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Qi Journal: Spring 2012

Qi Journal: Spring 2012

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Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness (aka Qi Journal). Quarterly print publication. Spring 2012 issue. Downloadable PDF with bookmarks and navigation links enabled.
Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness (aka Qi Journal). Quarterly print publication. Spring 2012 issue. Downloadable PDF with bookmarks and navigation links enabled.

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Published by: Insight Publishing on Jan 07, 2013
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...... Inc.. Large...... ... the inhibitors reduce the opportunity to stimulate growth hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer cells......S. ������������������������������ POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness. or its officers.. ...95 Order #M031: ���Dragon��� T-Shirt $12.. Thank you for another great year and a promising future.. There are three types of aromatase inhibitors: arimidex... .. I will categorize some general Dragon features here for your further interest... tical. . 4 Qigong for Breast Cancer . is working on a project he hopes will show tai chi is the type of weight-bearing exercise that can help coun. Always consult appropriate health professionals... along with Nicole Piela and Mary Cal....... .... maker.. . .... Bearing that in mind.. ..58 Subscription & Order Forms . No medical action should be taken based upon the contents of this journal... struction. though...... or unhappy. on energy. .. the second-year physical therapy program student... LiChun ������ is the marker for the begin.... and it involves tai chi.-Fri.... the fifth World Diabetes Day. ���Dragon babies��� refers to children born under the Dragon sign of the Chinese Zodiac. ning it will vary slightly from year to year... ment with the medicine halts.. tors.... such as in design. according to the BBC.5 births per woman in 1999 to 1. the joint pain becomes so intense. Tel: 951-699-5343 ������������������������������ ��2012 Insight Graphics.. and will be conducted at Gilda���s Club of South Jer. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time Zone) ONLINE ORDERS: http://qi-journal..... $19. or unhappy... & Predictions The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui (final part) Martial Grand Circulation Complete Reality Internal Experience & Realization Departments: ��� Dragon and Guai (Great Transformation) ��� Qigong for Breast Cancer ��� Qigong: The Receptive Way ��� Pebbles from the Stream ��� Tidbits... 3 Dragon and Guai (Great Transformation) . ism.95 Order #M019: ���Longevity��� Sport Shirt $17.. and be very clear that you will truly commit yourself. tes patients.. Pinyin system Wades-Giles Yale or other taijiquan t���ai chi ch�����an tai ji chywan qigong ch���i kung chi gung jing ching jing Dao (Daoist) Tao (Taoist) Dau (Dauist) Yijing I-Ching Yijing Lao zi Lao tzu Lau dz jing.... 8 Qigong: The Receptive Way . ch���i.... aromasin and femara...... tes prevention on Monday... tional. tivate your stability.95 Order #M039: ���Intuition��� Sport Shirt* (limited sizes & colors) $17. Beiping Sichuan Ssuch���uan Szchwan THE JOURNAL OF TRADITIONAL EASTERN HEALTH & FITNESS ������������������������������ PUBLISHER INSIGHT GRAPHICS.... ....... fessor of physical therapy Mary Lou Galantino. Genetics... The LiChun for 2012 is February 4 at 18:22... ���We found that traditional exer.. those are the most commonly used medications. Inc..qi-journal.. In the field of Qigong there are many grand circulations that one can refer to. 26151 Carancho Rd... this article will share the wisdom of the Chinese Dragon symbol and its associated Yijing tidal hexagram.. qi. Temecula.. He teaches medical and health science professionals and travels the world teaching tai chi....... and scientists..... Traditional Chinese style (5+2 beads) in red lacquered wood measuring 14..95 Order #M029: ���Wu Wei��� T-Shirt* (limited sizes & colors) $12. .. You would do well to choose a career that stimulates your active imagination.. we have lost much for it appears that energy medicine was understood by many ancient cultures. In honor of the coming Year of Dragon. paperback..com CHILDHOOD DIABETES ON THE RISE IN CHINA Xinhua: Medical experts called for more effective methods for diabe....qi-journal. Introduction According to Chinese astrology.. Other side effects of the inhibitors include more heart problems.. Working with his colleagues and students..... And of course we wouldn���t exist if it wasn���t for our readers like YOU.... this journal has been about you. breast cancer survivors must take medication known as aromatase inhibitors. feng shui and qigong books... Guan-Cheng Sun spoke about the Qi being the bridge between the mind and body and that the body alerts the conscious mind through various sensations. He said the hospital���s youngest diabetes patient is only four years old.. The most important thing for you to remember if you are going to have a lasting rela... I have to take some time and reflect on our efforts... Dragon is also the rain. freedom.... . . In Chinese shaman. and can sometimes be emo.... communi........5" x 6. but some articles and proper names are still written in other systems.. . Dragon lives in the rock. ***** Unless you live under a rock....... Please support our advertisers who have supported us and read what our contributors have shared with proper respect and appreciation.. .95 Order #M040: ���Intuition��� T-Shirt* (limited sizes & colors) $12. Then Master Zhongxian Wu explains the significance of the dragon symbol and associated hexagram. 