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Assalammualaikum w. b. t. First and foremost, we are grateful and thankful to Allah S.W.T, because of His blessing, we had done such a wonderful task given entitle Business Plan: Bananas Enterprise successfully. We would like to acknowledge our dedicated and beloved lecturer of ENT 300 subject, Miss Nur Syairah bt Ani who had give us such a good and benefit ideas, instructions and advices in order to do this proposal. Thank you so much. Not to forget our beloved parents that have been supporting us by giving out general information that we needed to finish up this project. For our friends that helped us and the morale support that they shown has enable us to complete this project, our gratitude also goes to you all. Last but not least, to our group members who had give brilliant ideas, spend times, sacrifices our money, and give full commitment in doing this proposal. Thank you to you all. We had done a really good and successful job. We were really appreciates to have kind of group members like all of you. Lastly, to all persons who had involved in this proposal either directly or indirectly thanks you so much.

LETTER OF SUBMISSION Diploma in Estate Management, Part EM4C, UiTM Perak Branch, Seri Iskandar, 32610 Bota, Perak Darul Rizuan. 8th of April 2009 __ MISS NUR SYAIRAH BT ANI ENT300 Lecturer, UiTM Perak Branch, Seri Iskandar, 32610 Bota, Perak Darul Ridzuan. Dear miss, SUBMISSION REPORT OF BUSINESS PLAN PROJECT (ETR 300) Referring to the subject stated above, we would like to submit our ENT300 Business Proposal as a final process in making our project. We are in the business of planting and supplying the bananas that are Pisang Tanduk and Pisang Berangan and bananas snack which is located in Hutan Melintang, Perak. Our company will be knon as Bananas Enterprise. 2. For your information, our business location is situated at: No 72, Kampung Panglima, 36400 Hutan Melintang,

Perak Darul Ridzuan.


We had put our greatest commitment in order to complete this business plan

according to the guidelines and requirements given according to our subject syllabus. This business plan is constructed to serve as a blueprint and guide for a proposed business venture which covers administration, marketing, operation and financial aspects. 4. We hope that this business plan wills success according to your satisfaction.

Any mistakes or lacking in any area falls fully on us and we appreciate any comments or remarks on our project in order to help us to improve ourselves as well. Thank you. Yours sincerely,

__________________________ (OLY NABILA BINTI ABD AZIZ) General Manager, Bananas Enterprise


Bananas enterprise is a company that generally known as selling banana which are Pisang Berangan which is for eat freshly and Pisang Tanduk which is to be sold as banana chips. That was our product. We will serve a good quality in supplying our product to our clients and customers. Our company consists of eight members whereby all the members give full support to this project. All the members contribute the same amount of capital. One of the member is willing to contribute her land to be as our banana plantation site and for this reason, she will get more shares that the other seven. In addition, one of the partnership members is willing to contribute her lorry for the delivery service. For this reason she will get one percent more than other six members. Why we choose banana? It is because the nutrients in banana itself show that it has been get the high demand among users and customer. Other reason is because the land is suitable to plant the bananas. We will only produce the best quality of bananas to our clients and customers. How we will serve the good and quality of bananas will explained on operation part. We will use crop-rotation planting as our types of planting the banana. This can effect on continuous product in a year and we can supply our product often compare if we not doing this kind of planting. In the future for around five years after this project established, our target is to add more workers, to expand our site and to be the biggest supplier in Malaysia supplying the banana abreast in international level and to be the trusted supplier for all level ages of people and races.




Bananas Enterprise

Sell banana leaf Sell banana flower Sell banana chips


People nowadays love to eat banana. In addition, mostly people loves to eat banana chips while they are having free time. They are also will pack banana chips in small packaging and gives as a door gift in wedding reception. It is easy to pack and everyone and mostly every culture love to eat banana in any situations.


No 72, Kampung Panglima, 36400 Hutan Melintang, Perak Darul Ridzuan.

We choose this location is because in Hutan Melintang, Perak, the competition between others supplier of banana product is low compared to other place. Other than that, we choose is because the type of the land suitable for planting the banana.


15 November 2011. This date is agreed by all the partnership members in this company because we target at that time we already get all the legal approvals. The date is also agreed because the date is not biased, which is not having any of the members of the partnership.


Nowadays banana is being high demand on market. Pisang Berangan is more on eat freshly whereby it cannot being fried but can be bake as a cake which is popular used in hotels, restaurant, food stall, and etc. while Pisang Tanduk is more on demands whereby it being used on producing banana chips. It is also get high demand on local fruit stall to be fried. Nowadays, there are a lot of people has realize the benefits and profits in planting the banana. High demands on market, and awareness to choose fruit as supplement food is the reason why people start to plant this kind of plant. In rural area like in our place, the amount of banana trees being planted is not as big as ours. From that, we found that they cannot support the continuously in supply their banana. So, we take this opportunity to be constant banana supplier to all our customers as well as help the folks from unemployed problems.


To be the main supplier and seller banana product in Malaysia. We hope that we will be the main supplier in that area. We also hope that our company will become the main supplier in and out of Malaysia. As to fulfil the objective, our future prospect is to give good services and take good care of our customer. Besides that, we will also produce various types of flavours of banana chips.

To be well known and can export to other country. Bananas Enterprise is a company that ready to face all risk and problem occur in the industry. With all this experience, we will become a well known and well growth company is the future. If this business can retrieve more income, we will export our product abroad to make famous among the other country like at Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and others country.


PURPOSE OF BUSINESS The purposes of preparing the business plan are to: Obtaining working capital from Agro Bank This business plan is prepared to be given to the Agro Bank so that they can evaluate about the proposed business and to approve loan. Total amount of loan that our company need is RM 55,924 Guideline for managing the business This business plan is prepared by Bananas Enterprise as a guideline for managing and for all the partners to make sure that all works run smoothly and accordingly to the proposed business. Ensure the quality of product Bananas Enterprise business plan instead of to make sure that the company will gain more profit and as a guideline to maintain the quality of the work process.






