A fist full of knives

Lloyd prior CG Art and animation Character design

Genre combination
Western / musketeer

Hero Influences

Villain influences

Sidekick influences

A fist full of knives Synopsis
A dishonoured musketeer is seeking revenge for his fathers capture and death by a now retired bounty hunter from the west. The musketeer hires a sidekick from England, they spend years searching for the bounty hunter, going town to town in the west destroying each town as they go along with the musketeers flying ship. Until they get a tip of where the bounty hunter is and find him in a saloon in a small town. The musketeer being a keen knife thrower challenges the famous quick drawer to a dual, knives vs. bullets, the cowboy accepts the challenge to prevent the town coming to harm. The cowboy wins the dual but doesn’t kill the musketeer, which he runs back to the his ship while the cowboy has to take on the hired sidekick which he prevails and manages to get on the ship before it takes off. He is way off distance to the musketeer who’s about to set the cannons off but before he gets too, with one clean accurate shot the cowboy puts and end to the musketeer.

Name: Lawrence Drake Age: 47 Height: 6ft 1 Nationality: American Occupation: retired bounty hunter protects local town from bandits Traits: speed, accuracy Personality: lonely, Angry, brave, alcoholic Known for: fastest gun in the west, Wanted in 20 states and 9 countries

Hero coloured pose

Hero portrait

Hero turnaround

Hero expressions






Name: beau dashiell Francis le troisieme ‘Handsome dash’
Age: 26 Height: 6ft 2

Nationality: French
Occupation: dishonoured musketeer Seeking revenge, royalty Traits: accuracy, precision Personality: arrogant, self centered Confident, angry traitorous Known for: losing his rank as a musketeer Fastest man with knives Attacking towns in America searching for a bounty hunter

Villain Coloured pose

Villain portrait

Villain turnaround

Villain expressions




the smoulder

Villains props

Villains ship

Name: mr charles

Age: 32
Height: 5ft 10 Nationality: british Occupation: retired boxer, gun for hire Traits: strength, reliability Personality: unfriendly, quiet Known for: boxing, killing, famous casualty to his left eye socket forcing him to wear his goggle mask to hold his skull together.

Sidekick coloured pose

Sidekick portrait

Sidekick turnaround

Sidekick expressions





Mr Charles props

Height chart

Characters silhouettes

All three character poses

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