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The Principles of Naming

The Principles of Naming

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The Principles of Naming

INTRODUCTION Name is the result of the first tangible result which the eternal soul attains with human birth in the world of Maya. This gives us the identity and individuality. Whenever anyone calls with that name, it fills up his mind with some very unique perceptions regarding our selves. The perceptions are very subjective and very unique and the persons near us interact with us in a very specific way. This is a common occurrence that, a person might have more than one name in the home, among friends and in his work circle. This is seen that the way the people or the world behaves considerably change with the name. Now we wouldn’t have bothered much if the name would only defined our unique images in the mind of the person, interacting with us, however, it is not limited to that. The results we accrue in the society is the results of all those numerous interactions which we have within it. Thus it is very important to know our own name is in store for us. This knowledge shall also empower us to change our name if necessary, to make the vibrations of the name positive in our life. We can keep the name of a new born not on an arbitrary basis but on well grounded principle of Jyotish, so that their life can be fruitful and prosperous. Even if you don’t believe in this, which seems superstitious, why not give a honest try and see whether or not it works. There is nothing you lose.

AKSHARAS AND NAKSHATRAS The entire gamut of Aksharas is divided into the 28 Nakshatras or asterisms. Each Nakshatra is of four padas, each pada is assigned to an akshara. The duration of each pada is 3d 20m, however this is a bit different in the case of Uttarashadha and Sravana. The duration of Uttarashadha is divided into four parts and the first three padas are assigned to Uttarashadha, which makes the duration of Uttarashadha to be 10deg with each pada to be 2d 30m. The remaining one pada of Uttarashadha is assigned to Abhijit, the intercalary nakshatra. Similarly beginning 1/15th part of Sravana is given to Abhijit, making its total length to be 253.33 min, i.e., 4d 13m 20s. The remaining 14/15th part of Sravana is assigned to the four padas of Sravana, making the total duration of Sravana to be 12d 26m 40s. Figure 1: Nakshatra and Aksharas


This shall help us know. Thus this is very important to understand. Each rasi consists of 9 nakshatra padas and hence nine aksharas are assigned to each rasi. Makara being an exception. what kind of influences we like to draw to the native when his name is called by others. it has a very peculiar and specific influence on us at various levels. because of assignment of four extra pada of intercalary nakshatra Abhijit. . The following table shows the meaning of each of the aksharas of the divine language. Thus when a particular akshara is picked for the native’s name. it should be based on a well understood principle and not on a random manner. mental and spiritual. what each of the sound signified by the various aksharas of Sanskrit signify. Sanskrit and help us in deciding what aksharas we need to chose for a name to heighten some particular influences of planet and the aksharas themselves.RASI AND AKSHARAS The aksharas are assigned to the different rasis of the zodiac based on the assignment of the Nakshatra padas to the Rasi. physical. Figure 2: Rasi and Aksharas MEANING OF AKSHARAS Whenever a particular sound is uttered.

Figure 3: Katapayaadi Varga. most of which act at a very subtle level and can hardly be objectively felt.The Maharishis of the yore have found through their intuition. which bring with them. it heightens the influences of these charkas. which symbolises the different influences of the universe. the aksharas. When an akshara is pronounced repeatedly. More can be found in the literature on the Kundalini Yoga. called the charkas. myriads of effect. control the power centres of the body. These charkas are placed along the length of the Spinal column and control various parts of the body and various aspects of our personality through the nerves spreading through out the body carrying the messages of the Brain or our thoughts.Vowels .