Company Name Address

: Bananas Enterprise : No 72, Kampung Panglima, 36400 Hutan Melintang, Darul Ridzuan. Perak

Correspondence Address No Telephone Fax number Form of Business Main Activity : Supplying Snack Date of Commencement Date of Register Register Number Name of Bank

: : 05-5754428 : 05-5754429 : Partnership Planting Bananas, Product of

Bananas and Selling Banana : 15 November 2011 : 14 August 2011 : M0457129-D : Agro Bank




3.0 PARTNERSHIP BACKGROUND This business is consisting of eight (8) persons who will contribute the same amount of capital and will hold different task and responsibilities to manage this business. One of the partnerships will get more shares than others because she had contributed her land to be our plantation site. We have done a partnership agreement that will bind the partners with all those aspects. In this section, we will briefly explain about the background of partners and partnership agreement.


3.1 PARTNER BACKGROUND Partnership Profile (1) Name: Oly Nabila Abd Aziz I/C Number: 840909-01-5830 Permanent Address: No 17, Jalan Pulai Perdana 6, Taman Sri Pulai Perdana Telephone Number (h/p): 017-7287204 Date of Birthday: 09 September 1984 Age: 27 years old Marital Status: Married Academic Qualification: Degree in Estate Management, UiTM (2003-2006)


Course Attended: 1) Seminar Gerak Usahawan Nasional 2) Seminar Penanaman Pisang anjuran Jabatan Pertanian 3) Seminar Kultur Tisu Pisang Skills: 1) Common with Adobe Photoshop CS3, Macromedia Software, HTML 2) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin Working Experiences: 1) Clerk in Maybank (2010)

Partnership Profile (2) Name: Hazlina Bte Husin I/C Number: 830822-04-5564 Permanent Address: BT 19 3/4, Jalan Haji Limin, Kampung Rim, 77000 Jasin, Melaka Telephone Number (h/p): 017-2699881 Date of Birthday: 22 August 1983 Age: 28 years old Marital Status: Married Academic Qualification: Diploma in Estate Management, UiTM (2002-2005)


Course Attended: 1) Entrepreneurship Course 2) Entrepreneurship Convention 3) Seminar Kultur Tisu Pisang Skills: 1) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin Working Experiences: 1) Staff in JPPH, Johor (2007-2010)

Partnership Profile (3) Name: Shahidah Mohd Zaini I/C Number: 860128-10-5964 Permanent Address: No 6, Jalan Muafakat 2, Taman Dato Bandar Telephone Number (h/p): 013-5947880 Date of Birthday: 28 January 1986 Age: 25 years old Marital Status: Married


Academic Qualification: Diploma in Estate Management, UiTM (2005-2008) Course Attended: 1) Seminar in Promotion Methods and Strategies 2) Seminar Marketing Strategies 3) Seminar in Target Market and Target Audiences Skills: 1) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and France 2) Have a skill in Marketing Strategies Working Experiences: 1) Temporary staff at PTDI, UiTM Perak (2008)

Partnership Profile (4) Name: Anis Norazah Azhar I/C Number: 870716-10-6306 Permanent Address: No 166, Kg Sg Pulai, 45200 Sabak Bernam, Selangor Telephone Number (h/p): 017-5150393 Date of Birthday: 16 July 1987 Age: 24 years old


Marital Status: Single Academic Qualification: Diploma in Estate Management, UiTM (2006-2009) Course Attended: 1) Entrepreneurship Course 2) Entrepreneurship Convention 3) Seminar Kultur Tisu Pisang Skills: 1) Familiar with multimedia application (Photoshop 7.0, Macromedia Director 8.5), Programming (HTML, Visual Basic) 2) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English 3) Have a good management skill Working Experiences: 1) Clerk in CIMB Bank (2010)

Partnership Profile (5) Name: Mohamad Hazri Bin Bidin I/C Number: 841204-01-5659 Permanent Address: No 3, Jalan Nagaria 1, Batu Pahat, Johor Telephone Number (h/p): 013-7945678 Date of Birthday: 04 December 1984 Age: 27 years old


Marital Status: Married Academic Qualification: Diploma in Estate Management, UiTM (2003-2006) Course Attended: 1) Young Entrepreneurship Course 2) Multimedia Application and Uses Seminar Skills: 1) Excellent in Communication and Interpersonal Skills 2) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin 3) Skill in editing picture (Illustration) Working Experiences: 1) Clerk in Maybank (2009-2010)

Partnership Profile (6) Name: Nadira Kamaludin I/C Number: 861207-01-6332 Permanent Address: No 7, Jln Tupai Terbang 3, Tmn Sri Saga, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor Telephone Number (h/p): 013-7202731 Date of Birthday: 07 December 1986 Age: 25 years old

Marital Status: Single Academic Qualification: Diploma in Estate Management, UiTM (2005-2008) Course Attended: 1) Multimedia Application and Uses Seminar 2) Young Entrepreneurship Course Skills: 1) Good in Communication and Interpersonal Skills 2) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and France 3) Skills in Editing picture (Illustration) Working Experiences: 1) Clerk in Maybank (2009-2010)

Partnership Profile (7) Name: Nurul Fatihah Bte Mat Nor I/C Number: 861006-06-6054 Permanent Address: No 390, Jln Sri Semantan 25, Tmn Sri Semantan 28000, Temerloh Pahang. Telephone Number (h/p): 017-9379026 Date of Birthday: 06 October 1986


Age: 25 years old Marital Status: Single Academic Qualification: Diploma in Estate Management, UiTM (2005-2008) Course Attended: 1) Seminar Gerak Usahawan Nasional 2) Seminar Penanaman Pisang anjuran Jabatan Pertanian Skills: 1) Good in Management 2) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Spain 3) Good in Computer Software Working Experiences: 1) Clerk in Singer Sdn. Bhd. (2009-2010)

Partnership Profile (8) Name: Nur Diyana Bte Zainal Abidin I/C Number: 840326-23-5570 Permanent Address: 01-3, Blok 14, Tmn Cempaka, 81200 Tampoi, Johor Bahru Telephone Number (h/p): 012-7183647 Date of Birthday: 26 March 1984


Age: 27 years old Marital Status: Single Academic Qualification: Diploma in Estate Management, UiTM (2003-2006) Course Attended: 1) Marketing Strategies Convention 2) Seminar in Target Market and Target Audience 3) Seminar Gerak Usahawan National Skills: 1) Good in Communication and Management 2) Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin 3) Good in Computer Skill Working Experiences: 1) Temporary Staff at PTDI, UiTM Johor (2007) 2) Clerk in Affin Bank (2008-2010)

