Sending your child to school is a costly business – apart from school fees, travel costs, lunches and outings

, there’s also pricey stationery and uniforms. City Press did your shopping for you: here’s what you can expect to pay for basic uniforms and some of the stationery kids need for school. It’s important to note that the country’s no-fee schools provide all required stationery to pupils. However, uniforms are not subsidised by the state.
Caitlin RobsonGarth of Sunward Park High School

The school list: pricing the basics
Delan Basopo of Ashton international college

The uniforms we chose did not include any school insignia or badges; nor were swimming gear, jerseys or backpacks priced


Black school shoes - R180 Grey socks - R59,95 for 3 Grey shorts (3) - R65 per pair White shirts (3) - R75 for 3 Gym shorts (2) - R65 per pair White gym golf shirt (2) - R79,95 Tie (R30 usually) Rain jacket - R120 White takkies - R170




Black shoes - R180 per pair White socks - R59,95 for 5 Grey skirts (3) - R59,95 each White shirts (3) - R75 for 3 Gym shorts (2) - R65 per pair White gym golf shirts (2) - R79,95 White takkies - R170 Rain jacket - R120

Total: R1 119,85

Total: R1 074,70

Black school shoes - R69,99 Grey socks (5 pairs) - R12,99 per pair Grey shorts (3) - R44,99 White shirts (3) R22,99 Gym shorts (2) R29,99 White gym golf shirt (2) R39,99 Tie (R30 on average) Rain jacket - R64,99 White takkies R54,99

Black shoes - R69 per pair White socks (5 pairs) R12,99 per pair Grey skirt (3) R39,99 White shirts (3) R22,99 Gym shorts (2) R29,99 White gym golf shirts (2) R39,99 White takkies R54,99 Rain jacket R64,99


Total: R628,82

Total: R582,83

(City Press also shopped at Ackermans and Jet Stores, whose prices fell between Woolworths – the costliest – and Pep – the cheapest)

2x A4 typed paper - R33,80 per pack Colouring book - R22 Glue - R17 for 3 sticks Retractable crayons - R21,80 HB pencils - R10,80 for 3 Blue pens - R9,80 for 5 White board markers - R24,80 White board - R29 Erasers - R8,80 for 2 Pencil sharpener - R9,80 Ruler - R8,80 Scissors - R14,80 Chair bag - R39,80 Book bag - R25,00 Oil pastels - R14,80 Yellow dusters - R16 Tissues - R14,99 Pencil case - R19,80 2xA4 books - R19,80 for 2 Liquid soap - R17,99 Dictionary - R79,80

Total: R492.98

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