WHERE THE NAME HAS STRONG INFLUENCE: I. then 12 becomes the reminder. IV. The number so obtained should be reversed. The numerical value of the remaining letters should be written sequentially. This can be judged when we see how the different planets are placed from the nama arudha and find out the influences of the conjunctions. Write the word of the stanza in Devanagari script and remove the “matras” and incomplete/half letters. . II. If the reminder obtained is “0”. aspects etc. The Rasi so obtained becomes the nama Arudha of the person and shows how is he perceived by those who calls him by a particular name. The remainder when counted from Aries gives the sign on which the name has predominant influence.Figure 4: Katapayaadi Varga.Consonents STEPTS IN FINDING OUT THE RASI. III. it must not be ignored. The reminder shall show the rasi ruled by the name. If the name starts with “0”. Divide this reversed number by 12.

II. Thus 781 is the no. 1. The Rasi signified by No. which happens to be “ja” in this case. by 9.Moon. The reminder obtained when the number 187 is divided by 12 is 7. it must not be ignored. 9. The number so obtained should be reversed. then 12 becomes the reminder.Merc. 2. trial and tribulations.Saturn. 7. and ya. The numerical value of the remaining letters should be written sequentially. 4.Sun. The numerical value of each of these aksharas are sa.7. Moon should never be placed in the 8th from the Arudha. 8. nja. which shows that the native shall get into troubles. III. Divide the reversed no.Mars ILLUSTRATION Let’s find the Rasi obtained by the name Sanjaya I. Write the word of the stanza in Devanagari script and remove the “matras” and incomplete/half letters. If the name starts with “0”. the last akshara is the complete one and all others are incomplete and hence we always need to consider the last one in case of these compound aksharas.Jupiter. The reversed no. However. Now in a compound akshara or phoneme.1. Divide this reversed number by 12. 6.Venus. the native gains from the name. The remainder when counted from Aries gives the sign on which the name has predominant influence. Such placement of Moon is called Chandrastama and is very damaging to the Arudha. The name Sanjaya is made up of three phonemes namely Sa.8 and ya. If the reminder obtained is “0”. 5. . signified by the name Sanjaya.Ketu.The Moon is the sustainer of the Arudha and when Moon is placed in the trines or 12th from the Nama Arudha. 7 when counted from Aries is Libra. if such things happen in his horoscope. is 187 IV. The reminder so obtained shall show the predominating planet influencing the name.Rahu. the 2nd phonemes is a compound akshara (yutkakshara) and hence the half akshara has to be ignored here. 3. However. The reminder shall show the rasi ruled by the name. ja. V.

Thus the associates with the person. when he is . The planet which rules the name becomes Ketu. shall consider him to be a spiritual person. In case of doubt. then four phonemes should be selected. The reminder so obtained shall show the predominating planet influencing the name. If the Sign is Dwisvabhava (Dual). Principle I: The name of the child should be based on the most auspicious planet in the chart. chose the akshara of the Moon’s position. then two phonemes should be selected. whenever his/ her name is called. a good mathematician etc. If The planet which is the most auspicious and bringer of yoga is chosen. Principle V: Use Katapayadi Varga system to know the exact influence of the name on the native. The aksharas of this planet shall be the starting akshara of the native. which can moderate the general nature indicated by the planet. Divide the reversed no. This will show how the people around perceive the native. if the sign arrived at is Sthira (fixed). then select three phonemes name. The reminder obtained when the number 187 is divided by 9 is 7. which is indicated by the naisargika nature of the planet.. Principle II: Among the aksharas of the most auspicious planet. Thus if the name is related to the name of Ista. Principle VI: Use Achyutayadi Varga system to know the focus of the native in life. However. the beneficence of this planet shall always one the native. Principle IV: The Name chosen should have a benefic influence on the native. then each time the native is called by the name.V. by 9. calling him with the name Sanjaya. Principle III: If the Sign. this would remind him/ her of their Ista Devata and hence would be highly beneficial. More can be judged from Ketu’s placement in the person’s horoscope. chose the akshara which is placed in the Kendra/ Trikona from Moon. PRINCIPLES OF NAMINIG The following principles are to be followed while naming a baby or checking the effect of the name on someone. selected by the above process is Chara Rasi (Movable Sign).