3.2 PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT This agreement will bind the partners with the following aspects: 1. Types of Business: The business has been registered under the Register of Business using the name of Bananas Enterprise. This business is a trading company that generally supplies the bananas. The types of banana that we produce are Pisang Berangan and Pisang Tanduk. 2. Capital:


Each partner has contributed the capital as below: Oly Nabila Binti Abd Aziz Hazlina Binti Husin Shahidah Binti Mohd Zaini Anis Norazah Binti Azhar Mohamad Hazri Bin Bidin Nadirah Kamaludin Nurul Fatihah Binti Mat Nor Nur Diyana Binti Zainal Abidin Total RM 10 000 RM 10 000 RM 10 000 RM 10 000 RM 10 000 RM 10 000 RM 10 000 RM 10 000 RM 80 000

3. Period of Partner Agreement: From the consent of all partners, we agreed that: We had to run at least five years (5) and partners are prohibited from dissolving the business without the consent of other partners resolutions to other partners. 4. Distribution of Profits and Loss: Every partner has belonging this business and the amount of the profit from this business as well. The partners will distribute profit according to capital

distribution. Any losses will be liable among partner equally according Partnership Act 1961. 5. Perquisite: Any additional pay is to follow current profit and will be present in the end of annual financial report. 6. Partnership Property: Owned by the partnership and partners because it is not separate legal entity (Partnership Act 1961 S.22) 7. Death: The reprehensive of the death partners can appoint to the business under the Malaysian Law. The close members of the family upon the entire death partner share can make the transmission of the state.
8. Bankruptcy or Dissolution of Partnership:

When the partner is found lunatic, permanently unsound mind When a partner permanently incapable of performing his part of the When a partner calculated to affect prejudicially the carrying on the When the partner wilfully or persistently commits a breach of the

[Partnership Act 1961 S.37 (a)] partnership contract [ Partnership Act 1961 S.37 (b)] business [ Partnership Act 1961 S.37 (c)] partnership agreement or otherwise [ Partnership Act 1961 S.37 (d)]


When the business of the partnership can only be carried on at a loss Whenever in any case circumstances have arisen which in the opinion

[Partnership Act 1961 S.37 (d)] of the court , render it just and equitable that the partnership be dissolve [Partnership Act 1961 S.37 (f)] 9. Retirement: If any partner who want to retire from the business must have consent from others partners. They will get back their investment and the notice of retirement must be given 3 months before the retirement date. 10. Others: Each of the partners must act in good faith and respect other partners. Partners must have willingness and interested to make the business more successful and giving full commitment for the business. They also must be honest and straight forward in order to execute responsible as a partner.

_____________________________ OLY NABILA BT ABD AZIZ 840909-01-5830 GENERAL MANAGER

_____________________________ HAZLINA BINTI HUSIN 830822-04-5564 ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE


_____________________________ SHAHIDAH BINTI MOHD ZAINI 860128-10-5864 MARKETING EXECUTIVE

_____________________________ ANIS NORAZAH BINTI AZHAR 870716-10-6306 ASSISTANT MARKETING EXECUTIVE

_____________________________ MOHAMAD HAZRI BIN BIDIN 841204-01-5659 OPERATIONAL EXECUTIVE

_____________________________ NADIRA KAMALUDIN 861207-01-6332 ASSISTANT OPERATIONAL EXCUTIVE


_____________________________ NURUL FATIHAH BTE MAT NOR 861006-06-6054 FINANCIAL EXECUTIVE

_____________________________ NUR DIYANA BINTI ZAINAL ABIDIN 840326-23-5570 ASISTANT FINANCIAL EXCUTIVE




4.0 ADMINISTRATION INTRODUCTION Bananas Enterprise is a company that is generally known as news Malays banana supplier. We are producing Pisang berangan and Pisang tanduk and also selling a banana chips. 4.1 LOCATION OF THE BUSINESS This is our address and map for our location: No 72, Kampung Panglima, 36400 Hutan Melintang, Perak Darul Ridzuan.


Figure 1 4.2 LOCATION PLAN Plan for our farm location in Kampung Panglima,


Figure 2


Features -1 no 3x7 play wood door with lockset -2 no 5x3 air-conditioner window with security bar -2 no 13 Amp power point -2 no 15 Amp Air-condition point

-2no 40W fluorescent lighting Fully steel structure RM 6000 + RM 1400 (renovation for partition) + toilet RM 2000= RM 9000.00



4.5 VISION To give full commitment to be the productive Malay supplier as well as we produces the high level of quality and able to market our product in the international marketplace. 4.6 MISSION To struggle in producing the high level quality of Banana that is being certified scientifically contains good nutrient and suitable to prepared and can be eaten by all level of ages. 4.7 OBJECTIVE


To compete in business dynamic and progressive that can attract all levels of customer. To achieve maximum sales in 4 main product within the first year of operation along with established company.


This logo presents: Colour:


i. Yellow: Represent the cheer colour that present we are using nature friendly plantation, customer friendly and workers friendly and friendly with each other regardless races, religion, and who they are. ii. Black: Represent that we are practicing the open mind thinking, do not thinking by one perspective but also look at the other perspective in dealing with customers and practicing the plantation style as Malaysia standard plantation. Image: i. Words: The name of our company ii. Banana: Represent that we only supply the healthy, good, high quality of bananas, safe banana to be used and ate.

4.9 ORGANIZATION CHART Structure Based on Functions Structure based on functions is a line organizational structure based on functions is suitable for business organizations that emphasize functional specialties to perform tasks. Activities may be divided into marketing, production, administration and finance.


General Manager (Oly Nabila Binti Abd Aziz)

Administratio n Executive (Hazlina Binti Husin)

Marketing Executive (Shahidah Binti Mohd Zaini)

Operation Executive (Mohamad Hazri Bin Bidin)

Financial Executive (Nurul Fatihah Binti Mat Nor)

Assistant Marketing Executive (Anis Norazah Binti Azhar)

Assistant Operation Executive (Nadirah Kamaludin)

Assistant Financial Executive (Nur Diyana Binti Zainal Abidin)




No. of personnel

General Manager Administration Executive Financial Executive Assistant Financial Executive

1 1 1 1


4.11 SCHEDULE OF TASK AND RESPONSIBILITIES POSITION GENERAL MANAGER TASK AND RESPONSIBILITIES Responsible in managing the company towards the vision, mission and the objective of the company. To ensure office equipment is available and in good condition. To identify and plan business objective, highlight the regulations and business procedures in oder to achieve the objective. ADMINISTRATIO N EXECUTIVE Act as a decision maker and cooperate in ganing ideas to improve the business. Monitor the activities to make sure that all are being accomplished as plan. Always alert to organization and business operation.. Responsible in administration activities and arrange all the personnel administration plan. To make sure the systematically of the management system.


