6876 Petitioners: Melba Falame, Leo Falame, Jerry Falame (Heirs of Lydio "Jerry" Falame) Respondent: Atty. Edgar J. Baguio Ponente: J. Tinga FACTS: On March 7, 2008, petitioners filed a petition for review on the resolution of the IBP dismissing disbarment complaint find by aforementioned against the respondent (CBD Case No. 04-1191). (a) Lydio engaged services of respondent in Civil Case A-2694 (the first civil case) where the former was a defendant. Brother Raleigh Falame was appointed to be Lydio’s attorneyin-fact through respondent’s special power of attorney (b) On October 23, 2000, respondent represented spouses Raleigh and Noemi Falame and filed a case (the second civil case) against complainants (petitioners) allegedly involving property subject in the first civil case. (c) ISSUES:


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