2. although storekeepers in China often prefer to use their abacus. sey in Linwood and Kennedy Health Systems in Cherry Hill.. The research is expected to take eight weeks........��� Cardena said..... or White)..... are believed to be blessed with luck and strength.......... scripts should be mailed to Insight Graphics. Often. just as fish live in the water and human beings live in the air.. I say ���our��� because since our inception. Call for updated information..... cation.... Anointing was a common practice not only with the Egyptians but within the Muslim and Judeo-Christian traditions as well. which in China.. (Please specify color and size when ordering.. Under the guidance of Stockton pro.... .. is named after an animal sym. as more children and teenagers in China are suffering from the disease...com Qi Tao Tai Chi Longevity Wu Wei Qigong Dragon Intuition QI Sport Shirts: 100% cotton classic sport shirt with traditional Chinese calligraphy imprinted on the front in a complimentary color..... cises have proven to be effective... a doctor at the No 1 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. Cardena said weight-bearing exer. but may also cause severe joint pain. ple under 20 years of age... Red.. and children born during the Year of the Dragon.... ........ mys. living dragon.... GROUPS TELL FRIENDS OF SCIENCE IN MEDICINE AsianScientist���Australia: A group of 400 doctors.. my book shelf was filled with books on philosophy... 92590.......... medical researchers.. LiChun means the beginning of spring season...... . a country where not even government-offered cash incentives have succeeded in signifi.....95 Order #M025: ���Qi��� T-Shirt $12.... A 2008 study indicates that women who experience joint pain while taking the medication are less likely to see the cancer return....... according to an Asso.... 52 Calendar of Events .... or mythical creatures involved. ..95 Order #M028: ���Longevity��� T-Shirt $12. you know it is the year of the dragon and this issue reflects that with several articles and tidbits.. acupuncture..$19. dragon is an auspicious animal.. .. This book contains the Six Easy Steps to learning tai chi...... .. Cardena. connection..95 per year for United States... Web page: http:// www. It will be very helpful for you to complete your tasks if you can listen to others and think things over very carefully before you take a new step in your life.. .. which are designed to prevent the cancer from returning... Details at http://worldtaichiday..95 Order #M032: ���Dragon��� Sport Shirt $17. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE IS NOT PSEUDOSCIENCE.. US$41.. In 2012..... .95 VISA OR MASTERCARD ORDERS 1-800-787-2600 Office Hours: Mon.... Visit our Web Site at: http://www. no one has ever seen a real. CA U.... . This book is for beginners as well as for those who are already learning tai chi..... Temecula.. I wanted a format that included a wide variety of topics about ���qi���. cise... . The medication must be taken for five years. One of the reasons why they became so good was because they practiced Martial Grand Circulation.. INC. As we begin our 22nd year in print... Although I specialized in taijiquan...14 Pebbles From The Stream .. Inc.. and some women may have trouble lasting that long without help. This is precise moment the Universal energy will shift to the Drag. con.. & Predictions .. ... All rights are reserved by Insight Graphics.. bol..40 Chapter 9: Aromatherapy and Feng Shui.. ... similar to osteoarthritis.. Please do not confuse the beginning of the year of the Dragon with Chinese New Year���s day.. Just a reminder: Sat. but there won���t be any scales.. No alliance with any particular school or movement....... Don���t miss the many great departments like ���Qigong for Breast Cancer���. Dr Lam has developed an unique teaching system that will help you become a more effective tai chi teacher and help your students enjoy and improve their tai chi. . ���Martial Grand Circulation��� by Jachym Jerie is one of those must reads for anyone serious about taijiquan..A.. .. .... which began Jan.. ��� ���Huffington Post SPRING 2012 QI���3 (continued on page 15) Event & Association News Event & Association News Cardena is part of a research team that hopes it has a solution for women with this dilemma.. Four choices of color (Navy Blue.... conge..������ Dr. About 10 percent of all diabetes patients the hospital receives are peo. Magic. When you work directly with people........ And drawing from my own experiences.. News and Events 0 74470 80591 5 2 1 Chinese Abacus (suan pan) The result of requests from our readers who wanted a real full-size abacus.. speed... Designs are approximately 3��� square and are shown in panels above. .. Yang said.... Inc......... .. 