Controlling and handling the staff salary. To make sure the staff welfare always being concern. To deliberate the task and job description of the staff.

Continuously form table...


Responsible of the cash flow and budgeting plan of the business Analyzing, controlling, and record the money cash flow of the business Preparing annual account and advisor in financial aspects Preparing salary slips, business receipt, and paid salary Using efficient and effective ways to increase sales and profit to make sure good development of business Answer and monitor telephone calls and direct messages and calls to suitable person. Create, review and screen correspondence and provides information in accordance with coustomers direction to all levels of the organization. To short receipts and build information in Excel format.


4.12 SCHEDULE OF REMUNERATION Monthly Position No. Salary ( RM ) (A) General Manager 1 1,800 EPF 13% ( RM ) (B) 216 SOCSO 2% ( RM ) (C) 36 Total Amount ( RM ) (A)+(B)+(C) 2,052

Administration Executive





Financial Executive Assistant Financial Executive Total

1 1

1,500 1,000

180 120

30 20

1,710 1,140






4.13 LIST OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT ITEM OFFICE FURNITURE 1. Desktop Computer 2. Office Table and Chair
3. Telephone & Fax


PRICE/UNIT (RM) 1,500 500 500

TOTAL COST (RM) 4,500 5,000 1,000

TOTAL LIST OF STATIONERY EQUIPMENT QUANTITY Pen 30 Pencil 20 Eraser 10 Liquid Paper 15 Stapler (including bullet) 5 Clip Paper 5 Calculator 5 Puncher 5 Ruler 10 A4 Holder 10 Receipt Books 10 Folder 50 Thumb Tack 5 Glue 5 TOTAL ITEM PRICE/UNIT (RM) 1 0.50 0.20 3 5 3 20 4 0.50 10 4 6 1 0.80


TOTAL COST (RM) 30 10 2 45 25 15 100 20 5 100 40 300 5 8 296







Fixed Assets. 1. Office Equipment Monthly Expenses 1. Salary + EPF + SOCSO Other Expenses 1. Business Registration and License 2. Stationery 3. Insurance and Road Tax 4. Other Expenditure TOTAL 10,500 6,612 3,504 296 1,500 1,588 120 10,500 6,612




5.0 MARKETING PLAN INTRODUCTION Marketing plan is the main role that all company must focus because if the company did not have a proper plan in their marketing, how the company wants to survive in terms of selling their products. Marketing plan means process of introducing and sells the company products to the customer. The marketing plan consists of identify target market, market size, competitors, market share, forecast, marketing strategy and marketing budget. Each type of business has different types of marketing plan to market their products to the customer. In Bananas Enterprise, we use two expertise executive to manage the marketing plan and thus, market our products. They must make the proper plan before starting to market our product to the customer. If the marketing plan not managed systematically the company cannot run their business smoothly. The marketing executive must do the survey surrounding the business area to make them familiar with business field. For marketing our products, we use several ways to promote our products to customer. It is a little bit tough because to market banana is quite difficult than marketing any other products. For first international marketing trial, we market our product to the Singapore because we want to acknowledge people about banana and the variety usage of banana. As for our future planning, we also want to try to market our product to all over the country.


5.1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Bananas Enterprise is the company that supplies local fruit to the client. Bananas Enterprise supply banana fruit which is berangan and tanduk. These two types of banana have a lot of potential in the market to make snack or customer can eat it just like that. Our company also can supplies banana to the clients every day, every week and every month. Banana is one of the fruit that contain nutritious such as vitamin B-carotene (A), Thiamine (B1), Niacin, Riboflavin (B2), Pyridoxine (B6), Vitamin C and nowadays Malaysian likes to eat banana to care of their health. Besides that, we supply products from banana tree such as banana leaf, banana flower and also banana trunk. Our company is basically sell products from banana tree to wholesaler. They supposed to take the product at our farm or our company will do delivery for their order which is charges is applied. As for the banana chips, we will do the packaging at our small factory at the farm. We will process until it become banana chips. Start from plucking banana until the process of frying the banana to make chips. We also hope that our company, Bananas Enterprise would be the number one suppliers of banana in Malaysia. We also produce banana chips


also known as kerepek pisang. All the products produced by our company are certified with halal by Jakim.

5.2 TARGET MARKET Target market can defined as the group of customers with needs and wants that can be satisfied by the business through the supply of good services. Target market is one of the important things that our company focuses. Bananas Enterprise had already known their potential buyer which is retailers, cakes entrepreneur, and wholesaler. Based on our survey, we identified they will sell our commodities as it is a basic product. Our focus customer is the wholesaler in urban area because urban people more health conscious in their daily lives. Furthermore, wholesaler nature in purchasing by bulky way give us more reliable business sells. Berangan: Buyers Wholesalers Retailers Market target 80% 20%

Tanduk: Buyers Market target


Wholesalers Retailers

30% 10%

Banana Leaf: Buyers Retailers Market target 100%

Banana Flower: Buyers Wholesalers Retailers Market target 40% 60%

Banana chips: Buyers Wholesalers Retailers Market target 70% 30%


5.3 MARKET SIZE Market size is the total potential purchase that is expected from the target market. The potential purchase includes purchase of the competitors product within the same market. Estimation of the target market is done by gathering information regarding the particular market the business intends to enter. The estimation of our target market size is that for every month after the first ten month wholesalers will come to our farm. The wholesalers will come to our farm and take our product line. We will sell our banana primarily to wholesalers such as Mydin, Tesco, Carrefour, and the hawker. These six wholesalers is our customer. We will entice them and sells our product to them because we believe that they have great market size and our product is suitable to be market at them. Number of people all nearby the places is around 10,000 peoples includes children until old folks.