This is lorded by Moon. This shows that the name was protected and Sustained by Moon. The name Rama falls in a Movable sign because of the two aksharas or phonemes.5. A malefic in the fourth house is very detrimental to the happiness at home and everyone is aware of the troubles and pain. This is no wonder that Rama is popularly known as . Moon is very well placed in the Lagna with exalted Jupiter shows that the name shall bring the blessings of the strong Gaja-Keshari yoga in Rama’s life and give him tremendous fame and people would remember him forever. which is placed in the 11th house from Moon. the Nama-arudha falls in the cancer Rasi. what he got from the world can be seen when we count the reminder from his Lagna. which when reversed and divided by 12 yields 4 as the reminder. Now the whole world perceived him a very righteous person and also a very compassionate one. In the Horoscope. This comes at Libra with exalted and retrograde Saturn. showing that the focus of the native shall be perfection in Ideals shown by the Lagna. In Katapayadi system. ma. Now this shows that he got the fruits of the Gajakeshari yoga giving him everlasting fame. Rama is ra-2. (More on this later) ILLUSTRATION CASE I: Lord Sri Rama The name of lord Rama starts with the Akshara “ra”.surrounded by people. In the trine to the Lagna. When counted from Aries. it falls in the Lagna itself. However. Lord Rama had to pass through to establish dharma in this world. This is aspected by a strongly placed Moon and Taurus happens to be the exaltation rasi of moon. who calls the native with a particular name. ra akshara falls in the Taurus Rasi.

In the Katapayadi scheme. the name can be broken up to Ra. Repetition of the name made this nature quite pronounced. Ka.5.2. Na.5. The no. some one who is always in pain. Moon in the Lagna expressed his pure love and compassion for the divine mother and its placement with Mercury shows that he often behaved like a child. 2515 when reversed and divided with 12. being separated from the Mother (separation. Like Rama. Whatever he received from the name can be seen from the counting the reminder from Lagna. Ma. in the 3rd from AL. the initial akshara is lorded by the planet Moon.Purushottama. Leo is aspected by Saturn and Mars. The whole world perceived him as a great devotee of mother goddess Kali (Saturn). which comes to Leo.Saturn). but not the best Kendra as it is placed with a strong malefic. The Akshara falls in the Taurus sign.1 (ri is a vowel). gives a reminder of 7. which falls in Libra as counted form Aries. . CASE II: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is most popularly known as Ramakrishna only. Moon is placed in the Lagna with Sun and Mercury. which is in Kendra to Moon. the best among purusha or human. showing his tremendous amount of suffering in the life. This shows that he faced lots of pain in the life like Lord Sri Rama.

his end was quite tragic and terrible. which is a terrible thing to happen. Now from Ta. . Among other things. The Akshara falls in the Karkata (Cancer) rasi. moon is placed in the 8th house. this becomes the seat of power and money. Ta-1. the planet of Humanity is not only destroyed by the shakti yoga. This shows why he made his mission of life to eradicate one complete race. ha is represented by the planet Moon. As this sign is placed with HL and aspected by GL. According to Katapayadi Varga. which comes to Taurus Rasi. Now Cancer is 8th from the Moon and hence shows that it is not sustained by the natural sustainer Moon. i. Not only that. causing chandrastama.CASE III: Hitler The initial akshara of the name. but also there is a terrible Guru-Chandala yoga along with the axis. ra-2. when divided by 12 gives a reminder of 2. the name is broken down as hi-8. Now people will remember him as a mysterious character with devious intention (8th house placement from Lagna) and stern behaviour (Saturn’s aspect). This No.. which shows his mass pogrom of the Jews. where he had to see all his dreams getting shattered one by one. Moon is under the terrible shakti yoga. la-3. aspected by Saturn. destroying the benign Jupiter.e. This shows why Hitler faced such difficult times from his childhood. This sign also happens to be the 8th house.

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