. One day I was looking out… this was in the middle of the day… and there was this huge cigar shaped craft just sitting out there right off the coast of Cancun. It wanted a relationship with us. and rented a place on the coast near Cancun. I couldn’t believe there was nothing in the papers about it. to that of a coyote thinking to itself “What the heck am I doing!”. and onto the road. and there was a bright UFO meandering along. 15 . It kept changing expressions from that of a pet that wanted to be affectionate and be petted. and felt like. At the time. This was years after the Florida incidences by the way. It was only there for about 5 minutes. and seemingly quite high. there didn’t seem to be anybody talking about it or any indication that it was ever there. We were having a lot of “visitors”. doing its that thing it was doing. Mexico & Real Illegal Aliens I guess we could go to the Mexico incidences now. Mexico. It seemed like. It didn’t even flinch. crossing the sky in front of our car – seemingly way off in the distance though. shall we say. yet they were falling waaayyyy behind. Then all of a sudden. We pulled up to it and stopped. off the Caribbean coast of the southern end of Mexico. It had an angled view of the ocean and the coast of the city at the same time. there were perhaps a dozen jet fighters going right after it. It just stood in the road. north of I-10 out in the desert. to have the night visitors when you’re on a yacht – you know. is having many more UFO incidences than most places lately. looking at us. it seemed as if someone had flown model airplane a couple of feet from our windshield. Then it walked around to passenger side. It was daytime. and took off back into the dessert from where it came. Wiley Coyote Before I forget. we returned to land. on the yacht. Then it noticed a car approaching way in the distance behind us. People are even seeing them in Mexico City. So I guess it had some kind of selective camouflage capability. It seems even more strange for some reason. there was a cute unrelated incident in California. seeing little ETs coming down the hall way into your cabin out in the middle of the ocean? At some point though. I think it’s called Joshua tree national forest or national park. but still. Then within maybe 10 seconds or so. where it stayed for quite awhile. from what I hear. then the driver’s side. They went right over us. that it seemed like a lot of people should have seen it. checked everyone out. again. But it looked confused. we were on a yacht. in our lane. I guess they were F16 or F15’s (whatever has the dual engines) and they were flying something like 20 feet over the desert floor in pursuit of this thing.

and were very no-nonsense in their indication that we should turn around immediately and leave. That way there were some [pointing off] and that way there were some.Does a Bear ____ in the Woods? Speaking of Florida. No explanations . I think. After it got dark. There was a feeling of rapport too. something must have been going on there.” It was nice. This lasted for about half an hour to 45 minutes. no towns. Then there was suddenly dozens of them. and they were all flashing at different times – it was very much like a UFO fireworks display. They were very bright. Yes. and a couple of other isolated areas of Florida. I have heard a number of stories of different people who have been driving on these little roads in that area. were off in the middle of nowhere even further than we were.some ended up with radiation burns. 16 . But even though it wasn’t one of the bases. One day. get out of here. we were driving in that area. military bases that take up a huge amount of land around there and I think much. All the sudden. that have had close incidences with UFO’s . This was northern New Mexico and I was with many other monks and friends going to have a get together. You can pretty much go there any night and see nothing. “Hi. we almost ran into military guards that were very intent on their duty. UFO’s Love Independence Day Fourth of July 1999. they shot off the aerial type fireworks. It was like they were saying. probably most. Because shortly after driving off the road. maybe hybrid craft. So we pulled off on a little dirt trail. But there are three. somebody noticed a UFO off in the distance. There were maybe 50 or so. after the grand finale. because that’s very popular with Ufologists. They were going to have major fireworks in the middle of nowhere. of government craft. we enjoyed your fireworks and here’s some for was almost like they were doing a light show for us in response to the fireworks show we’d done for them. and it wasn’t an area that was part of one of the bases. there is one thing that I should probably say about Gulf Breeze. [monk]: As I recall there were some on each side. Florida. Just. We drove many miles off the road on a jeep trail. flashing . but apparently. nothing. experimental craft. and someone needed to pull off into the woods for a “does a bear ---. [Elder monk]: They just stayed around. They were there for a while. They were standing at attention. is the testing of new craft. Do you think that those were light beings? That kind of UFO’s? A. of what’s going on as far as Gulf Breeze sightings. There was nothing else out there. We were on one of the little off roads in that area. They didn’t do the usual “come and then gone”. in a very remote area where it was the woods” stop.

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