5.4 COMPETITION At our location Bananas Enterprise find we have two competitors in made banana as their business. Bananas Enterprise looks the two competitors as the big competitors in be a supplier to banana. When we have competitors we can improve our company to be a good company in supplying banana and Bananas Enterprise looks the competitors as the healthy competitors. Name of competitors: i. Pisang Enterprise, No.75 Kampung Melukut, 36400 Hutan Melintang, Perak Darul Ridzuan. ii. Multi Nature Sdn. Bhd, No.84 Kampung Senggarang, 36400 Hutan Melintang, Perak Darul Ridzuan.


STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS List of Competitors Pisang Enterprise Strength -Well-established 10 years in the industry - Good quality of bananas Multi Nature Sdn. Bhd -6 years in the industry - plant of variety of fruit - not focus on bananas Weakness - no delivery services


5.5 MARKET SHARE 1) Market Share before Bananas enterprise exist: Berangan: Competitors Pisang Enterprise Multi Nature Sdn. Bhd. Total Market Share (%) 60 40 100 Total (RM) 416,400 277,600 694,000

Percentag of Mark S e et hare

40% 60% Pisang Enterprise Multi Nature Sdn. Bhd.


2) Market share after Bananas Enterprise exist: Competitors Pisang Enterprise Multi Nature Sdn. Bhd. Bananas Enterprise Total Market Share (%) 55 35 10 100 Total (RM) 381,700 242,900 69,400 694,000


5.6 SALES FORECAST Sales forecast Bananas Enterprise.

Year 1 Month January Sales Forecast (RM) 27,000 Remarks Sale for the first month did not really good because this is the first month opening company

February March April May

47,000 52,000 55,000 56,000 School holiday- where many people will buy banana chips for wedding reception other event.

June July August September October November December TOTAL 2 RM 694,000 + 5%

56,000 60,000 60,000 80,000 66,000 55,000 80,000 694,000 728,700 For the second year our sales increase because our target market area is widened and many people buy our product For the third year .our company are located at a comfortable area and any customer trusts our product. Wedding reception. Eid Fitri.

RM 728,700 + 10%



5.7 MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing strategy is one of the important elements to market the organization product. The organization must use many strategies to promote the product to the customer. To Bananas enterprise the marketing strategy is our strength to produce our product to the customer to make them always remembers and to make them really familiar to our banana and can become the trend mark to other banana business. The marketing strategies that we use in term to our banana to market level are: 1. PRODUCT a) Brand

- Brand is name, term, sign, and symbol that identifies a product and differentiates it from other product. This factor makes a product have it own identities and encourages customer loyalties.

- We produce the healthy free from disease, contains less chemical fusion, clean and fresh banana. Because we will do research and development for our product.

- Quality of product plays a main role in producing the banana. The first thing that always we think before produce our banana is quality from the quality we can know our customer will satisfied to our product or not if they satisfied to the quality of our banana they will buy again from us and we can get the regular customer to our company.


- To produce good quality banana to our customers we use the good quality of organic fertilizer and we get the reasonable price for the fertilizer from the fertilizer supplier.



The design of the product is important as it will attract the customer interest. Usually, the packaging must be in bright colours and easily understand.



All the ingredients used are certified Halal and do not effect to ones body except for the person who has allergic.




Example of plastic bag.



- It is easier for the customer to identify our office as it located nearby the main road. In addition, our customers are mostly from nearby the place. As for the wholesaler it is easier. Usually, they will take our product from our office, as our location is nearby with them. -We want our company name will be familiar to all our customers and this name also is easier to read and remember. 3. a) PRICING Cost-based pricing

Cost-based pricing is the simplest and most commonly used as pricing strategy. It is based on the total cost of the product or service plus a standard mark up. The mark up is the profit margin that is desired from the sale of product. The cost for our product includes the process cost of collecting the banana. We give the reasonable price to our product in the first selling. In order to attract more people to be our customers we must not give the high price and customers will satisfy.

We plant two types of banana which we must sells that by two different prices to the customers and the price is count from the kilograms. For the pisang berangan we sell 1 kilogram is about RM 1.80 to RM 2.00 and for the pisang tanduk we sell 1 kilogram is about RM 2.50 to RM 2.80.


As for the banana chips, the cost incurred to produce 1kg of banana snack is RM 8.00 includes the cost of manpower and cost of raw materials.

PROMOTION STRATEGIES Promotion strategy is used to publicize information about the company product. It is important in order to promote and attract the customer. Promotion strategy that been used is: a) Printed Media There are many types of printed media. As for our company, we used signboards, bunting and distributions of business cards to the target market.


Bunting and Business Card for Costumers

Business Card for Partnership



Signboard of Our Company

b) Internet Internet also is being used. The target market can simply make an order through the internet. They can simply send e-mail to our companys email.

c) Delivery Services We provides lorry for delivery services. The customer can stated in the order form whether they will take the product at our office or we have to

send the product to their place. Usually, if any delivery is done, service charge will be executed to the customer.

5.8 LIST OF MARKETING PERSONNEL POSITION Marketing Executive Assistant Marketing Executive NUMBER OF PERSONNEL 1 1





TASK & RESPONSIBILITIES Establish effective and strong network of channel-ofsales in both local and international market. Promote and raise the brand awareness or popularity of product. Implement effective strategies to acquire biggest market share in the categories that products are competing, with the ultimate goal of establishing product in the leading position. Set up periodic sales quotas and performance mile stones for various sales and marketing activities to drive the companys revenue and growth up. Identify new business opportunities and threats to the company. Research new markets. Create swots. Determine new market channels.

