Characteristics: Although not the most athletic, is extremely intelligent and has great weaponry skills.

Quick witted, fast thinker and able to observe situations reacting appropriately. Occasionally acts upon impulse, likes to appear fearless and independent, yet isn’t always able to hide true feelings. At times can be manipulated by the villain (Johann), however her morals overrule. Her greatest weakness is her friendship with the side kick (Tic). Background: Eev and Johann were in love, after Johann created the time machine both would travel through time, until one day they bring back Tic (a dinosaur ghost), and Johann’s evil plans to take over the world come into play. Eev’s morals stop her from being a part of his evil plot and she strives to protect the world from Johann and the army of dinosaur ghosts. Eev and Tic have a secret alliance, hence putting her main objective – to destroy the time machine – in jeopardy. Since if she destroys the time machine she will destroy her friend, Tic, too.

Characteristics: Impulsive, charming to the point of manipulative, compulsive, calculating and at times ruthless. Is intellectually brilliant. Appears to be cold and distant from the world, except for his love for the hero (Eev) - yet this is his greatest weakness, as he lets his emotions rule his actions. Power mad or driven insane by heart-break? Background: Johann was a brilliant student and used his genius to build a time machine, hence traveling back through time with his one true love, Eev. After bringing back Tic, his experimental dinosaur – he begins to show his true colours and reveals his evil plot – taking over the world by destroying it with dinosaur ghosts. Left heart-broken he spirals out of control, becoming power crazy – to the extent of forcing Eev to fight back.

Characteristics: Loyal, inquisitive, vicious when provoked or demanded by his master (Johann). He remains loyal to Eev and disobeys when told to attack. Still wild and his temper is erratic, yet can only be truly controlled by Eev. Background: Tic is the first dinosaur brought back by Johann and Eev. Tic became a ghost through time travel – as the machine not only travels through the centuries, but ages the creature past death – hence the first dinosaur ghost. After the break-up of his masters he must remain loyal to Johann, as he has the power to destroy him, yet Tic keeps his secret alliance with Eev.

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