Transportation Mobility Fund/ Transit Partnership/Dallas Streetcar  Transit Partnership/Dallas Streetcar

Regional Transportation Council
January 10, 2013


Background g

2004 – RTC funded Seamless Aviation Connections project to Love Field with Texas Mobility Funds (TMF) T (T ) and Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) funds The TMF dollars have been on hold since that time. The other CMAQ funds will remain on the project for the time being being.

 

Proposal p

Reallocate $30.87 million in TMF dollars from the Seamless A S l Aviation C Connections project to the Dallas h D ll Streetcar Funds ill b F d will be used for rail vehicles, a southern df il hi l th extension (Phase 2), and a northern extension (Phase 3)
  

Vehicle Cost – $8M for 2 vehicles Extension to the South (Phase 2 of Streetcar) - $12.87M

Limits for this phase are – from Colorado/Beckley to Zang/Davis Limits for this phase are – from Union Station/Houston Street to Young/Wood at the Convention Center Hotel

Extension to the North (Phase 3 of Streetcar) - $10M

Action Needed

Approve reallocation of $30.87 million in TMF dollars from the Seamless Aviation Connections d ll f h S l A C project to the Dallas Streetcar project Direct Staff to administratively amend the TIP/STIP to incorporate these changes

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