Marketing executive

Assistant Marketing Executive

Contact follow-ups on sales prospects. Coordinate functions. Provide status reports to management. Experience in Microsoft Office, Excel and Power Point. Perform general clerical duties. Maintain electronic filing system. Setup and coordinate meetings. Support staff in assigned projects. with marketing groups to facilitate






EPF (12%) RM 180

SOCSO (2%) RM 30


Marketing executive Assistant Marketing Executive TOTAL

RM 1,500

RM 1,710

RM 1,000

RM 120

RM 20

RM 1,140

RM 2,500

RM 300

RM 50

RM 2,850

5.11 Marketing Budget ITEM FIXED MONTHLY OTHER


ASSETS EXPENSES (RM) Fixed Assets. 1. Signboard Monthly Expenses 1. Salaries + EPF + SOCSO Other Expenses 1. Bunting 2. Business Card TOTAL 200 200




80 80 2,850 160

Total amount budget for marketing planning = RM 3,210




6.0 OPERATION PLAN INTRODUCTION Operation is the vital element in a way to run the business. This kind of element is related to marketing, administrative, as well as financial plans and activities. Without the proper operation plan, an entrepreneur cannot run their business smoothly. It is because, the operation activities is about on how the entrepreneur will run their business. In our proposal, the operation activities begin from gaining the site of farm to plant the bananas, get the young banana trees, taking care of the banana from young until can produce the good fruits, and the process of selling the banana and other banana products to our customer. Without the operation plans, the entrepreneur will gain nothing and know nothing about what they try to deal with. That is why, the operation plan needs the proper plan to implement and need knowledge on how to deal with related business. For Bananas Enterprise, what we do is, we had planned the operation activities before we gain the farm to implement our business. We have to count on how we can get the site or farm, where is the suitable location, what types of soil that suitable to plant bananas, what sort of bananas need to be planted, what is the fertilizer to be used and how, and so on. In this part, all of the explanation regarding on banana plantation and the quotation of overall expenses in operation activities will be briefly explained.


Preparation of site 6.1 PROCESS FLOW CHART

Preparation the land and Infrastructure (Cleanliness the land)

Banana seeds preparation. (Purchase the banana tissue culture)

Plant the banana tissue culture

Process of fertilization

Water management

Cutting the sucker of the banana

Cutting the banana fronds


Tree supporter

Packaging the clusters of banana Continue from chart...

Disease and pest management

Check fruit quality

Post-harvest handling

Transport to store

Keep in the store to keep Banana fruit till ripe

Sell to wholesalers

Check fruit quality

Peel of the banana skin


Slice the banana

Continue from chart... Fried the banana

Sieve the banana after fried (remove oil)

Adding the flavour to banana chips

Packaging the banana chips

Sell to wholesalers



Preparation of site

FLOW CHART OF PROCESS TO Preparation the land and infrastructure PRODUCTION (Cleanliness the land)

Banana seeds preparation. (Purchase the banana tissue)

Plant the banana tissue culture

Process of fertilization

Water management

Cutting the sucker of the banana

Cutting the banana fronds


Continue from chart...

Packaging the clusters of banana

Disease and pest management

Check fruit quality

Post-harvest handling

Transport to store

Keep in the store to keep banana fruit till ripe

Check fruit quality


Sell to wholesalers Continue from chart...

Peel of the banana skin

Slice the banana

Fried the banana

Sieve the banana after fried (remove oil)

Adding the flavor to banana chips

Packaging the banana chips

Sell to wholesalers


6.2 CAPACITY PLANNING PREPARATION OF THE FARM The land is about 10 acres. In Hutan Melintang, our farm is located in Kampung Panglima, 36400 Hutan Melintang, Perak Darul Ridzuan. The plan for the whole farm is also provided. We choose Kampung Panglima as our farm because it is near to the bananas Tissue Kultur supplier, fertilizer, insecticides, and other material and equipment needed, the customers and clients are easy to get the bananas from us because the place of our farm is suitable for plant and it easy to locate.


6.3 BUSINESS AND OPERATION HOUR Bananas Enterprise will open every day, but the time is varying for weekdays and weekends. The business is open from 8.30 am until 10.00 pm from Monday to Friday. For Saturday and Sunday, our business starts at 9.00 am until 11.00 pm. Public holidays are holidays for worker including their off days per week. We provide 2 hours rest. The rest hour is not straight for 2 hours. We give first 1 hour rest at 10.00 am, while the second hour is at 1.00 pm. On Friday, the male worker is given another 1 hour and a half break at 12.45 pm until 2.15 pm so they can perform Jumaat prayer. For Saturday and Sunday, no worker will takes off due to many customer except the farm workers as the operations is depend on the storage of banana. Our farm is opened for people to visit or customer who wants to buy our products is at 9.00 am until 7.00 pm for weekdays. Every weekend our company will opened starting from 9.00 am until 9.00 pm. The business hours is longer for the weekdays because we expect to have more customer on weekend, Day Monday-Friday Position Farm worker Manufacturer Customer Wholesaler Hour 7.30am - 4.00pm 8.30 am - 10.00pm 9.00 am- 7.00 pm


Saturday & Sunday

Farm worker Manufacturer Customer Wholesaler

Off 9.00am- 11.00pm 9.00 am 9.00 pm











Pisang Tanduk 1

Pisang B Beranganan 3

Pisang Tanduk 2

Pisang B Beranganan

Guidelines :
Pool/tank for water system Ditch

Number of block
Access road

Banana plant


Regarding on the maps above, we can see that we have divided our farm into four divisions which we will plant Pisang Berangan and Pisang Tanduk separately. It means that we will harvest our product twice a year. This diagram below shows our harvesting process.

6.6 PERIOD OF BEGINNING THE BANANAS CROP AND HARVESTING Plantation 2011 Block 1 2 3 4 1 Start (month) plant January March May July December End (month) harvest December (1) February (2) April (3) June (4) November (5)

Plantation 2012 Block 2 3 4 1 Start (month) plant February April June November End (month) harvest January (6) March (7) May (8) October (9)


Plantation 2013 Block 2 3 4 1 2 Start (month) plant January March May October December End (month) harvest December (10) February (11) April (12) September (13) November (14)


6.7 PLANTATION OF THE BANANAS In this project, we plant banana for 7 acres in our farm. We get that Tissue Culture from the supplier near to our places. The reason why we choose bananas Tissues Culture is because it can stand more from diseases, insects and rodents, available and easy to obtain. The price also reasonable to purchased.

This picture below is the example of the bananas Tissue Culture.

After the farm had been ploughed, and cleaned, we have to wait until the off spring grass and weeds grow at the cleaned soil surface in our farm. It is important to get back natural nutrient from the soil and to have the balancing of nature surrounding. In about a week after that, our workers will start to dig a hole about 1 and half feet depth and width for each hole for each banana plant.

Pisang Berangan Pisang Tanduk The picture below shows how we will plant the banana in our farm.