222 pages. and can sometimes be emotional. Dragon can penetrate through rock or other matter without hindrance. CA 92590. even defeating breast cancer is not the end.. By Lauri Amidon The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui (part 9) . Having a Dragon animal symbol in your Chinese birth chart suggests you are powerful.. .95 T 6 p a th c a b yourstudentsen T F 2 th w p st th Thibkifb The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness FEATURES Year of the Dragon: Mysteries. weight lifting. says universities ���DRAGON BABY��� BOOM EXPECTED Dragon babies are expected to hit China in droves this year.. By Jachym Jerie Complete Reality: Internal Experience and Realization . at 00:13..... . A format that I could leave out on the table when my friends visited.95 *Limited to certain colors and inventory. By James Frank Loretta DEPARTMENTS Events and News .. ning of the energetic year. dba INSIGHT PUBLISHING ������������������������������ CONTRIBUTORS KENNETH COHEN JACHYM JERIE LAURI AMIDON JAMES FRANK LORETTA MASTER ZHONGXIAN WU JAVIER RODRIGUEZ JAMES BIRT SUZANNE ROGIER MARSHALL ������������������������������ ADVERTISING & SALES LILY CHIU CHIN YUNG CHOU ������������������������ MANAGER LILY CHIU ������������������������������ EDITORIAL STEVE RHODES ������������������������������ EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS CHIU...... . AP notes that the birth rate jumped from 1. ���The dragon baby boom is unlikely to have a significant impact on the total fertility rates in the long run.. mystical... Dragon The Dragon is the only legendary and mystical animal in the Chinese 12 animal symbols system���as far as I know.25" x 1" with black painted beads Standard Abacus Order #M257 ... org. XLarge). Order #C749.. through practice we learn a new body language in order to fully and properly understand the meaning of this communication. Hospitals across China have been offering free diabetes tests as part of a national diabetes awareness cam... But the boom isn���t expected to last past this year.. You have a tendency to change your mind easily and may give up easily when you encounter some difficulties in your work. editor Romanizations We try to use the modern pinyin romanization whenever possible. cantly increasing the low birth rate.. Cardena said that while there are other medications cancer survivors can use in place of aromatase inhibi. �� momo5287 Welcome to our Spring 2012 Journal.. I was tired of taiji teachers who couldn���t pronounce taiji correctly or didn���t know where the bai hui point was..... ciated Press report... Tel: 951-699-5343 The opinions expressed by these authors and advertisers do not necessarily reflect the policies and beliefs of Insight Graph.. It stands for transformation. and three sizes (Medium..00 Year of the Dragon: Mysteries. ... Dr...64 Page 8 Page 26 Page 18 SPRING 2012 QI���1 Page 4 In This Issue of Qi In This Issue of Qi 2 QI���The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness COVER: In keeping with our dragon theme this year.. . Below is a guide for common terms.. a doctor at the No 1 Hos.. duction of estrogen.. shen Beijing Peiching (Peking) Beijing........ ..7 births per woman in Taiwan. a student researcher in the doctor of physical therapy pro.. critical. Personality: You are powerful. Order #M015: ���Harmony��� Sport Shirt* (sold out) $17.. bone loss and broken bones than other medications. ..... 23 in 2012... said Kuang Hongyu. step guide to an enjoyable form of exercise that will improve your general well being. The use of aromatherapy is handed down to us from ancient times.. healthy. unlike the magazines with lightening coming out of a master���s fingers and muscle bound warriors.95 Order #M030: ���Qigong��� T-Shirt $12.... this can lead to the return of the deadly disease...54 Listings of Professionals . STOCKTON GROUP RESEARCHING TAI CHI AS A WAY TO COMBAT JOINT PAIN FOR BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS Patch Newsletter���For some women.. gram at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. And we finalize our series of feng shui articles from James Frank Loretta with the last chapter of his book reprint. which was always spelled ���chi��� in those days. critical. Magic. culture.. according to breastcancer.. .... pital of Hebei Medical University. .... and although it comes around at roughly the same time every year....... ....... 4 QI���The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness 1. as the following year of the snake will likely see a dropoff. 26151 Carancho Rd. paperback. We have had nothing but good comments about this series and I encourage everyone to read it and keep it as a reference. healthy....org ���Steve Rhodes.. Forest Green.. our spring cover is a photo of magnificent double dragon columns at a Chinese temple in Thailand.. ... ... and it involves tai chi. Lauri Amidon shares her personal experiences in Yi Ren qigong classes and how we need to find and express our individuality by using qigong. which will help you achieve your goals. 