Some places are afforded with Witten history of their foundations while others are not.

So in the absence of written records, available information from the old folk sis gathered to trace the origin or foundation of a particular place. In Barangay Tamorong there is truth about this fact. Reliable information reveals that the acquisition of the present name of the place dates back to the olden days when Moro piracies were rampant spreading as far as Luzon. History tells that there was a time when robbery or illegal acts of violence at sea or in land committed by Moro piracies with their swift-sailing vintas was very much feared by the people especially those along the shore. Crews of cargo ships were also afraid of those Moros. These Moro pirates continued their criminal actuations. If there was no ship to rob its cargoes, they would land on a place along the shore and steal people’s property, substance and even kill folks and burn houses. The towns along the Ilocos Coast were no exceptions to this tragic Moro. A very sad experience happened on one of the barrios of Sta. Catalina situates along the coast of China Sea. At twilight in the morning of summer, a group of Moro vintas was nearing the seashore of Tamorong. All of a sudden the vintas stopped and Moros armed with edge-cutting weapons came wadding to the shore. The band of bandits rushed to the different houses taking food stuff, property, money and jewelries, burnt houses and even killed some folks who offered resistance. The robbers move eastbound to get some more provisions until they had enough to be brought to their vintas. The barrio people whose houses were not yet attacked by the Moros were awakened by the deafening cries of the escaping residents uttering in an endless resonance the words “Ta Moros”, meaning “those Moros” . The rest of the folk tried to escape from the invaders shouting to the top of their voices “Ta Moros.” The captain of bandits, believing, that what the natives were uttering was that they were requesting help from the people in the nearby sitios mumbled the word “Tomoros.” So from the word coined “Tamorong” which from that time on this Barangay still upholds the name.

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