86 3.75 acres

3.75 acres

Plan for each block of banana 2.5 acres (1 hectare) = 1500 trees

1 block = 1.75 acres 1.75 acres = 1,050 trees

1,050 trees

1.75 acres

After we buy the banana plant, we dig holes for the plant, we will spread the insecticide to all over the farm to avoid insects and rodents harm the banana plants. Then, we will put the CIRP (Christmas Island Rock Phosphate) fertilizer for around 20-30 gram/hole, as it can help the roots of the plant to well growth.

Then, we will leave it for about two till three days before we can put the banana tissue Culture in the hole. After a week later, we will again give the fertilizer as well as give water to every plant. The total amount of every fertilizer will be different after six to seven months. The amount will increase depends on the needed of bananas tree. We used five types of fertilizer that are CIRP(Christmas Island Rock Phosphate) fertilizer, Compound fertilizer for trees growth, Compound fertilizer for encouraging banana to produce high quality of fruits, organic fertilizer, and supplement fertilizer. A month after the crop, the fertilizer should be given for every single plant of banana. The frequently the fertilizer is given, the more banana will get. But not too much in giving the plant the fertilizer because it will waste money and energy. After the tree producing its fruits, we will stop the fertilizer sources to them to encourage the fruits grow naturally and produce high quality of fruits. We will only give the insecticide at this stage.

Types of fertilizer:

Time appropriate (month) (Pisang Berangan)

Time appropriate (month) (Pisang Tanduk)

1- CIRP (Christmas Island Rock


Phosphate) fertilizer 2- Compound fertilizer for trees growth 3- Compound fertilizer for encouraging banana to produce high quality of fruits 4- Organic fertilizer 5- Supplement fertilizer







1-8 1-8

1-8 1-8

Table above shows the appropriate time to give banana plant the fertilizer.


Water system is also the important element in producing the best quality of banana fruits. In our farm, we have two pools and surrounding the farm we have made the ditch .It is to support and supply water to all the banana trees. Banana trees need until 8-12 litres of water every day. When the weather is too dry, they need much more water compare to usual weather.

In our farm, we will use two water spray machine which need human being to control and monitor the machine. The water spray machine will help to reduce time and energy as well as cost in supplying the water.

Example of pool design

Example of water spray machine

This picture below shows the growth of the banana trees from the start till it can produce fruits:


After one month planted in farm

After three months planted in farm

After four month planted in farm

After about eight to nine month it produces banana flower.

After ten to eleven month waiting for its maturity. After nine month before harvested

CUTTING THE SUCKER OF THE BANANA Cutting the sucker is for the purpose to distance the harvest in one group to make sure the revenue and quality of the fruit is not disturbed effect by the competition in food. The earlier step to cutting is choosing the one main tree with one sucker in fourth month the age of banana tree after the plantation.


Cutting another sucker of the banana and after nine month, permanent or stay the one sucker of the banana.

CUTTING OF THE BANANA FRONDS The old banana fronds and have a disease must be cut or remove by use a sharp knife in the early process of plantation. The palm fronds must be collect in one place between the rows of banana tree.

TREE SUPPORTER The tree become tilted or slanting when the banana fruit begin grows up. By that, the tree need to a crutch by stick or wood for supported the tree from fall and fractured because of cannot to accommodate the heavy of the banana fruit.

PACKAGING THE CLUSTERS OF BANANA First step to control the quality of banana fruit is by wrap the cluster of banana. Packaging can avoid insect bites in fruit, friction with leaf or wooden support. Packaging also can avoid fruit from scratch during harvest, collecting and

transporters from farm to store. The cluster of banana is packaging by blue or white polietilena plastic or brown paper. The plastic is to last than brown paper and can use repeatedly. The size of plastic is 75cm x 120cm or the appropriate size for the banana fruit. Packaging can perform during the last level of formation the cluster of banana. Before the process of packaging, the banana flower must be cutting.

FRUIT MATURITY Banana fruit reach a maturity level when enlargement of fruit comes to an end. Banana that achieves a maturity level is ripe proper. To determine the maturity of the fruit is depends on size and shape, radius of the banana,

colour of the skin, and age the fruit after secretion of the heart. The banana fruit that that achieves a maturity level have a radius which almost round and thick. Mature fruit is has a green brightness colour.

Types of Banana

Date of harvest (Week after secretion of the banana flower)

Berangan Tanduk

11-14 20

Period time of growing level of banana Age of The Banana Tree After Plantation Secretion of The Banana flower Berangan Tanduk 8 6 The Last Bunch of Banana Formation 9 8 10 10 Level of Maturity


Banana harvesting carried out carefully so that the physical damage does not happen to maintain fruit quality and avoid losses. Banana harvesting can be done at hours either at the morning or evening to avoid of sun warm temperatures because this temperature would disturb fruit ripening. Banana stem felling should be done efficiently so that clusters of banana not fall to land after limbered down by half stem pruning. Clusters of banana after bunch stalk are deducted from stem, need to be looked after to make sure that it will not fall crushed to land to avoid fruit injury. Banana bunches should be placed in place covered with soft thing such as banana leaf or sponge to prevent friction or fruit movement so that no injuries in banana skin.

POST-HARVEST HANDLING Clusters of banana must be sent to storage space or warehouse carefully. The transportation of banana fruit from farm to warehouse easy to carried out by using wheelbarrow and railway truck or coach.

TO KEEP FRUIT TILL RIPE This is process to keep fruit till ripe that suitable for eat freshly. The process is doing by using calcium carbide in 3-10 gram for each kilogram banana and take at the corner or angle in the room. Estimate time is around 24 hours.



The banana flower and the leaf of banana also can sell to the wholesaler or sell at the market.

PEEL OF THE BANANA SKIN The banana skin is peeled by the labour manually after the quality of the banana is being checked.



Using slicing machine, the banana will automatically been slice into pieces.

FRIED THE BANANA The banana then, will be put into shallow pan as to fried it for only a few minutes untill the colour is turn into gold yellow.

SIEVE THE BANANA AFTER FRIED (REMOVE OIL) After finished fried the banana, the banana will then be sieve. This is to ensure that the banana oil is removed. This is also to ensure that the banana is dry.

ADDING THE FLAVOUR TO BANANA CHIPS When it is already cold, the banana chips is added with a flavour such as salt depend on the taste that are prefer by the customer. This is also to get the better taste of the chips.



The chips then finally will be packaged according to the customer preference.