26151 Carancho Rd.. 1 Spring 2012 $5. a magazine with no professional writers. ... Little did I realize that it would become a 22 year passion with no end in sight. and can easily fly between Heaven and Earth..36 ���Qi��� is the body���s medium to connect conscious and subconscious information. No..... the Chi.. Also note that this coming Dragon year will end on 2013���s LiChun .... .) Order #M024: ���Harmony��� T-Shirt (sold out) $12...... ...... who hopes to be able to make a presentation to the Ameri. nine choices of calligraphy (listed below). according to Gregg J. SU CHIAO ������������������������������ Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness is published quarterly by Insight Graph. Email: lily@qi-journal. along with detailed instructions for the world's most popular 24 Forms.. Order #C748.. has magic powers to change natural formations.. Aromatase inhibitors stop the production of estrogen in post-menopausal women.. Incorporated ISSN #1056-4004 ������������������������������ Advertising requests and unsolicited manu.. . tional orders.... straight forward... I felt that a well-rounded knowledge of related disciplines helps a person understand their particular field.. ... .. Volume 22... which will be February 4.. ics. ���We want to find that tai chi can be as effective as yoga and exercise.95 per year for Interna..... . Please specify color and size when ordering).. the exact moment of its begin... Cardena said that sometimes. First........ and ���Pebbles From the Stream��� as well as our numerous news and tidbits..95 Order #M027: ���Tai Chi��� T-Shirt $12.. ���Qigong: The Receptive Way���. In fact.com ������������������������������ Subscription rates are: $18.. . 2013....... called the Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM)..... music or advertising. You have an active imagination and artistic nature.com.... ics.. ..95 QI T-Shirts: 100% cotton T-shirt.. The Chinese dragon symbol holds different connotations and associations than the dragon sym.. Wuxue Dazhoutian. ...... according to the BBC...95 Order #M020: ���Wu Wei��� Sport Shirt* (limited sizes & colors) $17.. and the universal way.... Once treat.. straight forward.. .. you would be wise to continually cul...26 We often hear stories about masters who developed incredible skills that go beyond strength.....��� said Cardena. As advanced as we believe our civilization to be..95 Order #M018: ���Tai Chi��� Sport Shirt $17........ Calligraphy Sportswear Teaching Tai Chi Effectively 6" x 9".... .. inadequate exercise and poor diets are the main reasons behind the rising number of childhood diabe... according to Yang Aige. By Kenneth Cohen Martial Grand Circulation .... I want to thank all our supporters and contributors for building such a huge collection of knowledge and allowing us to continue.. .... paign..... Qi Department: Culture Qi Department: Culture..95 Order #M016: ���Qi��� Sport Shirt $17... The ���Year of the Dragon��� is celebrated throughout asia and is an intregal part of Chinese culture and history that is shared in communities around the world. Guai.... they are quickly being replaced with modern calculators and new abacuses are difficult to find.. congenial and elegant...... It started as a crazy idea... This is a common mistake. Surprisingly. chi.. yet informative as he describes Chinese New Year from his personal experiences with his teacher as well as describing many of the Daoist (Taoist) traditions and thoughts about the Year of the Dragon. accepting articles from people who want to share their knowledge and experience with others. Whimsical. much of Asia expects a spike in birth rates. Diabetes has become one of the most commonly seen chronic diseases in children and teenagers. .......50 Back Issues . tionship is to deliberate your decision. or power. lens. nial and elegant. Zhang Yanxia told the BBC. bol of the West. ter the effects of aromatase inhibitors. All material in this journal is provided as information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.... nese New Year���s day will be January 23.. By preventing the pro. This article will focus on Martial Grand Circulation... Hong Kong experienced a birth rate increase of 5 percent during the last Year of the Dragon in 2000. April 28th���World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. same colors and sizes as our sport shirts above....S. ciation���s Combined Sections annual meeting in the future.. Actually.. shen jing...50 Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms 207 pages. you may waste your time or come across as being untrustworthy. Cardena is part of a research team that hopes it has a solution for women with this dilemma.. $14.95 Order #M026: ���Tao��� T-Shirt $12.. the woman taking it must stop. can Physical Therapy Asso.A. shen ching... fire-breathing.. Ken Cohen shares some Daoist (Taoist) traditions and personal experiences (and recipe) connected with Chinese New Year.. helps joints stay stronger..18 A delightful article written by well-known Kenneth Cohen..... jogging.. otherwise.. ... Temecula.95 Order #M017: ���Tao��� Sport Shirt $17.. CA 92590 U.... Dr Paul Lam is passionate about teaching...95 Order #M021: ���Qigong��� Sport Shirt $17.. art....... It provides an easy step-by

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