Phoenix College of Management Faculty of Business, BBA program SESSION PLAN The topic to be covered: Introduction: Objectives of the

course. Lecturer and student expectations. Free writing exercise for assessment. Skimming and scanning, comprehension. Listening for comprehension and note taking. The time available for the session: 2 hours. Class size: 20 • Get introduced to course objectives of the course and what they will be able to do after the completion of the course. • Students should be able to scan and skim the text and imply it in their reading. The learning outcomes of • And be able to comprehend what they are listening. the session:

Stage/Time Introduction Course Introduction with outcome (10mins) Attendance (5mins) Development and Conduct of the session

Teaching Methods (recap of prev class)

Learning Activities Q & A review Few Q&A related to Academic writing A cartoon named finding the ideal job will be given. (2030 mins) Article named “Animal Ears” and “Stingray” will be used to make idea more clear. Text named Ideal Jobs will be given with exercise for comprehension. Finding the Ideal Job. “

Learning Aids/Resources OHT / PPP/Handout

Academic writing

Free writing: Introduction to reading for comprehension Learning to scan and skim. Listening Comprehension Note making

PPP and MS word

VLC media player “

narrative. Expository: compare. argue. Scanning and Skimming Q & A / Review Reading Comprehension Q & A Session Exercise/Assignment Free writing on the topic of student’s choice 150word count. Linear planning.Conclusion and Feedback Summary About course outcome. Writing Skills: Types of paragraphs. Vocabulary in Topic for next class context Signature of Class Representative Signature of Lecturer . etc. Organizing ideas: outlining: spider diagrams. descriptive. analyze. Pre-writing: getting ideas: brainstorming: free writing.

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