Types of item Organic fertilizer Compound fertilizer for trees growth Compound fertilizer for encouraging banana to produce high quality of fruits Supplement fertilizer CIRP (Christmas Island Rock Phosphate) fertilizer Banana Tissue Culture Insecticide Polythene plastic Plough Salt Oil

Quantity 40kg x 7 bags

Price / unit RM 20

Total price RM 140

50kg x 6 bags

RM 40

RM 240

50kg x 6 bags

RM 45

RM 270

1 kg x 200 bag

RM 10

RM 2,000

50 kg x6 bag 2,700 bag

RM 45 RM 1.80

RM 270 RM 4,860

7 acre 2,300 1/day 5 kg /day 7 litre/day

RM 30/1 acre RM 0.30 RM 350 RM 1.20 RM 2.00 TOTAL

RM 210 RM 690 RM 10,500 RM 180 RM 420 RM 19,780

6.9 SHEDULE OF MACHINE & EQUIPMENT Material Water Spray Machine Quantity 8 Safety stock Total material requirement 8 Price/unit (RM) RM 700 Total price (RM) RM 5,600


Tube or channel Wheelbarrow Bamboo basket Railway truck/coach Sack Lorry Hoe Cleaver/ chopper Tool for packaging banana cluster Knife Scale

8 8 150 2

1 -

8 9 150 2

RM 60 RM 50 RM10 RM 700

RM 480 RM 450 RM 1,500 RM 1,400

2,000 1 8 4

1 3

2,000 1 9 7

RM 0.30 RM25,000 RM 10 RM20

RM 600 RM 25,000 RM 90 RM 140



RM 8

RM 80

4 6

3 2

7 8

RM 7 RM 120

RM 49 RM 960

Continue from table... Slicing Machine Shallow-pan Metal spoon Stove Filter Basin 2 2 2 2 4 10 1 2 1 1 2 3 4 3 5 10 RM 1,700 RM 70 RM 7 RM 20 RM 5 RM 6 RM 3,400 RM 210 RM 28 RM 60 RM 25 RM 60


Laminate Machine Weight Machine Plastic bag Gas Rubber Box Rack Cupboard Plastic chair Table

2 3 5,000 2 2,000 1,000 8 2 20 3

2 500 10 -

2 3 5,000 4 2,000 1,500 8 2 30 3

RM 450 RM 350 RM 0.20 RM 25 RM 0.10 RM 0.30 RM 80 RM 170 RM 7 RM 60 TOTAL

RM 900 RM 1,050 RM 1,000 RM 100 RM 200 RM 450 RM 160 RM 340 RM 210 RM 180 RM 44,722

6.10 MANPOWER PLANNING Manpower planning is to determine the planned rate of production per day for the particular section of job. It is important to determine the total amount of salary that needs to be given to the workers. In our company, we just hired two workers to manage the 10 acres farm. The total of workers will be added from time to time. It is also important in determining the standard time for a worker to produce one unit of product or to complete a particular job. In our company, for sure they will take good care to the banana trees to ensure that our company can achieve our goal and to recover our established cost to run this business, as well as to get more profit from time to time. For working hour, it can help in order to manage and determine the workers productive hours. It is to ensure, that the workers done their job


effectively. For example working hours per day rest time or workers idling time. Lastly, we will calculate the amount of direct labour required

6.11 MANPOWER REQUIPMENT No. Position No. Of staff required 1 Operation Executive 2 Assistant Operation executive 4 5 Farm worker Manufacture r

Salary/Mont h (RM) 1,500

EPF (RM) 12% 180

Socso (RM) 2% 30

Total (RM)






8 5

6,400 3,000

798 360

128 60

7,326 3,420



6.12 OPERATION BUDGET Item Raw Materials Machine and Equipment Wages + EPF + SOCSO Total RM 44,722 RM 13,596 RM 33,376 RM 44,722 Fixed Asset Monthly Expenses RM 19,780

Operational Budget: RM 44 722+ RM 33,376 = RM 78,098





7.0 FINANCIAL PLAN INTRODUCTION The financial plan is the crucial step in preparing this proposal. It is involves determining the total project cost, choice of sources, of financing and preparation of financial projection in term of pro forma statement which includes cash flow, income statement and balance sheet. In addition, this financial plan will be supported by depreciation schedules for every fixed asset, owed as well as schedules for loan and repayment. This financial budget is prepared after all budget related to marketing, operations and administrative aspect are complete. This proposal is implementing, to get the loan from the bank.


7.1 SOURCES OF FINANCIAL This Bananas Enterprise is the partnership company. Each partnership will be investing RM 10,000 per person. As mention above, the total of our own contribution is RM 80,000. This income will be prepared to buy our fixed asset in this company. This contribution will be supply to buy our own fixed asset and machine and equipment in this company. Our fixed asset are such as, cabin office, cabin storage, office furniture and equipment, stationary and signboard. These materials we will buy for cash from the partnership contribution. The second source of this company financial is to get loan from Agro Bank. We will request the Project Loan for agro bank. This loan requires us to have our own land. In this situation, our General Manager will contribution her land to this company and the Operational Executive will contribution he lorry to this company. The profit from this company will be divided according to the agreement between partnership members. The salaries of the worker will be increased every year depends on the profits that the company have.



MARKETING EXPENDITURE Fixed Assets Signboard RM 200

Working Capital Salaries, EPF & SOCSO 2,850

Other Expenditure Other Expenditure Pre-Operations Deposit (rent, utilities, etc.) Business Registration & Licences Insurance & Road Tax for Motor Vehicle Other Expenditure TOTAL 3,210 160



Fixed Assets Land & Building Cabin (Office) Cabin (Storage) Office furniture & Equipment Stationary Working Capital Monthly expenses Salaries, EPF & SOCSO Insurans Telephone bill Office utility(water & electric)

RM 100,000 9,000 7,500 10,500 296

6,612 60 350 500

Other Expenditure Other Expenditure Pre-Operations Deposit (rent, utilities, etc.) Business Registration & Licences Insurance & Road Tax for Motor Vehicle Other Expenditure TOTAL 120 1,500 1,588 138,026




Working Capital Raw Materials Carriage Inward & Duty Salaries, EPF & SOCSO 7,182 19,780

Other Expenditure Other Expenditure Pre-Operations Deposit (rent, utilities, etc.) Business Registration & Licences Insurance & Road Tax for Motor Vehicle Other Expenditure TOTAL 96,684